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Brora 40 year old

Limited Edition

The Brora 40 year Old Single Malt Whisky is exclusive to World of Whiskies and available for purchase now. With only 160 bottles produced make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of this incredible distilling history. As one of Scotland’s first purpose built distilleries, the Clynelish Distillery was founded in 1819 in the town of Brora, Sutherlandshire. The distillery enjoyed increasing success throughout the 19th and 20th century and the whisky made there was so much in demand that in 1967 a new distillery was built on an adjacent site, allowing the original to concentrate on a highly peated, smoky style all of its own. So what was it that made the fabled class of ’72 so special? It was in this year that Brora produced the most brilliant of its highly peated bottlings for which the distillery is now known. In the ten years that followed until the distillery was closed, Brora continued to enjoy what was its final lease of life. Expressions distilled in 1972 and aged for more than 20 years took the whisky world by storm when released as rare malts in 1995. Today, if they can be found at all, those early releases are almost beyond price. There has never, until the present bottling, been a 40 year old. And nothing has been released from the fabled 1972 vintage for over ten years. Now, it is possible for a fortunate few to hold history in their hands once more. Taken at natural cask strength from a single cask distilled a generation ago, the fine pale gold malt in this exquisite crystal decanter is a proud and rare survivor of another age. The decanter bears the golden emblem of the Scottish Wildcat, a now endangered species, which featured on the family crest of the distiller’s founder, the Duke of Sutherland.

The unique crystal stopper is etched with the number ‘40’ and the decanter has an engraved copper neck detailing the 1972 vintage distillation year. The decanter is presented in a beautiful wooden case, an interpretation of the closed Brora distillery, skilfully handcrafted by the Queen’s cabinet makers at N.E.J Stevenson Ltd. Brora 40 year old Single Malt Scotch Whisky 70cl Our price £6,995.00 For more information visit

Biza Tax & Duty Free Exclusive

Whisky Festival 2014  
Whisky Festival 2014  

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