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JOHNNIE WALKER rewards the travelling life with duty free exclusives Travel is in the DNA of JOHNNIE WALKER. At the very heart of the brand lies a bold spirit of adventure which has given rise to many epic journeys from the four corners of Scotland to the four corners of the world. From 1820 the Walker family and their agents travelled the world, navigating their way down the famous trade routes of Europe and Asia, the Americas and the Caribbean and from the Far East to the Mediterranean Coast, in pursuit of new business and rich experiences. Their efforts ensured that, by the early 20th Century, JOHNNIE WALKER had arrived in 120 countries and was being enjoyed on the great railways that tracked across continents, on luxury liners traversing the oceans and taken to new heights on early transatlantic flights.

Back in London, close to the shipping houses and docks from which the JOHNNIE WALKER agents journeyed the world, Alexander Walker established the Travellers’ Room where his agents would convene to rest, talk strategy and exchange stories and samples from their travels. These colourful tales of exploration influenced the JOHNNIE WALKER Master Blenders, who began to create different styles of whisky to reflect these exotic stories. Today, this tradition continues and to pay homage to travellers past and present, JOHNNIE WALKER launched a new range of whiskies made exclusively for travellers - the JOHNNIE WALKER EXPLORERS’ CLUB COLLECTION. The first three blends in the collection collectively known as the Trade Routes Series are inspired by the richness that could be found along the old trade routes of the world.

Johnnie Walker Explorers’ Club Collection - The Spice Road 1 litre Our Price £32.99

Johnnie Walker Explorers’ Club Collection - The Gold Route 1 litre Our Price £75.99

Johnnie Walker Explorers’ Club Collection - The Royal Route 1 litre Our price £125.00

First release. An evocative expression of the vibrancy, aromas and spices discovered in the thriving markets around Asia.

Second release. Brings to life the exotic fruit flavours and rich golden colours of Latin America.

Third Release. Inspired by experiences on the royal trading route from the Far East to the Mediterranean coast.




Whisky Festival 2014  

Welcome to Whisky Festival 2014 at Biza Tax & Duty Free. Our annual celebration of the world's most noble spirit.

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