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To your taste Choosing a whisky that suits your palate

Did you know that fine whisky can be as zesty as Vodka, as spicy as Rum, or as delicately perfumed as Gin – but always more complex and sophisticated? Like vintage wines, there are infinite variations. Our experts have created this guide so you can discover the spirit of the moment and choose one as individual as you are.


If you enjoy...Red Wine Glenmorangie The Quinta Ruban, 1 litre Our price £52.49 Extra finishing in ruby red port pipes delivers favours of mint chocolate and sweet Seville oranges Glenfiddich Age of Discovery III 19 year old 70cl Our price £85.99 This very special whisky has been aged in red wine casks, which is apparent in the aroma and depth of the flavour.


If you enjoy...Gin Snow Grouse 1 litre Our price £25.99 Designed to be drunk cold. Fruity and floral on the palate. Highland Park Svein 1 litre Our price £36.99 Those who enjoy gin will like the Orange peel, Cassia bark and wintergreen notes in this whisky.

Whisky Festival 2014  

Welcome to Whisky Festival 2014 at Biza Tax & Duty Free. Our annual celebration of the world's most noble spirit.

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