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The Worl d Culture Festival THE WORLD CULTURE


2 nd & 3 rd July 2011, Olympiastadion Berlin

Newsletter 21 Mar 2011 No.5

Travel by train from Euro 99 to World Culture Festival

Youth Festival of Intercultural Dialogue, Fashion, Music, and Fun

With the offer of The World Culture Festival and Deutsche Bahn you can save money by visiting World Culture Festival! Get on board and profit from attractive prices and conditions for train travel. Compared with a car each journey by train spares the environment two-thirds carbon dioxide and compared with a plane, it saves an even more respectable 75%.

The World Culture Festival July 2nd in Berlin will be hosting a Youth Conference to celebrate inter-cultural dialogue through the exchange of ideas, music, culture and fun. The goal is to provide a platform for youth to express and showcase social entrepreneurship, innovative ideas and leadership on the issue of peace, intercultural harmony in diversity and peaceful change for the people and the planet.

The price for your Event Ticket for a return trip* to Berlin is: • 2nd class Euro 99 • 1st class Euro 159 For just €159 you can travel e.g. from Amsterdam, Zurich or Copenhagen! Deutsche Bahn call centre is glad to inform you about the ticket price for international journeys. Your ticket is valid from 30th June to 5th July 2011. To book call +49 (0)1805 - 31 11 53** and quote “World Culture Festival” as reference. Please have your credit card ready. Your price advantages compared to the regular price in the 2nd class***: e. g. for your Regular Fare Price journey from Event Ticket (return trip) Hamburg €140 €99 Nuremberg €180 €99 Dusseldorf €204 €99 Frankfurt €226 €99 We wish you a pleasant journey with Deutsche Bahn!

Participate in our Youth Conference through: • Submitting a non-violent project related to social change for a chance to present as a panelist, (visit our webpageavailable soon-to view submissions and vote) • Entering your speech or talent related to inter-cultural dialogue/peace for a chance to present in the Olympiastadion • Join the Flash Mob: The location, time, and theme will be e-mailed to you a week prior to the festival! • Submit your best performance (song, talent, etc.) for a spot to perform live on stage in one of our pavilions, (visit our webpage-available soon- to view submissions and vote) • Showcase your Art of Living Achievements • Or come enjoy international vegetarian food and enjoy a fashion show exhibiting cultural diversity.

It’s Amazing Grace!

Songs now finalized for The World Record Grand Guitar Ensemble for Peace * Changes and reimbursement before the first day of validity are Euro 15 excluded from the first day of validity onwards. Passengers restrict themselves to a particular train and travel times. ** The booking line is available from Monday to Saturday 08:00 to 21:00. Calls will be charged at Euro 0.14 per minute, from mobiles Euro 0.42 per minute at maximum. *** Prices are subject to change.

Brand new World Culture Festival Blog Follow Beatriz V Goyoaga in Berlin and other bloggers from all over the world! Do you wish to blog for the WCF in Berlin and around the world? Send your E-mail adress, Skype ID and Facebook Profile to Jack Johansson,

It’s Amazing Grace for The World Record Grand Guitar Ensemble for Peace The World Culture Festival in Berlin will host a colorful concert with over 6,500 guitarists from every corner of the world gathering together. Songs are now finalized! It’s Amazing Grace! Music has an unique ability to unite people from diverse cultures. More than 6500 amateurs and professional guitarists alike from 150 countries will share the stage with stars to demonstrate the uniting power of music in a celebration of world peace and intercultural harmony. Music transcends cultural borders and political boundaries. In the same way, human values transcend borders and boundaries. The human values of peace, harmony and understanding unite people of all backgrounds, cultures and traditions. Everyone who plays a guitar is invited to take part in this GROUND-BREAKING Concert. Find the chords and versions for practice at: Come and join! Tune in and Unite!

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WCF Newsletter 05  

Travel by train from Euro 99 to World Culture Festival

WCF Newsletter 05  

Travel by train from Euro 99 to World Culture Festival