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In 2018, our main challenge was to implement the Social Round Up in more commercial establishments. The development of the solution has been made through alliances with the main technological players of the retail sector and with the involvement of the companies where it has been implemented. Teamwork has allowed us to obtain great results; for example, in just two months more than â‚Ź 100,000 was raised through this new channel. In addition, we are the first company to implement this solution in Spain, which consolidates us as a leading company in the financing of social projects through technological solutions. In total, 444,774 donations were made through our collection channels that we implemented in more than 50 companies with cause in 2018. This aid has reached more than 80,000 people in 74 countries, where projects have been carried out in different areas, mostly health, education, food and emergencies. On the other hand, we continue with the international expansion of our solutions. The incorporation of the Country Managers has helped us to initiate collaborations with international companies and to cooperate with many more non-profit organizations from other countries. In total, we collaborate with more than 400 NGOs around the world. Through our solutions, we work to generate strategic alliances to meet the sustainable development goals (SDG) approved by all United Nations Member States in 2015. There are 17 goals interconnected to face global challenges, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice. Worldcoo is clearly aligned with the objective 17 “Partnerships for the goalsâ€? and, in addition, it facilitates the possibility of impacting all other objectives. Finally, we are very proud to have been recognized as one of the "Best Companies for the World" for the third year in a row, which fills us with enthusiasm and motivation to continue taking our project forward and betting on a business model with positive impact on the environment and society. It has been possible thanks to the join efforts of the team, NGOs, companies and donors. Sergi Figueres CEO 3


More than 1,000,000 euros in donations

In June, we celebrated that we had reached one million euros in donations since we launched our first fundraising channel. Finally, we closed the year with € 1,358,580 collected and there are already more than 800,000 donations made through any of our channels: Online Microdonations, Online Banking, Solidarity Portal or Solidarity Round Up, among others. Of the € 466,854 collected in the year of 2018, more than half was received through the online channel, which has doubled the collection compared to the previous year (€ 162,013) . Donations at the physical point of sale have also experienced strong growth that have compensated the decrease in donations via online banking and solidarity portal, although more than 20% of the funds are made through the solidarity portal.

Distribution of revenue by channel OTHERS 2%




€ 466,854


52% ONLINE MICRODONATIONS Source: Own development

Finally, some concrete donation actions have been carried out through innovative channels that allow specific donations with cards at fixed points such as totems or recurring donations linked to the payroll or to the subscription of a service. 5


Growth of 30% in the total amount raised

In 2018, there was an increase of 30% in the total funds raised compared to the year before, mainly due to the implementation of the Social Round Up in physical stores. This had an impact on the number of donations, that has grown exponentially, and on the average donation amount, which has declined due to the large volume of new contributions under one euro and the decrease in donations made through our solidarity portal, where the average donation amount is higher.

Evolution of donations vs Funds raised 2015 - 2018


466.854 444.774

450.000 400.000




300.000 250.000 200.000 150.000

159.167 115.839



100.000 50.000 0 2015


Donations (NÂş)



Funds raised (â‚Ź) Source: Own development

From the amount of 444,774 donations made this year, most were made from Spain, where we have a greater number of businesses with cause, although we received donations from more than 30 other countries, including Portugal, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, United States United, Argentina, Switzerland and Brazil, in this order. 7


Social round up - an innovative solution in Spain

Cent to cent, we have raised more than € 100,000 thanks to the 264,780 donations made by customers using our tool when rounding up their purchase in the companies such as Bonpreu, Condis, Cottet, Querol and Vienna. They represent supermarkets, opticians, shoe stores and restaurants. In total, there are 274 establishments where Solidarity Rounding is allowed. This tool has had excellent results, and both company, client and NGO value it as "a very good initiative because with little effort a person feels that they are participating in a good cause" Cristina Maragall, Spokesperson of the Pasqual Maragall Foundation. Additionally, the CEO and Director General of Vienna, Marc Siscart, considers it as a project that "fits perfectly with the values ​of the company". In addition, some of the clients who have already rounded up also evalueated it as "Extraordinary campaign with Solidarity Rounding".

It is an innovative solution in Spain, which has been implemented in collaboration with leading technology companies such as Ingénico, Verifone, Saima and Siam. These allow the customers, with one simple gesture of pressing the green button on the dataphone when paying by card. As a result, they can donate a few cents to a social cause and thus contribute to the improvement of our planet.

Social Round Up - video



87% of donations have been allocated to health, food, education and emergency projects In 2018, 116 campaigns have been launched; 74 of them have already been funded, while the rest is still active. Unlike last year, fewer emergency campaigns have been launched and the number of health, food and education projects has increased. Even though, projects within these four categories still receive 87% of donations.

Distribution of revenue by scope



HEALTH 172.475 €


EDUCATION 91.598 €

campaigns EMERGENCY 62.978 € FOOD SECURITY & HUNGER 78.898 €

ENVIRONMENT 11.929 € Source: Own development

In line with last year, it is worth highlighting a greater awareness of health projects, normally aimed at research or health care in war or remote areas. To a lesser extent, donations have also increased to environmental projects, due to the higher consciousness of climate change.



More than 80,000 people have received assistance

84,155 people from around the world have received help through the projects of 84 collaborating NGOs, which implies a greater diversification of aid through different entities. In total, 29 more than last year. We have also distributed aid among local organizations in recipient countries, such as the United States, Chile and Colombia, among others. More than one hundred projects were executed this year in 41 countries, most of them in Latin America and Africa. However, Spain is still the country where the most projects are carried out and, consequently, also receives the majority of the funds (53%). It is followed by countries such as Guatemala (4.16%), Indonesia (3.9%), Bangladesh (2.6%), the Philippines (3.3%), and Nigeria (2.1%), due to the situation of emergency in which they live, . They have suffered natural disasters, floods, earthquakes or are refugees receiving countries as this is the case of Bangladesh, which hosts the Rohingyas who flee from their country.

Projects executed by country


3* 2*




1* 1

2 1* 1*


1 1 2 50* 2 1 1



2 1 1 11 1 2 1 1 13 13 ASIA

1 1

5 3


2 5



* Multicountry Projects Source: Own development



Committed to society and to the environment

This year we have participated in several events that have recognized us as a generating company with positive social impact throughout the community.

12th of June - For the third year in a row, we received the title "Best for the World", Jay Coen Gilbert, co-founder of B Lab, who delivered the award, affirming that "Today, the system calls for companies like Worldcoo, which re-define the sense of business success, prioritizing the creation of positive social impact, both for society and for the environment " 20th of July – We received the Social Entrepreneur Award from the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Catalonia (Aijec) for our work in developing solutions to raise funds for social projects. 22nd of October – We signed an agreement with Fundación Lealtad to promote the collaboration of companies, as well as their clients and employees with accredited NGOs. 24th of October - We participated in the Week of CSR in Catalonia and, together with Ticketmaster, we presented the model of collaboration with companies that allow their customers to donate € 1 when making an online purchase through our widget. 28th of November - We participated in the eighth edition of the Reinventa't forum, in Girona, where we shared a table with other companies to share the decisions that organizations must take in order to face the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 30th of November – We held the third day of corporate volunteering in the framework of the Giving Tuesday, in which we collaborated with Arrels to support the homeless.




Via Augusta 13-15, 6th floor, office 603 08006 Barcelona - Spain

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Worldcoo Annual Report 2018  

Our 2018 in numbers.

Worldcoo Annual Report 2018  

Our 2018 in numbers.

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