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MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR In 2017 we have focused on the development of new fundraising channels to continue being the leading company in the financing of social projects through technological solutions. We have consolidated the social corporate platform as a great tool to support social projects, since 52% of the total funds raised have been through this channel. In addition, we do not only allow online donations at the time of purchase and when making bank transactions, but also when paying by credit card through the payment terminal in commercial establishments. In December, we conducted a pilot test that will allow us to establish the bases to introduce this system in several stores during 2018. We have incorporated 25 new companies and there are already 45 companies with a cause that incorporated one of our solutions, which has allowed us to raise €359,690 to help more than 48,000 people. In total, we have already raised close to one million euros since 2013, the year in which our first widget was activated. In order to internationalize our solutions and add new companies to Worldcoo, 10 Country Managers joined our team: in Italy, France, Eastern Europe, Nordic countries, Brazil, Chile, North America and Canada. We will follow this model to introduce Worldcoo worldwide. All our work has been aligned to the principles of sustainability and respect for society, what allowed us to revalidate the recognition of B Corporation as one of the “Best Companies for the World”, obtaining one of the best results among the companies in the country. This year we have laid the foundations for 2018 to be a record year and we will work hard to make it possible.

Sergi Figueres CEO


This year we have incorporated 25 companies, including important supermarket companies, ticketing and service companies, as well as small ecommerces from different sectors. We have grouped the latter to finance emergency campaigns, so that all interested companies had the chance to collaborate.

45 businesses with a cause

In total, there are already 45 companies with a cause that are part of Worldcoo and that have integrated any of our five solutions: online payment platforms, eBanking, social corporate platforms, social round-up and billing; the last two were launched for the first time at the end of the year. • The social round-up allows to make a donation when paying with credit card in the shops.


DONATIONS received from more than 40 countries

• Billing allows to make periodic donations for a social project by subscribing to a service. Thus, with the incorporation of these channels, we allow the entire community of a company to be involved in social causes: workers, customers and suppliers, and we position ourselves as a leading company in the fundraising sector in Spain. Today, more than 300.000 people from all around the world have donated through our channels. 122,780 people donated this year, most of them come mainly from Spain, but also from the United States, Mexico, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Italy, Colombia and Peru, among others.


The almost €360,000 collected during 2017 come mainly from donations received through the social corporate platforms of large corporations (52.6%) and online payment platforms in our companies with a cause (45.0%). The remaining €8,518 have been raised through the eBanking channel and two new channels that we launched at the end of the year (social round-up and billing).

359,690 € raised

Distribution of revenue by channel 200 € BILLING




189.159 €

162.013 €


5.414 € E-BANKING Source: Prepared by the authors

The consolidation of social corporate platforms and the incorporation of the multi-amount widget to new ecommerces establishes the average donation amount at 3 euros, one tenth more than last year.

98% of the funds were raised through the social corporate and online payment platforms



65 projects funded

During 2017 we have raised funds for 89 campaigns, 65 of which have been already funded while the rest are still active. More than 90% of the funds have been allocated to emergency, health, food and education projects. This year it should be noted a greater awareness for health projects, which have increased both in percentage and in donations. While last year €59,516 were raised, this year €83,682 have been collected, an increase of 40% through 24 campaigns.

Distribution of funding for field



1% 15%




19% FOOD


48,064 direct beneficiaries



ENVIRONMENT Source: Prepared by the authors

Regarding emergency projects, this year they have mostly been destined to face the natural disasters that occurred in Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico (75%), the food crisis in Africa (16%) and, to a lesser extent, the Refugee crisis (13%). 6

In total, 50,000 people have benefited through the projects of 55 different NGOs, this implies a greater diversification of aid in different entities. In total, 14 more than last year. Although Spain is still the country that receives the most funds, due to the fact that the majority of collaborating companies are betting on local aid, the percentage of donations in the country has been reduced by 10%, but the aid has been distributed among more countries, altogether 32, many of them African countries. Of the â‚Ź71,940 distributed in the African continent, they have been distributed among 18 countries. On the contrary, the aid destined to America has been concentrated in 7 countries, mainly in areas affected by natural disasters.

55 NGO Aid diversification among

32 countries

Collection according to the territory receiving the aid





33% of donations have been concentrated in Spain.




Source: Prepared by the authors

Finally, the aid destined to the Asian continent has been destined mainly to projects developed in India and Nepal. 7


Although most of the projects have been carried out in Spain, many resources have also been allocated to all the countries of the Lake Chad basin, which are suffering from extreme drought accompanied by armed conflicts. Also in the Latin American countries that have suffered natural disasters such as floods, fires or earthquakes such as Peru, Colombia, Chile and Mexico.


1 1

3 6*

1 2

3+ 2* 1* 3* *Note: The project "This Christmas no child without food" has been executed in several countries: Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Portugal. Projects visited by our ambassadors.







The countries that have received the most donations have been those in an emergency situation (40%) and Spain (33%) Country

2 1



1 1


1 1


1 1

1 1 1


Angola Argentina* Brazil* Cameroon CAR Chad Chile* Colombia* DRC Ethiopia Ghana Guinea-Bissau Honduras India Iraq Italy Kenya Madagascar Mali Mexico Mozambique Nepal Nigeria Peru* Portugal* Senegal Sierra Leone Spain* Tanzania Uganda USA* Yemen


4.17% 0.51% 0.51% 0.83% 0.95% 3.82% 1.84% 4.09% 1.67% 0.53% 0.33% 0.26% 1.14% 6.18% 1.67% 3.15% 0.25% 0.82% 0.56% 12.61% 0.02% 1.04% 1.67% 13.33% 0.05% 0.14% 1.55% 33.40% 0.01% 0.22% 0.47% 2.22% 9


This year we have participated in several events that have recognized us as a leading company in the development and implementation of new mechanisms for raising funds for NGOs and for generating a positive impact in the world.

March 2 - We participated in a new edition of the 4YFN, an event organized by the Mobile World Capital in the framework of the meeting held every year in Barcelona, and the newspaper El PaĂ­s, leader in Spain, recognized us as one of the 5 most outstanding companies of that edition.

June 30 - We won the 1st Entrepreneurs Marathon of Catalunya Radio, an event that was held at the end of the season of the radio program "RevoluciĂł 4.0", a space dedicated to the entrepreneurial and digital transformation of the current panorama. Specifically, Worldcoo was selected for our project idea, the business and the projection of the future, in which the launching of the social roundup stands out.


15 September - For the second consecutive year, we received the title "Best for the World", an award that annually recognizes the best companies for the world. October 24 - We participated in the Observatorio Generaciรณn & Talento, a meeting organized by the publication Equipos & Talento. November 23 - We participated in the Observatorio sobre Banca Mรณvil, a meeting organized by the newspaper Expansiรณn in collaboration with Evo Banco. Under the title "Mobile Banking: how to achieve differentiation through customer experience and the commitment to innovation", we talked about our experience in mobile banking and the added value that Worldcoo brings to banking customers.



We are a company committed to society and our environment and these values are the foundation of our activity: • Ethics: We are governed by a strict ethical code, aligned with the principles on which the NGOs with which we collaborate are based.

• Innovation and solidarity: We reinvest 70% of our profits to develop the business. • Social Commitment: We believe that the team is our best asset, so we look after his welfare and we have fair compensation policies (salary range below 1:8) and family conciliation. In addition, for the second consecutive year we have celebrated the Social Volunteer Day of Worldcoo, coinciding with the GivingTuesday.

We collaborated with the Social Work of the San Juan de Dios Hospital with the rehabilitation of a shelter flat for young mentored people. In the image, from left to right: Miriam, Sergi, Joel, Eva, Aureli, Anna, Albert, Clàudia and Cesc.

• Respect for the environment: We apply measures to protect the environment through different recycling and reuse systems. We have suppliers of renewable energy and energy efficiency systems. 12

Our team is our main asset. His task is basic to achieve a fairer world. With the aim of expanding Worldcoo's presence in the world, we have incorporated 10 country managers, who will work to incorporate new companies in: Chile, Brazil, North America, Canada, Italy, France, Eastern Europe and the Nordic countries. In total we already are 21 people, 6 women and 15 men. The average age is 37 years. We also have the support of our ambassadors, who help us to have a closer vision of the projects executed. This year, 3 ambassadors have visited projects in India and Nepal.

Photo by Miquel and Mireia, a couple of young people who visited the computer education project in Battambang. "It seems a mathematical ratio: The less the population of a country has, the more sympathetic and generous the people who live there are". - Miquel "Education in Battambang is a source of motivation and recognition for those with more difficulties." - Mireia




Via Augusta 13-15, 6th Floor, Office 603 08006 Barcelona - Spain

contact@worldcoo.com +34 93 611 01 04


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