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The Singapore Chefs’ Association 25th Anniversary Book The Singapore Chefs’ Association announces the launch of its first book, Silver Platter, a 25-year Journey of the Singapore Chefs’ Association.

The first-ever book produced in the history of SCA, it chronicles the progress of the association in building up the profession of chefs in Singapore. The majority of the self-published book also showcases recipes contributed by the Singapore National Culinary Teams, as well as recipes by members of the Singapore Chefs’ Association committee.   The ‘silver’ in the title  is a tribute to the 25 years of journey of the association, and ‘platter’ is a nod to the numerous wins that the National Culinary Team have scored in competitions globally. “There are many things we have  accomplished as an association, but Singapore has built a reputation in particular for our culinary prowess in competitions right from the start,” says President, Eric Teo.   Extract from the book with kind permission of the Singapore Chefs’ Association.

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sliced and pickled in vinegar solution To taste – salt To taste – pepper

Serves 8

Method Clean pork ears; rub them well with salt, then rinse thoroughly under running water. Bring a mixture of 10 parts water to 1 part vinegar to a boil in a pot, then blanch ears. Drain ears and rinse under running water.

Pork Ear Terrine with Wolfberry Jelly 8 pairs pork ears As needed – salt, for cleaning 2 litres pork stock 20g dried Chinese yam 20g Solomon’s Seal 10g American ginseng 10g cinnamon sticks 10g salt 5g white peppercorns 40g shelled gingko nuts 30g red dates 20g wolf berries 10g black fungus, soaked until soft, drained and julienned 10g Chinese parsley 5g gelatine leaves 20g young ginger, thinly

In a stockpot, bring pork stock to the boil with Chinese yam, Solomon’s Seal, American ginseng, cinnamon sticks, salt and white peppercorns. Immerse blanched pork ears into boiling stock and simmer for 1 1/2 hours. Remove braised pork ears from stock and set aside at room temperature. Add gingko nuts, red dates, wolfberries, black fungus and Chinese parsley to stock and simmer until liquid is reduced to half its original volume. Season with salt and pepper. Soften gelatine leaves in water, squeeze out excess water and add gelatine to stock. Bring

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Issue 02, Anno 2010 July - December, Culinary Competitions Special