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hungry for challange – culinary competitions special

EXPOGAST 2010 The 11th edition of Expogast will open its doors from November 20 - 24, 2010 at the Luxembourg Exhibition and Conference Center on the Kirchberg Plateau.

Every four years Expogast gives expression to the real art of living: the crafts of gastronomy are vital to the enhancement of our life and of our heritage. In a world where gaining time and increasing productivity have become a rule of life, gastronomy and fine food in general appear as a homage to the present time and indeed to enjoyable moments spent with friends. The challenge faced by Expogast is to place the gastronomic crafts as a media for exchange and discovery, and the sector’s professionals as actors and promoters essential to that economy. It is a tool par excellence for communication, commercial exchange and encounter intended both for the general public and for sector professionals. It is a creative show, the aim of which is to envisage future trends, and an outstanding event which stimulates the competitive spirit of its participants, presents new technologies, highlights the national gastronomy and does not fail to think of the future, a major part of it dedicated to professional training. Organised by Luxexpo, Brain & More and the Vatel Club Luxembourg, Expogast is supported by the Ministry of Middle Classes and Tourism, organiser of the Year of Gastronomy, the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training as well as the City of Luxembourg. 2010 THE YEAR OF GASTRONOMY – Luxembourg In 2010, the Catering and HORESCA sector in particular will be taking on an unprecedented dimension. For the very first time, more than a city, an entire country, Luxembourg, will be under the spotlights. Under the patronage of the Ministry of the Middle Classes and Tourism, gastronomy will be in the place of honour all year. Through Expogast, one of the major events on the 32 World Association of Chefs Societies

programme, all the culinary arts of the Greater Region will be celebrated. VILLEROY & BOCH CULINARY WORLD CUP 2010 Over five days, more than 45 national, military, junior and catering teams will be taking part in an extraordinary culinary competition. On the programme: designing gastronomic menus to be tasted in the restaurant of the same name and the award of prizes to the winners, the most important being the Villeroy & Boch - Culinary World Cup 2010. The international jury, composed of 55 great chefs, will ensure the various competitions run smoothly in accordance to the rules of the culinary art. KACHARENA GASTRONOMIC RESTAURANT The gastronomic restaurant accords perfectly with the quotation by Bernard Loiseau that “Cuisine is the other side of decor, where men and women endeavour to please others…” In fact, the public can observe the chefs competing in the Villeroy & Boch – Culinary World Cup 2010, before tasting their preparations in the restaurant. There will be seating for 900 at the very heart of the competition where they can savour dishes prepared by the champions. Students from the various Luxembourg hotel schools will provide a high quality service to match this international competition. EXHIBITION OF COLD DISHES The exhibition of cold dishes will be dedicated to the creations of teams or individual cooks. They can be admired by visitors and examined by an international jury composed of the masters of the profession. The jury will assess their presentation, composition, preparation and so on. As an ephemeral exhibition, it will be renewed each day with the works of new master chefs.

World Chefs Magazine 2  
World Chefs Magazine 2  

Issue 02, Anno 2010 July - December, Culinary Competitions Special