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wacs – women in waCs profiles, post events and promotions of women chefs from their region on the Facebook site, seek sponsorship and aid in creating fundraising opportunities for the initiative,” explains Metz.          The initiative has three major objectives for the next 12 months: The first Women in WACS objective focuses on getting the commitment of the leadership of all 93 WACS member countries to establish a chair and committee dedicated to making the increasing number of women or minority members an integral part of their organization. In some countries women comprise up to 30 percent of their organization’s membership. But they are not found on the board, in the committees, or in their national delegations. “It is important for our professional organizations to reflect the actual make up of our industry,” says Metz, “not by implementing a quota system but by actively recruiting women and minorities who are set on having life-long careers in food and supporting them in developing the necessary skill set, which includes leadership skills.” Chef Sara Harrel, the Women in WACS contact for North America, proposed a bylaw change to the CCFCC that was unanimously supported by the assembly at the Canadian Culinary Federation’s Annual General Meeting in the first week of June. To mirror the WACS initiative “Women in WACS”, that recognizes the unique challenges that women have in the culinary industry, including mentorship, career planning, and assuming senior roles in their chefs organizations, Harrel asked that A “Women in CCFCC” Chair and committee be established to help the increasing number of women members become more visible, active in senior roles, solicit and welcome new women members, and support them in their professional advancement in the CCFCC and in their career through networking and mentoring. The second objective is to raise funds for travel stipends to bring more women food professionals from each WACS region to the 2012 WACS Congress in South Korea. “It is of particular importance to enable the chairs of each national women or diversity committee to attend the Congress to participate in the exchange of experiences and strategic planning for the years ahead,” says Metz. The third Women in WACS objective is to establish an international mentoring program, which will give women a chance to learn what it takes to enter the next stage or a different arena in the food industry. Women in WACS already started by responding to a chef from Macedonia, who wanted to participate in a culinary competition and asked for pointers on updated presentations. Her regional contact and an experienced competitor coached her to success. “While mentoring allows you insights into areas beyond your current scope of experience, it also serves as a support network, an exchange of how different women on different career paths in different parts of the world tackle the same issue: how do I balance my professional goals with my personal life? Mentoring on a one on one basis strengthens your inner resolve,” states Metz. “When we asked food professionals who follow our initiative whether or not they would be willing to be a mentor to a woman, I am very proud to say that both women and men stepped to the plate. In the near future, we will publicize the names and contact info of these mentors. Please contact me at, if you are interested in becoming a mentor.” Submitted by Women in WACS

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Europe – Central

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Ulla Pedersen denmark

Dr. Gabriela Berechet Romania

Gabriella Bugari Italy

Lecturer at Culinary School, Silkeborg.Teamchef: Danish National Culinary Junior Team

General Director of the Center for Tourism Education in Bucharest, Romania; Lecturer in Culinary Art, Nutrition and Food Safety Vice President of ASPROGAST-Romania

Chef/Owner Vice President of Italian Chefs’ Federation. President of Italian Lady Chef.   Tel: +45 2230 3940 Tel: +40 5492891 Tel: +39 0735 83815

Africa – North

Africa – South


Nermine Hanno Egypt

Antonette Kennedy South Africa

TY Leung Hong Kong

TV culinary show presenter for Takhayal Entertainment.

Director of Plan B Food and Beverage Consultants. Managing Director of MenuTainment (Pty) Ltd; Owner of Frog Terrace Bistro. Director – SA Chefs Association.

Culinary & Hotel Management Student President of the Hong Kong Young Chefs Club. Tel: +966 503 693272 Tel: +27 (0) 11 791 7231

America – North

America – south


Sara Harrel Canada

Euda Lisseth Morales Guatemala

Cassandra Hayden Australia

Owner of The Veg Company Inc. Vice President, Escoffier Society of Toronto.

Food & Beverage Professor at Landivar University; General Director of Alta Cocina. Past President of Guatemalan Chefs´ Association

General Manager of Just Cooking, www.justcooking. Marketing & PR for X-Treme Consulting & Associates. Tel: +416.488.5097 Tel: +502 52038741 Tel: +61403484775 13

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