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Septem ber at WorldBoston Dear Friends, Not all of us command attention like 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, the international climate activ ist who sailed into New York Harbor on a carbon-free maxi yacht last week, in preparation for the UN Climate Summit on September 23. Still, as students and returning v acationers flood back into Boston, we can all sense the energy of the new season -and a renewed focus on issues of the day. Plug right in next week as W orldBoston co-hosts with B.U.'s Pardee School a night of networking with the theme of, "Global Engagement Through Languages" on September 10. (You only hav e to speak one to come!) And don't miss the ne w me mbe r s pe c i al ( 5 0 % o f f !) f o r at t e nde e s . Besides other fun networking ev ents like this, ov er the summer we were busy with our incoming Citizen Diplomacy groups -- and we expect a busy fall, too. (See below for upcoming v isitors.) Of particular note, we'll host an unusual three week long v isit for four fellows from Eastern Europe and Central Asia as part of the State Department-funded program, Di gi t al Communi c at i o ns Ne t wor k Pr o f e s s i onal F e l l ows Pr ogr am. The fellows' exchange includes placements with four counterparts in the Boston digital ecosystem. W ant to get inv olv ed in Citizen Diplomacy? See below for Dinner Diplomacy hosting opportunities on September 15 and 28! W e hav e also planned a fantastic season of Global Engagement ev ents. Starting with on September 23 with the return of Chat & Chowder, and Julie Garey's The US Role in NATOs Surv iv al After the Cold W ar, we're offering an extraordinary lineup. And don't miss the first Great Decisions of the season, on September 25 with Viv ien Schmidt on Populism in Europe. Finally, f al l i s Cons ul s s e as on ! This year Boston welcomes many new Consuls General beginning their postings in our region. It's also the time of year we get ready for our landmark ev ent, the 10th Annual Consuls Reception on October 30. Don't de l ay whe n you s e e not i c e s f o r t i c ke t s goi ng on s al e be c aus e t he y wi l l go f as t ! W e are honored to hav e remarks at the ev ent by Amb. Susan Rice. Prior to the Consuls Reception, W orldBoston friend Robert J. Cordy will receiv e the 21st James D. Kaufman International Citizen Award. You can read about both ev ents here. Sponsorships are open until October 1! Sponsoring these ev ents not only prov ides critical support for the W orldBoston mission, but also ensures you get tickets! Sponsorships for both ev ents are open now -- learn

H elp W orld Boston b rin g th e w orld to y ou ! As a non-profit organization, W orldBoston relies on the generosity and support of members, donors, and sponsors to accomplish our mission: foster engagement in international affairs and cooperation between people of all nations.


more here. W e hope to see you soon.

Mary P. Yntema President & CEO

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Update from the Office & Membership Membership W elcome to last month's new and returning W orldBoston members: Paul McManus, Howard W olk, Jonathan Poorvu, Larry Lencz, Reuel Liebert, Hilary

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Sinclair, Michael Glanz, Gerard and Janet Lorden, Janet Ghattas, John Hand, Amey Moot and Kem Stewart.

Welcome, Sharon! As summer winds down, W orldBoston said farewell to our summer interns. W hile we will miss them, W orldBoston is very excited to welcome our fall Citizen Diplomacy Intern, Sharon Rajadurai, who is an International Relations major at Suffolk University. W elcome to the team Sharon!

Global Engagement Global Connect ions T hrough Languages A Nigh t of Netw orkin g w ith W orld Boston a n d th e Fred erick S. Pa rd ee Sch ool of Glob a l Stu d ies Join us on Tu esd a y , Sep temb er 10, for an opportunity to connect with the multi-lingual Boston community. Students and young professionals who attend are eligible for a d iscou n ted W orld Boston a n n u a l memb ersh ip . R E GISTE R

​GREA T DECI SI ONS Th e R ise of Pop u lism in E u rop e On W ed n esd a y , Sep temb er 25, join us to discuss the rise of populism within Europe and how the migrant crisis has propelled it to new levels with Professor Vivien Schmidt of Boston University. R E GISTE R

Join us on Mon d a y , Sep temb er 23 for a an inside look at NATO with Julie Garey, and her book, The US Role in NATO's Survival After the Cold W ar. Julie Garey, an expert on NATO, with ongoing research on the effects of alliance relationships on U.S. foreign policy and national security decision making, is an Assistant Teaching Professor of Political Science at Northeastern University.


To learn more about Global Engagement, contact Elise Pitcairn, Manager of Operations and Global Engagement, at

Citizen Diplomacy Dinner Diplomacy Y es, you! Y ou can be a Dinner Diplomat , and t ravel t he world at your own t able while making meaningful connect ions wit h int ernat ional visit ors. Y ou can see upcoming opport unit ies and please sign up here. W e are in need of a dinner diplomat for Sep temb er 15. See below for more details: Grou p : "Advancing Minority Rights" Cou n try : Hungary W h en : Sunday, September 15, 6-8 pm Nu mb er of p eop le : 3 visitors and 1 interpreter

Sign Up H ere! W e are in need of a dinner diplomat for Sep temb er 28. See below for more details: Grou p : "Cyber Security Policy Development and Implementation" Cou n try : Indonesia W h en : Sunday, September 28, 6-8 pm Nu mb er of p eop le : 6 visitors and 2 interpreters Sign Up H ere!

Upcoming I nt ernat ional V isit ors ​To learn more about our upcoming or previous international visitors, click here!

Brea kin g th e Cy cle of Ga n g Violen ce th rou gh Commu n ity E mp ow ermen t

E n ergy Secu rity



R ecoverin g from Tra u ma

Regional Project: MENA

Ad va n cin g Min ority R igh ts

Multi-Regional Project


La b or R igh ts a n d La b or In sp ection Issu es


U.S. Foreign Policy

Cy b er Secu rity Policy Develop men t a n d Imp lemen ta tion


To learn more about Citizen Diplomacy, contact Sarah Sibley, Vice President for Citizen Diplomacy Programs

Beyond the Ev ents: Get Inv ol v ed in Worl dBoston!

H ost You can engage with some of our visiting delegations simply by hosting

Meet Our international visitors come to Boston to meet key local professionals.

them for a meal at your home. These "Din n er Dip loma cy " events are an opportunity for international visitors to interact with local community members in an informal setting. Click this link to sign up for upcoming Dinner Diplomacy Opportunities!

If your expertise aligns with an upcoming group, we'd love to help create a professional connection.

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Th e E n d of th e W orld a s W e Kn ow It? R u ssia a n d Ukra in e Con fron t a n d Ch a llen ge Ch a n ge W hat: 2019 has not turned out as expected for the political elite in Russia and Ukraine. Local elections in Russia hav e triggered street protests amidst falling liv ing standards. In Ukraine, political neophyte and comedian Zelensky has been rapidly consolidating power—though whether he can resolv e Ukraine’s numerous political, economic, and geopolitical problems

Boston La tin o In tern a tion a l Film Festiva l

U.S. Mid d le E a st & Sou th Asia Policy in th e Age of Tru mp w ith Dr. Va li Na sr

W hat: The 18th annual Boston Latino International Film Festiv al (BLIFF) is New England’s largest National Hispanic Heritage Month celebration. BLIFF showcases ov er 30 features, documentaries, and shorts by filmmakers sharing Latinxrelated stories. Since 2001, BLIFF has used the power of film to break stereotypes, bring cultures and communities together and

W hat: The Fares Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies, the Center for South Asian and Indian Ocean Studies (CSAIOS), the Department of History, the Department of Political Science and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences presents Dr. Vali Nasr speaking on U.S. Middle East & South Asian policy in the age of Trump. This ev ent is chaired

remains to be seen. Top Harv ard specialists Tim Colton and Serhii Plokhii discuss dev elopments in Eurasia and their import for the rest of the world.

rev eal the complex issues that affect the Latinx community in the U.S., Latin America and Spain.

by Dr. Leila Fawaz. By: Tufts Univ ersity

W here: CGIS South Building, 1730 Cambridge Street, Tsai Auditorium (Room S010)

W here: ASEAN Auditorium By: Boston Latino International W hen: September 19, 2019 Film Festiv al 6:00 - 8:00 pm W here: Various Locations including: Boston Public Library, Emerson Paramount See More Center, Harv ard Univ ersity, Museum of Fine Arts and Northeastern Univ ersity

W hen: September 16, 2019 6:00 - 7:00 pm

W hen: September 25 - 29, 2019

By: Dav is Center for Russian and Eurasian Center, Harv ard Univ ersity

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The International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) is the U.S. Department of State's premier professional exchange program and WorldBoston's main citizen diplomacy partner. Launched in 1940, the IVLP is a professional exchange program that seeks to build mutual understanding betw een the U.S. and other nations through carefully designed short-term visits to the U.S. for current and emerging foreign leaders. These visits reflect the International Visitors' professional interests and support the foreign policy goals of the United States. The U.S. Department of State's bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs administers the IVLP. In doing so, the bureau enters cooperative agreements w ith National Program Agencies, a group of private, not-for-profit organizations based in Washington, D.C., that design and implement national IVLP itineraries. In addition to the National Program Agencies, the IVLP relies on the commitment and skills of local community organizations across the U.S., know n as Community Based Members (CBMs). Under the professional association of Global Ties U.S., local CBM members develop professional programs, arrange cultural activities, and provide home hospitality for international visitors. WorldBoston is part of the Global Ties Netw ork of more than 90 CBMs in 45 states. WorldBoston is a member of the World Affairs Councils of America, ​a netw ork of more than 90 independent Councils in more than 40 states.

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September 2019 at WorldBoston  

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