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INTERVIEW WITH FOUNDER UWE NITSCHE Q: What is RocketRoute? RocketRoute is the standard for fast, simple and convenient flight planning. It is for GA Pilots and Airlines and is designed to save time and money. Head Office Q: What has changed in the market since you first launched your service back in 2010?

The Surrey Research Centre 40 Occam Road Surrey Research Park Guildford GU2&YG

We see a total transformation of the GA pilot flight planning market underway. The catalyst is the move from desktop/paper planning to mobile/iPad plus more planning and management on the move. Pilots are now in the phase of choosing their preferred providers and testing new services. There is great choice out there but we hope pilots can see the real benefits of flying with RocketRoute.

We have only just started our mission. We are convinced IFR and VFR pilots can save money immediately by switching to RocketRoute. We are well funded and determined to excel in the market. We invite any pilot, club or airline to test our service for free. Chart - register use growth 160% Year -on- Year

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Country Leads Q: So that means more competition for you right? RocketRoute is focused on IFR and experienced pilots flying VFR. Management and logistics of flights comes into play such as arranging Slots and Fuel Releases. For this reason we don’t just provide software but a Membership service with a full telephone support line and a high service level. We then back this up with cutting edge web, mobile and iPad technology which puts our members in total control. For example, our IFR Autorouting tool can beat Eurocontrol route libraries and find more direct routings saving time, fuel and money. These are strong differentiators that keep us ahead of the competition. Q: Tell us: how advanced RocketRoute really is? RocketRoute is a “cloud service”. That means you can make your planning anywhere; on PC/Mac, iPhone, Android, iPad or by calling-in. Wherever you are you get the very latest briefings. To enable this, our back-end system behind the scenes has taken as much development as the apps used by members. There are many processes performed from managing and assigning flight plans, flagging messages from AROs, contacting pilots, exception reporting/analysis, arranging Slots, new software development, testing and data management on a 28 day cycle. All this comes together in one seamless service that we improve and refine every single day.

Q: You have a very active community of pilots around RocketRoute - why is this? Yes, right from the start we put customer service at the core of our proposition to promote engagement and feedback. That is why we publish our telephone support numbers and even promote pilots calling-in with their flight plans. Flying is not a perfect system. Weather, ATCs, passengers, technical breakdowns all can all disrupt a well-planned flight. We give pilots the extra confidence and backup they need when using a service like ours. The Olympics have been a good test of this. Our phone lines did not stop ringing for the first 2 weeks the airspace was switched over in the UK. Overall we have been very pleased with the feedback and hope we met our members expectations and kept them flying during this challenging period. Membership levels growth 200% Year -on- Year

Q: So what next for RocketRoute? RocketRoute is a membership. We are bringing under our umbrella everything that a pilot, club or operator needs. We want to offer best value, fastest services and fantastic value for money. This starts with flight planning but extends to everything that a pilot might need. For example, we are currently trialling with pilots a new Fuel Release service. This will soon be rolled out to all our members as a way to save money and order fuel on the go.



To discuss memberships, flying issues and expertise: Spain Ruben Muñoz

Denmark Niel Güntelberg

Belgium Leen Vandendriessche RocketRoute is actively growing our distribution in Europe and Worldwide. If you are interested to support RocketRoute, please email:

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