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Continental TM

Aerospace Technologies revamps Factory Technical training It has been a long-established tradition for aviation engine manufacturers to provide technical factory training. In Europe, very few mechanics have gone through these classes, mainly because very few classes were offered locally. Having to travel to the USA for a weeklong training discouraged many maintenance operators, especially the smaller ones. In pursuit of being the first choice of general aviation power,

Continental has undergone a deep restructuration of its

Cost and schedule of classes are listed on our website.

Continental Aerospace Technologies has built a new factory,

factory training.

Lunch and all study materials included. The AvGas course runs for four days consecutively and focuses on the

changing once and for all the way general aviation engines

Training in Germany and the USA includes the full line of AvGas engines

presentation of all engines in Continental’s range of

the company is making significant changes to improve and modernize the factory technical training class that teaches

Continental manufactures engines in two locations. Mobile,

full training on each type of engine and the associated

mechanics how to properly care for a range of Continental

Alabama, and Sankt-Egidien in Germany. Technical training

accessories: fuel system, ignition system, etc.


on avgas and Jet-A engines are now available in both

are built. In addition to updated manufacturing processes,

products. This is not an overview of the various engines but a

locations. This will help mechanics to gain the necessary

The training is designed to be hands on. You will not sit for

Apart from manufacturing new engines and bringing the

knowledge to maintain efficiently the traditional

full days watching PowerPoint presentations, but you will

latest technology to piston engines, Continental still

Continental avgas engines and the Lycoming®* style

work on actual parts, understanding how they relate to each

supports the engines that were built in the ’50s, such as the

Prime engines manufactured by Continental. This year

other. Best practices are laid out for all to learn, allowing for

O200 or the O470. Today, Continental manufactures seven different families of gasoline engines for the certified and

we are offering a full range of training options for

time savings in the future. This training course is as

mechanics, as well owners and pilots.

important to line mechanics than to mechanics that work in an overhaul shop. The knowledge acquired in the training

experimental market and five types of Jet-A burning (diesel cycle) engines. This is, by far the most comprehensive product line in existence today. Maintenance operators encounter engines of various ages on a regular basis. This range of engines creates a challenge for them, as they need to be trained on the evolution of these engine models through the years. With many parts superseded and new technology introduced to these models, mechanics must understand what differences exist between revisions of the engine and how to maintain and tune these engines for safe operation at peak efficiency. This can only be achieved by acquiring the necessary knowledge from the source. And hence, the reason why

Course topics:

• General engine theory of operation. • Review of applicable technical documentation • Crankcase Threading. • Crankshaft component R & R. • Cylinder R & R. • Fuel Injection System Calibration. • 100 hours/annual inspection topics. • Cylinder borescope inspections. • Continental ignition systems hands-on to include tear down and setting internal timing. Service bulletin exercises to really get you into using our • ®


helps the mechanic to present safe options to the owners when faced with a decision regarding the future health of their engine. Prime™ engines have been adopted as a

factory-installed engine on the Piper Pilot 100, the Pilot 100i and as an option on the Piper PA28 Archer III line. It is also available for Cessna 172 retrofits. As these aircraft encounter a brisk rate of adoption by flight schools and aero clubs, Continental® made sure that these engines are covered in the factory training. Factory training on these engines ensures maximum flight line availability in the field.

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