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Modernizing Your Aircraft (Part 2) Quality - Schedule - Cost. by Kevin Hoffman n last month’s article we sought to answer how you decide whether to modernize and upgrade your aircraft or hit the ‘reset button’, purchasing a new asset equipped with the latest technology and up-to-date authorization on all regulatory issues. Assuming you’ve elected to upgrade, following are some of the key issues to consider with respect to Quality, Schedule and Cost. Each project’s ultimate Cost is directly affected by the desired Quality and completion Schedule. Ideally, we would like to be in the middle of a triangle with each of these



AVBUYER MAGAZINE – December 2014

three factors at one of the points – but just how realistic is that? Quality is a difficult subject to understand and even more difficult to measure. What makes a quality product? Can you design quality into a product? Who measures quality, and on what standard should it be based? When judging quality, the place to start is by understanding the areas and dynamics required to create a quality product.

DESIGN AND SPECIFICATION Design and the specification are key components in securing a quality upgrade, and these are governed by: www.AVBUYER.com

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