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Keep on Budget with Your Business Jet Upgrade When planning to upgrade your business jet, is there ever a legitimate reason to exceed the budget? What are the pitfalls to avoid blowing an upgrade budget? Matt Harris asks for the insights of some leading industry insiders…


s anybody who has previously upgraded a business jet would testify, the numerous options available for getting the look, feel and functionality of the aircraft exactly as you’d want it are dizzying. With choice comes a lot of opportunity for original upgrade budgets to grow – sometimes exponentially beyond what was projected. Aircraft owners planning upgrades need to keep a strong

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focus, take a disciplined approach to the overall upgrade project, and should be prepared to build a cushion into their budget to allow for an element of expansion on the original project. By working well ahead of the upgrade with a trusted MRO center, owners and operators will be able to discuss the popular and most effective solutions available for their cabins and cockpits that enhance not only their current mission needs, but future needs too.

The Benefit of Expert Input

“It’s less about going over budget, and more about the owner getting exactly what they need or want in the end,” argues Phil Stearns, Director of Sales & Marketing for Stevens Aerospace & Defense Systems, who adds that the initial budget for an upgrade is “just the starting conversation” and should include plenty of room for change before the project begins. In fact, owners have more chance of seeing their budget