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Chris Kjelgaard has been an aviation journalist for 40 years, with a particular expertise on aircraft maintenance. He has served as editor of ten print and online titles and written extensively on many aspects of aviation. He also copyedits most major documents published by a global aviation industry trade association.

Aircraft Refurbishment: What are the Important Value Aspects? What areas of a cabin

refurbishment hold

particular value for a

business jet operator?

Chris Kjelgaard asks the

industry experts...

104 Vol 24 Issue 9 2020 AVBUYER MAGAZINE

he styling and equipment choices made by private owners when refurbishing the interiors and exteriors of their business aircraft are usually influenced strongly by personal taste. Owners who use their aircraft only to fly themselves, their families and friends often personalize their aircraft extensively. Indeed, according to Business Aviation consultant Brian Foley, “The value of a business aircraft interior is that the owner can customize it any way they want.� However, operators of fleets of fractional-ownership or charter aircraft often view the primary drivers of value in