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Annual Report 2010

Our mission World Accord brings people together. Affirming the sacred worth and dignity of each person, we respond as partners to opportunities that nurture the basic well-being of all.

Our vision We have a vision of world accord – the flourishing of well-being for all where: 

basic human needs are met

every person has the opportunity to fulfill their potential

diverse people live peacefully in global community

care of earth and love of neighbour shape our life together

A message from the Executive Director by David Barth I took over as executive director of World Accord in July of this year. Terry Fielder left the position exactly 25 years after he first assumed the responsibility for World Accord – then Canadian Saints Outreach. Previously a staff of 4, I started this job with only Ann Meinzinger – Administrative Assistant and Bookkeeper – to help me fulfill the mission of World Accord. Lets back up a bit. Because I had no overwhelming desire to assume leadership at World Accord and was quite content to support Terry as his resource director, he had no idea that I would seek this role and did not hire a new program officer, feeling that this should be the prerogative of the new executive director. When I searched my heart and determined there was no one who knew the partners or programs better than I did, I did an about face and applied for the job. When I became executive director, though, I had no resource director to support me as well as no program officer. Ann and I were unbelievably busy those first several months trying desperately Continued on pg. 2

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not to drop any balls or let things fall through the cracks. After an extensive search, I hired Nelson Rosales as my program officer. It was important to have a professional with a solid international development education and excellent field experience. Nelson fit the bill perfectly. Hiring him was one of the highlights of my first year and crucial to the development of a new team at World Accord. During this first year, I was also reminded at how blessed we were as an organization to have such great field partners that continued to do excellent program work despite the things that inevitably fell through cracks here in Canada. I am also extremely grateful for the faithful supporters of World Accord who gave me encouragement and support during the hectic times— especially the volunteer members of our board of directors. I recognized early on that World Accord is not just a charity or an NGO. It is also a system. It includes donors and volunteers, board members and staff, project partners and participants, money, time, skills and much more. Like any system, World Accord requires diversity to stay healthy. My goal for is to diversify the base of funding for World Accord and help our partners to diversify their funding bases. As I embark on this journey of diversification, I will do my best to always serve the needs of our partners and constituents. Thank you for taking this journey with me. Together we can and will change the world for thousands of hardworking families living in extreme poverty. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get started shall we? 2

Programming Highlights 2010 India Partner: CORDI Women's Shelter and Sigaram Trust Sources of Funding: World Accord Donors & World Hunger Fund 2010 programming included $49,697 in support of Gender & Development, Education, Community Building and Health initiatives.

Guatemala Partner: Women in Action (MeA) Sources of Funding: World Accord Donors & World Hunger Fund 2010 programming included $75,602 in support of Children's Rights, Community Building, Education, Environment, Micro Enterprise & Micro Credit and Sustainable Agriculture & Food Production initiatives.

Honduras Partners: Rural Reconstruction Program (PRR) and Project Global Village Sources of Funding: World Accord Donors & World Hunger Fund 2010 programming included $334,395 in support of Community Building, Education, Environment, Development Education, Micro Enterprise & Micro Credit, Sustainable Agriculture & Food Production initiatives as well as Construction Expeditions.

El Salvador Partner: ADCASMUS (formerly PERC) Sources of Funding: World Accord Donors & World Hunger Fund 2010 programming included $33,801 in support of Community Building, Education and Micro Enterprise & Micro Credit

Haiti Partner: Mennonite Central Committee and FIDA/pcH Sources of Funding: World Accord Donors 2010 programming included $15,704 in support of emergency relief efforts following the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti.

Nepal Partner: SAP - Nepal Sources of Funding: World Accord Donors & World Hunger Fund 2010 programming included $76,236 in support of Community Building, Leadership Training and Micro Enterprise Development and Micro Loans

Sri Lanka Partner: SAP - Sri Lanka Sources of Funding: World Accord Donors & World Hunger Fund & SAP - Canada 2010 programming included $19,184 in support of Community Building, Leadership Training and Women’s Enterprise Development

Financial Report Balance Sheet as at March 31, 2010 GENERAL FUND ASSETS Current: Cash Short term Investments Accounts receivable and prepaid expenses Prepaid Expenses

Office furniture and equipment Accumulated amortization Long Term Investments Unrestricted Investments Contingincy Reserve

TOTAL ASSETS LIABILITIES AND FUND BALANCE Accounts Payable Deferred Revenue General Fund Balance - unrestricted General Fund Balance - Capital Assets RESERVE FUND ASSETS Cash FUND BALANCE- Unrestricted



$756,928 $0 $3,861 $270 $761,059

$207,607 $400,000 $3,121 $608 $611,336

$46,943 $31,956 $14,987

$48,323 $36,659 $11,664

$10,647 $104,310 $114,957

$11,565 $121,769 $133,334



$37,265 $636,303 $98,138 $14,987 $786,693

$41,632 $483,977 $97,292 $11,664 $634,565

$104,310 $104,310

$121,769 $121,769

Statement of Revenues and Expenses - General Fund for the Year Ended March 31, 2010 REVENUES Donations Grants from charitable organizations Consortia Investment and other income EXPENSES Administration Fundraising Less Private core funding donations Core funding from organizations Operating Total Programming Project development Education Project costs Programming Total

2009 $569,463 $270,061 $200,000 ($9,213) $1,030,311

5 Year 2010 Average $434,547 $388,533 $16,019 $23,454 $862,553 $1,059,665

$109,413 $91,185 $200,598

$101,621 $77,791 $179,412









$48,549 $786,121 $898,485 $1,036,025

OPERATING EXCESS (Loss) FOR THE YEAR ($5,714) NET ASSETS - Opening $223,149 NET ASSETS - Closing $217,435 Five Year Average of net percentage Admin and Fundraising = $132,311/$1,045,901 = 12.65%


$63,994 $609,047 $727,798 $913,519 $849,263 $1,045,901 $13,290 $217,435 $230,725


Thank you! A special thanks goes to all our donors and volunteers. None of this work would be possible without your generous support.

Special Thanks to our Funders Community of Christ World Hunger Fund South Asia Partnership (SAP) - Canada Community of Christ Congregations First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto Board Of Directors Steve Capling, President, BC Lew Shepherdson, VP/Treasurer, ON Mary Jacks Dynes, C of C Rosilyn Coulson, BC Diana Hill, ON Tiona Taylor, ON Douglas MacArthur, AB Carley Cole, Secretary, AB Key Volunteers Al Wigood Ruth Rosner Darlene Kent Richard Kirsh Sandra Fielder Jens Schoenrank Mary and Gord Burbidge Chad and Shannon Dailey Staff Terry Fielder, Outgoing Executive Director David Barth, Incoming Executive Director Nelson Rosales, Program Officer Ann Meinzinger, Office Administrator World Accord 1C-185 Frobisher Dr. Waterloo, Ontario Canada N2V 2E6 Phone: 519.747.2215 Toll free: 1.800.525.3545 4 Registered Canadian Charity No. 11883 6030 RR0001

World Accord - Annual Report 2010  

A look at World Accord's international development work with its local partners in Honduras, Nepal, El Salvador, Guatemala and Haiti.