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his report was written by a team led by Marianne Fay and Stéphane Hallegatte and composed of Marjorie-Anne Bromhead, Alex Bowen, Michael Chaitkin, Mark Dutz, Atsushi Iimi, Urvashi Narain, and David Tréguer. Significant contributions were made by Antonio Estache, Adrian Fozzard, Kirk Hamilton, Tim Kelly, Masami Kojima, Andreas Kopp, Somik Lall, Eduardo Ley, Marcelino Madrigal, Diego Rodriguez, Siddharth Sharma, and Adrien Vogt-Schilb. Geoffrey Heal acted as adviser to the report, in addition to being a key contributor to developing the analytical framework. This report benefited from extensive discussions with Milan Brahmbhatt. We gratefully acknowledge the comments and advice provided by our peer reviewers: Rosina Bierbaum, Richard Damania, Uwe Deichmann, Vivien Foster, Jean-Charles Hourcade, Mike Toman, David Popp, Thomas Sterner, Jeff Vincent, and Zhang Yongsheng. Other useful inputs and suggestions were provided by Zoubida Allaoua, Edward Andersen, Jock Anderson, Ruben Bibas, Dan Biller, James Brumby, Christophe Crepin, Jacqueline Devine, Casper Edmonds, Louis-Gaëtan

Giraudet, Céline Guivarch, Bernard Hoekman, Guy Hutton, Vijay Jagannathan, Nalin Kishor, Franck Lecocq, Robert Lempert, Robin Mearns, Aurélie Méjean, Christopher Neal, Junko Narimatsu, Elisa Portale, Valentin Przyluski, Riikka Rajalahti, Apurva Sanghi, Randeep Sudan, Nancy Vandycke, Xiaodong Wang, and Monika Weber-Fahr. Finally, the report drew on background papers produced for the inaugural conference of the Green Growth Knowledge Platform (available at http://www.greengrowth by Brian Copeland; Stefan Dercon; Jaime de Melo; Tony Gomez-Ibañez; Winston Harrington, Richard Morgenstern, and Daniel Velez-Lopez; Larry Karp and Megan Stevenson; Howard Kunreuther and Erwann Michel-Kerjan; David Popp; Guido Porto; Andreas Schäfer; Sjak Smulders and Cees Withagen; Jeff Vincent; and Elke Weber and Eric Johnson. The report was edited by Barbara Karni and Laura Wallace. This report was sponsored by the Sustainable Development Network of the World Bank under the leadership of Inger Andersen and Rachel Kyte.


Inclusive Green Growth  

As the global population heads toward 9 billion by 2050, decisions made today will lock countries into growth patterns that may or may not b...