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Going for Growth

The discussion so far has focused, through a gender lens, on the basics of the entrepreneurial decision: the access to assets, the exercise of entrepreneurial agency to start up production, the negotiation of legal and regulatory constraints, and the management of general business environment issues. Real-world entrepreneurship is, of course, far more complex. Once entrepreneurs have successfully obtained assets and navigated entry procedures to register as legal enterprises, they sometimes “go for growth.� This often means gaining access to wider national and international markets for both inputs and products—especially in the export-oriented economies in the East Asia and Pacific region. Conversely, wherever the business environment is unfavorable or access to assets insecure, women entrepreneurs may get trapped in a vicious cycle of informality, enterprise failure, and continued impediments to negotiating regulatory requirements. Many factors shape the obstacles and opportunities affecting successful enterprise growth. These factors include the trade regimes (including the number and cost of legal procedures); the domestic infrastructure (transport, communications, and power) that influences the costs and conditions of producing in large quantities and getting to market; and the


Economic Opportunities for Women in the East Asia and Pacific Region  
Economic Opportunities for Women in the East Asia and Pacific Region  

The East Asia and Pacific region has made great progress, relative to other regions, with regard to both economic development and, specifica...