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Horse care and horse food supplements 2014

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Intestinal health - Natural plant extract based de-wormers Did you know that… Two things must be considered for the effective de-worming of your horse: • The de-wormer which is used • The period of use Note that the best months in which to de-worm a horse are: • December/January • March/April • June/July • September/October






It is therefore advisable to de-worm your horse 4 times a year. You must also be aware that “chemical” de-wormers that are available on the market can harm or even destroy the intestinal flora of our equine friends. The intestinal flora of horses comprises probiotics, also called “good bacteria”, which perform several functions in your horse’s intestines. They notably enable the breakdown of cellulose and play a very important role in fermentation, particularly in the cecum. These are therefore indirectly linked to “colic” issues which are well-known in horses, as these can sometimes be fatal! This microflora is however fragile, and its equilibrium is disrupted by the administration of de-wormers or antibiotics. Natural, plant extract-based de-wormers allow massive infestations of parasites to be limited without completely eliminating them, which would be harmful to the animal. They also enable the stimulation of the immune defenses and the intestinal equilibrium to be maintained. Their goal is the symbiosis of the parasites and the horse’s intestinal system. They are therefore harmless to the intestinal flora. Nevertheless, it may be wise to administer a chemical de-wormer every five or nine de-worming in order to prevent the proliferation of more resistant worms. Following such a de-worming, it is very important to give your horse probiotics in paste, liquid or powder form… these are sold commercially. This will help restore the animal’s intestinal flora and thus avoid the risk of ulcers, colic, poor absorption of food rations, etc.

Useful to know In recent years, worms have shown themselves to be increasingly resistant to the molecules used in chemical de-wormers. This is due to the acclimatisation of these parasites, which will eventually no longer be susceptible to de-wormers. Laboratories are thus increasingly struggling to find molecules which are effective against these worms. If we continue to de-worm 100% using chemical de-wormers, worms will soon be even more resistant, and we will face increasing difficulties in eliminating them.


Vermi Minus Paste or Vermi Minus Vermicelli? Vermi Minus paste is an immediate-action de-wormer, which can be used three-four times a year; we however recommend alternating this with Vermi Minus vermicelli once every two times. Vermi Minus vermicelli, on the other hand, works more slowly than Vermi Minus paste, but acts over a longer period. This can also be used three-four times per year, and is administered in two doses at an interval of eight days. Its granulate format makes it easy to administer to the animal, for example by mixing it with the horse’s pellet ration. We recommend alternating this with Vermi Minus Paste once every two times. In both cases: We strongly recommend avoiding administering Vermi Minus paste or Vermi Minus Vermicelli immediately before or after feeding hay to the animal.


Vermi Minus Vermicelli

Vermi Minus Paste

Vermi Minus Vermicelli promotes good intestinal health and frees the horse from parasites of the intestinal tract. The purpose is to maintain intestinal balance and not to eliminate flora, which would be prejudicial for the animal digestion. The product is a combination of different plants known for their expectorant, vermifuge and disinfectant effects. It is formulated with natural Calcium (which has diuretic benefits) and Magnesium (which has a role in the intestinal transit time). Moreover, it has an antispastic effect (Mugwort, Tansy, Cinnamon), an antidiarrhoic effect (Areca nut), and is a disinfectant (Garlic, Tansy). Combining these with the stimulants - Cinnamon, Tansy and Mugwort makes Vermi Minus a non-aggressive product for the horse’s intestinal system. It does not make it sensitive to viruses or bacteria.

Vermi Minus paste promotes good intestinal health. The alliance of Lemon and Eucalyptus (anti-spasmodic, anti-diarrhoeal, anti-septic, wormer, anti-parasitic) makes this paste an effective, non-aggressive product for horses’ intestinal systems. It does not leave them weak and sensitive to viruses or bacteria.

Composition: Cereals, lithothamnium, minerals, molasses, extracts of plants and fruits (garlic, tansy, mugwort, areca nut, squash, artemisia cina, male fern, eucalyptus, cinnamon), apple flavoring. Use: Horses/ Mares/ Large Ponies: 200g/day for 2 days. Ponies: 100g/day for 2 days. Foals: 75g/day for 2 days.

1kg | 00,00 €

Boldo increases this effectiveness through its diuretic and liver decongestant properties. It makes the elimination of parasites which escape towards the liver and kidneys more certain. Eucalyptus then enables the healing of any lesions caused by parasites. Furthermore, Boldo, Lemon and Eucalyptus stimulate the horse’s organism so it feels no effect of worming. Use of Vermi Minus paste is aimed at maintaining the horse’s intestinal balance and not entirely eliminating the fauna, which would be detrimental to the animal. Composition: Herbal treatment which contains a powerful combination of herbal extracts from selected plants, in particular Boldo, Lemon, and Eucalyptus. Use: Horses/ Mares: 30 ml, repeat after 8 days. Ponies/ Foals: 15 ml, repeat after 8 days. Can also be given in a single dose to grazing horses (horses: 60ml; foals: 30ml).

60ml | 00,00 €


Health skin and fur - Natural plant extract based products 500ml | 00,00 €

Skinn Plus This product is a result of many years of research and numerous tests. It contains plant and fruit extracts that have beneficial effects on summer dermatitis. Composition: Natural lotion of plant extracts and derivatives of fruit processing, including orange terpenes. Use: Apply daily on critical areas (neck, flank and rump). Apply liberally until the desired effect is achieved. Regular use can enable all summer dermatitis to be overcome in a few days. We advise daily application, if possible at times where the attacks are most numerous (early morning and early evening). 7 days application will enable you to overcome 98% of summer dermatitis with an effect that lasts several months. We advise that you carry out a booster application 2 months after the first application.

Why Skinn Plus?

When and why?

• Skinn Plus enables the effective treatment of all summer dermatitis until it disappears. • It contains only natural ingredients (plants and fruit extracts) and the applicator ensures that this is an easy-to-use, harmless product for horses (even when the animal is already badly affected). • However, for increased effectiveness, Skinn Plus should preferably be applied preventively, in the mornings and evenings, as soon as the weather warms up in order to ward off the parasites which are responsible for the symptoms of summer dermatitis. • We recommend using Skinn Plus directly on the area to be treated, if necessary using fresh gauze or a new sponge in order to remove excess product. • The presence de orange terpenes in Skinn Plus enable it to act effectively against summer dermatitis, due to its disinfectant and healing properties.

Research has shown that the illness tends to appear for the first time at ages 1-5, and in autumn, but symptoms can start when the animal is older. The reasons why these are triggered are as yet unknown, and research is continuing to gain a better understanding of this phenomenon. One thing is clear and certain – the environment, climate, the number of midges, as well as stress (due to severe illness and injury, changes in owner and/or area) are partly responsible for triggering summer dermatitis. The importance and role of genetics in the development of the illness is less well understood. • The symptoms: • Midge bites cause intense itching. • The mane and the base of the tail are the parts of the animal which are worst affected. Unfortunately, without preventive care, the illness worsens each year and the itching can extend to other parts of the body. • Lesions may be observed on the withers, rump, hips, and back (along the topline), head, ears, limbs, prepuce, nipples and the ventral line. • The skin flakes and thickens, wrinkles, and becomes coated with a film, this is accompanied by shedding hair, fur, as well as scabby sores which may bleed and ooze liquid. • The animal may lose weight. • If left untreated, these sores can become a source of infection and intensify the itching.


What is summer dermatitis? Although known by different names – summer dermatitis, equine recurring summer dermatitis (ERSD), sweet itch – the cause and the symptoms of this illness are the same. This is a problem which affects thousands of horses, ponies and donkeys in many countries around the world. Affected animals develop hypersensitivity or an allergic reaction to the (actually harmless) proteins present in the saliva of midges, which triggers an overreaction of the animal’s immune system. The animal reacts “by mistake” by attacking the cells of its own skin where it was bitten by the midge, which triggers itching. When an animal develops symptoms of summer dermatitis, it is generally speaking condemned to suffer from this scourge for the rest of its life during the risk period. With global warming, this season is tending to extend over a long period, and there are even areas where horses have no period to rest from the illness before the cycle starts again. 7

Laxolja 100% natural Husse Laxolja is produced from fresh salmon in Norway. Composition: 100% salmon oil. Content Anlysis: Omega 3: 25%, DHA: 8-9%, EPA: 6-7%, DPA: 2-3%, Protein 0%, Fat 100%, Water 0%. Energy: 3750 kj/ 890 Kcal for 100g. 1 ml of salmon oil contains 220 mg EPA, DHA and DPA. Use: Daily dose is ponies: 15-30 ml; Daily dose is horses: 20-60 ml

500ml | 00,00 â‚Ź


The effect of N-3 fatty acids

The two most important n-3 fatty acids are (EPA) Eicosapentaenic acid and (DHA) Docosahexaenoic acid. These fatty acids are of vital importance for optimal development, maintenance and function of a lot of tissues and organs, especially: cell membranes, the brain, the skin, skin coat, kidneys, blood vessel walls, immune system, precursor for hormones and signal substances, e.g. eicosanoids, Eyes (retina).

N-3 fatty acids and disease

There are also a lot of different physiological and pathological conditions that increases the requirement of n-3 fatty acids in order to have an optimal modulation of the metabolism intake. For example: infections, trauma, wound healing, stress metabolism (a result of a lot of different conditions and diseases), postoperative stress, cancer, kidney disease (immune mediated glomerulonephritis), skin disease, allergy, immune diseases and stress, heart disease, blood diseases, age related disease etc.


Soothing and calming - Natural plant extract based products

Horses are so-called “flight” animals, meaning that when faced with a threat, they do not fight but run from the source of the threat. This is why horses are normally nervous. Some more than others, and to a degree which varies according to the situation. Noise, movement, tight spaces (such as in vans) and “staring” objects are all factors which can worry a horse. Calm paste and liquid from the Husse horse range are natural products that can help relax your horse by acting on its autonomous nervous system (which controls its reflexes/instinct). The plants which are used to make Husse Calm are soothing and calming. It is therefore a good idea to be able to administer a soothing product which only acts through natural ingredients such as plants. Calm Paste and liquid from the Husse equine range offer this possibility.


Calm Liquid

1l | 00,00 €

Composition: Derivatives of processed, selected plants, particularly - Hops (Humulus Lupulus), Roman Chamomile (Anthemis Nobilis), Yellow Jasmine (Gelsemium Simper), Sage (Salvia Officinalis). Use: Use two days before transport and on the day of transport or in relation to any stressful event. Horses: 100 ml/ day. Ponies: 50 ml/ day. Foals: 50 ml/ day. Can be used during gestation, suckling and for young animals

Calm Paste

30ml | 00,00 €

Composition: Water, extracts of plants and fruits (passionflower, lime, verbena, jasmine, schisandra), magnesium chloride 500 mg, amino acid (Tryptophan) 1000 mg, flavoring, structuring agent. Use: To be given the day before the stressful event, and on the day of the event. Thanks to its dispenser, CALM paste takes up little space. It can be taken everywhere and be given directly in the horse’s mouth whenever and wherever. Can be administered more than once in a day, max.4 injectors per day. For stallions in reproduction suspend dosage 2 days before mating. Horses and large ponies: 30 ml. Ponies and young horses: 15 ml.

Calm Paste or Calm Liquid? Calm Paste provides an immediate effect in the event of an unanticipated stressful situation. Calm Liquid, on the other hand, can be administered several days before a stressful event, such as transportation in a van or an event.


Protection against insects - Natural plant extract based products

Bug Minus Concentrate Olfactory repellent against insects such as mosquitoes, flies, ticks, fleas etc. Suitable for horses, ponies and donkeys. Bug Minus Concentrate is made only with highest quality etheral oils like Melaleuca Alternifolia oil, Macademia Ternifolia, Carthamus Tinctorius, Helianthus Annuss, Buxuss Chinensis, Eucalyptu Globulus and Lavendula Angustifolia oil. Composition: Melaleuca Alternifolia oil, Macademia Ternifolia, Carthamus Tinctorius, Helianthus Annuss, Buxuss Chinensis, Eucalyptu Globulus, Lavendula Angustifolia oil, BHA.

How does it work?

Bug Minus Concentrate is an alternative to protect your animal. This product changes the odour of the horse without the animal or a human noticing. The odour is unbearable for insects such as mosquitoes, flies, ticks, fleas etc. 50ml | 00,00 â‚Ź


Bug Minus Gel Repellent gel -avoids repeated problems from flies, horse flies, wasps, mosquitoes. Suitable for horses, ponies and donkeys. Bug Minus Gel is made only with highest quality ethereal oils like mint, eucalyptus, citronella, lavender, basil. Composition: Glycerine, extracts of tomato and geranium. Essential oils: mint, eucalyptus, citronella, lavender, basil.

Bug Minus Spray Repellent spray -avoids repeated problems from flies, horse flies, wasps, mosquitoes. Suitable for horses, ponies and donkeys. Bug Minus Spray is made only with highest quality ethereal oils like mint, eucalyptus, citronella, lavender, basil. Composition: Glycerine, extracts of tomato and geranium. Essential oils: mint, eucalyptus, citronella, lavender, basil.

100ml | 00,00 â‚Ź

How does it work?

Bug Minus Gel, Bug Minus Spray, Bug Minus Concentrate are an alternative to protect your animal. The odour of the gel will protect a horse from insects such as mosquitoes, flies, ticks, fleas etc. The product will give up to 6 hours protection

500ml | 00,00 â‚Ź

How does it work?

Bug Minus Spray is an alternative to protect your animal. The odour of the spray will protect a horse and rider from insects such as mosquitoes, flies, ticks, fleas etc. You can use it also in your car, in your home or in stables.


Protection of hooves - Natural plant extract based products What should we know about hooves? The hooves of horses have to be not only sufficiently flexible and hard to support their weight but also act as shock absorbers. In most cases, hooves do not require any particular maintenance. Nevertheless, depending on the season, the ground over which the horses move and the frequency and degree to which they are worked, their hooves are subjected to extreme conditions.


HOV Plus Blond When should one apply HOV PLUS BLOND? The horn can sometimes become dry and crumbly, even brittle, particularly in very dry summer weather. It is then wise to apply HOV PLUS BLOND directly onto the hoof wall, sole and frog to soften this horny area. It is even possible to bathe the foot beforehand and to apply the ointment to the wet foot for faster, more effective softening. Composition: Natural oils and greases (avocado, jojoba, laurel), lanolin. 250ml | 1l | 5l | 00,00 | 00,00 | 00,00 â‚Ź

HOV Plus Dark When should one apply HOV PLUS DARK? The hoof can also be too damp, particularly in winter, when the horn becomes soft, spongy and even rotten. It is then wise to apply HOV PLUS DARK enriched with Norwegian tar then helps to dry out the horn. Care should however be taken to always apply this ointment onto a very dry foot, otherwise the grease will trap the humidity in the foot, which will have an effect opposite to the desired effect. Composition: Natural oils and greases (avocado, jojoba, laurel), lanolin, Norwegian tar. 250ml | 1l | 5l | 00,00 | 00,00 | 00,00 â‚Ź

General advice!

It is therefore up to the individual owner to judge the state of the feet of the animal and to apply the appropriate hoof care. Husse hoof care (BLOND and DARK) are particularly effective thanks to the natural oils that the product contains. The natural oils penetrate into the hoof more easily. In addition, these oils are very nourishing, and help the horn to develop.Husse hoof care also plays an important protective role.


Snacks for horse - Healthy reward with apple taste 1l | 00,00 €

Häst Snacks To keep the horse motivated to learn and collaborate it’s important to reward them. Horse snacks with apple taste are a perfect healthy reward. Composition: Wheat feed flour, Apple pulp dehydrated (6.0%), Maize puffed, Potato Starch, Oats flakes. Analytical constituents: Crude protein 11,93%, crude fat 2,59 %, crude fiber 2,47 %, crude ash 2,15 %, phosphorus 0,33 %, calcium 0,14%, sodium 0,09%.

2kg | 00,00 €

Healthy snacks for your horse • • • • •


Wheat based healthy, rewards snacks with apple flavour Contains pieces of Apple, for better taste Composed with strictly human grade high quality raw materials Contains high quality fibre for good digestion Can be carried in your pocket as it won’t crumble

Hygiene for horse

Häst Schampo Shampoo with biotin and lanoline, formulated especially for horses. Mild Shampoo: Häst Schampo helps to keep your horse beautiful and improves comfort. Revitalizes and energies the hair bulb and strengthens the hair. Basic Ph: Does not irritate the horse’s skin due to its basic pH. Can be used frequently and is suitable for all types of hair. Biotine and Lanoline: Lanoline and Biotin help to maintain the natural texture of dry or damaged hair, and straighten the hair from root to the tip. Lanoline and Biotin contribute to natural sheen prolonging the clean effect of the mane and hair. Content: Aqua, Sodium Laureth sulfate, Cocamide Dea, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Sodium chloride, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, PEG-75 lanolin, Parfum, Citric Acid, Preservative (Methylchloroisothiazolinone-Methylisothiazolinone), Biotin.

Healing Cream

100ml | 300ml | 00,00 | 00,00 €

Husse multi-purpose natural Healing Cream disinfects and heals wounds, while improving blood circulation. It is an ideal first-aid cream to pop in your bag when traveling. It contains thyme which has antibacterial properties, zinc oxide for reducing wound inflammation, clay for promoting healing, as well as eucalyptus and lemon for repelling insects. Petroleum fat provides an additional protective layer to the skin. Suitable for dogs and horses.


Electrolytic + Electrolytic food supplement for horses and ponies. When a horse sweats it loses electrolytes, up to several grams in every liter of sweat. This product is formulated from natural electrolytes, with no industrial mineral salts added; this ensures optimal assimilation. Electrolyte+ is perfectly formulated to meet the important needs of the sport horse, both in terms of electrolytes and joint and muscle support, as well as in providing a good, quickly absorbed natural energy recharge.

Use: • • • •

Horses and bigger size ponies: 15 to 30 ml Smaller size ponies and foals 15 ml Should be used before and after any physical activity causing dehydration Can be used during gestation, breast-feeding and for foals


Briny extract, concentrated sea water, bamboo, blackcurrant, horsetail, Canada fleabane.

Analytical Constituents:

Humidity 62.0%, unrefined ash 3.2%, proteins 3.0%, fat 0.7%, cellulose 0.5%, potassium 11.000 mg/kg, sodium 11.000 mg/kg, calcium 1.000 mg/ kg, magnesium 800 mg/kg, saccharine 200 g/kg.


30ml | 00,00 €

Respiration + Food supplement for horses and ponies.

1l | 00,00 €


Respiration + contributes to better respiratory hygiene. The natural ingredients in the product make it very effective in combating bacterial and allergic horse coughs. Respiration+ provides effective, long-lasting and soothing relief to your trusty companion.

• As well-known as eucalyptus for respiratory problems, every good respiratory product contains essential pine oil to effectively combat a broad range of conditions, such as colds, bronchitis, tracheitis, sinusitis, etc. • Pine has an antiseptic and antibacterial action



• Renowned for its antiseptic and antibacterial action on the upper (the sinuses) and lower (lungs) airways, eucalyptus calms coughs, loosening bronchial and sinus mucus. • Eucalyptus reduces reactions to respiratory allergies


• Refreshing, expectorant action, helping expel bronchial mucus • With an antiseptic action on upper (sinuses) and lower (lungs) airways, mint also reduces reactions to respiratory allergies


A pulmonary antiseptic with cough-relieving properties, particularly for dry coughs caused by allergies, rosemary is also a powerful general stimulant

• Horses and bigger ponies 50 ml/day • Smaller ponies and foals 25 ml/day • Recommended use from 3-5 days. Reapply as necessary • Particularly suitable during more humid periods of the year and winter time and also in case of dusty forage or pellets • Can be used during gestation, suckling and for young animal


Essential oil of eucalyptus, essential oil of pine, essential oil of mint, essential oil of rosemary, water.

Analytical Constituents:

Proteins 0.1%, cellulose 0.1%, fat 20.0%, unrefined ash 0.7%.


Hepatic + Food supplement for horses and ponies. Helps minimize the problems of hepatic overload. Use:

• Horses, bigger ponies: 50 ml per day. Ponies and foals: 25 ml per day. • Give the product during the period of 5 days. • Repeat the treatment 3 to 4 times per year, especially after farrowing, change of food, too copious feeding and in case of important exterior interventions, de-worming, veterinary treatments and after every disease. • Can be used during gestation, suckling and for young animals.


Simple syrup, extracts from plants: hops, artichoke, goldenrod, root of asparagus, milk thistle, horseradish.

Analytical Constituents:

Proteins 0.1%, cellulose 0.1%, fat 0.02%, unrefined ash 0.07%.


1l | 00,00 €

How does the liver function?

• The liver transforms complex nutriments into simple molecules that cells can absorb, e.g. (Sugar to energy, Proteins to amino acids) • The liver cleanses the blood of waste, some of which is reprocessed and some not. This waste is then discharged in 2 ways, as urine or as stools. In the case of urine, these small waste products go back into the circulating blood to be then captured by the kidneys which will then discharge them in urine. In the case of stools, the large waste products are put back into the blood circulatory system to the large intestine to be then discharged from the body. • Reprocessing: For example, used haemoglobin will have its iron ion removed from it, which will then be stored in the spleen. Bilirubin (bile pigment) will be ¾ recovered to be modified by the liver, becoming pro-haemoglobin. This passes through the spleen, where it receives an iron ion to become haemoglobin.

Hepatic drainage action

• Many rival products have sorbitol, choline, methionine and betaine as their ingredients. The only ingredients in our product are ones with plant origins, but that does not mean they are less effective - in fact the opposite is true. Sorbitol, for example, contained in most products, stimulates the gallbladder and increases the speed of intestinal transit. As the horse does not have a gallbladder it is impossible to clear it out. Significantly increasing the speed of intestinal transit can cause diarrhoea possibly leading to owners losing confidence in our product. It can be replaced to good effect by plants such as milk thistle, black radish and artichoke. These plants have an effect on the increase in the volume of bile produced by the liver, which is not simply clearing out the gallbladder but a demand on the liver to produce more bile and so a more in-depth action, a more significant detox action. Moreover, these plants also combat jaundice, cirrhosis, and gall and kidney stones, just like betaine. Methionine and choline have an anti-fat effect (they prevent the fixing of fat in the liver); this action will be the same due to hops and milk thistle. • Unlike the majority of products which only have a hepatic action, our product also takes account of the kidneys, which are also in permanent contact with toxins, and this is why we have added golden rod and asparagus, renowned for their diuretic (stimulate urine secretion) and purifying action on the kidneys. • Our product does not merely drain the liver and kidney, it gives respect to the body, while avoiding any violent reactions to synthetic molecules. • The liver is the only organ in the body that regenerates itself; plants work in symbiosis with it, facilitating an increase in its cellular renewal. • It is advisable to carry out hepatic and renal draining after every worming, significant veterinary treatment, foaling, laminitis, etc.


Minerals and Vitamins supplement - formuled to help moulting, growth, gestation and suckling

CMV Sport increases the efficiency of vitamins and minerals. By means of its composition of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, trace elements, CMV Sport develops and maximises animal’s capacities both physical and physiological. CMV Sport is formulated to provide liposoluble vitamins (soluble in fatty substances) so as to be stocked in the organism. These vitamins (A, D3, E, K3, C, Choline) renew digestive and respiratory cells and those of the retina. They provide bones with calcium phosphate, aid the bones’ protein framework and are indispensable in reproduction and in muscular activity. They stimulate the immune system, help stock other vitamins, are anti-infectious and aid growth. Furthermore, CMV Sport provides hydrosoluble vitamins (soluble in water) that can not be stored by the organism. It is therefore essential to supply them daily in food. These vitamins (B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, PP) are anti-infectious, regulate the temperature and aid growth. They play a role in crepuscular vision and in nerve and respiratory cells. They are important for the constitution of haemoglobin and heart contraction. They synthesise the antibody carrying globules. The Methionine and Lysine (amino acids), which CMV Sport is composed of, protect the liver and have a role in growth. The minerals (Calcium, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Sodium) are indispensable for growth, for bone structure and for nerve impulses. They are all found in the skeleton, the blood and in lymph. They tone the heart and balance the organism’s acid base. The trace elements (Iron, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Cobalt, Sulphur, Iodine, Selenium) are: anti-infectious, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-ageing, anti-anaemic, anti-parasite, act on the heart, reproduction, growth, thermal regulation. These are the principal virtues, but there are still many more. Horses in full moult, mares in gestation or lactation as well as foals use these elements to renew their coat and reinforce their tails, manes and hooves, to nourish the foetus or the foal, for mares and for body growth, for foals. The use of CMV Sport is aimed at meeting these at times of intense demands, but it cannot replace a suitable balanced feed that meets the horse’s needs.


CMV Sport Nutritional supplement for horses specially formulated to help moulting, growth, gestation and suckling. Composition: Minerals, marine minerals, bicalcic phosphate, sodium chloride, trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, sorbitol. Analytical Constituents per Kilogram: protein 1%, calcium 24%, phosphorus 12%, magnesium 3%, sodium 2%, vitamin A: 1500000 IU, vitamin D3: 200 000 IU, vitamin E: 500 mg, vitamin B1: 800 mg, vitamin B2: 100 mg, vitamin B5: 600 mg, vitamin B6: 100 mg, vitamin B12: 1 mg, vitamin PP: 500 mg, vitamin C: 1000mg, vitamin K3: 40 mg, humidity 8.5%, fat 0,5%, cellulose 0,5%, choline 50 mg, lysine 50 mg, methionine 100 mg, sorbitol 100 mg, sulphur 600 mg, copper sulphate 300 mg, cobald carbonate 50 mg, manganese sulphate 2000 mg, zinc sulphate 3000 mg, iron sulphate 2000 mg, iodine sulphate 240 mg, selenium 20 mg. Use: To be used every second week. Horses and large ponies: 20g/day. Ponies: 10g/day. Can be used during growth, for maintenance, during moulting, gestation, suckling. 1kg | 00,00 â‚Ź


Additional vitamins and minerals? The first thing you need to know is whether your horse’s hay is good quality and provides the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals for a resting adult horse. Unfortunately, hay is only rarely “good quality”! You in fact need to take into account the way in which the hay has been dried, the amount of time since it was cut, the fibre quality (grass clippings), etc. You also need to know what composition/ analysis the grain and concentrate the horses are fed with have.

Vitamins in CMV Sport Vitamin A is synthesised from the carotene in fodder. What you need to know: • 80% of the carotene disappears while the fodder is being dried if this is done under bright sun. • Of the remaining 20%, half will be destroyed within 6 months during storage. • Only 10% is left, meaning that supplements are needed. Vitamin E: • Is found in hay and grain. • Plays an essential role in building up and protecting cells. • Is an antioxidant. It also stimulates the immune system. • It is often given as a supplement to improve athletic performance.


Concerns over current diet When feeding flatted or crushed granulates these products often oxidise when left in the open air. As a result, we deplore this major loss in terms of nutritional intake. The fermentation of grain and fodder can also kill vitamin E. Supplements are therefore needed. Water-soluble vitamins are found in abundance in dry fodder or grass. Your horse can synthesise vitamins himself thanks to probiotics (intestinal flora bacteria), notably vitamin B. It is important at this point to remember that chemical de-wormers can destroy these probiotics! The need for supplements depends on: • The quality of the fodder, the effort required of the animal, pregnancy, growth, reproduction, competition, etc. • CMV Sport is one of the most complete nutritional supplements. • This Sport all of the vitamins (water- and fat-soluble), minerals and trace elements which horses need to be in top condition. • Furthermore, CMV Sport contains methionine and lysine, amino-acids which are necessary to ensure the liver’s protective role. • This product is packaged in granule format, enabling very easy administration.



1l | 00,00 â‚Ź

Contains natural herbs with important nutrients such as chondroitine and glucosamine which help to increase flexibility. Artiflex complements the body’s natural joint protection. Composition: Selected plants in particular; Harpagophytum, Calendula and Arnica. Analysis: MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) 60 000 mg/Kg, Chondroitin sulphate 60 000 mg/ Kg, Glucosamine 70 000 mg/Kg, Zinc glauconate 3 500 mg/Kg, Copper carb. 2 500 mg/Kg, Manganese carb. 3 000 mg/Kg. Use: In case of acute pain, for horses and ponies: 40 ml/ day for 3 weeks. Care: horses 40ml per day for 7 days. Care: ponies 20ml per day for 7 days. 26


Why Artiflex?

Joints are the direct link between bones. They enable a certain level of mobility between the bones. These include different types, but the most widely used joints in the body are also subjected to the highest levels of stress – synovial joints. In synovial joints, the bones are held together by means of a cavity which is filled with synovial liquid. These joints are extremely mobile.

Artiflex has been recently developed with the aim of protecting cartilages and joints, but also to relieve joint pain. The product contains chondroitin and glucosamine (of marine origin), promoting joint care. It however also contains harpagophytum, a natural anti-inflammatory which is well-known for its effect on sore joints. Its administration is forbidden in competition in most countries.

They comprise: • Joint cartilage (at the end of each bone), • a joint cavity filled with synovial liquid, • a joint capsule which covers the entire joint and prevents excessive movement, • ligaments, composed of solid and inelastic fibrous tissue, stretching from one bone to the other. Use and age can lead to wear in the joint cartilages. This wear is always harmful, as these cartilages enable the bones to slide smoothly and painlessly over each other. In certain cases, the cartilages can even disappear, which causes the bones into contact with each other, and thus very severe pain (e.g. spavin: Hock/tarsus joint trouble, a well-known issue with French trotting horses).

Any administration of Artiflex must therefore be stopped 48h before any event (this information has to be check according to local laws). Arnica is also a component part of Artiflex. This is known for its pain-killing properties. Meanwhile, Calendula is a natural healing aid which is helpful in the repair of damaged joints. In brief, Artiflex helps preserve cartilages and joint capsules, while reducing pain linked with arthritis/osteoarthritis. Following administration, the horse is less stiff in the early stages of movement, warms up more rapidly, and moves more smoothly. Artiflex can therefore be used preventively, both for young athletes as well as more experienced animals, as well as for older, retired horses, or horses with pre-existing joint problems.

These issues can also be connected to poor diet, notably during the early life of a young horse. Cartilage is mainly composed of chondroitin and glucosamine. To avoid wear to cartilages, it may be wise to boost the health of your horse with products containing these substances. These can also slow down wear to the cartilages when the joint is already damaged. Glucosamine also reduces joint paint and improves joint mobility.


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