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Value Driven – There Should Be More Inside The Tin In my opinion when people talk about something that is value driven it is the full set of experiences, including price that someone delivers to its intended customers. That is what internet marketing is all about to me – giving great value to my intended customers. Every morning when my three small children have breakfast there is always a race to see who gets the biggest cereal bowl. It does not matter what cereal is been delivered or how much ‘Cookie Crisps’ each child gets, it’s all about the size of the actual bowl. This has made me think of all those products that people try and sell on the internet, and how many of these products are artificially packaged to look great on the outside but once you take a closer look and see through the clever marketing you become distinctly disappointed in the content! To me, so many of these products are not value driven.

Value Driven Question I come across many different types of online products and after ‘falling’ for a few in the beginning I am now a lot more careful before I purchase or even show interest in new products. I always ask myself the following questions: What Will I Be Left With If The Company That Owns Or Created A “Value Driven” Product Closes Down? Any value driven product has to have the ability to deliver value. That value needs to be sustainable and long term, unless its objective is a short term gain. If a company closes down you need to have had that value delivered to you already and you want to make sure that any loss of earnings is manageable. Will I still Be Financially Stable If The Company That Owns or Created a “Value Driven” Product Closes Down? There are many products that create income from other people joining the business. You need to make sure that for the product to be value driven you get a return on your investment. I never say you should not invest in certain schemes but you need to understand the risks and make sure you will get value from any investment you make – otherwise you might as well put your money on red playing roulette. At very minimum make sure that you are not financially ruined if one of your businesses closes down! How Do I Feel Morally About This “Value Drive” Product?

This has become a very big issue for me. For me to by a product or get involved with an opportunity that requires me to bring other people in and invest their money I need to know that it is a good deal for that person. I love to make money but I will not do it at the expense of someone else losing theirs! For me to be value driven I need to make sure that anyone who invests in me be it through product purchases or just following my advice, that they get value for money.

Work With Gordon Is Value Driven I have said it many times in my blogs that I am creating a brand that is about value. Everything I do will must be value driven and every person that I speak to or sell a product must leave feeling like they have gained value that is all VALUE DRIVEN. My brand, Work With Gordon, must become known for its value and over delivery. Like an iceberg you will get so much more than you expect when you Work With Gordon. Together we can achieve more,

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Value Driven – There Should Be More Inside The Tin