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The Six Figure Formula To Online Marketing Success How many people give up on their dreams of Online Marketing Success before they even really get started? The answer will blow you away as its well above 90%! That means for every one hundred people that set out to create a career online only about three actually stay the course and achieve online marketing success. In this post I am going to show you a Six Figure Formula to Online Marketing Success. It’s the same formula that is taught by the Six Figure Mentors and its having real positive results for many of its members.

Email Online Marketing Success The concept behind Email Online Marketing Success is to be able to build a list of subscribers and use this list to promote your products or services. Easily said than done; but it really is that easy. Imagine having a list of 5000 subscribers that have chosen to be part of your list, when you send out an email promoting a product the chances are that there will be people on that list that will buy your products – in fact it’s a proven fact that you will generate sales.

Get Traffic And Build A List For Online Marketing Success It goes without saying that to achieve online marketing success you need to get TRAFFIC and build your LIST. There are many different ways to achieve this and The SFM teaches all of them. There are so many methods of generating leads, both through free and paid advertising strategies for online marketing. There are Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Solo Ads, Banners Ads, Google Ad words; free Social Media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn to name just a few. The important thing to remember is that it’s easy to achieve Online Marketing Success when you know how, and all these simple strategies are taught in The SFM. One of the best lessons I learnt was to focus on two or three strategies and make them work for you, too many people come online and have a scatter gun approach to their marketing – and end up failing in the quest for online marketing success.

Own Your List For Online Marketing Success A key part of The SFM is that it lets you build your own list which can be used to promote any product you wish – you own that list! This is a hugely important part of this formula as there are many companies or affiliate programmes out there that give you training to build

their lists and while you make a few dollars of the original sale you potentially lose thousands of dollars from follow up sales.

Online Marketing Success Comes From Adding Value To Your List To be an online marketing success you need to keep your subscribers on your list engaged in what you are sending them. The key ingredient here is to add value! We have all received thousands of spam emails that we simple delete or don’t even see because they are already in the spam folder. We don’t want to let our list think we are spam and we must constantly provide value so that they look forward to receiving our emails and take notice. Remember, it’s not all about the sales – we must add great value by offering top tips, advising on free tools and solutions to problems. We want to create a relationship with our subscribers that when we offer a product for sale it actually comes as some value to those who buy it! So how has the Six Figure Mentors been instrumental in my Online Marketing Success? When I joined I was a complete newbie to the online business. The SFM provided me with the Tools, Technology, Websites, Squeeze pages, the know how to set up Sales Funnels, instruction how to use and set up an autoresponder, follow up emails, knowledge how to provide value to my subscriber, provided the ‘Value’ to offer my subscribers with free gifts and training videos and provided training how to put it all together and then scale my business. And of course they provided the product – but let’s not forget that everything I learned with The SFM was repeatable to promote any product!

The Six Figure Income Triangle The best part about The SFM and the Six Figure Formula is the Business Model that goes with it. It allows you to earn residual income, promote and earn affiliate offers and earn from big ticket sales. Residual income is earned from income generated from subscriptions. You refer a new customer to the business and you will receive a percentage of their monthly subscriptions for as long as they are in the system. You will also earn commissions on any upgrades or product sales that they may buy. By owning your own list Online Marketing Success can be achieved through the sale of affiliate products. You can promote any product you want and earn commissions from those sales. The beauty about The SFM, and something you should consider in whatever business you promote, is that there are High Ticket Commissions to be made on sales of products. You can earn upwards of $1000 on just one sale and it takes just as much effort as a $20 commission. And this can be a catalyst for Online Marketing Success.

The Six Figure Formula To Online Marketing Success I hope you have enjoyed my review of The Six Figure Formula To Online Marketing Success. The Six Figure Mentors are a fantastic community for anyone, especially newbies,

to get going online. I would also be more than willing to share my story further should you wish to discuss. The other option is to just take the plunge and Get an Application Pack that costs just $20 which of course has a money back guarantee should you find it unsatisfactory. You will get some great free training worth way more than the price paid and will also give you the chance to experience what the SFM is all about. Its a great vehicle to achieve your Online Marketing Success. Together we can achieve more,

Skype: workwithgordon P.S. Looking to start your own online business? Get Your Application Pack Today! The Six Figure Formula To Online Marketing Success By Gordon Robinson

The Six Figure Formula To Online Marketing Success  
The Six Figure Formula To Online Marketing Success