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Skype Traffic Ninja – A Lead Generation Supernova “Price is what you pay, Value is what you get!” Today I am going to review Ken Faminoff’s SKYPE TRAFFIC NINJA lead generation tool and help you decide if the Skype Traffic Ninja concept is value for money. I have been using it for three weeks now and have been involved in several events and hosted one myself.

How “Skype Traffic Ninja – A Lead Generation Supernova” Works Basically a group of like-minded individuals will all participate in a Skype Traffic Ninja event. The host will use the software to set up the event and the contributors provide a free gift offer and the promise of sending the stipulated number of clicks to the event from their list or paid solo ads. I like to think of these events like a big house with lots of smaller rooms inside. The house and each room has a door, the front door to the house is the hosts squeeze page and the smaller ‘rooms’ on the inside are the free ‘contributors’ gifts and each one of these has another opt in option. The main ‘host’ squeeze page promotes the event with a “get free gifts here” squeeze page and when people opt in they have the option to select one or more of the free gifts inside – and both host and contributors build their lists. Skype Traffic Ninja events are very simple to set up and there are clear tutorials to guide you.

How much does “Skype Traffic Ninja – A Lead Generation Supernova” Cost? There were three costs to me, I bought the Skype Traffic Ninja Playbook, the Skype Traffic Software and I have paid for a few solo ads to contribute to events as my list was not originally big enough to guarantee the stipulated number of clicks required for the events I contributed too. The Skype Traffic Ninja Playbook is a $17 offering that gives you valuable insight to how Skype Traffic Ninja works and actually gives you sufficient information that allows you to get involved in contributing to events and growing your list. The Skype Traffic Ninja Software costs $160. It allows you to host events and to really maximise your list building efforts. You do not need this software if you just plan on growing your list slowly by contributing to events but I will say that by hosting events your list will grow very quickly.

Solo Ads – When I first started contributing to events I bought solo ads to guarantee that I met the number of clicks required. My list was fairly small and I knew that by broadcasting my own list I would not have hit the required targets. Solo Ads guarantee clicks and cost anywhere between $35 and $50 for one hundred clicks as an example. If you have a large list already you do not need to worry about Solo Ads.

Has “Skype Traffic Ninja – A Lead Generation Supernova” Delivered Value? I bought the Skype Ninja Traffic Playbook, The Skype Traffic Ninja Software and about $100 worth of solo ads to get me started. My initial outlay was around $300. To date I have generated close to 450 additional leads to my list through these Skype Traffic Ninja events.

It’s pretty easy to write a review and just come up with numbers to make the product sound better, so I put this real time concept proof video together demonstrating the results during the most recent event I hosted. In the video I only show the first four days of my Skype Traffic Ninja event.

Skype Traffic Ninja – A Lead Generation Supernova I managed to get 265 opt ins to my list in four days. Let’s include the cost of the Skype Traffic Ninja software in my valuation – that’s $160. I will also include the $40 prize incentives I offered to encourage participation in my event. So the cost of my event was $200! So that equated to $0.75 per opt in! Remember when you host another event you would not have to include the cost of the Skype Traffic Ninja software in your valuation. So let’s calculate the cost per opt in without that cost – that would mean that each opt in costs just $0.15! Before you start asking why I did not include the cost of the Skype Traffic Ninja Playbook – well that was covered a long time ago in other events, and to be honest so was the software! So we know I paid the price for the Skype Traffic Ninja Playbook and the Skype Traffic Ninja Software, but did I get value? In my opinion I have stumbled upon a product that is going to take Lead Generation to another level! It took me three months to build a list of 400 and I doubled that amount in two weeks with Skype Traffic Ninja! If you want to know more about Skype Traffic Ninja you can contact me direct or click on the following links: Skype Traffic Ninja Playbook and Skype Traffic Ninja Software. Let’s get list building!

Together we can achieve more,

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Skype Traffic Ninja – A Lead Generation Supernova