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Necessity-Driven Entrepreneurship – Don’t Let It Happen To You In a recent networking event I attended, I was lucky enough to listen to Jay Kubassek talk about the growing economic problems the world is currently facing today. A lot of what he was saying was fairly obvious to me; it does not take a lot to understand that unemployment figures are up and that there is a lot of uncertainty with regards to job security. The thing that stood out the most however, was the trends in entrepreneurial numbers and more specifically the concept of Necessity-Driven Entrepreneurship. To illustrate what I am talking about we can look at the following graph:

While the UK seems to have remained consistent for the number of Necessity-Driven Entrepreneurs, the numbers in Australia and the United States have increased significantly. So why is this? Well to be honest there are simply not enough jobs. And when people cannot work they cannot earn money, and with no money they cannot afford to pay their bills! And they are forced to go out and … start their own Necessity-Driven business!

Necessity Driven Entrepreneurship Between 2008 and 2012, the US economy lost over 12 million jobs, therfore creating a massive surge in Necessity-Driven Entrepreneurs. Assuming we continue at the rate of growth that we had in April and add approximately 120,000 job per month, we will be back to 2008 employment levels by…. The chart doesn’t go that far… 2050 maybe?

The purple line represents how long it will take if we add as many jobs per year as the BEST year in the 2000s (208,000 per month.) So what is Necessity-Driven Entrepreneurship? Necessity-Driven Entrepreneurs are people who are forced to start a business, home based or otherwise out of necessity. They have no choice because they cannot find a job and they have no other means of paying their bills.

Necessity-Driven Opportunity So why am I telling you this, well to blunt I don’t want it to happen to you! I don’t want you to wake up one day thinking everything is great only to lose your job and have your world turned upside down. This is not a sales pitch but a message of caution. In this day and age no one is secure in their jobs and let’s not even get started by the number of people that hate their jobs. Make a decision about your future while you can, like a good sportsman going out at the top on his terms. Don’t become another Necessity-Driven Entrepreneur. FACT: Recessions don’t create millionaires. Entrepreneurs create millions out of recessions! If you want to learn more about how I can help you create the future and lifestyle you want then please contact me and I will show you how. Together we can achieve more,

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