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April/June Issue 2009 Newsletter

Train them...don’t blame them.


The Big ‘


his point of view

“Train for a Gain”


Donʼt let a good RECESSION go to waste.

CORPORATE VIDEOS to TV COMMERCIALS Film Skills have it covered.

Winners are Grinners


The Work Skills Way

Get the Picture Film Skills

Who are Work Skills? Work Skills is a Registered Training Organisation based in Brisbane and we’ve been delivering training and professional development courses to the Corporate and Businesses sectors, to Hospitality and to the Automotive industries since 1993. We deliver from Certificate 1 up to Diploma Courses.

With apprenticeships and traineeships our Industry Managers are continually meeting and are in touch with our Employers to ensure that their needs are met. Our Client Managers (Trainers) visit their Apprentice or Trainee in the work place every four to six weeks, anywhere in Queensland. That's right fully flexible also means we go anywhere, it could be Weipa, Longreach, Emerald, St George or even Charleville.

In addition we also deliver qualifications through Apprenticeships and Traineeships.

Corporate Video Production is not only a great way to communicate with your customers, but also with potential prospects. It's one of the most powerful communication tools presently available and it is a common medium that everyone can understand. Communicating your company's message with video is a convenient and cost effective way for buyers far and near to see what you have to offer. This is an area of business communication which has increased in importance in a massive way since online video exploded over the last few years, particularly with the emergence of social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook and MySpace. It's a technique that is now being used more and more as a tool for communicating a company's message both internally and externally. It has gained ground quickly and has become known in corporate circles all over the world as a very effective tool for both large and small businesses. As we're all very aware, we live in a visual and fast-paced world where people demand instant gratification. One thing that makes this type of communication so attractive is that your productions can be distributed instantly on CD or DVD directly to your target audience. Or even delivered via the internet from your web site, videos can be downloaded from websites, which not only saves money in distribution costs, but provides 24 hour worldwide access.

How do I get in contact with How does Work Skills work & why Work Skills? would I choose them? It’s so easy, you can free call us on 1300 360 567. We operate a fully flexible model which essentially means we deliver face to face training, one on one, or small group training in the workplace. One of the real benefits of our model is the ability to customise the training so that it suits the pace, the level and the individual requirements of the participants.

Greetings All. Feedback from our last Newsletter was very positive and it’s good to hear so many of you found some value in it. This edition of “The Window� gives even better value. Over the last three months it has been great meeting many of you face to face and identifying your needs in the training environment. I look forward to continuing to build these mutually beneficial relationships. What I am noticing with a lot of businesses that I communicate with is the First Impression I get of a business when I make contact. Did you know a First Impression of a Business is created within the first 3-7 seconds of contact? And for a lot of businesses the first contact with customers is on the telephone.

If you go to our website and click on “Example Corporate Video� you will see how a video will work for your business. If you are looking for another professional tool in your marketing arsenal, corporate video productions can help you train and educate customers, corporate clients, or even employees. Your company's culture can be conveyed in memorable and striking fashion. If you would like an obligation free needs analysis on what medium is right for your business call us today on 13000 SKILLS.

You can email us at Or you can visit our website to find out more


We are more than happy to answer any question you might have.


conditions apply

Alfie’s Window of Opportunity “The way your team answer and communicate on the phone can impact on your bottom line profits�. With this in mind we would like to offer your business a half day of Telephone Training at what can only be described as stimulus pricing! Normal Cost $2,500 per course (up to 12 participants). Special offer $1500. Travel may be an additional cost if we come to you. We have training rooms here which we can use to train your team at no additional charge. So call me now on 0413 760 088 or 1300 360 567 or email me for more r information and how to enrol your staff afff in for this great offer. Looking forward to hearing from you! Alfred Slogrove.



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A Brisbane based firm, Drive Recruitment Alliance has positioned itself to fill a gap in the recruitment industry where affordable rates and commitment to service are unheard of. Headed up by a team of industry professionals to focus on the needs of other professionals in South East Queensland, Drive Recruitment is being recognised for its integrity and commitment to tailor solutions to clients needs. With the state of the local and national economy in question, Drive Recruitment is helping businesses by ensuring clients receive the right professionals without the need to pay exorbitant placement fees. Partnering with Work Skills, Drive Recruitment can now offer more solutions for both candidates and Contact a Recruitment Specialist on 3162 4492 clients. According to the team at Drive Recruitment All enquiries being able to tailor recruitment needs with training is a great way to add value to both the needs of businesses and those looking for career opportunities. Director and colleague Guntur Reid says, “We all know “Winning teams create that an employee with a good can-do attitude and winning business!!!” little experience will always perform better than an employee with even an average attitude and lots of experience. The reality is that a lot of businesses prefer experience. Work Skills allows us to provide a possibly great candidate with the training they need to meet a clients needs.”

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Don’t Let a Good Recession Go to Waste Business Owners/Managers now is the time to examine the processes and systems in your business. Now is the time to hone and sharpen the skills of your staff. You see, if you’re in business you have existing customers. Some of them you see regularly, some of them not so often and in some businesses you may see your customers once only, if ever. So without spending anymore dollars here are two ways you can improve bottom line profits without spending a cent.

1. Find Ways to Influence Your Existing Customers One sure way is to ask them. to spend more (Up-Sell). Hand out your business cards, or small leaflets about your i) Review what products and services you sell that you could be recommending together (or up sell the customer and have them buy both). ii) Spend some time with your staff and together identify what questions you should be asking the customers to create up-selling opportunities. iii) Practice those questions with the customers for one week and make note whether they influenced the customers to buy. If not, go back to point A) and work through points A) and B) again for another week. The secret is to monitor the results and check if it is working.

2. Find A Way To Get More Referrals To Your Business.

business and ask your existing customers do they know of anyone (or any business) who’d be interested in your products and services. Tell them that at the moment you are choosing to grow your business in these challenging times and if possible you would like their help. Tell them if they hand your card or leaflet out to someone, ensure that person tells you where/who the referral is from. But why would an existing customer tell others? What’s in it for them? Pause and think about this for a moment, how could you thank your loyal customers when they refer you to a new customer?

A proven way to get more customers coming in to your business without spending more dollars is to grow your customer referrals. But the question is how do we influence the existing customers to tell others about your business?

-Maybe a discount next time they come in. - Maybe a service that doesn’t cost you a lot of money or time but would mean a lot to the customer. - Perhaps some small gift from either your product line or even just a box of chocolates can do the trick.

What can you come up with?

Building Skills and Businesses


Employ ploy an Australian Apprentice or Trainee

How BUSY w will help you …

BUSYY At Work W hhas 14 offices across Queensland to assist you and your business with all your Apprenticeships and Traineeship needs. Provid you with quality assistance throughout the Australian Apprenticeship or Traineeship. Providing Helping you choose the right training packages and qualifications. He Independent recruitment and training options. Visiting you at your workplace to signup your Australian Apprentices and Trainees. Assisting you with completing your paperwork. Assessing, paying and reporting on your incentives. Address: 5 Grevillea Place, Brisbane Airport QLD 4007 Phone: (07) 3000 9400 Postal: PO Box 2339 ASCOT QLD 4007 Office email:

BUSY AT WORK supports Registered Training Organisations (RTO) such as Work Skills. As an Australian Apprenticeship Centre (AAC), contracted to the Australian Government, we promote employment opportunities through Australian Apprenticeships and administer financial incentives to support companies to train their staff. Incentives are paid to support Australian employees to gain national qualifications. This universal support, employer/employee, will help our workforce address the challenges as we emerge out of the current economic situation. There is financial support for employers for new workers as well as existing workers. Our services are at no cost to business and one of our biggest challenges is ensuring all employers, employees and jobseekers are fully conversant with any financial assistance that is available. Our experienced team of Industry Training Consultants across our 14 Queensland offices is more than happy to explain how employers and employees can access these generous funding arrangements. Whilst BUSY At Work is a proud Queensland not for profit community organisation of 30 years plus; we have an Australian Alliance partnership of over 70 sites nationally who can also support business in exactly the same manner.


Please visit Or Call 13 BUSY (13 28 79)

STUDENT OF THE QUARTER Joshua Gordon is an apprentice in the hospitality industry currently completing his Commercial Cookery qualification. He is working at The Reserve Restaurant Cellar Maleny. Joshua has been recognised for his dedication to his training, passion of food , cooking and the love he has for his chosen career.

Joshua Gordon

19” Rack Mount Enclosures and Electrical Switchboards Who?

CT Enclosures has been manufacturing for over 25 years. The company operates out of two manufacturing facilities (approximately 3500 sq meters) at Loganholme, located between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The company developed its business manufacturing Custom electrical Enclosures and in recent years has developed a range of Standard Data and Electrical Enclosures. Our diverse manufacturing ability and fully equipped workshops allow us to provide prototyping services, small quantity manufacture and large volume runs. The skill base acquired in manufacturing custom and standard products, in a range of different metals and different environmental ratings put CT in a distinctive position to offer a comprehensive solution to your enclosure needs. CT Enclosures manufactures a complete range of 19" and 23" Computer and Data cabinets that meet the E.I.A. 19" specifications. Our products are recognised for their innovative design features and production quality The "Orion" racks have been designed from the ground up to make life easy for computer engineers and data cabling contractors. Our design enables simple onsite assembly and options for cost effective shipping both nationally and overseas. A full range of models from 19" to 23" wide, 600mm to 1200mm deep, and 6RU to 45RU means CT Computer and Data Racks will meet the requirements of most clients. To complement our product range we have hinged wall mount cabinets and a comprehensive range of options. We also have available a full range of both B Class and C Class racks available these are S.C.E.C Endorsed racks. Your Contact:

CT Enclosures continues to be one of the leading Custom Switchboard Manufacturers in Queensland and is looking forward to meeting new clients to not only assist in Bruce Forsyth your requirements and design’s but also to grow together as partners. Mobile: 0400 015 594 e: Cecelia Van Vliet Tel: (07) 3801 4056 e:

CT Enclosure’s Website:

Question 1: Why did you choose this apprenticeship?

Answer: I believed I have always been good at cooking, it makes me happy and it doesn’t feel like work at all. I am happiest when I see customers enjoying themselves with a meal that I have either prepared or help prepare and cook. I really enjoy preparing and cooking for special occasions. This is an industry where you can put your skills on display and really show people what you are made of. I find people in the hospitality industry to be very interesting and fun to hang out with even when I’m not at work. The most important things I have learnt are to have respect for food and the never-ending need for acquiring knowledge. I have also learnt discipline. To be focused on achieving my goals both professionally and personally.


Stylers Body Works says that by hiring apprentices we are in fact fostering the industry for the continuation of skills that are being passed on by qualified tradesman to the apprentices for the future of the industry. We prefer the face to face method of training our apprentices. This is done in the workplace. It allows us to keep the continuity between what is being taught on the workshop floor and the underpinning of knowledge. The training is always relevant so whatever theory is being taught it is able to be related immediately back to the workshop tasks, so the apprentice has the opportunity to practice the skills they have learnt immediately and have a better ability for the retention of the skill. Stylers has recently for the first time hired a business trainee for our office. We believe she had a Question 1: In your lot of potential, and opinion, what are some thought she deserved of the advantages of recognition of her hiring apprentices or potential. The traineeship she is trainees? completing allows her to learn and implement new skills which make for a more effective office. Also we believe that giving staff the ability to gain formal qualifications shows we are investing in them and their future here with us at Stylers.

Stylers Body Works

right Angelo & Loris Puglia

From the Employer Point of View There is a huge advantage in addressing education and training of your staff in challenging economic times. Some of the benefits are: • It demonstrates to staff that you see their value and are willing to invest in their career development. FROM THE DESK OF • It develops the skills of your staff to make them more effective and efficient members of your team. • It is a way of offering staff some benefits to their job role other than increasing their salary • The qualifications your staff enrol in may be supported JOHN WOODWARD with some government funding. • Enrolling a staff member in a course reduce staff “TRAIN FOR A GAIN” should be on every employer’s and turnover. employee’s agenda for the rest of the coming year. I believe Enrolling in a qualification can be very beneficial, both that to be proactive when faced with possible economic financially and personally, to both parties as you can gain pressure is far more productive than reactive management. knowledge, skills, a qualification and a sense of From the following two points of view, see why I think now it accomplishment. In some cases the qualification undertaken is essential to address education and learning. falls into one of the State Governments Skilled Shortage priority groups and if a training contract is entered into by both parties From the Employees Point of View the cost of training provided by the RTO may be subsidised by One of the best ways for an employee to ensure their own job the Department of Education Training and the Arts (DETA) security is to focus on their own employability. As an under the User Choice initiative. Contact an Australian employee you won’t have power over what steps an Apprenticeship Centre (AAC) or Work Skills for more information employer may take to deal with their own financial positions about the qualification you wish to undertake. For the employer but you can take it upon yourself to ensure you remain a this is a real win as they don’t have to pay for the formal training. sought after employee. One of the best ways to do this is to As well the employer may be entitled to receive Commonwealth keep your skills and industry knowledge up to date so you are incentives of up to $4,000.00 for simply choosing to enter into able to predict, as well as meet future needs relative to your training and up skilling their workforce. position. So right now the clever people are planning to brush up their skills and are doing research to keep themselves Suggested process for your skilling or up skilling current in their chosen fields. What this will do for them is give 1. Compile a list of all the skills you have. Identify hard them an edge if their employer needs to downsize their skills, such as trade skills or formal training. Identify operation. They will be better placed to keep their position, or your soft skills, such as your people skills (ie in the unfortunate event they are let go they will be better communication, leadership, negotiation skills) positioned to find another job quickly. 2. Determine what type of work or what goal you would like to achieve. The best way you can do this is by gaining formal 3. Research what skills you would need to achieve your qualifications or certifications, particularly in the area where career goal. the competition is likely to be more qualified than you. One 4. Pinpoint your skills shortages, by comparing the skills way you can achieve this is to enrol in a recognised you have against the skills you need. qualification with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) 5. Then give us a call. We can do a needs analysis. and attend after hour classes or another way would be to discuss with your current employer about entering into a We can direct you into funding opportunities and the steps you Nationally Recognised Apprenticeship or Traineeship. need to take. We can suggest what is the best qualification for you or your team. For more answers and solutions phone 1300 360 567 or email me at



Suite 4/5 Level One 3970 Pacific Highway, Loganholme Queensland 4129

P. F. E.

1300 360 567 3209 9793

Check us out at


Winners are Grinners CORPORATE VIDEOS to TV COMMERCIALS Film Skills have it covered. Donʼt let a good RECESSION go to waste. EMPLOYER OF THE...

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