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April / June Issue 2011 Newsletter

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Targeting Your Specific Business Needs By: Amanda MacLaren

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The work skills way Who is work skills? work skills is a Registered Training Organisation based in Brisbane. We’ve been delivering training and professional development courses to the Corporate and Business sectors as well as Certificate I through to Diploma qualifications, in Business, Hospitality and the Automotive industry since 1993.

How does work skills work & why would I choose them?

With Apprenticeships and Traineeships our Industry Managers are continually meeting and are in touch with our Employers to ensure that their needs are met. Our Client Managers (Trainers) visit their Apprentice or Trainee in the work place every four to six weeks, just about anywhere in Queensland. That’s right! Fully flexible! We go anywhere! It could be Weipa, Longreach, Emerald, St George or even Charleville.

We operate a fully flexible model which essentially means we deliver face to face training, one on one or small group training in the workplace.

How do I get in contact with work skills?

One of the real benefits of our model is the ability to customise training so that it suits the pace, the level and the individual requirements of the participants.

You can email us at or you can visit our website to find out more

You can free call us on 1300 360 567

Andrew Morello Talking work skills w o r k sk i l l s i s ve r y excite d a b ou t Andrew Mo rello b e i n g t h e ne w fa ce of w ork skil ls . We a s a g ro u p p o n d ere d for q u ite s ome t im e cho o si ng wh o wou ld b e s t re pre s e n t the cult ure a n d i n s p i ratio n th a t is th is b u s iness. In t he e n d i t wa s re a lly no con test as Mo rello re a l ly d i d s ta n d o u t a s a na tu ral.

Havi n g s h o t to re co g n itio n a s th e f re s h fac ed “Youn g E xe c ” f ro m s u b u rb a n Me lb o u rne on th e hi t T V s h ow “T h e App re ntice ”, Morello (a s he pre fe rs to b e kn own ) d is p layed t he a tt ri b ute s t h a t ma ke s h im o ne of Au s tralia’s mo s t re c o g n i s e d a n d d e ma n d e d public spe aker s .

We s p en t s o me t ime with h im s h oot ing a

new TVC for work s k ills and it wa s e a sy to understand why he has bec om e wha t he ha s . He told us about his life grow ing up in Melbourne, about working 7 days a we e k after sc hool and on weekends in his D a d ’s pet rol stat ion. How he didn’t know k id s ha d holidays! He just t hought it wa s wha t a l l kids did.

He is a driven individual. He has s pe nt mo s t of his t im e sinc e The Apprent ic e wo rk ing t hat “7 day a week lifestyle” he l ping to establish and suc c essfully grow the M a rk Bouris founded Y BR business. work s k ills thinks he is a perfec t �it , a f te r a l l He is “The Apprentic e!”

improves our business customer feedback

One the most effective ways for a business to identify areas they need to improve is to ask their customers. In Oct /Nov/Dec 2010 and throughout the year Work Skills proactively invited feedback from customers and received results from approximately 500 businesses and 800 students. Thank you to all of you. The Voice of the Customer has told us:

That in the majority of circumstances the customers really enjoy workplace training delivered by Work Skills. They love the fact that their staff member doesn’t have to leave their workplace to get their apprenticeship or traineeship completed. There was also a lot of positive feedback on how the training is customised to the business, so its very practical, hands on training which supports the routines of the business. They love our Trainers who are knowledgeable and current with the training they deliver and the advice they give to businesses.

Feedback has also identi�ied that a lot of businesses would like even more input on the training that is being delivered. They would like greater communication and more feedback on how their staff member is progressing.

This feedback is very useful and has resulted in a change to the way Work Skills does business when in our customers’ workplace. As of March 2011, all Work Skills Trainers (Client Managers) will be introducing a process called “CHECKPOINT” Meetings. This is when the Student, the Supervisor and the Trainer will meet and go through an

agenda which helps all parties to communicate progress, results, feedback. The 3 parties will work as a team to deliver the best training possible for the student and for the business. Work Skills have designed a symbol that recognises the importance of these Checkpoint Meetings which will occur several times throughout the students training. The Checkpoint Symbol is represented by the perpetual triangle. Thanks to our customer’s feedback – our business is now even better.


Managing time efficiently Dealing with conflict situations Managing change in your job role Sales training – “persuading customers to pay more” Sales/ service/ profits training Negotiation skills Servicing customers over the phone Planning and managing meeting Understanding how to communicate in business The process of effective decision making And many more... Training that is customised to your business and your staff needs. These programs can be delivered as half day, full day or be a part of your next conference.

Hello, I’m Amanda MacLaren, and in my

certain parts from our “Negotiation Skills”

position as Corporate Business Manager with


work skills, my role is to work with customers


and design training that specifically targets

programs blended into one, which is a great

the outcomes and changes they want to

combination that can be effectively delivered


over the course of a day.






and Three

Amanda says, “The Motto of work skills is

Needs Analysis, then select one of my

Train them… Don’t Blame them! This is a motto I truly believe in.

Trainers that best match your business and


draft a program for your approval. It is

businesses and investing in developing

very exciting to see change happening

your team will empower people and provide

when the training delivered is specifically

them with skills and knowledge to better do

designed for a business”.

their jobs; which in turn will improve

“I work with you to complete a Training







business results”. Here at work skills Amanda is able to customise the training by combining elements from different courses to best meet your specific training needs.












Training Course

on… next with

work skills and develop


your team to their fullest


potential. I look forward


to working with you”.


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STUDENT / EMPLOYER OF T H E Q UA R T E R St udent This quarter we would like to highlight an apprentice Dale Allemand who works at Revolution Automotive and LPG Caloundra. Dale has already completed Certificate II, and now doing Certificate III Automotive and Mechanical. When asked the question why did you choose this apprenticeship and what have been the highlights for you so far? Dale answered confidently, “I chose this apprenticeship because I have been around the industry all my life. My father is a mechanic and has owned several workshops, so you could say it’s in my blood. I just love the work and have a real passion for cars. I am very grateful I work in an excellent environment and my bosses are great to work with. The best part of my apprenticeship is the way it is delivered. Laurie my Trainer is a really good teacher and this fits in well with my practical skills and on the job training”.

Dale Allemand Question: Why did you choose this apprenticeship and what have been some of the highlights for you so far?

In relation to Dale’s capabilities Work Skills Trainer Laurie Buxton has commented that Dale has excellent skills and knowledge at his level in the apprenticeship, fantastic work ethics, very attentive to theory and very perceptive during training . Dale’s employer Stefan has very high regards to Dale’s work ethics. Dale’s always on time, works very hard, and as quoted “The Real Deal”.

E mpl oyer Mathew Goodall, the manager from Stephen Goodall Specialist Spray Painter at the Gold Coast has used Work Skills for a number of years. He has had 4 apprentices trained through Work Skills, with 3 now qualified tradesman still working for him. Mathew himself also completed his qualification through Work Skills.

Matthew Goodall

Of Stephen Goodall Specialist Spray Painter

Question: In your opinion, what has been the impact of training apprentices for your business?

“The greatest benefit of having apprentices in the workplace is being able to keep your apprentices on site and monitor them during their training. Flexible one on one training means the apprentices build strong relationships with their tradesman. Work Skills really fits in well with a small business with less than 10 staff. This enables the apprentice to get the full benefit of flexible training by working in all the separate areas that make up our business: Spray Painting, Motor Body Trimming, Panel Beating and Detailing. ”

Mathew said, “The support that Work Skills deliver is consistent with all our apprentices and with Bradley (Client Manager) the training is always on track and thorough. ”


Apprenticeships, the Big Picture...

By: Peter Groucott Resource Development Manager

Today, the importance of apprenticeships is again being recognised, as an increasing number of people are faced with a choice between starting an apprenticeship or looking for conventional employment. One thing for sure is your apprenticeship has unique advantages for cementing your career. 4 reasons why an Apprenticeship is a winning

ask questions, especially at the beginning of their apprenticeship. Asking questions can feel like you are disturbing others but it also gives the impression that you want to really learn. So don’t be afraid to ask, because it can only help you to develop your skills. 3. If your probation time is almost finished don’t lay back and think you’ve crossed the finish line already. Make sure you stay focused and motivated during your whole apprenticeship. 4. Keep on developing. It is important to keep your work ethics up as an apprentice. Time flies when you are busy and it will pay off at the end.

pathway to start your career: 1). Future Prospects: Indeed, improvements to your career prospects are amongst the most attractive benefits of an apprenticeship. Today’s world is about making sure you keep yourself “marketable” and having a qualification completed through an apprenticeship tells future employers you made a solid commitment to your career and achieved your qualification. 2). Transferable Skills: Apprentices will also learn important transferable skills that will be of use even if you choose to change career or industries at a later date. Apprenticeships are designed to produce well rounded employees. Multi skilled – not people fit for a single task. 3). Apprentices advance faster in their fields: Apprentices who become journey-level workers usually advance more rapidly than other workers. Higher-paying jobs often come more quickly. Some apprentices move into supervisory positions within just a few years. 4). Apprenticeship Training is documented: Once your apprenticeship is completed, you'll become qualified in your chosen trade. You'll receive a qualification valid anywhere in Australia that identifies you as a qualified professional in your field. Motivational Tips: Sometimes work is hard and you need to invest a lot but in the end it will pay off. Here are some tips for your apprenticeship to leave a good impression and that will keep you motivated:

5. Go and get a hard cover notebook where you write down everything you have ever learnt. This book will be your partner and most important asset for your future career. Take care of it! 6. Read one published trade magazine every month, you will not only keep up with the trends, but become very aware of the industry market. 7. Expose Yourself to More Work! When you have finished your designated task, go and support your supervisor or team leader this will help you gain the experience necessary to move up to new challenges. 8. Keep Your Stress Levels in Check: Stress is personal and different for every person. The only one who is able to really manage and relieve your stress is you. Identify what sort of things stress you and think about ways you can address your stress triggers so that you can control them. Things like breathing deeply, counting to ten before saying something, or just taking some time to sort out whatever it is that’s going on in your head; all these methods can be a big help. 9. Enjoy your learning. Apprenticeships are the start of a career and the idea is to give you the learning, the support and the environment to develop your future. The Australian government see you as the future for our country and so invest many many dollars in ensuring you have every chance for success. 10. Be Positive: listen and learn, follow basic instructions and don’t expect too much at once.

1. All in a day’s work, stay in a little longer, this shows that you are flexible and willing to do what it takes to finish your work.

Enjoy your journey.

2. Ask questions when things are unclear. Many people are afraid to

Peter Groucott Resource Development Manager

Suite 4/5 & 6 Level One 3970 Pacific Highway, Loganholme Queensland 4129 p. 1300 360 567 f. 18 000 SKILLS (754 557) e. Check us out at

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