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Good Morning Desk Haters. Tuesday is upon us and many of you may already be looking at your laptops and trying to convince yourself not to use them as frisbees. Stress will do strange things to the the evil S word creatively so that you don’t end up on the naughty step or in written warning land. Violent stapling, serial printer paper scrunching and running laps in the bathroom usually helps. If you can’t manage to get away from your desk though, perhaps checking out our Okes Aren’t Working tab will help you laugh your way to enlightenment. Or, check out what’s up for grabs this week.

TUE . 6 . NOV

Last week we asked you guys to share the weird and wonderful shit that you may have come across online. We laughed ourselves square when Fred AKA @TheCynicalGrinch sent us a link to a Japanese movie trailer called “Zombie Ass”. A pair of Lundun sunnies are on the way to his face.

Getting your hands on a case of Versus Goliath last week was simple as. All you had to do was tag yourself and a childish friend in our “That’s What She Said” photo on FB and a case of that amber nectar could have been yours. Our winner, Kathleen Booyse walked away with the prize and a smile for days.

It’s that time again Desk Haters, Plush Boutique carwash has once again blessed us with a R320 voucher for a full valet. So, if your chariot is crusty then this one’s for you.

This week we run our Mitchell’s Monthly Moment of Madness comp where we give away 8lt of free beer - def a good way to kick off the weekend yo. Boom.

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