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filtering la research studio prof mark mack duration: 3 quarters location: la river_estuaries [in association with adam levine]

the intention of this studio was to develop the use of biologics in architecture. we began by researching physical applications of living bodies in architecture. this included trees as physical structure, grafting tree limbs, introducing bacteria to enhance sand, using fungi as an insulative element and other methods of embracing biologics as functional architectural material.

Zachary R. Chance 1322 Electric Ave A1. Venice, CA 850.830.1597

Education University of California, Los Angeles

Graduated: June 2011

Masters of Architecture (M ARCH I)

Studios with : Jeffrey Inaba, Craig Hodgetts, Roger Sherman, Mark Mack, Kevin Daly, Georgina Huljich, Ben Refuerzo

Featured Work: Currents: Best of Winter 2011, Currents: RUMBLE Best of 2011 Awards: Best of Rumble Research Thesis 2011, Project featured in Little Tokyo Design Week Exhibition July 2011

University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Graduated: May 2008

Vicenza Institute of Architecture


Tianjin University


Bachelor of Design Other Concentration: Urban Planning

Vicenza, Italy Studied: Architecture, Architectural Theory, Italian Language Tianjin, China Studied: Architecture, Urban Planning

Work Experience 2011 - Present

Johnson Favaro Designer

Day to day responsibilities include 3D modeling, rendering, model making, drafting, CD coordination, urban planning and documentation with various local government agencies.

Hodgett + Fung



Main responsibilities included designing and fabricating Casa Pulpa for the 2010 Venice Biennale. Other daily task required design development, 3D modeling, rendering, and graphics for various museums, libraries, and city submission presentations.

Dougherty + Chavez



Designed, developed and documented residential homes, condominiums, and marinas.



Rescue Swimmer

Worked as a lifeguard and deck hand on a snorkel boat in Destin, FL. Basically the best summer job one could ask for.

Research Sustaining Chipley: In depth study of future land planning and housing in marginalized railroad communities. Guided by Martin Gold, Chair: University of Florida 2008

Venezia: Practicing Restraint: Recatagorizing an archaic city for the future with concentrations in housing, changing environments, and historical context. Guided by Prof. James Robinson, University of Florida, 2007

Filter LA: Thesis study of the contaminants and effects of the Los Angeles River. A biological approach utilizing mycelium pods as urban parks while restitching severed neighborhoods. Guided by Prof. Mark Mack, UCLA, 2010-2011

Proficient in: Rhino AutoCad 3D Max Form Z

Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign Vray

Experienced in: Plastic forming 3 axis milling 3D printing

Laser cutting Fiber glassing Casting


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