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CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY WORKPOINT SOLUTIONS: Project management HR management Document management Email management Contact management Task management Express

Case: G. Tscherning A/S

to collate every case and document in the company G. Tscherning A/S is deploying a single, efficient IT system throughout the organisation for case and document management.

A solution providing an overview of

Right from the onset, G. Tscherning had

essential to us that the system was so

everything – from management of all

settled on SharePoint. The decision to

logical to use that we were able to use

construction tasks, contacts, employee

use WorkPoint to make the SharePoint

it with little instruction. The WorkPoint

competencies, and resources, to

foundation easy and simple was no

solution excelled in this regard - it differed

measuring of progress on all projects

coincidence either:

markedly from what else we had seen,”

and an in-house knowledge directory.

says CFO Niels Bredal, who has been active

That was the requirements from G.

”WorkPoint was exactly what we were

throughout the purchase, development,

Tscherning A/S, when the construction

looking for. We needed a single, organised

and implementation processes.

company went searching for a new IT

system for our project and document

system. A system able to collate every

management. The perfect tool, integrating

Great savings

case and document in the company and

with all systems, and with an uncluttered

By optimising the processes, G.

replace four obsolete systems.

and easily accessible layout. It was

Tscherning A/S expects to save a total

Case: G. Tscherning A/S

G. TSCHERNING NEEDED A TOOL: of 20 percent on costs. Adding to that

  Providing quick oversight and ma-

is a vast array of systemised templates

nagement of projects, agreements,

and procedures.

customers, suppliers etc.

“We write more than 1,000 offers a year, and if we are able to save a mere five minutes per letter by way of simple mail-merging, this will add up to quite

For documentating quality assurance, and ensure safety and work-environment on all projects.

To measure and document the pro-

substantial savings,“ Niels Bredal says,

gress of projects, making it possible to

and adds:

analyse on-going and past projects.

“Until now, it has been a particularly major challenge for new employees to navigate our current systems. We are confident this will become much easier.”

To provide an overview of the employee skills and the resources of the organisation at any given time.

Which could easily run the Tscherning

The entire organisation has been

Academy – a three-year training pro-

looking forward to putting the

gramme, specifically designed to cater

WorkPoint solution to use:

to the individual employee.

“We have great expectations. With these first steps, we are only able to see the tip of the iceberg. This is going to be huge. Right from the outset, I have

To build a knowledge-directory with manuals, instructions, photos etc., everyone in the company could tap into electronically.

been informing every project manager about the system, and we all have great expectations. Now we are just waiting to get the ball rolling,” Niels Bredal concludes.


Case: G. Tscherning A/S

�We have great expectations. With these first steps, we are only able to see the tip of the iceberg. This is going to be huge� Niels Bredahl, CFO, G. Tscherning A/S

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