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Islandic Spektra shares how to build a project management solution on Office 365

Case: Spektra


opens up a whole new world of opportunity


Office 365 and then what? A great deal of companies utilise Office 365 on its own to use their Office license in the cloud. Icelandic Spektra shares their experience of how Office 365 opens up a whole new world of opportunity – not least building a business-critical solution for project management

What is the value of Office 365?

Office 365 completely integrates with

works. You do not have to worry about

“The value of having Office 365 is that

everything that we are doing and using.”

hosting, the cost of hosting (price is set

it is easy to implement and you can get

per user per month), or have to worry

up and running in a matter of minutes.

What is the biggest advantage

Office 365 is updated much faster. You

of Office 365?

receive new features and updates every

“Microsoft is bringing us new

Why is there a growing interest

2-3 months. Microsoft updates the the

developments much faster, and much

for Office 365?

version with new features, so a lot of

quicker than ever before. We do not have

“The interest for Office 365 and for

new development is happening – faster

to worry about downtime on the server-

building atop of it is growing very fast

than an on-premise solution. That is

side, server updates or anything like that.

at the moment. A lot of companies are

a great bonus. The other fact is that

Everything is basically up and running and

moving to Office 365 because it is so nice

WorkPoint 365: Navigate safely in the cloud WorkPoint 365 is a business-strategic Cloud solution for project, case and contacts management, taking full advantage of SharePoint Online, integrating with Office 365. Focus on the work to be done without having to divide the attention with the operation, maintenance, and installation of updates.

that your systems are going down.”

Case: Spektra

and easy to get the Office-suite (Word, Excel, and everything) in the Cloud. But it


is not only nice to have, getting SharePoint Online with Office 365 is opening up a whole new world of opportunity, a lot of new ways and solutions to build businesscritical solutions on. A lot of smaller and medium size companies are also using Office 365, and they are now realising that they have a great tool in SharePoint Online for project, case and document management. For just a few years ago, it was too expensive for them if they had to build an on premise solution for project management. Now the cloud solves their problems.” How do you build project or case management into Office 365? A standard solutions like WorkPoint 365 is adding much value to Office 365. WorkPoint 365 fills some of the gaps that SharePoint Online has out of the box. It delivers a complete solution to the task of managing projects, cases and tender processes. As CEO, I have a much, much better overview with WorkPoint 365 as a project management tool of everything that is going on concerning each project at Spektra. I do not have to be updated about statuses of projects by the employees themselves. I can see the time registration, the costs, and the total status. I know if one part are getting close to be done, or it exceeds any parameters, so it has really given me a nice overview. Another advantage is how easily WorkPoint 365 is adapted to fit the individual needs of a company.”

“The big question at the moment is if you are o.k. with hosting your data somewhere other than in your own environment. If you are fine with that, the Cloud is definitely a good solution. If you want to be able to touch the servers that you have data on to know where they actually are, in what room, or were they are placed, you might have a false sense of security in a world where everything is going extremely fast, and were updates are coming within weeks rather than years. I think everything is moving into the Cloud – it is just a matter of time.”

Case: Spektra

“The value of having Office 365 is that it is easy to implement and you can get up and running in a matter of minutes.” Þór Haraldsson, CEO, Spektra, Iceland

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