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Case: KMD

” is exactly what we needed to bridge the gap between Outlook and SharePoint” The lack of integration between SharePoint and Outlook was the reason KMD chose WorkPoint Express. “It’s exactly what we needed,” says Flemming Løvgreen, head of Internal IT-portal, KMD. Outlook with WorkPoint Express is now an important tool for KMD, currently being rolled out to 3,200 employees

”There is no question that WorkPoint

individual task, and the result is greater

throughout the organisation, only

Express will result in a great deal of time

job satisfaction,” says Flemming Løvgreen,

to discover a problem in need of a

savings per employee over the course of

head of Internal IT-portal, KMD.


do, the tasks are completed immediately

KMD is currently implementing

“We were suddenly in a situation

and archived properly. Our employees

WorkPoint Express, which will be rolled

where it was impossible to archive

save time on the process and time on the

out to 3,200 employees. The first

the contents and attachments of our

employees have already begun using

e-mails. SharePoint communicates well

the simple add-on, and in a short span

with the Office suite, but the integration

of time, Outlook with WorkPoint Express

with Outlook is non-existent. It was

has become an everyday tool.

quite simply a surprise to us.”

”Right from the outset, our employees

WorkPoint Express is logical

have felt right at home in WorkPoint

and intuitive

Express. The satisfaction is extremely

KMD immediately tried various options

high; no-one needs to go on a course.

– right from free software to advanced

Incredible few questions have emerged

and costly solutions. ”Some products are

because we have given them something

very advanced and heavy. Others have

that looks like what they’re used to,”

a lot of ‘smart’ features, whose purpose

says Flemming Løvgreen, adding

is not always clear. And then there are

“that the employees who have not yet

products which do not meet our needs.

received WorkPoint Express has begun

At one point we almost coincidentally

asking for when it will happen.”

stumbled upon WorkPoint Express. It

the year. For when something is easy to

About KMD KMD is among the largest IT and software companies in Denmark. The majority of their business revolves around software development, creating and delivering IT solutions for the Danish local government, central government, regions and private markets. Read more about KMD: www.kmd.dk

matches our needs perfectly – neither SharePoint

more, nor less. It is logical and intuitive.

– Not particularly user friendly The need for WorkPoint Express arose

The interface of WorkPoint Express is

when KMD rolled out SharePoint

Outlook, which the employees know, and

Case: KMD


it has full integration with SharePoint.

becomes more efficient. In that sense,

It is exactly what we needed; a tool to

it is very much a productivity gain for

manage e-mails.”


Not only is the new add-on easy to use,

Is WorkPoint Express future proof in

the implementation was also easy and

your opinion?

painless: ”Absolutely. This product is here to stay. “It has been a good experience.

There is no need to change that in the

WorkPoint Express has worked right

many years to come. WorkPoint Express

from the start. During the process we

perfectly bridges the gap between

were met with great accommodation,

SharePoint and Outlook,” Flemming

understanding and commitment to the

Løvgreen concludes.

needs and wants we had.” Work within Outlook To many employees, Outlook is the primary tool. They don’t need to access SharePoint. WorkPoint Express makes it possible to move documents, create new ones, and delete and maintain them in SharePoint – all from within Outlook. “The ability to add metadata on documents, check in and out etc. without going into SharePoint afterwards saves a lot of time, because the workflow

Case: KMD

””Right from the outset, our employees have felt right at home in WorkPoint Express. The satisfaction is extremely high; no-one needs to go on a course. Flemming Løvgreen, head of Internal IT-portal, KMD

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