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“WorkPoint is a great strategic fit for our customers. WorkPoint fills some of the gaps that SharePoint has out of the box. It delivers a complete solution to the task of managing projects, cases and tender processes.” Partner in Iceland Thor Haraldsson, Spektra

Our passion is sharing knowledge intelligently

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Join our journey Why sell WorkPoint Our partner promise What is WorkPoint Onboarding of our partners Kickstart sales Benefit from your customer life cycle WorkPoint sales guide

Join our journey – 03

our journey Drowning in information – while crawing for knowledge We have had our slogan for more than 20 years, and it is still the thing defining who we are. VestConsult, the firm behind the development of WorkPoint, has a declared goal of being among the leading companies in Denmark for development and implementation of IT solutions for efficient knowledge-sharing and quality assurance of work processes, ensuring overview and management of soft data such as emails, documents, notes, stakeholders etc. We deliver business-solutions on Microsoft’s SharePoint and Office 365, and as a Scandinavian software house, our knowledge has to create value for

our customers. Our passion is to create knowledge-sharing systems which are easier to use than not. WorkPoint is recognised as one of the 20 most promising SharePoint distributors of 2015 by the American magazine CIO Review. In addition, WorkPoint received the ISV Partner of the Year Award at Microsoft Partner Award, Denmark, 2015. We are continuously on a journey of development, and we welcome partners and distributors in Denmark and abroad on our journey. A journey which can create value for you as a partner and for your customers.

Our vision  to

create a workplace for people with initiative, enthusiasm, and energy to be at the forefront

to create longstanding relations to companies, built on trust, and to contain a high level of competencies – including both collaboration partners and customers

to create tools and tasks aimed at the future to contribute to the surrounding society’s expansion of the information society Founded 1995 by the Jørgensen family

04 – Why sell WorkPoint

WorkPoint is now available for download at the Microsoft store. To do so the customer has to choose a partner from our partnerlist.

sell WorkPoint Exploit the potential and strengthen your competencies Your customers demands value on their Office 365 solutions, or they seek to take full advantage of SharePoint – without development or coding. You want a closer relationship with your customer, increased utilisation and solution-adoption. At WorkPoint, we have set up 8 parameters we believe are crucial to safely and quickly reach the goal of building a new successful business-foundation on Office 365 and SharePoint

Great demand in the market The market of cloud-solutions – not least Office 365 – is seeing explosive growth. Microsoft also has a great focus on the development of SharePoint Online. An explosive growth in critical data and more dynamic work approaches challenge knowledge-intensive businesses. As a consequence, there is increasing demands to get a handle on soft data, tasks, workflows, and knowledge-sharing. WorkPoint supports this exact need in the market with targeted business-apps on SharePoint Online in Office 365 as well as SharePoint On-prem. 1.

 2. A product building atop a recognised standard following best practice WorkPoint is an out-of-the-box solution, taking minimal adaptation. In other words, you are able to quickly and easily transform the building blocks of Office 365 and SharePoint into targeted business-solutions, creating value for the customer from day one with minimal adaptation.

Expand your current business and competencies If you are already selling Office 365 licenses, or are immersed in the SharePoint market and wish to create an optimal foundation for additional sales, then WorkPoint 365 allows you to take advantage of your current position to create further value for your existing and new customers with WorkPoint business-solutions ontop Office 365 and SharePoint. Strong SharePoint competencies are not a prerequisite with WorkPoint, as WorkPoint does not require development or coding, and can easily be configured in SharePoint Online. WorkPoint has produced a training programme with sales courses and configuration training, allowing you to be up and running within four weeks. 3.

The purchase process needs to be easy WorkPoint supports you as a partner in the purchase process. We will gladly participate in customer meetings as a 4.

manufacturer and support and protect your interests in the sales process. WorkPoint has a lucrative partner programme with transparent pricing and rebate structure. This means that all partners have the same prices and opportunities for rebates.  inancially attractive and F offering good income-potential With WorkPoint, you have rich opportunities to create a long-term customer relationship with additional sales, continuous advisory functions, offer training, achieve service-agreements, as well as expand your consultancy business. WorkPoint offers attractive distributor rebates, as well as particular favourable terms during start-up, where the need is the greatest. You will be properly dressed by sales and marketing, and will be guided all the way through installation, implementation, and configuration. 5.

Why sell WorkPoint – 05

“An explosive growth in critical data and more dynamic work approaches challenge knowledge-intensive businesses.”

 inimal investment of time M and money WorkPoint has created a complete business-concept with the goal of getting your WorkPoint business up and running as quickly as possible and create a sustainable foundation for the future. Our goal is to kick start your WorkPoint business within four weeks. We will help you getting started with sales and marketing, as well as training for installation, implementation, and configuration. We will supply materials and knowledge. 6.

Good opportunities for business growth need to be available As a WorkPoint partner, you can very quickly achieve additional sales by offering help on a consultancy-basis on top of the WorkPoint Business solutions. You will be able to expand and develop the business with targetet industry solutions because WorkPoint makes it easy to replicate and adapt solutions. Rather than just selling licenses, you increase the utilisation and adoption of the solution from the very beginning. All this increases the value to the customer, plant the seed for additional sales, and support Microsoft’s strategy about the value-based solution-sale. 7.

No risk – confidence throughout WorkPoint creates the optimal setting to achieve success and rolls out a safety net under you as a distributor by way of insurance, training, support, and end user webinars. We help you all to the finish line with the first solutions. Your economic investment is small, and the risk minimal. There is no need to invest in expensive SharePointcompetencies. 8.

Route to Success Selling WorkPoint is economically attractive, and we support you all the way MDR





Analysis and specifications


Sales meeting

Kickoff meeting

Detail analysis













Delivery specification

Training of super users

Training tube


Training tube



Transfer of solution









1st year of operation


TOTAL DKK 253,300

Example of WorkPoint 365 sales – and delivery process for a customer with 50 users. *Prices from. The price depends on the complexity of the solution.

Operation subsequent years


06 – Our partner promise

promise Your success is our success. This is the reason our collaboration builds upon trust and confidentiality. Would you like to join our journey, please review the way we cooperate with our partners.

Our ethical guidelines Open dialogue and confidentiality We wish to set the stage for an open dialogue from day one, so we can support you throughout the entire process with your customer. Everything that is discussed with you as a partner is confidential.

 4. Transparent pricing and rebates WorkPoint has a transparent pricing policy and rebate structure. As a result, all partners are offered the same pricing and rebate options. The partner rebate is shown in the partner programme.

 2. WorkPoint supports you as the manufacturer of WorkPoint WorkPoint gladly participates in customer meetings as the manufacturer of WorkPoint. In such cases, we commit ourselves to act in good faith in relation to you as our partner and support your interests towards the customer.

Fair competition With more than 1,000 users on a solution or in connection with special competitor upgrades, a special rebate is available. The special rebate is always afforded the customer.


3. Loyal partner at tenders  e will gladly participate and support W you in the tendering process. We also participate in the tendering process of multiple partners who are part of the same tender. In such circumstances, WorkPoint commits itself to act in good faith in relation to each partner and support each partner’s interests. We will not favor one partner over another but aim to promote fair competition.


We aim to create equal opportunities and fair competition among partners. If more than one WorkPoint partner bid on a tender for the same customer, the bidding partners are positioned on equal terms and are automatically granted the same special rebate – even if only one of the partners requests it. WorkPoint does not interfere if the partners themselves choose to offer the customer further rebates. It is the partner himself who is responsible for notifying WorkPoint which cus-

tomers they are putting in a tender for. If WorkPoint is not involved in the tendering process, the partner cannot expect to be on equal terms with other tendering partners on the same tender. VestConsult as partner VestConsult, the consultancy firm behind the development of WorkPoint, has extensive know-how of how to deliver, configure, and teach in the use of WorkPoint. This knowledge is available to our WorkPoint partners if necessary in connection with collaborative customer projects, or as advisers on customer projects, or as overall project manager when it relates to an implementation. Regardless of the entered collaboration constellation, we always work on behalf of our partners and protect their interests. 6.

Historically, VestConsult has been a consultancy firm in and around Esbjerg. VestConsult sells WorkPoint solutions directly to companies within a radius of 55 km from Esbjerg. VestConsult tenders on equal terms with WorkPoint Gold Partners within

Our partner promise – 07

Mutual trust is the basis of our partnership, and we are committed to our 10 ethical guidelines. We expect you to contact us if you experience anything differently.

this area. If WorkPoint or VestConsult is approached directly by a company outside of this area, we will always refer to a WorkPoint partner. Allocation of leads WorkPoint is often approached by potential customers. All new prospects/leads are allocated among our partners. The allocation is done while considering which partner WorkPoint believes has the best chance of winning the customer as well as an assessment of competencies match. In doing so, we also weigh existing customer arrangements, WorkPoint competencies, and partner status.

If the company is already in dialogue with one or more partners, WorkPoint will act fair and impartial in relation to these partners, and merely support the ongoing sales process.


Focus on Microsoft EPG and Enterprise businesses  WorkPoint will work with selected leads directly. Our focus is primarily on Microsoft EPG and Enterprise solutions. In such cases, we will act as the manufacturer of WorkPoint, not as a supplier. Leads will be handed over to a partner as soon as the dialogue is approaching substantial negotiations. Subsequently, future dialogue will occur in collaboration with a partner. 8.

Communication with end-customers WorkPoint communicates directly with customers who has WorkPoint in operation in order to create confidence in the product, inform about the product development, and create the potential for increased sales. Examples of direct communication includes newsletters, and information on new releases and features. When approached by a lead, we always refer to a WorkPoint partner. 9.

10. WorkPoint

marketing WorkPoint will be present in the market as the manufacturer of WorkPoint to create demand and interest in the product. Among other things, WorkPoint collaborates closely with Microsoft to increase awareness, carries out campaigns, offers marketing materials through digital and social media, as well as attend various trade fairs.

Peter Jørgensen Owner, CEO WorkPoint

08 – What is WorkPoint

What is Systemising knowledge across business solutions Selling WorkPoint is selling business critical solutions atop of SharePoint without the need of extensive SharePoint knowledge and expensive programming.

WorkPoint makes it possible to coordinate and manage all businesscritical information from a single place and makes it available throughout the organisation, ensuring no data is lost.

WorkPoint is vertical business solutions supporting advanced knowedgesharing by way of case and project management among others. This renders the organisation far less vulnerable, because all data can easily and quickly be found. It codifies workflows, ensures optimised workflows and increases profitability.

Emails and documents are coupled to the individual case or project. As a result, WorkPoint makes it possible to manage complex cases or large projects, so that the project itself and the management of same are orchestrated from within the one and same system.

WorkPoint delivers business critical solutions/apps atop Office 365 and SharePoint • Document management • Project management • Email management • Case management • Task management • Contact management • Contract management • Quality assurance • Records management • Legal solutions • Stakeholder management

Together with our partners we have developed business specific verticals for instance for:

Solicitors Accountants Entrepreneurial companies Counseling OEM-solutions for various partners

What is WorkPoint – 09

“Wrapping knowledge into business situations”

Horizontal product – vertical solutions developed by WorkPoint and partners

Business modules – Knowledge is shared across business solutions Business functions and features








Your solutions

Documents E-mails Tasks Events Notes Stage gate Sub cases Risk mangement Doc. review Stakeholders QA Your choice


Wheel of knowledge Through customized rules and processes knowledge is produced, saved and easily found and subtracted for specific needs and purposes.




Please check our partner portal for whitepapers about WorkPoint support.workpoint.dk


10 – What is WorkPoint

Achieve the desired outcome within the time frame and the estimated price SharePoint requires specialist development

SharePoint with WorkPoint

Microsoft Office incl. SharePoint is the foundation

Microsoft Office incl. SharePoint is the foundation

• • • •

Time consuming Often a costly process Risky outcome Reguires specialist development

• • • •

Easy to implement and calculate Fully integrated to Office 365 Scalable and easy configuration Modular standard solution

Why choose a standard solution to a custom made? Reasons why WorkPoint atop SharePoint is prefourable: 1. Forget all about time-consuming and cost-heavy SharePoint projects. WorkPoint is standard businesssolutions atop of Office 365 and SharePoint. 2. WorkPoint is like a big-builder house – a modular standard system, easily configurable to manage many tasks. In addition, it is possible to integrate with ERP systems. As a result, this allows for great flexibility. 3. Easy for the end-user! By utilising WorkPoint, SharePoint has moved out into Outlook, Word, and so on. 80 percent of the tasks and work can be done in Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, increasing user-satisfaction and easing the adoption of the solution. 4. WorkPoint comes with built-in governance. Coupled with automated classification and structure (inheritance) of data, oversight and management is ensured.

Onboarding of our partners – 11

of our partners Partner programme We hope, you see the value of selling WorkPoint. We offer various types of partnerships varying from Referral- and Sales partner to Silver- and Gold partner. Please contact us to dertermine which programme fits your company profile.

We experience an extensive demand from the market, and we visit companies as the manufacturer of WorkPoint together with partners – we both have an interest in showing the value of WorkPoint, and the ethical guidelines in our Partner

WorkPoint sales training WorkPoint365 configuration training WorkPoint on-prem configuration training Sales guide WorkPoint powerpoint presentation Product brochure and service flyers Sales support Cases and references

Promise guarantee our long lasting cooperation. It is important that you get to know WorkPoint, and we support your sale in many ways:

Online pricelists and rebate policy Business development plan for gold- and silver partners Easily on-board new employees Promotion at our websites Promotion at social media Own WorkPoint partner site Leadgeneration with Microsoft and online marketing

All tools and information are availabe at our website support.workpoint.dk

Do your clients demand WorkPoint, but do you not yet have the skills to implement it, we recommend that we or another partner help you. Buy an implementation process and be a part of it yourself in order to obtain the experience – we call it “Train the trainer”. Your success is our success – let’s build the future together.

12 – Kickstart sales

sales Now you are ready to sell WorkPoint, and we would like to help you get started. WorkPoint is ideal for knowledgeintensive companies working with projects, cases, tenders, document management and knowledge sharing across business areas within the company.

The customer must be ready to implement and use WorkPoint as a strategic business tool to obtain the full value of WorkPoint. Neither you nor we have any interest in selling licenses that are not in use. Check

your client database – mayby we should jointly present WorkPoint to some of them.

Understand the customer We have developed a sales guide in order to form the foundation for a valuecreating dialogue with the customer, leading to sales, growth, increased earnings, and a stable and long-lasting collaboration, and thereby additional sales.

The business needs strengthening The management focuses on receiving a simple solution which is capable of executing many tasks (i.e. fewer products), saving time on SharePoint-development, as well as which value is achieved in the organisation as well as financially. Functionality and security The technology should impress and make the difficult stuff simple. ITarchitects are focused on governance, structure, the architecture behind the system, as well as security. While the production staff demands the system to be easy to maintain and scale.


The customer’s starting point as it relates to knowledgesharing and knowledge of SharePoint is crucial to deciding what to focus on during the sales-process:



Governance and system architecture

Value of SharePoint


First and foremost, it is important to know the customer’s starting point, needs, and challenges, and here there is a difference between what the management and the IT architects focus on, but both parties need to be managed.

Utilises substituting solution

Utilises SharePoint



Differences between SharePoint and WorkPoint

Value of knowledge -sharing

Has not recognised the value of knowledge-sharing

Familiar with SharePoint



SharePoint knowledge

Please check our partner portal for WorkPoint presentations, sales guide, price lists etx support.workpoint.dk

Benefit from your customer life cycle – 13

from your customer life cycle 80% of a customers needs are met with a standard WorkPoint solution atop of SharePoint. The rest is individually defined by the customer’s DNA and way of doing business. Take your customer through the various phases and secure adoption. As a WorkPoint partner you can control all phases yourself, or we can help you. MDR





Analysis and specifications


Sales meeting

Kickoff meeting

Detail analysis


Workshop Delivery specification


Sales Use of the WorkPoint sales guide (next page) as a starting point for a value-creating dialogue with the customer, with the aim of identifying needs and possible WorkPoint scenarios. Analysis and specifications

Kick-off meeting – the goal is to create an understanding of the customer’s business – both technically and business-wise. This makes a good experience for the customer, creates dialogue, and ensures needs are identified, making it possible to give the customer the right solution. • Demonstration of a WorkPointsolution • Take a look at the customer’s business – create an understanding for the customer and build the foundation for a successful sparring and consultancy-process, with room for an individually adapted solution • Questions, questions, and questions from the customer – some can be answered there and then, other




Co-operation Follow-up on adoption New possitibities


Status meetings

Training of super users

Developmet of the client

Transfer of solution

things are addressed at the following workshop • Customer expectations: “Qualification of the three unconditional criteria for success”. Conducting a workshop for final verification of the customer’s needs for configuration of WorkPoint. The workshop is estimated to run over the course of a day at the customer and includes subsequent production of a report. At the workshop, the following points should be addressed: • Identification of needs – what is the starting point of the customer • Sparring concerning various solutions • Consultancy on the basis of similar customer solutions/configurations • Solution specifications/report production as it pertains to the chosen configuration and walkthrough of the specifications/report • Readying the transfer to development/configuration department The approval process can potentially include the configuration of a POC.

Further sales Support


Approval of the suggested solution specifications/report. Delivery

• During the delivery process, the overall project management is done in collaborations with a representative from the customer • The execution of the complete technical configuration • Test and readying for transfer • Transfer of the solution and super-user training at the premises of the customer (is recommended for up to 3 people). Co-operation

When the solution is rolled-out, WorkPoint follows up on the continuous dialogue and follow-up of the use. Keep developing the customer and create value. Contact WorkPoint if you are in need of support during the various phases.

14 – WorkPoint Sales Guide

Sales Guide About this Guide This Sales Guide provides a foundation for initiating meaningful conversations with target customers that can lead to new sales, increased profitability, growth, and positive long-term relationships.

Market Open a conversation that will help to identify top customer needs. Then, describe the key scenarios and share the value proposition.

Sell Based on top customer needs, recommend and focus only on the solution that’s the best fit.


Customer profile Knowledge-heavy, process-heavy, communication-heavy companies with a large amount of white-collar workers. Customer Type 1: C-Level: CIO, CMO. Customer Type 2: Project Director

Close Discuss top reasons to purchase, upgrade, or take advantage of available promotions; get agreement, and close the sale.

Market Start the conversation; understand the need.

Conversation starts Customer Type 1 • What challenges are teams having with using SharePoint or SharePoint Online as intended? • What challenges do you experience with reorganizing SharePoint when your organization changes? • In your organization, what kinds of data are spread across shared network drives, Exchange folders, and ‘home grown’ systems? Customer Type 2 • How easy is it for your team members to work with SharePoint Online? • In what ways would you like this to be more productive?

Top Customer Needs • Fitting SharePoint to how your business works often requires significant custom development • Without this, SharePoint may not be adopted. • Extensive custom development can be expensive and time consuming. • Custom development increases risk, also overhead of managing different customizations. • Need for appropriate structure and governance around email and document management

WorkPoint Slaes Guide – 15


Sell the right solution Recommend a good fit for customer scenario.

Customer A We’re a growing company, and everything is on file shares, private folders, email, some public cloud. New employees can’t find documents and templates to use, and we don’t have much structure in our “soft” data (documents, emails, tasks, processes).

Customer B We’ve implemented a full document management solution, but it’s difficult to use, time consuming, and search doesn’t work — so it doesn’t get utilized consistently. We need a workable system to manage documents, filing emails and collaborate.

Customer C Our SharePoint implementation has gone pear-shaped. We are dealing with a wild-growing system where everybody is creating sites and lists with no structure, and governance is non-existent.

Benefits • Soft data can be organized around business modules, each of which represent a business area (e.g. HR, Legal Matters or similar) • Outlook plug-in gives team members the right tools for productivity. • Modular structure for project and document management gives you data discipline.

Benefits • No other vendor delivers a structured, modular solution so easy to install and start using. • Outlook plug-in gives team members the right tools for productivity • Intelligent email journaling provides options to fit your business rules. • Custom WorkPoint apps for mobile access

Benefits • Modular structure for project and document management gives you data discipline. • The unique combination of WorkPoint365 modules in a fixed, but flexible, structure allows users to create sites that automatically fit the structure. • Metadata heredity from site to project to document level creates consistent, usable data.


Handle objections

We already have a SharePoint solution. Great! With WorkPoint, your data stays in SharePoint and team members use Office productivity tools. WorkPoint connects these services so they work together – AND you get the structure and discipline your organization needs to succeed. It will take a while to analyse our processes – we’ll get back to you. The most efficient way to implement WorkPoint is by doing workshops and prototyping in parallel. The business consultant can help you both analyse your business and configure a prototype that fits the way you work.

Close the Sale – Invite them to a free introductory session. 4

How is WorkPoint different than Harmon.ie? Harmon.ie only offers client-side functionality, where WorkPoint delivers both client-side and server-side features. No other vendor delivers a structured, modular solution so easy to install and start using. It looks like this will be too expensive. WorkPoint365 comes as a subscription, with volume discounts that keep the price per user affordable, especially given the time savings for every employee who uses WorkPoint. Also – low cost of entry, avoid cost of custom development.

Get a free introductory session by sending an email to: sales@workpoint.dk Learn how WorkPoint can help you create a document management system that works the way your teams work Learn how WorkPoint can increase usage of SharePoint Online. Discover best practices for document management. Hear examples of how organizations like yours use WorkPoint to get more done.

Contact WorkPoint A/S Denmark Tel. +45 76 110 110 sales@workpoint.dk www.workpoint.dk / www.workpoint365.com

We make it easy for you We have developed a powerpoint presentation and a sales process battle card to make it easy for you to kick-start sales, to suggest the right solution, to handle objections and to close the sale. The tools are availabe at our website support.workpoint.dk

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Partnering With WorkPoint  

Partnering With WorkPoint  

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