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WORK OUT EVENTOS was constituded in October of 2001, headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is a young and dynamic company always emphasizing the search by the excellency and the quality of its services in helpping its customers to reach high performance since planning through the production of small or big events in all Brazil. General Activities

• Draw up schedule general activities of the event, secretarial services prior special committees; • Advise the customer about their functions and action forms (including manuals and forms control); • Prepare an event agenda with the Organizing Committee; • Analysis and preparation of locations for performing each kind of event and all the infrastructure required; • Provide a location reserve of the event; • Check the physical facilities the venue; • Event Legalization along the public agencies according the law;

• Prepare the event budget plan Based on pre-identified needs; • Establish publicity strategy and media; • Request for event disclosure advertising agencies; • Selection, recruitment and staff supervision and technical support (audio & video recording, simultaneous translation,interpreters, hostess, masters of ceremonies, photographers, etc.). • Presentation of final report assessments, technical report and closing of the result operational when needed.

Events Work Out Eventos acts in the creation, planning and production of all kind of events. It manages the execution of the project, prepare the logistics, provides staff, equipments, contracts and coordinates outsourced services. It has a database of suppliers, services providers and staff with more than 5.000 records in order to offer appropriates options for each kind of event.

Includes Outsourced Services (translation and simultaneous interpretation services support - security, cleaning, medical services, accommodation, transport and transfers, receptive ceremonial, buffet, and mounts facilities, filming, recording photography etc.). Human Resources (coordinators, hostess, promoters, waiters and kitchen maids, broadcasters, teachers, ceremonies, equipment operators, etc.). Equipment (audio, video, computing, multimedia, etc.).

Communication Plan Work Out Eventos Work Out Eventos plans and executes communication projects. It works with qualified professionals in design, advertising and journalism areas that, with creativity, search consistency in the communication between client and people event. The communications projects are developed since creation, advertisement and graphic production of all materials.

Includes ? Press office (clipping, release); Advertising and Marketing (Print media, radio, television, alternative media); ? Graphic Design (branding, visual identity, graphic and editorial materials, gifts); ? Web design (hotsites, marketing mail).

Design and Scenography The first step to get a success stand is a good and creative design, so Work Out Eventos focuses on thematizing, scenicdesigning, and developing special projects for stands, creation of scenery, and ambience, making each project to be exclusive and tailor-made, building on individual customer's needs and expectations. Taking care since scenic creation to execution, production and management of assemblies and it has professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in sustainable stands in order to get the most intrinsic rules of environmental prevention.

Includes Scenography Project - design, floor plan, 3D - architecture, decoration,landscaping, signaling and assembly.





FAIRS AND EXPOSITIONS ? Perform logistical planning and

operational management; ? Conduct studies on the launch of new events or on the reformulation of existing events; ? Perform the legal requirements for events before the competent bodies; ? Select and contract the most appropriate event venue; ? Carry out the logistical organization of all event stages: pre-event, event, and post-event; ? Prepare an event schedule and budget; ? Supervise marketing, administrative, financial, and operational activities; ? Prepare a publicity and marketing plan; Produce and contract various promotional materials; ? Commercialize stands and stores; Raise financial funds; ? Oversee infrastructure coordination; ? Develop architectural, visual communication, merchandising, facility, and other plans; ? Select, contract, and coordinate support services: Cleaning, Medical, Security; ? Assist the event promoter, exhibitors, and assembly and production teams; ? Prepare exhibitor’s manual and enforce pre-established rules; ? Approve and supervise exhibitor’s architectural plan; ? Receive and organize event-related service forms; ? Issue, distribute, and control credentials. ? Prepare and apply assessment records and surveys; ? Submit a report containing the final budget and a final assessment of the event.



? Prepare the participant’s manual; ? Provide assistance to organizing

? Prepare a plan; ? Perform logistical and financial

commission in the creation, production, and publication of printed materials; ? Develop software to control registrations and lodging, maintaining parity when necessary; ? Select, contract, and supervise the various support services (sound, simultaneous interpreting, protocol, master of ceremonies, receptionists, ...); ? Welcome invited guests and speakers; ? Oversee registration of participants, badges, and certificates of participation; ? Prepare participant’s material (folders, manuals, writing pads, guides, …).

STANDS – ASSEMBLY AND SET DESIGN ? Perform event studies in areas of interest to the company; Select and contract an appropriate event venue; ? Develop a structural plan in accordance with pre-prepared briefing; ? Control the dispatch and receipt of the forms pertaining to participation in the event; ? Perform legal requirements regarding the stands before the competent bodies; ? Contract, engineers, architects, decorators, and services required for assembly; ? Prepare a lighting, set design, and graphic production plan; ? Perform and supervise the assembly, decoration, maintenance, and disassembly; ? Provide assistance in selecting and contracting the support services (buffet, receptionists, security, cleaning, etc…)

analyses of the events; ? Perform legal requirements before the competent bodies; ? Inspect and prepare the venues for concerts and shows and the related infrastructure; ? Provide assistance in contracting artists and support infrastructure (lodging, tickets, transfers, etc.); ? Offer assistance and coordinate the necessary direct services, such as communication strategies; ? Perform studies on spaces and premises for fund-raising; ? Secure sponsorships and support; ? Control revenues and financial reporting upon conclusion of the event through reports and a final analysis.

BUSINESS EVENTS AND PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES ? Select location and type of production; ? Perform studies on and execute

promotional spots; ? Contract the various support services; ? Supervise decorating activities, gifts, and awards; ? Select and contract temporary personnel.

SOME OF OUR CLIENTS Between our customers they can be distinguished: Sulamérica Group, CAIXA Econômica Federal, Vised, TV Record, Sulamérica Group, FUNCEF, Astronomy Museum, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, Ministry of Science and Technology (All Federal Government Agencies), INPI, OMPI, IAS, Brazilian Society of Phlebology, Clube de Regatas do Flamengo (Flamengo’s Football Club), PNUD/ONU, Rio de Janeiro Federal University, Ministry of Sport (Federal Government Agency), State Department of Taxation and Finance,...


And companies of events who contract our services, by partnerships, what it allowed to carry through diverse services to federal public departments as: ANEEL, ANS, Ministry of Health, Ministry of the Work, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of City, Ministry of Education and others.

Work out Eventos is registered in EMBRATUR Empresa Brasileira de Turismo, according to the law. Phone: +55 21 2252-0090 Mobile: +55 21 7834-6543

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Work Out Company has specialized in logistics planning, organization, execution of events, setting up and execution of scenographic stands p...