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Front-cover and contents-page photographs Š Deborah Jones

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“This book introduces  American cooks to one of  the most important culinary  innovations of modern times.” —Harold McGee


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10-city author tour: Boston; Charlotte; Chicago; Denver; Los Angeles; New York; Philadelphia; Providence; San Francisco; Washington, D.C.

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October 2008 200 color photographs 304 pages 11" x 11" Hardcover, jacketed ($84.95 CAN/£50.00 UK) UPC 7-91243-65351-0 $75.00 ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-351-4 NO. 85351



A revolution in cooking Sous vide is the culinary innovation that has everyone in the food world talking. In this revolutionary new cookbook, Thomas Keller, America’s most respected chef, explains why this foolproof technique, which involves cooking at precise temperatures below simmering, yields results that other culinary methods cannot. For the first time, one can achieve short ribs that are meltingly tender even when cooked medium rare. Fish, which has a small window of doneness, is easier to finesse, and shellfish stays succulent no matter how long it’s been on the stove. Fruit and vegetables benefit, too, retaining color and flavor while undergoing remarkable transformations in texture. The secret to sous vide is in discovering the precise amount of heat required to achieve the most sublime results. Through years of trial and error, Keller and his chefs de cuisine have blazed the trail to perfection—and they show the way in this collection of never-before-published recipes from his landmark restaurants—The French Laundry in Napa Valley and per se in New York. With an introduction by the eminent food-science writer Harold McGee, and artful photography by Deborah Jones, who photographed Keller’s best-selling The French Laundry Cookbook, this book will be a must for every culinary professional and anyone who wants to up the ante and experience food at the highest level. has received yet another James Beard Award in 2006 (this time for Outstanding Restaurateur), and both The French Laundry and per se earned three stars from the Michelin Guide. Thomas Keller

A monumental advance in cooking—  “on par with the invention of the food processor  and the gas stove.”—The New York Times A new era in gastronomy: Sous vide is nothing more than cooking food in plastic bags in water at low temperatures— but the results are extraordinary

The first book on sous vide for an American audience The much-anticipated reference for professionals and adventurous home cooks Also by Thomas Keller: The French Laundry Cookbook; Bouchon; The Complete Keller (see page 25)

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“Hot! —People


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October 2008 192 pages 6" x 75⁄8" Paperback ($15.95 CAN) UPC 7-91243-65379-4 $13.95 ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-379-8 NO. 85379 8-COPY COUNTER DISPLAY UPC 7-91243-65385-5 $111.60 ($127.60 CAN) ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-385-9 NO. 85385



More than 200 witty images that are as addictive as popping bubble wrap but a lot more fun This hilarious book immortalizes the craze that began while DJ Carl Morris was having a bit of fun in a Wales bar. Here is how Sleevefacing works: You find an old-school vinyl record sleeve with a nice head-shot of your musical icon (Elvis or David Bowie or Debbie Harry will do nicely), put the sleeve in front of your face, and strike a pose. Now get someone to snap your photo. This growing Web phenomenon has its own Web site (, Facebook presence, and thousands of inventive practitioners around the globe. Sleeveface compiles the cleverest of these images: the faux Morrisseys, wannabe Bob Dylans, and lookalike Madonnas whose posture and clothing is in perfect sync with their idols’ most classic record covers. With essays that celebrate the merits of vinyl in an age when music has gone digital, it will appeal to record collectors, music lovers across the generations, and anybody—which is to say everybody—who ever fancied him or herself a rock god. who is one day older than MTV, discovered the joys of Sleeveface as a DJ playing McCartney II by Paul McCartney. By day he runs My Kung Fu, a record label where he and colleagues listen to a terrifyingly large stack of music. His favorite song is usually the first track on side B. C A RL M O RRIS,

The first record J O HN RO S TRO N bought was the original soundtrack to Flash Gordon by Queen. Aged seven, he had no idea who Queen was, but he liked the film. He also quite liked the big bright yellow record sleeve. Hooked on music ever since, John is an artist manager, concert promoter, and record label owner.

• worldwideInternet phenomenon Sleeveface is sweeping the Net— check it out! www. • PLAY WITH YOUR RECORDSA new reason to take your old records  off the shelf • A vinyl trip down memory lane Including everyone from Bowie  to the Beatles and Madonna to Morrissey

Barry Manilow, Manilow Magic: The Best of Barry Manilow

Sleeveface = One or more persons

obscuring or augmenting any part of their body or bodies with record album sleeve(s) causing an illusion Simon & Garfunkel, The Graduate

Barbra Streisand, Barbra Streisand’s Greatest Hits Volume 2

Rod Stewart, A Night on the Town


new releases

“There are many chefs in America more famous than David Tanis, but there are few, if any, who are more gifted.” —Michael Pollan

A Platter of Figs and Other Recipes DAVID TANIS FOREWORD BY ALICE WATERS

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12-city author tour: Atlanta; Birmingham; Chicago; Los Angeles; Minneapolis; Phoenix; Portland, OR; San Francisco; Santa Fe; Seattle; Vancouver; Washington, D.C.

National media appearances

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National satellite-radio tour

September 2008 125 color photographs 304 pages 71⁄2" x 97⁄8" Hardcover, jacketed ($39.95 CAN/£20.00 UK) UPC 7-91243-65346-6 $35.00 ISBN-13: 978-7-57965-346-0 NO. 85346



Forget about getting back to the land, David Tanis just wants you to get back to the kitchen For six months a year, David Tanis is the head chef at Chez Panisse, the Berkeley, California, restaurant where he has worked alongside Alice Waters since the 1980s in creating a revolution in sustainable American cuisine. The other six months, Tanis lives in Paris in a seventeenth-century apartment, where he hosts intimate dinners for friends and paying guests, and prepares the food in a small kitchen equipped with nothing more than an old stove, a little counter space, and a handful of wellused pots and pans. This is the book for anyone who wants to gather and feed friends around a table and nurture their conversation. It’s not about showing off with complicated techniques and obscure ingredients. Worlds away from the showy Food Network personalities, Tanis believes that the most satisfying meals—for both the cook and the guest—are invariably the simplest. Home cooks can easily re-create any of his 24 seasonal, market-driven menus, from spring’s Supper of the Lamb (Warm Asparagus Vinaigrette; Shoulder of Spring Lamb with Flageolet Beans and Olive Relish; Rum Baba with Cardamom) to winter’s North African Comfort Food (Carrot and Coriander Salad; Chicken Tagine with Pumpkin and Chickpeas). Best of all, Tanis is an engaging guide with a genuine gift for words, whose soulful approach to food will make any kitchen, big or small, a warm and compelling place to spend time. is a chef, cook, teacher, and author whose career has spanned three decades. When he’s not cooking in restaurants, he’s cooking for his friends at home or traveling the world’s open-air markets. Tanis has been featured in The New York Times, Gourmet, and Saveur and is the co-author of the Chez Panisse Café Cookbook. David Tanis

“David’s menus are incomparable. Each a little masterpiece.” —Alice Waters

Braised Beef with Celery Root Mashed Potatoes

Praise for the Man Behind the Food at Chez Panisse “A book of great beauty and, much more rare, real wisdom about food.” —Michael Pollan “One of those exceptional works that has been worth the wait.” —deborah madison “Good recipes are all I need. But when I get them in such a fine lookin’ package? Now that’s classy.” —Frances McDormand

Roasted Veal with Morel Mushrooms and Saffron Carrots

Cherry-Almond Clafoutis


new releases

How to Build an A SARA MIDDA

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October 2008 4-color illustrations, die-cut foam shapes in mesh bag 56 pages 7" x 7" Paper-over-board ($18.95 CAN/£10.99 UK) UPC 7-91243-65378-7

Don’t just learn your letters—build them! It’s a book, it’s a puzzle—and best of all, it’s a way to learn the ABCs. Sara Midda’s delightful How to Build an A comes with 11 fully safety-tested EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) pieces that can be pushed together to build all the letters of the alphabet, uppercase and lowercase. In the accompanying book, Midda, the British artist known for her charming watercolors, shows children the way. Each page introduces a new letter—A is for Apple, B is for Boy—and is illustrated with Midda’s tiny people, who are shown comically hauling and heaving the pieces into place. Children will love the hands-on fun of bringing the letters of the alphabet to life. And parents will appreciate the mesh bag that comes with the kit, so all the parts stay together and can be used over and over again. For preschool and up. is an artist and author. Her previous books include the international best sellers In and Out of the Garden and Sara Midda’s South of France. She has exhibited her work in London galleries, and her designs are used in a full line of lifestyle products in Japan. She lives outside London and in the South of France. sara midda

$16.95 ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-378-1 NO. 85378 6-COPY COUNTER DISPLAY UPC 7-91243-65383-1 $101.70 ($117.60 CAN/£65.94 UK) ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-383-5 NO. 85383



$20.95 ISBN-13: 978-0-89480-763-3 No. 1763

$23.50 ISBN-13: 978-0-89480-193-8 No. 344

$22.95 ISBN-13: 978-0-7611-1229-7 No. 11229

is for WOW! • I nteractive 3-D fun that will delight children and the grown-ups who play with them • Provides the “I can do it” moment—a frustration-free way of learning

new releases

“Stitt shows both range  and restraint in distilling  the essence of flavor.”  —Esquire


Marketing/Publicity • 12-city author tour: Atlanta; Birming-

ham; Charleston; Chicago; Jackson, Miss.; Nashville; New York; Philadelphia; San Francisco; St. Louis; Toronto; Washington, D.C. • National media appearances • National print campaign • National satellite-radio tour • 8-page blad

january 2009 150 color photographs 336 pages 9" x 11" Hardcover, jacketed ($45.95 CAN/£30.00 UK) UPC 7-91243-65302-2 $40.00 ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-302-6 NO. 85302


There are some places worth traveling to just for the food: Rome, Venice . . . and now, Birmingham, Italy In this companion to his first, best-selling cookbook, the beloved Southern chef Frank Stitt travels to Italy and brings the best of Mediterranean cuisine back home. To Stitt’s mind, the two regions—Italy and the American South—share commonalities. Both native cuisines have a tradition of turning humble ingredients—ground corn, bitter greens, cured pork, the daily catch—into poetry on the plate. And as the chef points out in his lively introduction to the book, this is elemental cooking based on the purity and simplicity of the freshest and finest ingredients. Yet leave it to Stitt to make Italian cuisine his own. “There’s no Pompano in Venice, but ours, fresh from Apalachicola, fits into the cartoccio (Italian fish stew) perfectly; our Chilton County white peaches are squeezed by hand for a bellini; our wild Gulf shrimp, oysters, crab, and fish are easily a match for their Mediterranean equivalents,” Stitt writes. This appealing new cookbook includes the best of the Southern-influenced Italian recipes he has served at his Birmingham, Alabama, restaurant Bottega Restaurant and Café, for the last two decades—the Tomato Chutney and Roasted Sweet Pepper Pizza, Lamb Shanks with Sweet Peas and Mint, and fabulous desserts including Zabaglione Meringue Cake. Accompanied by sweet recollections of his journeys to Italy, this inspiring and accessible cookbook proves once again why the novelist Pat Conroy calls Stitt “the best chef in America.” is the chef and owner of Highlands Bar and Grill, Bottega Restaurant and Café, and Chez Fonfon, all located in Birmingham, Alabama. He has won the James Beard Award for the Best Chef of the Southeast and received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Southern Foodways Alliance. He is the author of Frank Stitt’s Southern Table. frank stitt

By the same author: Frank Stitt’s Southern Table see page 28


Bringing you the tried-andtrue favorites of Bottega— a celebration of the best Italian traditions and American ingredients

Lemon Semifreddo

The New York Times credits Frank Stitt with

Pappardelle with Rabbit, Porcini, and Parmesan

turning Birmingham into a “sophisticated, easygoing showplace of enticing Southern-accented cooking” and Bon Appétit named him “a culinary legend.”

Short Ribs and Oxtail with Gremolata and Green Olives


new releases

On the Line How One Great Restaurant Made it to the Top and Stayed There ERIC RIPERT AND CHRISTINE MUHLKE

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6-city author tour: Chicago; Los Angeles; New York; Philadelphia; San Francisco; Washington, D.C.

National media appearances

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National satellite-radio tour

Online marketing to food and restaurant bloggers and culinary students

8-page blad

November 2008 150 color and black-and-white photographs, line art 240 pages 81⁄4" x 91⁄2" Hardcover, jacketed (39.95 CAN//£20.00 UK) UPC 7-91243-65369-5 $35.00 ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-369-9 NO. 85369



Take one top New York restaurant, add danger, drama, and dialogue, toss in their best recipes, and you have a cooking classic How does a 4-star restaurant stay on top for more than two decades? In On the Line, chef Eric Ripert takes readers behind the scenes at Le Bernardin, one of just three New York City restaurants to earn three Michelin stars. Any fan of gourmet dining who ever stole a peek behind a restaurant kitchen’s swinging doors will love this unique insider’s account, with its interviews, inventory checklists, and fly-on-thewall dialogue that bring the business of haute cuisine to life. From the sudden death of Le Bernardin’s founding chef, Gilbert Le Coze, to Ripert’s stressful but triumphant takeover of the kitchen at age 29, the story has plenty of drama. But as Chef Ripert and writer Christine Muhlke reveal, every day is an adventure in a perfectionistic restaurant kitchen. Foodies will love reading about the inner workings of a top restaurant, from how a kitchen is organized to the real cost of the food and the fierce discipline and organization it takes to achieve culinary perfection on the plate almost 150,000 times a year. Meanwhile, Le Bernardin’s modern French cuisine, with its emphasis on seafood, comes to life in sophisticated recipes, including Striped Bass with Sweet Corn Puree, Grilled Shishito Peppers, Shaved Smoked Bonito, and Mole Sauce, and Pan-Roasted Cod with Chorizo, Snow Peas, Piquillo Peppers, and Soy-Lime Butter Sauce. is the chef and part-owner of Le Bernadin, awarded four stars by The New York Times, three stars by the Michelin Guide, and rated best restaurant in New York by Zagat. He has appeared as a guest judge on Bravo’s reality show Top Chef and has opened a new restaurant, 10 Arts, in the Philadelphia Ritz-Carlton. Eric Ripert

is an editor at The New York Times. She has written for Vogue, Vanity Fair, Food & Wine, and other publications. CHRIS TINE MUHLKE

Everything you always wanted to know about how great restaurants run

new releases

With Every Stone Wall Building, Rural Follies, and Meditations on Nature DAN SNOW PHOTOGRAPHS BY PETER MAUSS

Marketing/Publicity •

National review coverage

National feature coverage in home, gardening, and design magazines

October 2008

A master craftsman provides us with the timeless wisdom he has gained from heaving and hewing stone In his highly anticipated second book,Vermonter Dan Snow once again proves that he is not just one of America’s premier artisans, but also one of our most articulate voices on the natural world and our relationship to it. Snow’s medium is stone: He is the nation’s premier drystone wall builder. Schooled in this ancient craft, he painstakingly creates structures as breathtaking as sculpture with nothing but gravity as their glue. In With Every Stone, Peter Mauss’s tactile photographs of Snow’s artistry are matched by the artisan’s quietly compelling prose. In a voice as expressive as Annie Dillard’s and as informed as John McPhee’s, Snow demonstrates astonishing range as he touches on such subjects as geology, philosophy, and community. We learn that stone’s grace comes from its unique characteristics—its capacity to give, its surprising fluidity, its ability to demand respect, and its role as a steadying force in nature. In these fast-paced times, Snow’s life’s work offers an antidote: the luxury of patience, the bounty and quietude of nature, the satisfaction of sweat. “I work with stone,” he ultimately tells us, “because stone is so much work.” Since 1976, Dan Snow has been hand-building unique drystone constructions for clients in New England and abroad. He is one of only a handful of Americans certified by Great Britain’s Dry Stone Walling Association. He lectures and leads workshops and is the subject of the documentary film Stone Rising. He lives in Dummerston,Vermont.

45 color and black-and-white photographs 160 pages 61⁄2" x 91⁄2" Hardcover, jacketed ($26.95 CAN/£16.99 UK) UPC 7-91243-65371-8 $23.95 ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-371-2 NO. 85371

Nature Writing


By the same author: In the Company of Stone see page 31

is a photographer of architecture, interior design, and landscapes. He lives in Vermont and New York. Peter M auss

Dan’s writing has been praised as “poetic,” “ethereal,” and “rhapsodic,” and this is  nature writing at its best The New York Times dubbed Snow a hero  “of the neo-Neolithic era” for choosing stone because it is “more attractive than shortcuts” ¹The Washington Post ²Utne Reader ³Santa Fe New Mexican

“A day of gathering stone is to practice  a contortionist’s trick: bending to the  intractable, twisting around the immutable,  and bowing to the inevitable.”—Dan Snow NEW RELEASES ARTISAN 15

new releases

Tavern on the Green Celebrate the New York Legend 150 Recipes for Good Times JENNIFER Oz LeROY AND KAY LeROY

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New York publicity

National media appearances

National print coverage

National satellite-radio tour

Outreach to New York City tourism boards

8-page blad

February 2009 150 color photographs 320 pages 71⁄2" x 97⁄8" Hardcover ($39.95 CAN/£25.00 UK) UPC 7-91243-65357-2 $35.00 ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-357-6 NO. 85357



A glorious celebration of the legendary eating spot in Manhattan’s Central Park Nestled in Central Park, one of the most fabulous settings imaginable, Tavern on the Green has been dazzling generations of New Yorkers and visitors with its inventive, eclectic menu and playful decor. Some 700,000 guests dine every year at this one-of-a-kind restaurant, which has also played host to countless weddings and birthday parties, Broadway opening nights and glamorous afterparties, and many other memorable events. This enchanting souvenir volume captures all of Tavern on the Green’s rich history—from its origins in the 1870s as a shelter for the sheep that grazed in the nearby Sheep Meadow to its reincarnation as a restaurant in the 1930s and rebirth in the 1970s as the glistening jewel of the great restaurateur/showman Warner LeRoy. Now, for the first time, Tavern’s memorable food—including their Grilled Butterflied Leg of Lamb with Red Wine-Garlic Butter, Roasted Prosciutto-Wrapped Scallops, Marathon Pasta (served each year on the eve of the New York race), and Sliced Duck Breasts with Shallot-Ginger Glaze—can be made at home. Menus and entertaining and decorating tips show readers how to impress guests for any special occasion. With beautiful photography and charming stories about many of the boldface names who’ve eaten at Tavern over the years (Madonna, Reggie Jackson, Rudolph Giuliani, John Gotti, Brooke Astor, and more), this keepsake is the perfect gift for the many tourists who’ve had the time of their life there, as well as for New Yorkers looking to bring the unforgettable experience home. started as a dishwasher at Tavern on the Green when she was 19, determined to learn every aspect of the restaurant business. Her mother, K ay L e Roy , has been involved with Tavern for more than 30 years. Both women live in New York City. Jennifer O z L e Roy

“Tavern on the Green is the jewel in the crown of New York City restaurants.” —Donald Trump


new releases/ GREENWICH workshop press

Men and Angels The Art of James C. Christensen WITH KATE HOROWITZ

Marketing/Publicity •

8-city artist tour: Los Angeles; Reno; Sacramento; Cincinnati; Fairfield, Conn.; and 3 more to be announced

National review coverage

Feature and review coverage in art publications

8-page blad

October 2008 Over 300 color paintings plus sketches 224 pages 11" x 14" Hardcover, jacketed ($96.95 CAN/£55.00 UK) UPC 7-66710-83102-9 $85.00 ISBN-13: 978-0-86713-102-4 No. 83102

A major retrospective from the master of fantasy fine art Artist James C. Christensen’s keen observation of humanity and endless supply of imagination have made him one of the world’s most beloved artists. From his childhood in Culver City, California, to his professional career at Brigham Young University, Christensen has cast his perceptive eye on the world, translating it into engaging and inventive art. Men and Angels is the definitive retrospective on Christensen, who was at the forefront of the resurgence of fantasy-as-fine-art just as Tolkien merged literature and fantasy. At the height of reactionary pop art, in the 1960s Christensen’s classically inspired art was considered a throwback, influenced as it was by such masters as Albrecht Dürer, John William Waterhouse, and Jan van Eyck. Although labeled a fantasy painter early in his career, Christensen grew to defy categorization with his astonishing range of subject matter and style. The lively text conveys his contagious enthusiasm for art history and his understanding of the evolution of the human spirit through art.This masterly body of work, represented in more than 300 paintings, will be cherished by collectors, educators, and art lovers. nicknamed the “Professor of the Imagination,” lectures widely on art and creativity, from MBA programs to state art education conferences. The winner of multiple awards from the World Science Fiction Convention and the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists, he is the subject of five previous books including Voyage of the Basset and The Art of James C. Christensen: A Journey of the Imagination. He lives in Orem, Utah. James C. Christensen,

is a writer, poet, and undefeated-at-home Jeopardy! fanatic. She lives with her husband in Connecticut and has recently replaced her lifelong fantasy of joining the circus with that of running away to join the Christensen family. K ate H orowit z



Lady in White

Courting Pandora

Madonna with Guys

I am often called a fantasy painter, and while a large part of my body of work has nothing to do with faeries or dragons, the label does help explain what I do to those who are unfamiliar with my work. —James C. Christensen Conversations Around Fish


new releases/ greenwich workshop press

Big The 50 Greatest World Record Catches ART BY FLICK FORD TEXT BY MIKE RIVKIN

Marketing/Publicity •

National review coverage

Internet marketing campaign with angling associations

January 2008 International Game Fish Association Museum Exhibition of paintings

8-page blad

September 2008 50 full-color paintings 224 pages 14" x 11" Hardcover, jacketed ($59.95 CAN/£30.00 UK) UPC 7-66710-83099-2 $50.00 ISBN-13: 978-0-86713-099-7 No. 83099



The first illustrated gift book about the top 50 world record game fish catches, written by the historian for the International Game Fish Association The universal human interest in world records is nowhere more evident than in the world of sports. Every fisherman, from the seasoned professional to the most casual weekend angler, dreams of catching “the big one” and Big:The 50 Greatest World Record Catches delivers. Artist Flick Ford and International Game Fish Association (IGFA) historian Mike Rivkin have combined talents to present the stories of the fifty most incredible record fish catches from around the world.The catches, selected for their sheer size, popularity, beauty, and exciting story, are presented in an oversize format, where the meticulously painted fish span double-page spreads. Amazing stories range from Dr. John Cook’s legendary 1916 brook trout to fifteen-year-old Sara Hayward of Texas, whose wahoo catch was an astonishing thirty pounds bigger than the previous record-holder. World record catches are compelling, often for the normalcy of the setting—a day like any other, a fisherman on the last cast. This book salutes the sportsmanship of fishermen, the history of angling, and the fine art that keeps it alive. has painted fish since the early 1990s, when concern about the effects of pollution, overdevelopment, and acid rain in the Northeast inspired him to keep a record of the fish he caught. He is the author of Fish: 77 Great Fish of North America and lives on the Hudson River outside Albany, New York. Flick Ford

is past president of the venerable Tuna Club of Santa Catalina Island, and has served as an International Game Fish Association International Representative. He is the author of Big-Game Fishing Headquarters and Angling and War. He lives in La Jolla, California. Mike Rivkin

Mike Rivkin is a  talented storyteller with  an engaging style. ­—­­Gail M. Morchower,  Librarian, IGFA

Ford’s renderings are nothing short of masterful. Rigorous and authentic… smart and well-executed —Southern Accents Also by Flick Ford Fish: 77 Great Fish of North America see page 38 NEW RELEASES ARTISAN 21

c ook ing BACKLIST




“Engaging and magnificent.”


—Claudia Roden Beyond the Great Wall

Hot Sour Salty Sweet

Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid

Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid

“Fascinating.” —Jean-Georges Vongerichten

“A breakthrough book . . . a major contribution to the field.” —The New York Times

A Culinary Journey Through Southeast Asia

Recipes and Travels in the Other China

“A labor of love by two knowledgeable and intrepid food pilgrims.” —Robert Thurman An exciting introduction to the outlying regions of China, their diverse cultures and delicious food traditions. Includes recipes and stories from Tibet,Yunnan, Inner Mongolia, and along the Silk Road. Selection of the Good Cook Book Club

“A book to get down and dirty with in the kitchen.” —Food & Wine This James Beard Foundation Cookbook of the Year follows the authors’ journey through Southeast Asia along the Mekong River, with 175 recipes and evocative stories about places and people. Main Selection of the Good Cook Book Club

300 color food and location photographs • 125 recipes • 384 pages, 11" x 93⁄4" • Hardcover, jacketed (NCR/£30.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65301-5 $40.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-301-9 • NO. 85301

150 color food and location photographs • 175 recipes • 352 pages, 11" x 93⁄4" • Hardcover, jacketed (NCR/£30.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65114-1 $45.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-114-5 • NO. 85114



Mangoes & Curry Leaves

Culinary Travels Through the Great Subcontinent Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid

A lushly photographed exploration of the infinite variety and eye-opening flavors of the entire Subcontinent—from Sri Lanka and India north through Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal. Selection of the Good Cook Book Club 200 color food and location photographs • 200 recipes • 384 pages, 11" x 93⁄4" • Hardcover, jacketed (NCR/£30.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65252-0 $45.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-252-4• NO. 85252



The Artful Mix of Flour and Tradition Around the World Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid

Alford and Duguid combed six continents in search of everyday gems such as Taipei Coconut Buns and Moroccan Biscotti— includes 200 recipes, insightful photographs, and rich anecdotes. Main Selection of the Good Cook Book Club 150 color food and location photographs 200 recipes • 448 pages, 91⁄2" x 11" • Hardcover, jacketed (NCR/£30.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65174-5 $40.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-174-9 • NO. 85174 •


Seductions of Rice

A New Way to Cook

Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid

Sally Schneider Photographs by Maria Robledo

In a “must-have compendium for any serious cook” (Publishers Weekly), the authors offer recipes from the major rice-eating and -growing regions of the world. Selection of the Good Cook Book Club More than 200 photographs • Nearly 200 recipes • 480 pages, 8" x 10 1⁄2" • Paperback with flaps (NCR/£18.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65234-6 $24.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-234-0 • NO. 85234

“The cookbook for the early 21st century.” —Publishers Weekly With original techniques, Schneider reinvents all our favorites. More than 600 recipes, tips, and other practical information. Main Selection of the Good Cook Book Club Nearly 50 color photographs • More than 600 recipes • 756 pages, 63⁄4" x 91⁄4" • Paperback ($31.50 CAN/£18.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65249-0 $24.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-249-4 • NO. 85249

BACKLIST cook ing


“It may be the best book ever about bistros and bistro food.”

“America’s top toque.” —Time

—The New York Times 124,000 COPIES IN PRINT

The French Laundry Cookbook


Thomas Keller with Susie Heller and Michael Ruhlman Photographs by Deborah Jones

Thomas Keller with Jeff Cerciello, Susie Heller, and Michael Ruhlman Photographs by Deborah Jones

The 2000 IACP Cookbook of the Year

Thomas Keller’s first cookbook is as satisfying as a French Laundry meal (“The most exciting place to eat in the United States”—Ruth Reichl). This is a book to cook from, to learn from, to savor.

The classics of French bistro cooking from America’s most celebrated chef (“An astonishing cook, blessed with rare intelligence and impeccable taste”—Los Angeles Times), featuring simple but exquisitely crafted dishes: from onion soup to tarte tatin, from steak-frites to pot-au-feu.

Selection of the Good Cook Book Club

Selection of the Good Cook Book Club More than 150 color and black-and-white photographs • Nearly 150 recipes • 360 pages, 11" x 11" • Hardcover, jacketed ($62.95 CAN/£40.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65239-1 $50.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-239-5 • NO. 85239

More than 200 color photographs • 150 recipes • 336 pages, 11" x 11" • Hardcover, jacketed ($62.95 CAN/£40.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65126-4 $50.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-126-8 • NO. 85126


The Complete Keller Ducasse Flavors The French Laundry of France Cookbook and Bouchon Thomas Keller

Alain Ducasse with Linda Dannenberg Photography by Pierre Hussenot

Two of the most acclaimed, awardwinning cookbooks ever published— from two acclaimed, award-winning restaurants—packaged together in a stunning boxed set. The ideal gift for food lovers.

“Alluringly simple dishes.” —The New York Times

More than 350 color and black-and-white photographs • 336 pages + 360 pages = 696 pages, 11" x 11" • Boxed set of 2 jacketed hardcovers ($125.90 CAN/£70.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65293-3 $100.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-293-7 • NO. 85293

Selection of the Good Cook Book Club

From the chef with more Michelin stars than anyone on the planet, a “stunningly produced” (Time) celebration of traditional French food. 125 color photographs • 264 pages, 9" x 12" • Hardcover, jacketed ($49.95 CAN/£30.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65319-0 $40.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-319-4 • NO. 85319

Biba’s Italy

Favorite Recipes from the Splendid Cities Biba Caggiano

“A treasure trove of recipes, tips and information.” —Italian Cooking & Living From one of the most beloved and bestselling authors in the category, simple, authentic recipes from the great destinations of Italy. Main Selection of the Good Cook Book Club

B. Smith’s Entertaining and Cooking for Friends Barbara Smith

Television star and restaurateur Barbara Smith shares her favorite recipes along with stylish entertaining ideas. Selection of the Good Cook Book Club 75 color photographs • 100 recipes • 176 pages, 81⁄2" x 11" • Paperback ($23.95 CAN/£12.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65161-5 $18.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-161-9 • NO. 85161

30 duotone photographs • 336 pages, 73⁄8" x 91⁄4" • Paper-over-board ($37.50 CAN/£20.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65317-6 $29.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-317-0 • NO. 85317


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“As edifying as it is amusing.”

“Recipes [that] bake bold and beautiful.”

—Publishers Weekly

—Los Angeles Times

Two Meatballs in the Italian Kitchen

Pure Dessert

Pino Luongo and Mark Strausman

True Flavors, Inspiring Ingredients, and Simple Recipes

“A charm and humor rarely found in a great cookbook. Bravi!” —Stanley Tucci

Alice Medrich

“Entertaining.” —Wolfgang Puck

“Medrich will revolutionize your thinking.” —Publishers Weekly

From not one master but two, 150 delicious, simple, honest recipes for classic, authentic dishes and Italian-American favorites, with text that teaches and dialogue that’s lively. “As with the last few pages of a good book, you don't want this meal to end” (The New York Times).

Alice Medrich reshapes the universe of sweets by focusing on fewer but finer ingredients and using them in fresh ways. With beautiful photographs and 150 delectable recipes, Pure Dessert is a revelation.

Selection of the Good Cook Book Club 50 color photographs • 150 recipes • 320 pages, 8" x 10" • Hardcover, jacketed ($43.95 CAN/£25.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65345-9 $35.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-345-3 • NO. 85345

A Blessing of Bread

The Many Rich Traditions of Jewish Bread Baking Around the World Maggie Glezer

“A lush, exotic collection.” —The New York Times A wealth of recipes and stories from around the world. More than 100 color and black-and-white photographs • Nearly 100 recipes • 336 pages, 8" x 10" • Hardcover, jacketed ($43.95 CAN/£25.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65210-0 $35.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-210-4 • NO. 85210


Artisan Baking Maggie Glezer

“A terrific guide.” —Chicago Tribune “Required reading for all apprentice bread bakers.” —The New York Times A “rare combination of clear writing, meticulous recipes, and abundant expertise” (Fine Cooking) that explores the best artisanal baking. 200 color and black-and-white photographs • 50 recipes • 248 pages, 81⁄2" x 113⁄8" • Paperback ($28.95 CAN/£14.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65291-9 $22.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-291-3 • NO. 85291

“A beautifully written, instructive volume.” —Gourmet

Selection of the Good Cook Book Club 45 color photographs • 150 recipes • 272 pages, 7 7⁄ 16" x 10" • Hardcover, jacketed ($43.95CAN/£25.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65211-7 $35.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-211-1 • NO. 85211


Chocolate Holidays

Alice Medrich Photographs by Deborah Jones

Alice Medrich

Recipes and Tales from a Life in Chocolate

“Fabulous recipes.” —Gourmet The 2004 IACP Cookbook of the Year

Alice Medrich guides home bakers through the new world of premium chocolates. Selection of the Good Cook Book Club Nearly 50 color photographs • Nearly 150 recipes • 384 pages, 71⁄2" x 91⁄2" • Hardcover, jacketed ($43.95 CAN/£25.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65160-8 $35.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-160-2 • NO. 85160

Unforgettable Desserts for Every Season

“Few people write better about baking, and no one writes better about chocolate.” —The New York Times Fifty stellar chocolate desserts, each a jewel of elegance and simplicity, designed to celebrate every holiday and special occasion. 54 color photographs • 50 recipes • 152 pages, 81⁄2" x 91⁄2" • Paperback with flaps ($19.95 CAN/£10.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65290-2 $15.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-290-6 • NO. 85290

BACKLIST BACKLISTcatego cook ing ry

“An attractive blend of the esoteric and the essential.”

“Delicious fun.” —Gourmet

—Associated Press 53,000 COPIES IN PRINT

What’s a Cook to Do?

An Illustrated Guide to 484 Essential Tools, Tips, Techniques, & Tricks James Peterson

“A useful primer for anyone looking to master the basics . . . even veterans are bound to learn something.” —The New York Times Peeling, chopping, carving, blending, and whipping—it’s all covered in this indispensable reference from master teacher and award-winning author James Peterson. Features step-by-step photographs, hundreds of inspired ideas, and dozens of recipes. 350 color photographs • 432 pages, 6" x 8" • Paperback ($20.95 CAN/£10.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65318-3 $16.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-318-7 • NO. 85318

Happy in the Kitchen Michel Richard With Susie Heller and Peter Kaminsky • Foreword by Thomas Keller

“A happy, exuberant cookbook as remarkable for its great ideas as its joie de vivre. Stunning.” —People “Richard is a wizard, a man whose food appeals as much to his fellow chefs as to his customers. I cannot wait to tackle these recipes.” —Mark Bittman An innovative, eye-opening, and gorgeous achievement from the celebrated chef of two of the foremost restaurants in Washington, D.C., Citronelle and Central. Selection of the Good Cook Book Club 225 color photographs • 352 pages, 11" x 9 3⁄4" • Hardcover, jacketed ($55.95 CAN/£30.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65299-5 $45.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-299-9 • NO. 85299


Essentials of Cooking Big Sky Cooking James Peterson

“An invaluable, timeless reference.” —Publishers Weekly This comprehensive guide lets you master 250 core techniques and recipes with the help of more than 1,100 photographs. These indispensable skills spell the difference between knowing how to cook and really cooking.

Raising the Bar

Meredith Brokaw and Ellen Wright Foreword by Tom Brokaw

Better Drinks • Better Entertaining

“A gem.” —Rocky Mountain News

Nick Mautone with Marah Stets

Fall in love with the American West one meal at a time, in delicious recipes served up with reflections by Tom McGuane, Jim Harrison, and others.

Main Selection of the Good Cook Book Club

Selection of the Good Cook and Outdoorsman’s Edge Book Clubs

More than 1,100 color photographs • 150 recipes • 312 pages, 9" x 10" • Paperback with flaps ($31.50 CAN/ £18.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65236-0 $24.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-236-4 • NO. 85236

150 color photographs • 100 recipes • 224 pages, 81⁄2" x 10" • Hardcover, jacketed ($43.95 CAN/£25.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65268-1 $35.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-268-5 • NO. 85268

“In a league of its own.” —The Dallas Morning News The first book for those who are as serious about cocktails as they are about food, with 250 wide-ranging cocktail and food recipes. Selection of the Good Cook Book Club More than 100 color photographs • 288 pages, 65⁄8" x 91⁄2" • Hardcover, jacketed ($33.95 CAN/£15.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65260-5 $27.50 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-260-9 • NO. 85260

GranitaMagic Nadia Roden

“Refreshing concoctions [that] are surprisingly versatile.” —Publishers Weekly More than 50 recipes for icy flavors that make every meal sparkle. Light, easy, flavor-intense granitas are a great way to begin, refresh, or end any meal. Here’s the first book of recipes for this tempting treat. Selection of the Good Cook Book Club More than 50 watercolors • More than 50 recipes • 120 pages, 77⁄8" x 65⁄8" • Hardcover, jacketed ($18.95 CAN/£10.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65223-0 $15.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-223-4 • NO. 85223


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“A gem.” —People


Vegetable Love

Vegetables Delicious, Alone or with Pasta, Seafood, Poultry, Meat and More

Frank Stitt’s Southern Table Rosa’s New Mexican Table Recipes and Gracious Traditions from Highlands Bar and Grill

Barbara Kafka with Christopher Styler

Frank Stitt • Foreword by Pat Conroy

“A shoo-in for classic status.” —Minneapolis Star-Tribune

“If food were a religion, this would be its prayer book.” —Southern Accents

Recipient of the James Beard Lifetime Achievement Award

2005 SEBA Award for Cookbook of the Year

An indispensable and revolutionary cookbook— for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike—from IACP and James Beard award-winning author Barbara Kafka, with 750 recipes.

Alabama’s favorite son’s long-awaited cookbook features his award-winning Provençal-influenced Southern food, with more than 150 recipes for the traditional and the inspired.

Main Selection of the Good Cook Book Club

Main Selection of the Good Cook Book Club

50 duotone photographs • 750 recipes • 720 pages, 73⁄4" x 91⁄8" • Hardcover, jacketed ($43.95 CAN/£22.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65168-4 $35.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-168-8 • NO. 85168

More than 150 color photographs • 150 recipes • 384 pages, 9" x 11" • Hardcover, jacketed ($49.95 CAN/£30.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65246-9 $40.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-246-3 • NO. 85246

Roberto Santibañez

“Delightful, innovative, gutsy food. This book will get you cooking, I guarantee it.” —Sara Moulton “Tempting photographs and excellent recipes.” —House Beautiful Fresh, exciting, and soulful food for festive meals with family and friends from the award-winning chef of the wildly popular Rosa Mexicano restaurants. Selection of the Good Cook Book Club 60 color photographs • 288 pages, 77⁄16" x 10" • Hardcover, jacketed ($43.95 CAN/£25.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65324-4 $35.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-324-8 • NO. 85324


Soup: A Way of Life Barbara Kafka

“Thorough, clear, and consistently easy.” —Cookbook Digest


The Magic of Essential Oils in Food and Fragrance Mandy Aftel and Daniel Patterson

Sweet Gratitude

Bake a Thank-you for the Really Important People in Your Life

“Kafka has never, not once, been accused of being boring.” —Asbury Park Press

“We sense the arrival of a new total body experience.” —O,The Oprah Magazine

Judith Sutton

A wonderfully diverse collection of recipes from all over the world.

Fragrance and food recipes, with information on equipment, techniques, and ingredients.

Recipes for delicious baked goods and candy.

Main Selection of the Good Cook Book Club Full-color photographs • Nearly 300 recipes • 496 pages, 8" x 101⁄2" • Hardcover, jacketed ($43.95 CAN/£25.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65125-7 $35.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-125-1 • NO. 85125


Selection of the Good Cook Book Club Full-color photographs throughout • More than 120 recipes • 216 pages, 7" x 10" • Hardcover, jacketed ($37.50 CAN/£20.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65264-3 $30.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-264-7 • NO. 85264

“A new language for saying I love you.” —Mario Batali

Selection of the Good Cook Book Club 50 watercolor illustrations • 70 recipes • 112 pages, 7" x 9" • Hardcover, jacketed ($19.95 CAN/£10.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65261-2 $15.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-261-6 • NO. 85261

In the Sweet Kitchen The Definitive Baker’s Companion Regan Daley The 2001 IACP Cookbook of the Year

A professional-quality reference for the novice as well as the accomplished chef, brimming with recipes and information on ingredients and techniques. Selection of the Good Cook Book Club 8 pages of color photographs • 704 pages, 63⁄4" x 83⁄4" • Hardcover, jacketed • (NCR/NUKR) • UPC 7-91243-65208-7 $35.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-208-1 • NO. 85208

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Kitchen of Light


New Scandinavian Cooking with Andreas Viestad

Recipes, Parties, and License to Make Magic Sandy Hill Recipes by Stephanie Valentine

Andreas Viestad

“Refreshingly un-chefy. An enjoyable, beautifully illustrated book.” —San Francisco Chronicle This charming exploration of Scandinavian food and culture—from one of public television’s most charismatic cooks—engages readers with personal anecdotes and 100 flavorful recipes. 150 color photographs • 100 recipes • 304 pages, 81⁄2" x 10" • Paperback ($30.95 CAN/£16.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65340-4 $24.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-340-8 • NO. 85340

“Sandy shows us how to celebrate with style . . . every hostess can learn from what she has created.” —Martha Stewart “A must for creative entertaining.” —Town & Country Inspired entertaining from a leading arbiter of taste and style. Captures the essence of these delicious celebrations and reveals the beauty of California’s wine country. More than 450 color photographs • 320 pages, 9" x 12" • Hardcover, jacketed ($49.95 CAN/£35.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65338-1 $45.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-338-5 • NO. 85338

Grains, Rice, and Beans

Wild Fish & Game Cookbook

Kevin Graham

John Manikowski

In this collection of naturally low-fat recipes for vegetarians and nonvegetarians alike, grains both familiar and unexpected star in dishes that range from comforting classic to creative contemporary. 35 color photographs • 100 recipes • 192 pages, 9" x 10" • Paperback ($36.95 CAN/£17.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65127-1 $25.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-127-5 • NO. 85127

Wildlife artist and chef John Manikowski offers recipes, stories, and illustrations from his hunting and fishing trips. 35 color photographs and illustrations • 100 recipes • 192 pages, 9" x 10" • Hardcover, jacketed ($43.95 CAN/£25.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-18350-5 $35.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-88518-350-7 • NO. 85050

The Young Man & the Sea

Recipes & Crispy Fish Tales from Esca David Pasternack and Ed Levine Foreword by Mario Batali

“Pasternack’s knowledge of fish is positively Brittanical.” —The New York Times “The food actually makes me vibrate with pleasure.” —Ruth Reichl, Gourmet From impassioned fisherman and chef Dave Pasternack, 125 inventive yet comforting recipes that celebrate the fresh flavors of the sea— Italian-style. Main Selection of the Good Cook Book Club 60 color photographs • 125 recipes • 272 pages, 8" x 10" • Hardcover, jacketed ($43.95 CAN/£25.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65276-6 $35.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-276-0 • NO. 85276

A Tale of 12 Kitchens Van Gogh’s Table Family Cooking in Four Countries

At the Auberge Ravoux

Jake Tilson

“A fascinating journey.” —Country Home

“Visually captivating—takes readers on a culinary journey.” —Cleveland Plain Dealer An original mix of eclectic scrapbook, adventure travelogue, memoir, and mouthwatering recipes, creating a “remarkable work of art” (The Independent). 475 color photographs and collages • 256 pages, 75⁄8" x 97⁄8" • Paperback with flaps ($28.95 CAN/ NUKR) • UPC 7-91243-65320-6 $22.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-320-0 • NO. 85320

Alexandra Leaf and Fred Leeman

“Beautifully rendered.” —Newsday An intimate view into Van Gogh’s world through recipes, photographs, letters, and sketches, many never before seen in book form. 100 color photographs • 224 pages, 81⁄2" x 10" • Paperback ($24.95 CAN/£14.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65315-2 $19.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-315-6 • NO. 85315


h ouse, h ome , and garden BACKLIST category BACKLIST

1000 Garden Ideas

The Best of Everything in a Visual Sourcebook


50 Tastemakers Describe What It Is, Where It Is, What It Means

Stafford Cliff

Stafford Cliff

With photographs taken all over the world, this fascinating collection offers the cleverest solutions, the most original choices—the best of everything a gardener could dream of.

“Enchanting. An inspirational and empowering book.”—The Times (London)

Selection of the Country Homes & Gardens Book Club 1000 photographs • 208 pages, 9" x 113⁄4" • Hardcover, jacketed ($41.95 CAN) • UPC 7-91243-65348-0 $35.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-348-4 • NO. 85348

Fifty remarkable people (Donatella Versace, Paul Smith, Jonathan Adler)—many of them trendsetters in architecture, home design, and the decorative arts—reveal their homes. Rich with design ideas, innovative philosophies, and endless enthusiasm, Home is fascinating and inspiring. Main Selection of the Country Homes & Gardens Book Club

Restoring a Home in Italy Elizabeth Minchilli Photographs by Simon McBride

“Outstanding. A coffee-table book for the ages.”—Library Journal Author Elizabeth Minchilli and photographer Simon McBride let us in on the beauty and charm of lovingly restored houses throughout the Italian countryside. Selection of the Country Homes & Gardens Book Club More than 250 color photographs • 272 pages, 101⁄2" x 12" • Hardcover, jacketed ($62.95 CAN/£35.00 UK) • upc 7-91243-65172-1 $50.00 • isbn-13: 978-1-57965-172-5 • no. 85172

125 color photographs • 256 pages, 79⁄16" x 103⁄16" • Paperback with flaps ($31.95 CAN) • UPC 7-91243-65349-7 $25.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-349-1 • NO. 85349

Melons for the Passionate Grower Amy Goldman Photographs by Victor Schrager American Horticultural Society Book Award Winner · 2003 Garden Globe Achievement Award Winner

Acclaimed gardener Amy Goldman profiles more than 100 varieties, each showcased in a full-color photographic still life. She offers expert advice on cultivating and selecting melons as well as on seed saving and sources for seeds. Nearly 150 color photographs • 176 pages, 7" x 9" • Flexible hardcover ($31.50 CAN/ £18.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65213-1 $25.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-213-5 • NO. 85213


The Compleat Squash

Breaking Ground

A Passionate Grower’s Guide to Pumpkins, Squashes, and Gourds Amy Goldman Photographs by Victor Schrager American Horticultural Society Book Award

The histories, culinary merits, and portraits of both common and uncommon varieties. 3

150 color photographs • 216 pages, 9" x 11 ⁄4" • Hardcover, jacketed ($49.95 CAN/£30.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65251-3 $40.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-251-7 • NO. 85251

Garden Design Solutions from Ten Contemporary Masters Page Dickey Photographs by Erica Lennard

Ten contemporary garden masters offer hundreds of ideas for gardens as small as a city terrace and as large as a country estate. Selection of the Country Homes & Gardens and Garden Book Clubs More than 200 color photographs, sketches, and garden plans • 208 pages, 9" x 12" • Paperback with flaps ($31.50 CAN/£18.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65238-4 $24.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-238-8 • NO. 85238

Common to This Country

Botanical Discoveries of Lewis & Clark Text by Susan H. Munger Illustrations by Charlotte Staub Thomas Foreword by Verlyn Klinkenborg “Revelatory reading for any armchair traveler as well as the plant enthusiast.” —House & Garden

Exquisite watercolors and intriguing essays on the discovery of plants. 25 watercolor illustrations • 112 pages, 7" x 9" • Hardcover, jacketed ($28.95 CAN/£16.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65224-7 $22.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-224-1 • NO. 85224

BACKLIST hou se , hBACKLIST ome , and garden catego ry

In the Company of Stone The Art of the Stone Wall Dan Snow Photographs by Peter Mauss

“Practical and poetic.” —The Washington Post “A fascinating work [with] spectacular photographs.” —Sacramento Bee

Napkins with a Twist Fabulous Folds with Flair for Every Occasion

Magical Wedding Bouquets

David Stark

“If you’ve seen the work of Stark and Adler, you won’t forget it.” —House & Garden

Mixing whimsy and elegance, celebrity event designer Stark fashions smart setups for every occasion, in the most beautiful, stylish, and luxurious book in this ever popular niche.

Evocative prose and photographs reveal the beauty of walling.

Selection of the Good Cook Book Club

125 color and duotone photographs • 128 pages, 101⁄4" x 12" • Paperback with flaps ($27.95 CAN/£19.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65347-3 $22.50 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-347-7 • NO. 85347

350 color photographs • 160 pages, 81⁄2" x 101⁄2" • Hardcover, jacketed ($24.95 CAN/£13.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65296-4 $19.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-296-8 • NO. 85296

The Salvage Sisters’ Guide to Finding Style in the Street and Inspiration in the Attic

Selection of the Homestyle Books Book Club

Learning to See

Bringing the World Around You into Your Home Vicente Wolf

Kathleen Hackett and Mary Ann Young

“Timeless, fascinating, and universal.” —USA Today

Learn how to transform everyday objects into style statements.

Renowned designer Wolf invites you to create beautiful rooms that reflect your own taste and style.

Selection of the Country Homes & Gardens Book Club 116 color photographs • 160 pages, 7" x 91⁄2" • Hardcover, jacketed ($28.95 CAN/£16.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65245-2 • Paperback with flaps ($18.50 CAN/£10.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65288-9 $22.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-245-6 • NO. 85245 (HC) $14.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-288-3 • NO. 85288 (PB)

To Have & to Hold

Selection of the Country Homes & Gardens Book Club and Designers Book Service More than 160 color photographs • 192 pages, 101⁄2" x 101⁄2" • Hardcover, jacketed ($49.95 CAN/£30.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65217-9 $40.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-217-3 • NO. 85217

David Stark and Avi Adler

An absolute must for brides. The most sought-after event planners in New York offer a sea of seductive choices, featuring 150 unique designs using flowers that are both familiar and exotic, complete with practical information. 200 color and black-and-white photographs • 208 pages, 81⁄2" x 101⁄2" • Hardcover, jacketed ($33.95 CAN/£17.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65278-0 $27.50 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-278-4 • NO. 85278

The Language of Doors Paulo Vicente and Tom Connor

“[A] handy reference to explain architectural styles and terms for everything related to a portal and its adornments.” —Los Angeles Times A celebrated architect and a home design expert demonstrate 100 entrance styles. 120 drawings • 192 pages, 71⁄2" x 71⁄2" • Hardcover, jacketed ($23.95 CAN/£11.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65272-8 $18.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-272-2 • NO. 85272

Tile Jill Herbers Photographs by Roy Wright

“Stunning . . . rich with ideas.” —House Beautiful This gorgeously illustrated bible on tile is on the top-pick lists of Martha Stewart, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and more than 400 other publications. 175 color photographs • 192 pages, 8" x 12" • Paperback ($24.95 CAN/£14.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65209-4 $19.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-209-8 • NO. 85209


category crafts, knitting, BACKLIST and h o bbies BACKLIST


Itty-Bitty Nursery

Itty-Bitty Hats

Sweet, Adorable Knits for Baby and Beyond

Cute and Cuddly Caps to Knit for Babies and Toddlers

Susan B. Anderson

Susan B. Anderson

“Utterly charming.” —Book Page

“So cute!” —The Dallas Morning News

“Almost too cute.” —McClatchey News Tribune Service

Nearly 40 irresistable designs for infants and toddlers—fun, hip, creative patterns with decorative flourishes that are witty, whimsical, and undeniably unique. The perfect gift for every knitter.

At sleep, in the nursery, and on the go, babies need knits like these. Here are 40 projects that are utterly charming and very usable: baby sets and toys, stroller blankets, and much more. 70 color photographs and 50 line drawings • 176 pages, 7" x 91⁄2" • Paper-over-board, concealed Wire-O ($22.50 CAN/£11.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65334-3 $17.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-334-7 • NO. 85334

Selection of the Crafter’s Choice Book Club 75 color photographs and illustrations • 176 pages, 7" x 91⁄2" • Paper-over-board, concealed Wire-O ($22.50 CAN/£12.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65295-7 $17.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-295-1 • NO. 85295

Kids Knitting Melanie Falick Parent’s Guide to Children’s Media Award Winner

“Give this charming book to a child and you may find it hard to keep your own hands off!” —Vogue Knitting International Through 15 easy projects, using straightforward lanuguage and step-by-step instructions, kids of all ages learn the basics of knitting. From swatches to sweaters, cast on and bind off for adventures in Kids Knitting. 40 color photographs and 50 color illustrations • 128 pages, 8" x 9" • Paperback with flaps ($15.95 CAN/£8.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65241-4 $12.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-241-8 • NO. 85241


Fabulous Fakes A Passion for Vintage Costume Jewelry Carole Tanenbaum

The connoisseur’s guide to this increasingly popular collectible (and wearable) genre. A brilliant and beautiful full-color package from one of North America’s foremost experts, whose pieces are featured in retail stores and museums worldwide. More than 350 color photographs • 224 pages, 81⁄2" x 81⁄2" • Hardcover, jacketed (NCR/NUKR) • UPC 7-91243-65292-6 $35.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-292-0 • NO. 85292


Fresh Cuts

Unexpected Arrangements with Branches, Buds, and Blooms

Teen Knitting Club Chill Out and Knit

Jennifer Wenger, Carol Abrams, and Maureen Lasher

Edwina von Gal Photographs by John M. Hall

“Cool and stylish.” —Vogue Knitting

“Simple and Stunning.” —The New York Times

Thirty-five hip projects for teens, from whimsical brimmed hats to classy cardigans. Includes words and stories of teen knitters, male and female.

Unexpected floral ideas, along with information on the basics of flower arranging and container choices. 100 color photographs • 148 pages, 9" x 10" • Paperback with flaps ($23.95 CAN/ £13.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65266-7 $18.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-266-1 • NO. 85266

More than 50 color photographs • 35 projects • 144 pages, 7" x 91⁄2" • Paper-over-board, concealed Wire-O ($22.50 CAN/£12.99 UK) • UPC 7-9124365244-5 $17.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-244-9 • NO. 85244

America Knits Melanie Falick Photographs by Chris Hartlove

“Not only are the stories a great read, but the photos are so full of color and texture they’ll make your fingers itch to start your own scarf or afghan.” —Glamour Profiles of dozens of knitters, spinners, dyers, and sheep breeders and 30 original patterns, from basic to advanced and from traditional to contemporary. 175 color photographs • 30 original patterns • 224 pages, 9" x 12" • Paperback ($24.95 CAN/£12.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65287-2 $19.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-287-6 • NO. 85287

BACKLIST BACKLIST ph oto catego graph ry y



“An absolutely wonderful book.”


—Kate Winslet This Is Who I Am



Carey Hart with Chris Palmer Photographs by Bill Thomas

Christopher Beane Text by Anthony F. Janson

A dynamic collection of stunning portraits and illuminating profiles that reveals the attitude and aesthetic of tattoos. Personal stories of first tattoos, design inspirations, the process, and the joys and regrets that accompany skin art combine to make this an exciting tapestry, with more style and substance than anything else in the category.

“An oeuvre of amazing range and persuasive charm.” —Elle Décor

75 color photographs • 160 pages, 9" x 12" • Hardcover, jacketed ($40.00 CAN/£25.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65335-0 • Paperback ($26.50 CAN/£14.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65341-1 $39.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-335-4 • NO. 85335 (HC) $22.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-341-5 • NO. 85341 (PB)

Rosanne Olson

This dazzling, sensuous celebration of color and form is an introduction to one of today’s most exciting artists. With intensity, vision, and expressiveness, Christopher Beane captures the beauty, and the bizarre, of the botanical—from the veins of dehydrated petals and the textures of poppy stamens to the infinite compositions vines create and the multiple layers that constitute a ranunculus. 150 color photographs • 168 pages, 101⁄4" x 12" • Hardcover, jacketed ($39.95 CAN/£20.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65352-7 $35.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-352-1 • NO. 85352

“Images and personal stories with the power to inspire.”—Lynn Redgrave A collection of 54 portraits of women— ages 19 to 95, of all sizes and shapes, ethnicities, and life experiences—that are striking, beautiful, and real. With profiles that are personal, tender, and moving, this celebration of womanhood is the perfect gift for mothers to give to daughters, daughters to cousins, cousins to friends. 55 duotones • 128 pages, 71⁄2" x 11" • Hardcover, jacketed ($29.95 CAN/£15.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65363-3 $25.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-363-7 • NO. 85363



Great Moments of Discovery from the Royal Geographical Society Text by Edmund Hillary, Richard Leakey, Ranulph T-W-Fiennes, Wilfred Thesiger, Christina Dodwell, and John Hemming

In photographs and interviews,the discoveries and expeditions of some of the most daring adventurers of the last 150 years. More than 300 color and black-and-white photographs • 340 pages, 103⁄4" x 121⁄2" • Paperback with flaps ($43.95 CAN) • UPC 7-91243-65220-9 $35.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-220-3 • NO. 85220



Peter Howe

Francesco Mastalia and Alfonse Pagano Introduction by Alice Walker

“A captivating read, bursting with gritty images of famous people” —Publishers Weekly A candid look at the photographers we disdain and the photographs we love. More than 200 color and black-and-white photographs • 176 pages, 9" x 12" • Hardcover, jacketed ($43.95 CAN/£25.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65262-9 • Paperback with flaps ($31.50 CAN/£17.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65277-3 $35.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-262-3 • NO. 85262 (HC) $24.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-277-7 • NO. 85277 (PB)

“Beautiful book, beautiful hair, beautiful people, beautiful exhilarating spirituality. I loved it and love my (our) hair.” —Anne Lamott Magnificent portraits of and interviews with dread-heads from around the world. 100 duotone photographs • 144 pages, 101⁄4" x 12" • Paperback with flaps ($24.95 CAN/£14.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65150-9 $19.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-150-3 • NO. 85150

When Food Was Fun Calories Didn’t Count, Candy Was King, and Mealtime Was Anytime Linda Ferrer

“Charming photographs and trivia . . . a nice gift for a weekend host.” —The New York Times Whimsical photographs, lively quotes about life, love, and friendship, and dozens of fun food facts. 55 color and black-and-white photographs • 80 pages, 6" x 6" • Paper-over-board ($12.50 CAN) • UPC 7-91243-65265-0 $9.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-265-4 • NO. 85265 8-copy counter display available


spo rts and o u tdo ors BACKLIST


“Lavish and beautiful.”


Where Golf Is Great

The Finest Courses of Scotland and Ireland


Dogs We Love

Photographs by Yann Arthus-Bertrand Text by Jean-Louis Gouraud

Edited by Michael J. Rosen

James W. Finegan

“Gorgeous.” —San Diego Union Tribune

USGA’s Herbert Warren Wind Book Award Winner

A sumptuous tribute to the earth’s most beautiful animal—in a new portable format—from the master photographer of Earth from Above.

“Entertaining and informative.” —The Wall Street Journal

—The New Yorker

“In all of golfdom, Jim Finegan is unique.” —Michael Bamberger

225 color photographs • 336 pages, 91⁄4” x 69⁄16" • Paper-over-board ($29.95 CAN/NUKR) • UPC 7-91243-65355-8 $25.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-355-2 • NO. 85355

A spectacular oversize celebration, by America’s leading expert on Scottish and Irish golf, of the best courses in these dream destinations. The perfect men’s gift book.

Also available in large format: 225 color photographs • 232 pages, 151⁄2" x 101⁄4" • Hardcover, jacketed ($80.00 CAN/NUKR) • UPC 7-91243-65274-2 $60.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-274-6 • NO. 85274

“Wonderful.” —Los Angeles Times Nationally acclaimed dog-devoted writers celebrate the joys of canine companionship. Humorous, endearing photographs add to this wonderfully touching, witty tribute. With essays by Edward Albee, Jane Smiley, Armistead Maupin, Ann Beattie, Bob Shacochis, and Danny Shanahan. 35 black-and-white photographs • 176 pages, 6" x 7" • Hardcover, jacketed ($17.95 CAN/£9.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65358-9 $15.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-358-3 • NO. 85358

750 color photographs • 528 pages, 13" x 103⁄4" • Hardcover, jacketed ($74.95 CAN/£40.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65271-1 $60.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-271-5 • NO. 85271


The 500 World’s Greatest Golf Holes George Peper and the Editors of Golf Magazine

Among Trees

Horse People

Sean Kernan Introduction by Anthony Doerr

Edited by Michael J. Rosen

“Every tree featured here is a “A book on par with no other.” portrait of grace and beauty.” —The Dallas Morning News —The Washington Times Visit golf holes that inspire, challenge, Photographs at once stark and lush, and excite. Whether you are looking tranquil and vibrant, dramatic and contemplative: all the pleasures of for a golf hole in particular or are just particular about great golf holes, walking in the woods. this all embracing book offers a chance to tee up at the world’s best holes—without ever leaving home. More than 800 color photographs and 18 schematics • 456 pages, 93⁄4" x 93⁄4" • Paperback with flaps ($37.50 CAN/ £25.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65237-7 $29.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-237-1 • NO. 85237


More than 100 duotone photographs • 160 pages, 111⁄4" x 8" • Hardcover, jacketed ($33.95 CAN/£25.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65222-3 $27.50 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-222-7 • NO. 85222

“A winning compilation of essays and art.” —Horse & Rider Passionate, funny, emotional stories by 25 writers, artists, and photographers about the eternal bond between humankind and the horse. 100 color photographs and illustrations • 160 pages, 9" x 11" • Paperback ($24.95 CAN/£14.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65212-4 $19.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-212-8 • NO. 85212

Fishing with Dad

Lessons of Love and Lure from Father to Son Michael J. Rosen Photographs by Will Shively

“For all ages.” —The Tampa Tribune “Pure nostalgia.” — The Columbus Dispatch A story of wonder and discovery for young anglers, a gift of nostalgia and love for everyone. 30 color photographs • 32 pages, 6" x 6" • Paper-over-board ($12.50 CAN/£6.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65286-5 $9.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-286-9 • NO. 85286

BACKLIST americana



Houses of the Founding Fathers

A User’s Guide Suzanne Brown

“Fresh and inviting.”—Boston Globe Whether you’re a guest or a host, whether you have kids or are a kid at heart, here are 300 ways to enjoy the season, indoors and out, at home and away. The book is packed with recipes, crafts, and games—in fact, all the passions and pastimes of summer are here, making this the summer necessity. Selection of the Good Cook Book Club Selection of the HomeStyle Book Club 150 color photographs and 50 illustrations • 224 pages, 9" x 8" • Paperback with flaps ($24.95 CAN/£14.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65316-9 $19.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-316-3 • NO. 85316

The Men Who Made America and the Way They Lived Hugh Howard Photographs by Roger Straus III

“A real treasure!”—Douglas Brinkley “Rich and intelligent.”—The Weekly Standard With stops in each of the 13 colonies, this tour of 40 stately houses is a riveting look at the domestic world of the Founding Fathers—their private lives, families, culture, and aspirations. 400 new color photographs • 100 archival photographs, line drawings, maps, and diagrams • 368 pages, 11" x 11" • Hardcover, jacketed ($62.95 CAN/£35.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65275-9 $50.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-275-3 • NO. 85275

Medal of Honor

Portraits of Valor Beyond the Call of Duty Photographs by Nick Del Calzo Text by Peter Collier

“Amazing.” —Larry King “Impressive and moving.” —The Weekly Standard This revised and expanded edition of the New York Times bestseller includes a new 90-minute DVD. The photographs, essays, and personal histories are an enduring tribute to those celebrated with the military’s highest honor. “These stories of courage under fire inspire awe and gratitude.” —Reader’s Digest 275 duotone photographs • 320 pages, 10" x 111⁄8" • Hardcover, jacketed ($55.95 CAN) • UPC 7-91243-65314-5 $45.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-314-9 • NO. 85314


This Is Our War

A Soldier’s Portfolio: Servicemen’s Photographs of Life in Iraq

The Ford Century

Ford Motor Company and the Innovations That Shaped the World

Devin Friedman and the Editors of GQ Magazine Foreword by General Wesley Clark

Russ Banham Foreword by Paul Newman

“Powerful . . . intensely personal and revealing”—Chicago Tribune

“Captivating visual history.” —Bookpage

Benjamin Franklin Award Winner

A groundbreaking look at war—from A fascinating look at the history of the soldiers’ point of view—in 250 an American icon. powerful photographs that provide an More than 500 photographs and illustrations • 272 honest glimpse into their war. pages, 101⁄4" x 111⁄4" • Hardcover, jacketed ($49.95 3

250 color photographs • 224 pages, 11" x 8 ⁄4" • Hardcover, jacketed ($37.50 CAN/£25.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65309-1 $29.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-309-5 • NO. 85309

CAN/£30.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65201-8 $40.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-201-2 • NO. 85201

The Journey from Here

Values of the Game

Bill Bradley

“The single most important present a parent could give a sports-loving child.” —The Dallas Morning News

From the perspective of a year on the road, listening to Americans in all circumstances and walks of life, Bill Bradley discusses his ideas for America’s future. 168 pages, 53⁄8" x 81⁄4" • Hardcover, jacketed ($23.95 CAN/£12.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65165-3 $18.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-165-7 • NO. 85165

Bill Bradley

A New York Times best seller

In ten essays, filled with intensely personal observations and reflections, and more than 120 photographs, Bill Bradley revisits the basketball court. More than 120 photographs • 160 pages, 8" x 10" • Hardcover, jacketed ($37.50 CAN/£25.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65116-5 $30.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-116-9 • NO. 85116


categoryNBACKLIST General on F icti on BACKLIST

“This is armchair travel at its best.” —Food Arts Everybody Eats There Inside the World’s Legendary

Change Your Underwear Twice a Week Lessons from the Golden Age of Classroom Filmstrips


William Stadiem and Mara Gibbs

“Trust us, you’ll want to buy this book and plan an epicurean adventure.” —Gotham Magazine A fun, delicious read full of hot restaurants, famous chefs, movie stars, tycoons, statesmen, athletes, and supermodels—with sex, money, style, and glamour. 8 black-and-white photographs 384 pages, 6" x 9" Hardcover, jacketed ($32.50 CAN/£18.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65322-0 $25.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-322-4 • NO. 85322 •

Late Bloomers

75 Remarkable People who Found Fame, Success & Joy in the Second Half of Their Lives Brendan Gill

The New Yorker’s Brendan Gill looks at 75 remarkable individuals whose greatest achievements occurred or were recognized in the second half of their lives. An inspirational book for every age. 75 color and black-and-white photographs • 168 pages, 51⁄4" x 61⁄2" • Paperback ($15.95 CAN/£8.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65108-0 $12.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-108-4 • NO. 85108


Danny Gregory

“Celebrating the soporific charms of classroom filmstrips. Beep!” —Entertainment Weekly Four decades of inadvertent humor and earnest lessons. 200 color and black-and-white photographs • 216 pages, 8" x 91⁄2" • Paperback with flaps ($23.95 CAN/£13.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65263-6 $18.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-263-0 • NO. 85263

I Can’t Wait Serge Bloch and Davide Cali

A sweet and poignant gift that celebrates life’s passages, with a length of brilliant red thread running through the eloquent tale of life’s journey. 25 two-page line illustrations, color throughout • 56 pages, 9" x 31⁄2" • Paper-over-board ($12.50 CAN/£7.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65297-1 $9.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-297-5 • NO. 85297 8-copy counter display: UPC 7-91243-65298-8 $79.60 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-298-2 • NO. 85298

Be My Baby

Ruskin’s Rose


Gail Kinn Photographs by Ken Shung

Text by Mimma Balia with Michelle Lovric Collages by Ann Field

Photographs by Steven Rothfeld Text by André Aciman

Parents and Children Talk About Adoption NAPPA Parenting Resources Gold Award Winner

Life stories and vibrant photographs create a beautiful testimony to the dream, and reality, of creating a family of one’s own. More than 50 black-and-white portraits • 160 pages, 11" x 93⁄8" • Hardcover, jacketed ($33.95 CAN/£20.00 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65152-3 $27.50 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-152-7 • NO. 85152

A Venetian Love Story

The unforgettable story of John Ruskin’s relationship with his clandestine love. Gorgeously illustrated throughout. 60 color photographs and illustrations • 96 pages, 6" x 81⁄2" • Hardcover, jacketed ($24.95 CAN/£14.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65137-0 $20.00 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-137-4 • NO. 85137

Signs of France Step through the unique gatefold cover and discover 80 quintessentially French signs. Rothfeld’s gallery of images is accompanied by acclaimed author André Aciman’s text, transporting the reader fully to another world. 80 color photographs • 92 pages, 73⁄4" x 73⁄4" • Paper-over-board ($27.95 CAN/£14.99 UK) • UPC 7-91243-65170-7 $18.95 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57965-170-1 • NO. 85170

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“Herrero’s paintings have a sense of joy, of pleasure, of people feeling comfortable about themselves.’’ —Barbara Lazaroff

Lowell Herrero

Moving On

Essay by Kate Rothrock Introduction by Jennifer Garden

With Keith Olson

The Art of Steve Hanks

Throughout a dynamic life that has spanned the Great Depression through the dawn of the twenty-first century, Lowell Herrero has turned his passion for living into art. The work reproduced in these pagescelebrates his lifelong enchantment with nature’s beauty and fecundity and our deep human connection to it. Herrero’s decadeslong love affair with the Napa Valley has been the immediate inspiration for his earthy paintings. 124 full-color paintings • 224 pages • 121⁄2" x 115⁄8", Hardcover, jacketed ($80.00 CAN/£40.00 UK) • UPC 7-66710-83096-1 $65.00 • ISBN-13: 978-0-86713-096-6 • NO. 83096

American Artist Watercolor Magazine’s Modern Master, winter 2008

Steve Hanks is first and foremost a figure painter whose watercolor compositions are infused with emotion and a kind of poetry formed by light and shadow. Realistic figure painting in watercolor is technically demanding and Hanks is the premier artist working in this field today. His astonishing realism comes from his skillful control of washes, edges, and layers and from his knowledge of the properties of water and pigment. Over 200 full-color paintings • 176 pages • 11" x 14", Hardcover, jacketed ($110.00 CAN/£55.00 UK)• UPC 7-66710-83098-5 $85.00• ISBN-13: 978-0-86713-098-0• NO. 83098

Scott Gustafson Classic Fairy Tales

“Exquisite . . . grownups will have as much fun as their children with this oversize picture book.’’

Illustrated by Scott Gustafson Winner of the 2003 Chesley Award for book illustration 84,000 COPIES IN PRINT

75 paintings • 10 best-loved stories • 144 pages, 101⁄2" x 12" • Hardcover, jacketed ($24.95 can/£14.99 uk) • upc 7-66710-85089-1 $19.95 • isbn-13: 978-0-86713-089-8 • no. 85089

—Sacramento Bee

Favorite Nursery Rhymes from Mother Goose


Illustrated by Scott Gustafson

Alphabet Soup

Animal Orchestra

Scott Gustafson

Scott Gustafson

Otter has a party.

Maestro Toucan conducts.

Full-color images • 48 pages, 9" x 12" • Hardcover, jacketed ($19.95 can/£11.99 uk) • upc 0-19628-88071-0 $15.95 • isbn-13: 978-0-86713-025-6 • no. 88071

Full-color images • 32 pages, 12" x 9" • Hardcover, jacketed ($18.50 can/£10.99 uk) • upc 7-66710-88070-6 $14.95 • isbn-13: 978-0-86713-030-0 • no. 88070

A Feast of Letters

A Counting Book

From nonsense to lessons learned, these 45 rhymes include the very well known (Itsy Bitsy Spider) and the somewhat familiar (Hickety, Pickety, My Black Hen). The truly fantastic pictures speak more than a thousand words as artist Scott Gustafson riffs in paint on themes present and imagined in each verse. Gustafson’s unique style, influenced by legendary book illustrators Arthur Rackham and N. C. Wyeth, makes this a volume to be treasured by children and illustrated book lovers of all ages. 60 full color paintings • 45 rhymes • 100 pages • 10 1⁄2" x 12", Hardcover, jacketed ($24.95 CAN/£14.99 UK) • UPC 7-66710-83097-8 $19.95 • ISBN-13: 978-0-86713-097-3 • NO. 83097


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Sea and Air, Space and War


2nd printing

77 Great Fish of North America Paintings by Flick Ford Text by Dean Travis Clarke Introduction by Peter Kaminsky Ippy Bronze, Best Coffee Table Art Book

“Gorgeous. Fish is not just a keeper, it’s a trophy catch.” —Boat U.S. Magazine “A seamless marriage of fine art and fine words.” —Fly Fisherman Magazine

Into the Sunlit Splendor The Aviation Art of William S. Phillips

Ann and Charlie Cooper

The premier aviation artist working today, with historical text by pilots and historians. 125 color paintings plus sketches and photographs • 208 pages, 14" x 11" • Hardcover, jacketed, boxed ($105.95 can/£50.00 uk) • UPC 7-68821-30938-1 $85.00 • ISBN-13: 978-0-86713-093-5 • No. 83093


An Eyewitness Account Alan Bean with Andrew Chaikin

Lunar missions chronicled in paintings by Apollo 12 astronaut Captain Alan Bean. More than 90 color paintings • 176 pages, 9" x 12" • Hardcover, jacketed ($55.95 can/£30.00 uk) • upc 7-66710-85128-7 $45.00 • isbn-13: 978-0-86713-050-8 • no. 85128

Fish is a stunning celebration of this continent’s great fish, with amazingly detailed watercolors and in-depth factual information. The ultimate gift for fishermen of all stripes. Over 80 color paintings plus sketches • 208 pages, 14" x 11" • Hardcover, jacketed ($62.95 CAN) • UPC 7-66710-83095-4 $50.00 • ISBN-13: 978-0-86713-095-9 • NO. 83095

Christopher Blossom

The Civil War Art of Mort Künstler

Christopher Blossom

From the dean of historical artists, the definitive collection of Mort Künstler’s Civil War paintings.

Premier Maritime Artist

This award-winning maritime painter conveys the essence of the seafaring experience. Approximately 36 paintings • 80 pages, 11" x 81⁄2" • Paperback ($19.95 can/£12.00 uk) • upc 7-66710-88204-5 $15.95 • isbn-13: 978-0-86713-072-0 • no. 88204

More than 140 color paintings, sketches, and drawings • 224 pages, 14" x 11" • Hardcover, jacketed, individually boxed ($105.95 can/£50.00 uk) • upc 7-66710-89091-0 $85.00 • ISBN-13: 978-0-86713-091-1 • No. 89091


Bound for Blue Water Contemporary American Marine Art J. Russell Jinishian

Indispensable insight into the most important marine art and artists of our time. More than 250 color images • 184 pages, 14" x 11" • Hardcover, jacketed, boxed ($105.95 can/£50.00 uk) • upc 7-66710-88088-1 $85.00 • isbn-13: 978-0-86713-088-1 • no. 88088

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Son of Man





Son of Man

Son of Man

Son of Man

Susan Easton Black, Artwork by Liz Lemon Swindle

Susan Easton Black, Artwork by Liz Lemon Swindle

Susan Easton Black, Artwork by Liz Lemon Swindle

A fresh approach to the early life of Jesus Christ as a child in Nazareth.

Christ’s ministry and miracles in text and paintings.

Chronicles the final week of the life of Jesus Christ.

12 paintings and 10 pencil sketches • 56 pages, 81⁄4" x 93⁄4" • Hardcover, jacketed ($20.95 can/£12.99 uk) • upc 7-66710-88087-4 $16.95 • isbn-13: 978-0-86713-087-4 • no. 88087

12 paintings and 8 pencil sketches • 56 pages, 81⁄4" x 93⁄4" • Hardcover, jacketed ($20.95 can/£12.99 uk) • upc 7-66710-83094-7 $16.95 • isbn-13: 978-0-86713-094-2 • no. 83094

Jesus Christ, The Early Years

8 paintings and 12 pencil sketches • 56 pages, 81⁄4" x 93⁄4" • Hardcover, jacketed ($20.95 can/£12.99 uk) • upc 7-66710-88198-7 $16.95 • isbn-13: 978-0-86713-067-6 • no. 88198

Volume II, Miracles of Jesus

Volume III, King of Kings

James Christensen

Howard Terpning


A Journey of the Imagination A Shakespeare Sketchbook The Art of James Christensen

James C. Christensen with Renwick St. James

Renwick St. James Introduction by James Gurney

A lively retelling of the Bard’s plays, his life, and background on Elizabethan society.

Enter a world just a little to the left of reality.

More than 60 color paintings and sketches • 112 pages, 95⁄8" x 81⁄4" • Hardcover, jacketed ($24.95 can/£15.00 uk) • upc 0-19628-88059-8 $19.95 • isbn-13: 978-0-86713-059-1 • no. 88059

More than 180 color images plus sketches • 180 pages, 10" x 10" • Hardcover, jacketed ($55.95 can/£30.00 uk) • upc 7-66710-88072-0 $45.00 • isbn-13: 978-0-86713-021-8 • no. 88072

The Art of Howard Terpning Elmer Kelton

The seminal collection of paintings from Howard Terpning, master painter of the Plains Indians. More than 75 color paintings • 160 pages, 9" x 12" • Hard-cover, jacketed ($74.95 can/£40.00 uk) • upc 7-66710-88011-9 $60.00 • isbn-13: 978-0-86713-011-9 • no. 88011

Bev Doolittle



The Forest Has Eyes

The Art of Bev Doolittle

The Earth Is My Mother

Bev Doolittle with Elise Maclay

Bev Doolittle with Elise Maclay

Bev Doolittle with Elise Maclay

Find hidden stories and pictures in these paintings of American Indians and the western wilderness.

Look beyond the obvious in this bestselling collection of Bev Doolittle’s camouflage paintings of wildlife and Native American themes.

“Breathtaking illustrations [and] a wonderful story of a mother and a daughter’s love for each other and the Earth.”—Today’s Librarian

Full color throughout • 32 pages, 9" x 12" • Hardcover, jacketed ($20.95 can/£12.99 uk) • upc 7-66710-85132-4 $16.95 • isbn-13: 978-0-86713-055-3 • no. 85132

More than 100 color images • 160 pages plus two 3-page foldouts, 9" x 12" • Hardcover, jacketed ($74.95 can/ £40.00 uk) • upc 7-66710-88008-9 $60.00 • isbn-13: 978-0-86713-008-9 • no. 88008

16 color paintings and 58 pencil drawings • 176 pages, 73⁄4" x 97⁄8" • Hardcover, jacketed ($19.95 can/ £12.99 uk) • upc 7-66710-85163-8 $17.95 • isbn-13: 978-0-86713-044-7 • no. 85163


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