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Do you struggle to keep focussed? LOUISE D’ALLURA offers five strategies to help keep your day on track.

Does this scenario sound familiar? Your day starts great, you jump out of bed, get yourself ready, put make up on, get the family sorted, drop the kids at school and then the day begins. Then somehow your rocket fuel gets replaced by vagueness. Weird, right?


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For women who work from home this scenario is all too common, their concentration during ‘office hours’ plummeting after the initial adrenaline rush of getting the day underway. If this is happening in your life recognise what’s going on. The chances are that you do have routine and structure in your morning, but after that you do not. In essence you haven’t set your own agenda so you end up reacting to your day. Here are 5 productivity questions that will help put a halt to your days just floating by.

1. Is there a theme to your day, week, and month? While you might say you cannot plan because you work when your client’s work or you fit into their agenda, you also need to put yourself as a priority.

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Creating a checklist of the tasks you need to have completed each week or month means you will only occasionally need to readjust your tasks. If you don’t have time set aside for anything, NOTHING will get done.



2. How is your planning and scheduling going? Do you get stuck when left to your own devices? Do you have a system for knowing what it is you are keeping yourself on track with? If you just look at what you need to do tomorrow, you will never get ahead. The trick is to do some ‘future gazing’ – looking at what needs to be done this week, next week and the week after, helps you prepare for ‘surprises’. Having a system in place that lets you keep track of this and your recurring to do list and project tasks is key. You cannot function 36 WORKING WOMEN® n Summer/Autumn 2015 – www.womensnetwork.com.au

without writing down what it is you need to do, so batch tasks and map out your projects – even just the first few steps!

3. Are you doing the wrong tasks at the wrong time for your energy? Did you ever stop to think that there could be a complete mismatch of energy levels and the task you are trying to do? You want to be tackling your toughest tasks when your energy is high, when you can think clearly and power through the work with your natural rocket fuel.

4. Are you fully energised? To work well, you need to think well, which means you need to eat well! When we are too busy, we either keep pushing through, or find ourselves coping with stress by grazing all day on food and tea or coffee, just to get through the day. Energise yourself by getting plenty of rest, eating well and knowing what is in your food and how it can impact upon your brain’s ability to think. Start by eating quality lean proteins, nutrient dense carbohydrates such as fruit, vegetables and seeds, lots of filtered water and having regular breaks for movement.

5. Are you doing the task in the wrong location? Depending on how your office or working space feels, it can be impossible to think clearly in certain environments. Take a moment and check if there is a clear space for you to work. Does the space actually inspire you to perform the tasks you need to do? For example, do you prefer the background noise of a café to write? Knowing how you need your office to function for the tasks you actually perform in it is key. When you have big dreams for your business and career you need set your own agenda and create structure so creativity and clarity can propel you to success. n

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Working Women Magazine | Summer/Autumn 2015  

Our highly respected publication is a much-loved read by working women across the Nation. Working Women magazine is a niche market magazine...

Working Women Magazine | Summer/Autumn 2015  

Our highly respected publication is a much-loved read by working women across the Nation. Working Women magazine is a niche market magazine...