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Boosting productivity IN 2014 IS ALL ABOUT YOU! Everyone craves the ability to have more time to do their ‘own thing’, however, we become bogged down in other stuff and self-created distractions and we put things off. According to LOUISE CORICA, these are habits to avoid, and that there are three simple steps to success.

Do something meaningful for yourself during the day

Adam Grant author of Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success said, “employees make decisions about whether to act like givers or like takers.” He said, “when they act like givers, they contribute to others without seeking anything in return. When they act like takers, they try to get other people to serve their ends while carefully guarding their own expertise and time.”



Use short rest breaks to readjust your scheduled activities, and re-prioritise, and n

When an item is no longer top priority, move it further down the list. n

If ever there was a time to make a change to your approach to life, your activities and your goals then it’s today. Here are three steps to start your New Year’s ‘To Do List’: Make a list of tasks that you would like to achieve; n


Prioritise the items on your list; and


Allocate time to complete each task.

This simple approach will ensure higher daily efficiency rates and closure for each item. Note that it is important to act on the tasks on your ‘To Do List’, that’s why it is called an ‘Action List’. To achieve a better understanding of what I am driving at, take a look at your action list. Against each item in your list, write the priority and include a timeframe. This approach will ensure you do not procrastinate and put off doing tasks with a ‘Due Date’. When we are not aware of how long things take to complete we can spend more time juggling activities in the remaining time we have.

More importantly, staying positive and pursuing your activities with enthusiasm can also change how you perceive them and will help you persevere through the tasks that are not so appealing. Your sense of accomplishment and excitement when you check an item off your list will increase your motivation to go to the next item, and so on. Being passionate about what you do adds to the enthusiasm you will have when undertaking your tasks. You will notice that everything else just flows so well that before you know it, all the tough stuff is done. Create value in your day with ‘rewards’: n

Value ‘You’ and ‘Your Time’

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Don’t leave it until you are too tired to do it

The bonus is when you avoid any unnecessary distractions and anything that may lead you to procrastinate, before you know it you will have checked off all the items on your list, or at least you will have a lot less to do than you started with. Tackle any activity by being focused on it at the time, and keep portions small. It is always the best way to tackle eating the proverbial elephant. Use as many time saving devices available to achieve the best results and outcomes in your daily life and activities. You made a promise to yourself. Keep at it. Don’t give up. Make this your New Year’s promise for the whole year through: Promise yourself that you will take care with the giving of your time unless there is a benefit for you and a direct correlation to tasks you are doing for others. n

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