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B E AT R I C E ’ S T I P S TO SUCC ESS Dare to dream big – don’t be afraid to think big. If it feels right, then you are on the right path. Do not take ‘No’ for an answer – ‘No’ is simply a stepping stone, not a failure. Solve the problem and try again in a different way. n

Do something every day that inspires you – listen to a favourite song, spend five minutes cuddling your son or daughter, write down that next big idea. n

Visualise the end of the journey – feel it and revel in it – you have just taken the first step to making it into a reality. n

Back yourself, no one else will as much as you will. n

Give back to the global community – invest in the world, it is the quickest way to get perspective and to enrich your own world. n

children. Ten per cent of all profit earned on the book will go towards ‘Moira’s Garden’.” In 2013, Beatrice will be launching her new seminar, ‘The Reinvention of the Professional Woman through Book Publishing’. Her aim is to focus on small groups where she will be able to teach and coach women to really discover their uniqueness, learn how to write a book, handle interviews and all aspects of sales, marketing and book publishing. “I wish to share all that I have learnt and create a unique experience in my seminars, one that will shift and help each of the participants turn their life into an extraordinary one. It will be a more personal approach as writing a book is such a life shifting experience and often the support is simply not there,” she shares. “You may wish to write as a personal ambition, as part of your business or you may simply want to be a published author.” “The journey for me is not over,” she adds. “I continue growing, learning and ultimately re-inventing myself as my needs change. I get excited when I reflect back at the end of each year and see how much I have accomplished. I cannot wait to help others to do the same.” n The Secret Diaries of Inspirational Women will be available from February 2013 in all good bookstores or via The Kindle version is available now on Amazon.

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Working Women | Autumn 2013  

Magazine for Women in business

Working Women | Autumn 2013  

Magazine for Women in business