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Her back yard business took on the world


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Unlock the great stories inside your business DLY E FRIENS L A M E F ES BUSIN ORY T C DIRE place

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That got me thinking – has the slow speed of the economy and in turn less customer demand translated into women business owners using downtime to ‘work on their businesses’ as opposed to ‘working in them’? Over the last few months I have been asking women this very question. I haven’t really been surprised by the feedback. For those women who are serious about their business success, time is of the essence. Some are undertaking further business education and upgrading their skills, whilst many are honing their marketing, networking, sales and administration processes so their business is more productive and better positioned to expand when the economy does turn around. But there are also those who continue to waste valuable business hours focused on the negatives and are completely missing the opportunities the current economy offers. The question is which camp do you sit in?

booming and we don’t have time to even scratch ourselves, we collect and hoard great ideas in the hope that one day we will have the time to assess their merit and perhaps implement them into our business. But when given the gift of time many just don’t have what is required to take action. It is very apparent that there is a great divide between those who collect ideas and those who action ideas. I don’t know about you, but personally I can’t read a newspaper, magazine or an online article without coming across something that sparks a new idea or gives me inspiration on how I could be doing things better. I have been collecting ideas for years and in fact I have an entire filing draw just dedicated to ‘Ideas Abundant’. For over 19 years ‘Working Women’ magazine has been serving up great ideas for your ‘Ideas Abundant’ draw. The pages are packed with resources, tools and ideas to help you succeed in business. So pick one that fires up your enthusiasm, put in the work and make it happen. In the end there is only one place where the word ‘success’ comes before ‘work’ and that’s in the dictionary.

Lynette Palmen AM Founder and Managing Director Women’s Network Australia

It is interesting isn’t it? When business is FOUNDER AND EDITOR-IN-CHIEF WORKING WOMEN® Lynette Palmen AM SUB EDITOR Kirsten Barton NATIONAL ADVERTISING MANAGER Nikita Harris 1800 052 476 or +61 (7) 3272 8222 nikita@womensnetwork.com.au PROOFREADER Wendy Smith – Jewel See Editing +61 (7) 3349 4440 wendy@jewelsee.com.au DESIGN Tricia Mahoney – Scarab Blue Design +61 (0) 419 311 862 tricia.mahoney@scarabblue.com.au SUBSCRIPTIONS WNA Head Office 1800 052 476 or +61 (7) 3272 8222 2 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2012

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‘WORKING WOMEN’ is a registered trade mark of Women’s Network Australia Pty Ltd EDITORIAL Editorial is most welcome if it is of a newsworthy nature and accompanied by a good quality photograph. Articles should be directed towards our readership base of business and professional women. Women’s Network Australia has editing rights on all articles submitted. Editorial submissions are accepted on the basis that the publisher may use the author’s name, comments and content for this publication and promotional purposes including electronic and print media. Authors waive all right to copyrights (if any).

Working Women Women’s network Australia


w w w.w o m e n s n e t w o r k . co m . a u

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21 years Her back yard business took on the world

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10 ideaS

redundancy making it work for you

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to engage more customers faster

Unlock the great stories inside your business Print Post Approved PP411192/00010

It comes as no surprise to most that one of the greatest challenges faced when running your own business is the constant lack of time. Every productivity survey undertaken on the small to medium enterprise sector shows that not only do SME owners lack time to take care of themselves but the biggest impediment to the expansion and growth of their businesses is related to either staffing issues or the lack of time they have available to ‘work on their business’ instead of ‘in it’.

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Save face by making your marketing dollar stretch further

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Cover Story

Australia has indeed proved to be the ‘The Lucky Country’ for cosmetic entrepreneur Alenka Dirnbek. Leaving her homeland of Slovenia seven years ago armed with a drive to succeed in business, she has developed the luxury Alexami label - and taken the international beauty industry by storm.

ADVERTISEMENTS Advertisements created by Women’s Network Australia Pty Ltd for this publication cannot be copied or reproduced without permission of the editor. ADVERTORIAL Advertorial is accepted in all sections. A large, clear professional photograph must accompany all articles. Prices are available on application. Please call 1800 052 476. DISCLAIMER Materials and articles in this publication are general comment, not advice. The information is believed to be accurate and reliable but no responsibility is taken for any opinions expressed or for errors and omissions. Readers should not act on the basis of the material without taking professional advice relating to their particular circumstances. COPYRIGHT ©1993 - ©2012 Women’s Network Australia Pty Ltd All artwork created by WORKING WOMEN® is the property of Women’s Network Australia Pty Ltd and must not be duplicated in another publication or promotion without written permission as it is subject to Australian copyright law.

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InBrief ACCORDING to a new study, women are better than men at sacrificing spending habits to meet their savings goals. The RAMS Savings Satisfaction Survey by Gender has revealed 73 per cent of women will defer purchases to meet savings goals, as compared to 63 per cent of men. Women said they were most likely to stop eating out or put off buying clothes and shoes. Men said they would abstain from eating out, and would cut back on alcohol purchases. MORE than a fifth of Australian women who own their own small business are not a member of any superannuation fund. The research commissioned by Westpac also revealed the low take-up and continuation of superannuation by female small-business owners, with 53 per cent not having any plan for retirement. Most small businesses must pay at least the minimum 9 per cent of the earnings base to employees for superannuation but it is not mandatory for them to make any sort of payment towards their own super.

between 25 WOMEN aged e been rated th and 49 have en road wh worst on the o-friendly it comes to ec study driving. A new ored sc ey has found th hing from yt er poorly on ev braking, car-pooling, ning use and air-conditio e right gear. driving in th


PART-time working mums will receive the lion’s share of $500 tax cuts from July 1, with the majority of tax relief aimed at women. All workers earning less than $80,000 will secure a tax cut of $300 or more from July 1 under the carbon-tax compensation package. BELIEVE it or not, some women are paying for ‘Facebook face-lifts’ to look picture perfect for social media sites and video chats. Others feeling pressured to impress potential partners and employers are Photoshopping their images, removing blemishes, shrinking noses and flattening stomachs. Oh please! A SURVEY of nearly 3,000 women who own and operate their own business found that 42 per cent of female entrepreneurs had started their business with less than $5,000 but 51 per cent were now in need of capital to help grow their business. According to the report conducted by the Australian Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 78 per cent of the women surveyed had left employment at a middle or upper management level in order to start their business. The report also found that a third of respondents (33 per cent) employ staff but only 27 per cent of respondents have an annual turnover of more than $250,000.

MALES are four times more likely than females to earn a high wage. An Australian workforce study conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicated men are four times more likely to earn more than $104,000, with females comprising just 1.7 per cent of the nation’s top wage earners. The survey of almost nine million employees found 151,000 females earn more than $2000 a week, compared with 570,400 men.

Rhiannon Rees HONOURED AT BUSINESS EXCELLENCE FORUM AND ASIA PACIFIC COACHING CONFERENCE Executive Coach, Rhiannon Rees, has won the ‘Brand Coach Award’ for building her action coach brand locally, nationally and internationally. She was also a finalist for the ‘Abundance Coach Award’ and the ‘Master Coach Award’ which is exclusively for coaches that teach other coaches. Two of Rhiannon’s clients also received awards at the forum for ‘Fastest Turnaround’ and ‘Most Improved’.

4 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2012


THERESA Rein has joined the BRW Rich 200 list at position 199. Weighing in at $210 million, she is one of only 16 women featured in the Business Review Weekly Rich 200, up from 15 women last year.

MEN think about sex every seven seconds, right? Not according to a new study that finds men ponder sleep and food as much as they do sex. The study revealed men think about sex 18 times a day, compared to women who think of sex ten times a day. Men think about food and sleep proportionately more. FAMILY friendly policies and support for women’s careers continues to be an integral part of the culture at The University of South Australia. They have been named an Employer of Choice for Women by the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency (EOWA) for the 10th consecutive year. WOMEN in their late 50s and early 60s have surged back into the workforce and held on to their jobs in much greater numbers than men of similar age because they cannot afford to retire, an economist has found. The growth in women’s participation rate in late working life over the past decade has been dramatic, soaring about three-quarters higher than that of older men, and it is mostly about money.

Ronni Kahn VEUVE CLICQUOT BUSINESS WOMAN TRIBUTE AWARD Ronni Kahn, Founder and CEO of OzHarvest, received the coveted Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Tribute Award for Innovation, Entrepreneurial Skill and Contribution to the Community. Regarded as the ‘Oscar’ of female entrepreneurs and business leaders, the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award is held in 16 countries and was created to recognise the contribution that women have made to business life. Ronni will fly to Reims, France, in September to join past and present laureates from other countries and to celebrate the Award’s 40th anniversary at the annual Veuve Clicquot International Businesswomen’s Forum.

ACCORDING to a new study, women are less likely than men to exercise for at least 30 minutes daily. On average, women in the study did 18 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous exercise daily, whilst men did just over 30 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous exercise daily.


WORK can kill you. Researchers at the University of Notre Dame in the US have found ambitious people in high-powered careers suffer from poorer health and die younger than those with more modestly paid jobs. The studies found the former often forgo happiness, friendship and stable relationships in the pursuit of success.

RELAXING whilst watching television seems to have become a thing of the past. A recent survey has found 60 per cent of people across four generations are multi-tasking on electronic devices such as tablets and smartphones while watching TV.

Bev Barnfather

Simone de Haas



Managing Director of Ladybird Gifts, Bev Barnfather has won the Chairman’s Choice at the WSABE Awards. By utilising outrageously good service coupled with an eye for unique corporate gifts with a wow factor, Bev’s winning formula took out the gong. Providing companies with unique gifts that create memorable ‘touch points’, Ladybird Gifts develops strong and positive relationships with their staff and clients.

Outstanding theatre professional, Simone de Haas had her individual achievements in the theatre industry recently acknowledged by both theatre reviewers and her peers, when she took out one of the 2011 Matilda Awards. Simone was recognised for her artistic direction of Mixed Company and her commitment to producing quality self-funded independent theatre across three decades, as well as her contribution in directing, designing and acting in Mixed Company’s body of work.

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0 PP411192/0001

THE GAP between Australian men and women’s pay has increased over the past two decades. A new Federal Government report has found the pay gap increased by 1.5 per cent over the past 18 years, despite efforts by governments, unions and private sector employers to close it. Nationally, women across all occupations earn $273 a week less than men but that figure can be as high as $367 in professional positions.

IF PASSED, a new Bill will mandate that any company that receives taxpayer-funded assistance or has a government contract on the books will be incentivised to ensure they promote equal opportunities for women. The Bill states that any company that does not promote women equally would “not be eligible to compete for contracts under the Commonwealth procurement framework and may not be eligible for Commonwealth grants”. The Federal Government Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Amendment Bill was introduced to parliament, and a Senate review committee has now released public submissions.


MODERN day concerns over money matters and job security are forcing women to rethink their life choices – and having children has moved down the to-do list. While 7 in 10 admit they want to have children at some stage, a study has revealed just 4 per cent of women aged 18 to 44 see having a baby as their top priority.

ACADEMY award winning actress Geena Davis has been named as a winner of the 2012 ITU World Telecommunication and Information Society Award for her efforts promoting information and communications technology (ICT) to empower women and girls. Geena is the founder of a non-profit organisation working within the media and entertainment industry that aims to reduce stereotyping whilst creating a wide variety of female characters for entertainment targeting children 11 and under.

Print Post

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Discover the difference NETWORKING can make to your business.

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Jump online and visit www.womensnetwork.com.au

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Be inspired and create opportunities

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Winter 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 5



driven by


When most people say they are going to ‘change their life’, they quit smoking or take up the piano. But not ALENKA DIRNBEK, she moved to a new country and started a whole new life, and in less than five years was responsible for an internationally successful cosmetics brand. A familiar face in her home country’s beauty sector, Alenka had run her own successful salon business and regularly contributed to the industry’s magazines. Now based on the Gold Coast, she is well known both in Australia and internationally as the woman behind the growing Alexami Cosmetics label, an Australian luxury professional-grade mineral cosmetics brand.

Alenka extensively studied colour, and out of personal interest had also spent many years researching the toxic ingredients prevalent in mainstream beauty products. Armed with her beauty background and driven by the desire to offer women safer and more natural cosmetic options that didn’t compromise performance or durability, Alenka started developing her own cosmetics line.

Born in the European country of Slovenia, Alenka Dirnbek moved to Australia seven years ago with her husband and daughter looking for a change.

After three years of brand development and research, in 2009 Alexami was born. Fascinated by her new homeland, Alenka went to great lengths to ensure the Alexami brand reflected Australian quality and aesthetics. Alexami products are all Australian made, and even the packaging has a distinctly Australian influence - each box depicts a different native plant image and description.

“I’d always heard about ‘The Lucky Country’ and thought it would be wonderful to live in a warm climate surrounded by friendly people, and be able to develop my skills and talents in a country known for opportunities and open mindedness,” Alenka recalls.

Within the first year of launching Alexami, the brand was exporting to two countries,

“I am really happy to see many new international stockists coming on board. Being a young and small company I am extremely proud of my achievements.” and in the second year into an additional two countries. Now the brand can be found in nine countries, and has four exclusive distributors across Asia and Europe. (South Korea, Benelux, Malaysia and Slovenia). ‘’2011 was a big year for Alexami. Our Korean distributors visited us in Australia and I travelled to Belgium and Slovenia, where I also ran two seminars, to visit our distributors. Not only that, in 2011 Alexami Cosmetics entered Malaysia’s leading beauty chain ‘SHINS’ with 30 stores across Malaysia and Singapore.” 6 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2012

Alexami recently won second place in the Innovative Products category at the Belgium Beauty Expo. 100+ Professional Beauty and Wellness exhibitors were invited to submit their new products launched in 2011. Ten were nominated as finalists, and the estimated 5000 expo visitors were encouraged to vote for the products they deemed most innovative. Alexami Cosmetics was proud to be nominated for an award, and judged second place in the Innovative Products category. “I am really happy to see many new international stockists coming on board. Being a young and small company I am extremely proud of my achievements. But our development does not stop here. I am currently working closely with an institute of product development and research and developing a new range that will come to market next year.” Whatever new breakthroughs are included in the new range, one thing is for certain - through




Alexami’s products Alenka will continue to spread the story of her love affair with Australia to the rest of the world. Alenka has applied as many eco-friendly company policies as possible, opting to use waterless printing technology for print packaging, using bamboo for accessories, and instituting a no plastic bags policy, opting for reusable cotton pouches instead. Alenka also made it a priority to ensure Alexami products are registered by the Vegan Society and accredited by Choose Cruelty Free, Compact Signer for Safe Cosmetics and included on PETA’s consumer list.

toughest lessons to learn when you are starting out in business is that it’s not just about the quality of your products, it’s about building a brand. n

Alenka still co-ordinates many aspects of the business herself, and believes every business owner should work in their business first before they can work on it. “I wanted to go through all the steps and learn everything myself. I think it’s the only way you can effectively delegate and teach others,” she says. n




“It’s not just the philosophy of the brand,” Alenka explains, “Our family also tries to live as healthily as possible, using eco-friendly products in our home.” Alenka has worked hard on building Alexami from the ground up, and says one of the

CONTACT Alenka Dirnbek BUSINESS Alexami Cosmetics PHONE +61 (0) 407 711 673




Learn all the aspects of your business yourself before you delegate to others. Be organised; plan your business, day or week in advance. If working with a limited budget, run your business on a strict budget and monitor your expenses meticulously. Even if you need to work from a home office, keep money for further growth and keep overheads down during your business’s growth. Never give up - surround yourself with positive people who believe in you. You need support and encouragement while your business is growing. Stay away from skeptics and negative people as this takes too much energy from you and will affect your business. Be patient it takes three to five years before businesses show a real profit.  hink big. Observe what successful T companies are doing and learn from them. Never be afraid to ask questions. There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. This is how you learn and continue to learn. Believe in yourself and trust your own gut feeling, this will never let you down. Most importantly, stay true to yourself and to others. Winter 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 7



idea to reality

Most entrepreneurs will tell you that coming up with an idea is the easy part of any business venture. Executing that idea is where the difficulty sets in and where most fail to make it a reality. LINDY KLIM explains how she transformed her business idea into a successful skincare brand for children.

Many know Lindy Klim as a model, DJ and wife to Olympic swimmer and world-record holder Michael Klim. What they don’t know is this proud mum of three is also a successful businesswoman in her own right. Launching organic skincare label Milk Baby in 2009, Lindy Klim built her business from the ground up. Born to a Tasmanian mother and a Balinese father, Lindy was raised in a natural, therapeutic and ceremonial environment. She grew up in Bali amongst a large family and developed a passion for children, and all-natural ingredients. It wasn’t until after the birth of her own children that Lindy was able to combine the two, using them as inspiration and motivation for a promising business endeavour. A new mum to her eldest child and pregnant with her second, Lindy was struggling to find a skincare range that she could confidently use on her young family. Wanting a product that was natural and organic - that didn’t come in a brown bottle - is where Lindy first came up with the idea for Milk Baby.


Lindy’s vision was to create a product that was affordable, looked good in the home and enhanced wellbeing. Familiar with the pristine environment of Tasmania, she knew this is where she would find the right manufacturer for her range of organic skincare. With other friends and family in small business, Lindy sought advice during the launch stage and continues to do so even as the brand celebrates its third year.

It’s important to know everything there is to know about the industry in which you are about to enter. There is nothing worse than doing all the work for a great idea, only to find out it’s due to be launched next month by someone else.

Today the Milk Baby range encompasses 10 products and is flourishing in its local and international success. Lindy says that while Milk Baby’s journey from an idea to a reality has not always been easy, the challenges and triumphs make the journey worthwhile. 8 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2012

Make sure you are passionate about the idea. This passion will provide you with the motivation to keep going when things get tough.

2. Research

3. Surround yourself with like-minded people

It’s important to surround yourself with people who understand what you are doing and who are willing to help you achieve your goals.

5. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Along the way you will face challenges and tests that will make you think it’s not worth the trouble. It’s important to move forward and take everything as a learning curve.

6. Ask questions

Any advice you can get will be useful in the early stages so don’t be afraid of asking a silly question! Lindy says it took a long time for her to realise that she couldn’t do absolutely everything, despite her willingness to try! Strong organisation is the key to making your idea a reality, as well as finding a good balance between business and family time, and having a great team of people to help support you along the way. n

4. Networking

Share your idea with friends, family and associates. You never know what or who they might know that can assist you in the business process.

CONTACT Lindy Klim BUSINESS Milk Baby PHONE +61 (3) 9804 8550




leads to world wide franchise Who would have thought that when 16-year-old CHRIS TAYLOR decided to start a part-time dog washing business in her parent’s back yard, it would turn into a business that is still booming 21 years later and is one of the franchise industry’s biggest success stories? Aussie Pooch Mobile is celebrating 21 years of business with a huge year of ‘giving back’ to the community planned. But first, just how did Chris start Aussie Pooch Mobile and maintain her success for so long, through recessions, ups and downs and other concerns that invariably crop up in any business?

Another huge accolade is that both Griffith University in Australia and Harvard University in the USA, have co-written a case study on Aussie Pooch Mobile’s success, which is being taught in business and franchise degrees. But it is Chris’s innate business sense to anticipate what customers need that keeps her at the top of the field.

“To start with I was just washing dogs at home, which I loved doing and it earned me some extra money. But through word of mouth my business grew rapidly and before I knew it there was demand from further afield, so it made sense to expand my services to include mobile hydro-bathing, travelling to customers’ homes to wash, care for and pamper the family dog,” says Chris.

Chris has been diligent in making sure that Aussie Pooch Mobile Dog Wash and Grooming listens to what their customer’s want, are conscious of the environment and actively involved in fundraising and the community. In fact every event she has planned for the year including hosting a DIY Doggy Birthday Party will have a fundraising component, so a charity can benefit.

The business was launched as a single mobile hydro-bath in 1991 operated by Chris, and once people saw the benefits to their dogs, success was instant. Chris created and launched Aussie Pooch Mobile Pty Ltd in 1992 and was the first person to franchise a mobile dog washing business in the world.

Aussie Pooch Mobile hydro-bath processes are environmentally friendly, as are all of their products. Not one to be left behind, Chris developed her own healthy Pooch Cookies and Liver Buds plus along with a skin care range focused solely on promoting the very best wellbeing of each dog they look after.

After huge success in Australia, Chris realised a global need for her business so after more research, she launched as ‘The Pooch Mobile’ overseas. There are currently Pooch Mobile franchises in the United Kingdom, Malaysia, New Zealand, New Caledonia and the USA, with a total of almost 200 operators worldwide.

As well as the celebrations and fundraising for 2012, Chris also encourages her franchisees to be actively involved in community fundraising events such as Million Paws Walk. Four years ago she masterminded the annual Doggy

Chris’s motto is, and always has been “To be successful first you have to fall in love with what you do.” And it’s a motto all of her franchisees live by. Ask any of her franchisees and they will gladly talk about their passion and love for working with dogs, and how lucky they are. Throughout the years Chris has won prestigious business awards including Franchising Woman of the Year, Queensland Young Achiever of the Year Award for Career Achievement and Queensland’s Telstra Business Woman of the Year in the Business Owner Category.

Fantastic Camping Weekend which helps raise money so assistance dogs can be provided for special needs children. To date four special needs children have received assistance dogs that have completely changed their lives. Not one to rest on her laurels, Chris has many more initiatives planned with Aussie Pooch Mobile always offering the latest and best, which will only benefit the increasing number of people using at-home services. If the last 21 years is anything to go by, Chris will make sure Aussie Pooch Mobile achieves even bigger and better things in the future. n

CONTACT Chris Taylor BUSINESS Aussie Pooch Mobile PHONE +61 (7) 3888 7111


TOP TIPS FOR BUSINESS LONGEVITY 1. Being in business can sometimes feel lonely. Reach out to others and share each other’s successes. This is a good way to both inspire each other and learn from each other. 2. Your attitude affects everything you do. The great thing about attitude is that you have the power to change it.

3. When you hear, ‘that won’t work, or you can’t do that’, take a breath and take action to prove the doubters wrong. Believe in the power of your dreams.

4. While at first you may not think so, mistakes are good so learn from them, research them,

use them to propel you forward. Whenever you undertake a new project, attempt to make as many mistakes as rapidly as possible in order to learn as much as you can in the shortest period of time.

5. Always strive to learn more. If you stop learning you will stop growing.

6. Stop and reflect on where you have come from and what you have achieved each day, week, month and year. It is the perfect way to look for the positive. Without doing this, our human nature tends to let us focus on the negative. Winter 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 9



action plan

The key to achieving business results is to be ‘on fire’ consistently. TARRAN DEANE shares some valuable ‘Red Hot Planning Tools’ that will help you to remember why you and your business are doing what you’re doing.

Many soulPreneurs feel overwhelmed by the concept of ‘planning’ their business. Yet, it really is an exciting and essential part of achieving personal and financial success, providing clear benchmarks for achievement and celebration of milestones. The aim of business planning is not to add additional stress, rather it is to capture the status of your business now, identify your objectives for the future and your strategies to achieve them. Where do you start? With you of course!


Examine “Why” you are in business in the first place: What was it that inspired you? What compelled you to start your business? What is your driving motivation for doing what you do? Is it health, injustice, beliefs, a cause, the challenge, a clearly expressed creative passion?


Your values are your anchor. Many soulPreneurs have a vague understanding of what is important to them but few have taken the time to specifically identify values as part of a successful business strategy. As your business grows, your personal values may become those of the actual business. Attracting, engaging and retaining team members, suppliers and clients will become effortless when you are clear on what you stand for and when your values are embodied in every aspect of your operation. As you grow you will need 100 per cent commitment from your team. Your business direction will be enhanced when you uphold your values or sabotaged if decisions are made that contradict them. Culture and values identification is the number one priority to revisit – it impacts everything from wellness to cash flow.

Action 1. Develop / review your Culture and Values Statement


Where will you be in two years? Start from that end and work backwards. Take a look at this example and be inspired to create your own: “It is the year 2014, we have achieved $xy in gross sales. We have used a talent attraction, 10 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2012

engagement and retention strategy and we now have a team of people highly skilled and brilliantly serving our fabulous clients. 80 per cent of our business comes from our ideal client <insert your ideal>. Our net profit in 2013 was $abc and in 2014 $tuv. Our business operations are systemised and we are working the plan. We have received three industry awards as recognition for the passion, quality and uniqueness we bring to the market. Our clients have become genuine ambassadors for our brand. We celebrate our achievements monthly and are known for investing in causes that stir us and make a difference on the planet. We are loving being in business.”

Action 2. Develop / review your Vision Statement Types of red hot planning documents Here are Red Hot Planning Tools to help your business absolutely flourish in the next financial year! So let’s start creating.

1. Situational analysis – Political, economic, social, and technological considerations affecting your industry and customer base.

2. Service development and marketing plan – Target market and audience (can be different), strategic alliances or joint ventures, pricing strategy, advertising, and network participation. Include an increasing amount of ‘social proof’, be sure to include strategies to gain client feedback at every opportunity, and increasingly use video recommendations.

3. Operating plan – A detailed plan of how will you do what you do, including compliance considerations, real cost of bringing your product or service to market, your competitive advantage in the market, and a client satisfaction survey.

5. Legal plan – IP, trademarking, compliance, registrations, risk exposure, contracts with suppliers and clients, and governance liability.

6. Communication plan – closely aligned with your marketing plan, ensure you have an increasing emphasis on building your business profile with brand consistency, including your social media communications. Latest expert research confirms online business growth and brand recognition within two years will be significantly impacted by a failure to have a strong online presence. Split testing of websites is highly recommended to determine your footprint and effectiveness.

7. Finance plan – Annual budgets, funding sources, insurances, reliability of accounting experts and software.

Action 3. Choose three of the above Red Hot Planning Tools and start now! The most common format for recording these has always been in MS Word and Excel, later converting to PDF. Give yourself permission to think outside the box and additionally communicate these in a creative way that reflects you – audio, video, or maybe canvases for your wall! Plan to succeed and you will be positioned for growth with the right clients, at the right price, with shared values and a mutual love for your brand! n

4. Management and personnel plan – Values-based performance management and benchmarks, and professional development for you and your team including virtual assistants and contractors. Succession planning and secondment strategies – yes, Ms soulPreneur you must take a break and go on holidays.

CONTACT Tarran Deane BUSINESS Corporate Cinderella PHONE +61 (0) 417 654 305



Ramp up your


Do you have what it takes to go the distance in business? HEIDI SMITH looks at the role resilience plays in business and 10 key drivers to ensuring you are fighting fit and ready to make an impact in business. With over 80 per cent of businesses failing within the first three years of operation, what is it about those other 20 per cent of businesses and entrepreneurs that determine success? Most of us are familiar with the performance and numbers criteria that predict business success but what about the internal characteristics of the entrepreneur that determines whether or not they can handle adversity? Entrepreneurial resilience defines the ability to maintain integrity when faced with workplace or financial stressors, good or bad. It is our psychological self-strengths, cognitive strengths and social networking skills that comprise our strategic foresight and holistic thinking.

Resilience is not something you are born with, it requires business behaviours, thoughts and actions that can be developed in anyone. Many people start a business because they have the technical capabilities to succeed, i.e., the knowledge, skills and competence. A successful entrepreneur also needs high hope, resilience and confidence in order to succeed. In a study of the ‘spirit of entrepreneurship’, of 60 entrepreneurs studied, researchers determined that factors such as creative vision,

drive, action, commitment and reflection play an important role in predicting: n

venture performance


business development, and


venture failures.

Resilience is not something you are born with, it requires business behaviours, thoughts and actions that can be developed in anyone.

10 KEY STEPS TO BUILD ENTREPRENEURIAL RESILIENCE 1. Find out about your resilience; use an online Entrepreneurial Resilience Assessment tool.

2. Build caring and supportive networks with friends, partners, colleagues and other businesses.

3. Set inspirational goals, make realistic plans, review them on a regular basis, set daily tasks related to your larger goals and see them out.

4. Foster awareness and acceptance of your business situation, this includes awareness of your business, personal and financial position. Step back and reflect on what is really going on.

core strengths to start it up. Write down some positive things about yourself and what you have achieved so far. Can’t think of any? Then ask a friend.

7. Take care of yourself. Don’t get lost in business and family pressures, aim for work/ life balance. Listen to music when driving, limit email checking, and go for long walks outdoors.

8. Be creative in your problem solving. Look for the opportunity in the problems you are facing. Be prepared to change business direction if what you are doing is not working.

9. Develop your spirituality – reconnect with your belief in the meaning and purpose in your work and life, this will flow on to your business.

10. Seek support and training – try a business coach/advisor/psychologist and brush up on your business skills with a course. References: Nandram, S. S. and Samson, K. J. 2006. The spirit of entrepreneurship. Heidelberg: Springer. Nor Aishah Buang (2012). Entrepreneurs’ Resilience Measurement, Entrepreneurship – Born, Made and Educated, Prof. Thierry Burger-Helmchen (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-51-0210-6, InTech. n

5. Find meaning in your life and career, what motivated you to start your business? What keeps you going?

6. Focus on the positive, running a business is tough, it takes an entrepreneur with some real

CONTACT Heidi Smith BUSINESS Aresolution Retreats PHONE +61 (8) 9467 5996


Business Resolution Retreat vision & resilience January 2013 5% off for Wna readers (mention this advertisement) Spaces very limited. More information online: www.aresolutionretreats.com.au or phone 08 9467 5996 Brought to you By

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7 tips for busting BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE There’s no denying that many Australian businesses, big or small, offer up shoddy standards in customer service. TERRI MITCHELL takes you through her seven tips to redefine customer service in your business.

For decades it seems Australian shoppers have simply put up with terrible customer service, feeling powerless to change it. Until recently, customers have been worn down and expect poor service as the norm. Now, with online shopping and media stories on bad service, customers are beginning to expect more and to demand better service. To become the best customer service leader includes basic grass root actions and some good old common sense. These seven tips will help you redefine customer service in your business.

1. Customer service is equally about attitude and skill. The right attitude evolves from good manners, respect, a sense of responsibility and a dash of confidence. Help staff overcome poor attitudes through great training, monitored

The right attitude evolves from good manners, respect, a sense of responsibility and a dash of confidence. performance, and giving firm but fair feedback on any below standard service.

2. Set your benchmark for customer standards. If you document your customer service expectations, you can entrench them in your business culture. Staff training, policies and procedures, and even hiring new staff becomes easier when based around formally documented customer service standards.

3. Get the hiring and training right. Staff members with personality are key and critical to customer service. If you have hired someone who lacks people skills, maybe customer service

is not for them. Also, empower your staff to take ownership of their customer service delivery and reward outstanding performance.

4. Remove the ‘customer’ title; this is simple yet challenging. Instead of treating customers as a potential sale, consider them as people first. Have a conversation. Talk to them with the same respect you reserve for your favourite uncle or nanna. When you are genuinely caring and interested in them, customers will soon feel more like family and less like a number.

5. Don’t miss a chance for feedback. When customers complete your customer feedback form, contact them to thank them for their efforts and accept any negative feedback graciously. Your customers will feel listened to and you will learn valuable lessons on what you are doing poorly.

6. Mistakes are learning opportunities. Recognise any mistakes you have made, and apologise sincerely to your customers. Acknowledge the issue, deal with it professionally, and give the customer a clear undertaking of how you will have the issue attended to. Set time frames by which issues will be addressed, and hold staff accountable to learning how not to repeat the mistake.

7. Manage your customers’ expectations. Delivering exceptional customer service relies on superior communication. Customers must be clear about what they can expect within your business from your customer service staff and across all business interactions. You will have fewer issues and customers will soon accept exceptional service as the norm when expectations are transparent. When you have the right mix of outstanding attitude, sincere communication and constant learning, you will be setting the stage for an outstanding performance in customer service and your business will be loudly applauded by an appreciative customer audience. n

CONTACT Terri Mitchell BUSINESS The Profit Frog PHONE 1300 983 641


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how to flourish in catastrophe

How well does your organisation handle disaster? As an SME you do not have the resources of large corporations. Your budget doesn’t run to cover a dedicated risk management team, an asset protection team, a disaster recovery group and all the associated systems. So how do you survive in this dynamic, fast paced world? Here are the top five tips for managing your business to survive the next disaster or downturn:

1. Be flexible

The person with the most flexibility controls the outcome. Flexibility requires nimble systems and processes. Examine how you train, how you inform, how you document your key operations. Consider how else they could operate in the space of a disaster.

Are you currently experiencing a career crisis?


Do you want to change industries?


Do you need a qualified business mentor?


Are you returning to work after having a family?


Do need support to climb the corporate ladder?


Are you afraid you might lose your job?


Do you need a career change?


Do you have an idea for your own business?


Would you like a mentor to help guide you with your online business?

Remember, we either succeed or we learn; we never make mistakes. Either way you and your business will grow.


Are you thinking about retirement over the next 12 months?

3. Clarity of goals

For access to a free career advice course see: www.freecareeradvicecourse.com

factors in your business. You need to be able to balance challenges that you can control and be fluid with the issues that you cannot.

If you know exactly what you need to achieve, then a setback, a change or a road hump will not take you off track. It will just put you on another track. The best question to ask is not ‘Why’ but ‘How’. How can I still get the growth? How else can I contact my clients? Instead of staying on the same path and ‘trying’ to sell your customer what you have always sold them, stop and actually ask your customers, “What is it you need?” The answer to this may not even be what your business is about, this is about adapting your business to your customers.

4. Engaged employees and attracting talent

Business plans are a great way to know the overall picture of your business, however, it is okay to deviate from the plan to ensure that your business is flexible enough to weather the next storm. Also, now is the best time to review and re-write you current business plan, to be more aligned with the current business environment.

Integrate your business and employee passions. It is not expensive to be an employer of choice but it does take determination and a commitment from the top. Help your employees know their value and align their personal goals to your business goals and you will find many ‘business’ owners helping you to survive and even grow.

It is important to have a partner that helps you find and develop your business talents, on how to work in a very fluid way and flexible way, to keep up with the ever changing business environment.

Finally, ask for help! Maybe your suppliers have resources they can make available to you. Do your competitors have some space you could use? What can your employees contribute? Just as ‘No man is an island’, neither is a business.

2. Accept change

There is no point fighting what you cannot change. In times of confusion, all the energy must be focused on delivering your business, and ensuring survival. My favourite four letter word in business is ‘next’. Always remember that this too shall pass, the good and the bad. Accepting change is about balance and control and making sure you focus on the positive

Would you like your own personal mentor to help guide you with your Career or Business? Would you like to know how to really use social media, develop a Phone App or educate yourself about online business? l

In a business environment the only constant is change and many things impact on performance and results. NIKI BOWEN explains how you can use disaster to help your business succeed.

Imagine the last three years in Queensland being repeated: floods, cyclones, GFC, USD rates. Are you ready to handle it again? Would you survive this time?

Do what you love and love what you do, is this you?

If you ticked off one or more of these questions now is the time to make a change!

For a personalised 12 month support program see: www.lifelongcareers.com.au or call Tanya Honeychurch on 0400 440 036 Lifelong Careers will work with you as an employee, with your employer, or you as an individual to help you manage your own business or career. Our Career & Professional Development specialists will design, develop, implement and evaluate a business or career support package for you. What you will receive: l 12 months personal support and service including: l

12 personalised mentoring sessions Business Plan or Curriculum Vitae Template & Customisation


Myers Briggs Personality Profile Questionnaire & Report


SMART Plan (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Timely Plan)


Series of mentoring sessions and products Social Media, Work Purpose, Career Interest, Skills Audit, Job Applications, Interviews, Business Launch and much more.......

Grow and prosper together. Look to the community for the example. A disaster brings people together. It can do the same in business. n CONTACT Niki Bowen BUSINESS EQ Coach PHONE +61 (0) 406 775 774


To receive a Free One Hour Career Development Consultation call Tanya Honeychurch on 0400 440 036. W: www.lifelongcareers.com.au E: info@lifelongcareers.com.au Winter 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 13



great business articles YOU NEED TO WRITE

You know you should be doing it, every seminar and workshop you attend reminds you of the value of writing business articles. So why is it that every time you get to the point of sitting at your computer to tap something out, your mind goes completely blank? INGRID CLIFF shares 10 business article ideas that can get you typing today. There’s no shortage of things you can write about for your business. But why is it when you sit down at your computer, all the great possibilities disappear from your mind faster than the name of the person you just met at a networking event? Here are 10 article ideas to get you started:

1. Start with FAQs. Look at the FAQs people ask about your service or product (e.g. 7 Reasons You Need to Regularly Change Your Smoke Alarms).

2. Tips. Write tips around the selection,

maintenance, repair, troubleshooting of your product, or broaden the topic out to tips more generally related to your business (e.g. 10 Tips to Help You Decorate Your Child’s Bedroom).

3. Your take on news issues. Sometimes there are issues in the media that you can logically give your opinion on (e.g. How to know if you need to throw away your fridge after a flood or if you can save it).

4. Product stories. If you are launching a new product or improving an existing product, this could be newsworthy (e.g. The Latest Innovation in Kitchen Time Savers).

Do you know why businesses fail?

You can interview top clients or employees to explore what they like about your company, or discuss information about their businesses/roles that may be relevant to your readers 5. How to articles. These are generally more in depth than tips articles, and give people stepby-step instructions on how to do something (e.g. How to Repair Plasterboard Cracks).

6. Trends. If you stay abreast of new research or can tap into trends in your industry, you can share the findings in an easy-to-understand way with your clients (e.g. Why More Small Businesses Are Turning to Facebook).

7. History. People are interested in learning interesting facts about the history of your company or reflections of your experience (e.g. What I Wished I Had Known Before I Started My Business).

8. Interviews. You can interview top clients or employees to explore what they like about your company, or discuss information about their businesses/roles that may be relevant to your readers (e.g. How XYZ Helps 123 Stay Profitable).

9. Myth busting. If there are myths about your product or service type, then write a mythbusting article (e.g. Do You Own Your Business Words and Images?).

10. Seasonal. Some articles can be targeted

By not getting the right business advice. Imagine having the best person to turn to for the right advice, that will allow you to grow your business and generate more income! Go to: www.rnraccounting.com.au and download your free copy of my ebook that provides you with 7 secrets to getting the right business advice Email: admin@rnraccounting.com.au Phone: 07 33981994 or 0429 629 090

14 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2012

to specific holidays or seasonal events, for example: New Financial Year, New Year’s Resolutions, Christmas Ideas, etc. (e.g. 10 Ways to Spice Up Your Christmas Party). n

CONTACT Ingrid Cliff BUSINESS Heart Harmony PHONE +61 (7) 3351 8844




write excellent content for newsletters

A newsletter is ideal for target marketing but, if you get it wrong, you will have people hitting the unsubscribe button fast. KYLEE BRISTOW, shares her tips on creating quality newsletter content.

Newsletters are ideal for this because you are speaking to the right people and they are happy for you to contact them – which makes them more likely to return to your business. Here are some tips for getting the content right:

1. Know who your subscribers really are and

2. Make sure the newsletter is well written and

7. Provide an events section to tell subscribers what’s going on in their industry, such as upcoming workshops and other chances to network.

edited. If you don’t have the skill, don’t do it yourself. Subscribers will notice and that affects the credibility of your brand. The same goes for formatting. Subscribers will not read the newsletter if it is difficult to follow, i.e. small font size, busy page, overwhelming colour.

8. Avoid sales pitches – the subscribers

3. Make real offers that will add value to your

9. Enable subscribers to both unsubscribe and

products. Or give subscribers something a little different, i.e. do a deal with a coffee chain to provide a voucher for a free coffee. Subscribers will open each newsletter to see what you are providing.

4. Direct your subscribers to useful free resources, such as industry websites and articles. Provide information that would make your subscribers’ jobs easier.

5. Do your clients email suggestions or problems? Do they call you about the same things? You could provide a FAQ section to answer common questions.

6. Ask a guest to write something each issue, i.e. an expert in the industry. Or interview someone from the industry, perhaps an industry celebrity. This would definitely increase your brand’s credibility.

How To Live Life On Your Terms And Assist Others To Do The Same

Australia’s leading life coach reveals how to transform passion into profit Our graduates have lives infused with purpose, meaning and success through being the source of change for others. This 60 minute special peek into Life Coaching is your ticket to new choices. This CD unlocks the secrets that have seen our students move towards living life on their terms: Sarah R. started with TCI in July 2011 when she did her intake weekend. She was stuck and had been for a very long time. No matter how often Sarah changed companies, she was still basically in the same role and very unhappy. She was also filled with beliefs about lack of self-worth and was forever trying to please people in order to make herself feel like she deserved to live. Since completing her diploma, Sarah has a new-found confidence and loves being alive. Now, aged 50, She is doing what really makes her happy and finally believes she deserves to be here on the planet.

Today most people are too busy to notice even the marketing messages most relevant to them. That’s why targeted marketing is now the only way to go. This involves giving the right people the right message at the right time.

write specifically for them. If you write content that is relevant for only some subscribers, you will lose people. Segment your database so you are contacting the right people or tweak the content so it is relevant to as many subscribers as possible.

e Make a Differenc As A Life Coach

will see right through them. The point of the newsletter is to maintain a relationship with your client base. That way, when they do need a service that you provide, yours will be the first business they come to.

Amanda M. Has created a life filled with contribution and purpose. After a marriage breakdown, Amanda dreamed of financial independence through contribution to others but needed flexible working hours so she could be there for her three children. Through completing her Diploma, Amanda gained the skills she needed to form a small coaching business which has allowed her to realise her potential and live the life she always wanted for herself and her family. This CD gives you immediate access to Australia’s most successful Life Coach and her insights into how she took her home based life coaching business into a multi award winning Life Coach Training School. More than this; it gives you the secrets to creating your own small business that provides personal fulfilment and income as you enable your clients to transform their lives.

share the newsletter with a friend.

10. Ask subscribers what they would like to see in the newsletter. It is their newsletter so what information do they need? If you don’t ask the question, you will never know. A final note: Always measure the success of your newsletter and tweak it. Track the people who open your newsletter, click on individual articles and share with a friend. As with all marketing campaigns, it is essential to compile and utilise these stats. n

CONTACT Kylee Bristow BUSINESS Lexi Corporate Publishing PHONE +61 (0) 448 029 444


Creating Extraordinary Lives... Winter 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 15


Your eCommerce

SHOP FRONT Any business owner who was hoping online business was just a fad had best shape up or close shop. TANYA HONEYCHURCH looks at ecommerce and the value it offers even the smallest of businesses to save and make money.

The reach of the Internet and the speed at which it is reshaping the way we interact and purchase goods cannot be ignored. Ecommerce is the vehicle of the 21st century, and it is offering millions of small businesses the opportunity to participate on a more level playing field of enterprise and income. Doing big business online is no longer just the domain of large corporations, with so many small businesses now operating with a slick and professional online presence. Just as when operating from physical business premises, online businesses regardless of size or turnover need to be diligent with constantly updating their content, products, information and services. However, for online businesses the task is less costly and can be done with the click of a mouse. There are three main types of Internet businesses that operate locally or globally: n

Selling goods and services.


Extending a ‘bricks and mortar’ business.


Selling information and associated services.

The many benefits of running an Internet business include:

1. Low start up costs. 2. Quick start-up time frames – much less time

Lost for

words? 16 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2012

is required than a business operating from physical premises.

that can take place. Sometimes you need to go where it takes you.

3. You can compete with companies and


organisations of any size.

4. Scalable potential – your product or service can be sold just as easily to one person as it could to 100. Once you have created a product it can be sold over and over again without replacing stock or requiring extra resources such as staff to manage large orders.

5. Passive income potential – your website is open 24/7, which means sales can be occurring overnight while you sleep!

6. Access to the global marketplace – which means you are no longer restricted to sales in your local community or country.

7. Quick market response – the internet allows for rapid data to update you about the popularity of a product, where your customers are coming from, and the average sale price etc. using software applications. An Internet business can be almost fully automated with minimal labour input from you or your team.


Just as you can quickly set up an Internet business, so too can a competitor. If you can cope with this then you will be doing well. You must have an open mind to technology and educate yourself about the rapid changes

Find them at

Sign up to the plethora of industry expert websites who all specialise in particular niches of Internet business. n

Join business network groups in your town, suburb or city and share information with these people. n

Attend group seminars and ‘summits’ run by perceived Internet ‘gurus’. n

Read as many online business books as you can borrow or buy. n

Where to find help

Establish a good working relationship with a web designer and start asking questions related to operating and marketing your online business. Look in bookstores or sites such as Amazon for online business self-help books and start reading as much as you can.

An Internet business can be almost fully automated with minimal labour input from you or your team. Find other like-minded people and start exchanging information about online gurus. Research and be clear about your sense of purpose and about what you are offering online. The Internet could be the vehicle for creating an income and flexible lifestyle that you may have always wanted. n

CONTACT Tanya Honeychurch BUSINESS Lifelong Careers PHONE +61 (0) 400 440 036

professional coaching in public speaking and other associated communication skills

Call margaret on (03) 6278 8633 or 041 936 4400



Business blogging


Business blogging is a great way to connect with and inform your target audience about the solutions your business offers. CHARLY LEETHAM guides you through some simple tips to get you blogging for success. Simply put, blogging is an excellent way to help prospects get to ‘Know You, Like You and Trust You’ and when they do, they will usually become loyal customers. What more could you want? There are three things that a business needs to remember when blogging for success:

1. Know your target audience – Every business or marketing book we read, tells us that we need to know our target audience. With blogging, knowing our target audience allows us to know how to speak to our readers. It is important to ‘speak’ to your blog readers in a way that they will relate to. For example, if your business targets young women between the ages of 13 and 20, you would use different words and lay out the text differently to appeal to them. If you do not know your target audience, how can you adjust your message so that it can be received appropriately?

2. Answer questions and be helpful – When someone searches the Internet, they don’t normally go looking for a brand name or a business. Normally, they are searching for a solution to a problem: ‘Stop my dog scratching itself’, ‘best way to get rid of a headache’, or ‘where can I learn to ballroom dance in Canberra’... By blogging, and offering solutions to the actual questions people ask, you will not only improve your website’s position in the search engine results, you will be positioning your business as the source of information in your niche.

Definition is everything Communications: Aka PR: Aims to inform, promote and persuade in the right way, right time, right place. Media relations: Least controllable, most powerful, but not a cure-all. Marketing: Communications with the intent of selling. Market research: Means of investigating ideas and finding the ‘why?’ behind the numbers.

Always give something of value in your updates, don’t just ‘sell’ to your readers, let them leave your site with one thing they can do or try. Of course, you can also point out how your business can help, but be subtle about it. If you are at a loss for a topic to blog about, simply think about what keeps your customers awake at night, or what you get a lot of questions about in store or in person – write about those things.

3. Put a passionate, human face on it – Let’s face it, people like to connect with people. Sure, they may deal with the business but it is the people that make the difference. Your blog can be the ‘human face’ of your business on the web and regardless of how formal it is, your business readers need to feel that they are interacting with a real person. Let your passion for your topic, products and services shine through in your updates. People want to know that you really believe in what you share. If you do not feel that you have the level of enthusiasm to write an update, delegate the work or employ someone to help. Remember, you are the salesperson for your business, if you are not passionate about your business, why should anyone else be? Used appropriately, your blog CONTACT Charly Leetham is a very powerful tool in your BUSINESS Ask Charly Leetham marketing toolkit. n PHONE +61 (2) 6100 3881 www.askcharlyleetham.com

Specialising in legal, professional services, higher education and not-for-profit. Clear fluff-free advice and practical support. Sign up for free monthly e-bulletin with top tips and ‘to-dos’ each month. Alicia Patterson Phone: 0403 172 024 Email: alicia@houseconsulting.com.au

www.houseconsulting.com.au Winter 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 17


Wannabe networkers


Compare the results networking achieves up against other forms of acquiring business and you soon realise that the grape vine can become an absolute gold mine. LYNETTE PALMEN AM shares tips on how to maximise results for you and your business when actively networking at events. With most businesses seeking ways to reduce costs whilst increasing their market penetration and sales, it is no surprise that networking online through social media sites and offline by attending events has exploded. However, the secret to achieving results regardless of whether you are networking online or offline is to use the correct networking techniques. If you find that you are constantly pestering contacts by trying to sell them something, please do not pretend that you are networking! Because the truth is that you are actually making a nuisance of yourself and basically giving the concept of networking a bad name. Listen up – ‘networking’ is not about ‘selling’ or ‘marketing’ yet all three combined are needed to reach a successful outcome. n

Marketing creates awareness

Networking narrows down the scope of the market, and n


Selling provides a solution to a problem.

It goes without saying that ‘selling’ becomes so much easier when you have taken the time to identify problems that need solutions through effective networking. The issue most people have is that they start the ‘selling’ process before working their way through the first two steps of the process.

Working Women Women’s network Australia


w w w.w o m e n s n e t w o r k . co m . a u

Business n success n Life

WinTeR 2012 Aust $8.75 inc gst

For novice networkers, the most important rule to remember is that networking is not about making a sale and it’s certainly not about you! Networking is all about strategically positioning yourself and assisting others to meet their goals whilst creating a profile so that you stay top of mind in your circle of influence.

events will always play a significant and vital role in meeting our business, communications and connectivity needs. The facts are that by applying effective networking techniques you will produce results.

Being consistent when networking is where most people fall down. They do it for a while and once they find out how much effort and commitment it takes they drop the ball. Hence, those who are willing to put the hard yards into their networking activities reap so many rewards. The fact being, they have very little competition once the lazy wannabe networkers fall by the wayside. The question is are you prepared to work your networks for two years in an effort to build a contact portfolio of more people than you will ever need in your lifetime to meet your business and personal goals?


Networking and building connections via social media have certainly taken off over the past five years, however many businesses report they are experiencing a mixed bag of results for the time they invest into social media. Mind you, this could have a lot to do with their lack of networking skill when using social media opposed to the medium itself. Face-to-face networking at events runs parallel to networking on social media and for most of us mixing and brainstorming with others at

So how can you turn every event you attend into an effective networking exercise?

1. Relationships – Most people are not clear on what the concept of networking involves. They attend events with the assumption that networking is about themselves and selling. A good networker knows that networking and building relationships is about taking the time to find out about others and from there any future business relationships evolve.

2. Branding – Once you have made the commitment to commence networking actively, think about how you wish to represent your business or your employer. Keep your branding and the message you communicate simple and consistent.

3. Planning – Always arrive at networking events on time. This allows you to introduce yourself to the event organisers whilst also getting a feel for the environment. It also gives you time to assess the event format, organise your action plan and preview name tags of guests to see if any are your existing contacts.

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For novice networkers, the most important rule to remember is that networking is not about making a sale and it’s certainly not about you! Networking is all about strategically positioning yourself and assisting others to meet their goals whilst creating a profile so that you stay top of mind in your circle of influence. 4. Respect – If you wish to be taken seriously

7. Vision – Switched on networkers don’t

always have adequate business cards on hand. Never be known as a card collector it looks desperate – treat your business card with respect, only handing them on to those you have engaged in conversation.

attend events based on who is guest speaking or the topic of the day, they know it is all about who is in the room. In any case, if you cannot open your mind sufficiently to learn something from even the worst speaker, you are probably not in the right space to start networking.

5. Stand alone – Sometimes taking a friend along for support can work well but most times it is a stumbling block to achieving any outcomes. Inevitably, you and your friend will use the event as a catch up, convincing yourself afterwards that the event was a good networking exercise as it gave you both the opportunity to catch up with each other. The truth is you were never going to achieve any results from attending the networking event and you should have simply had coffee together elsewhere. There is nothing wrong with inviting a colleague to attend a networking event with you but ensure you split up on arrival and catch up after the event to discuss outcomes and any personal chit chat.

6. Follow up – Great networkers follow up those they meet. If you tell people you are going to call, do it. But in saying this, there are always going to be times where you are so busy that sourcing extra business is not a priority. So, if this is the case, when you meet a new contact simply tell them, “It was great to meet you and I would like to find out more about your business or career aspirations so can we catch up at next month’s networking event?” It is really important within networking groups that you display exceptional networking ethics, manners and show other people respect.

prejudice towards those in the room. For example, if you are an employee of a large firm attending a networking event never discount the potential of small or home-based business owners in attendance. Yes, at first glance you might accidently assume that you have nothing to gain by connecting with them, however someone in their network could possibly introduce you to your biggest client ever. Remember, every person you meet has a network of at least 300 contacts – you just haven’t met them yet. Networking is about building relationships so that others are willing to invite, refer and welcome you into their circle of trust. In the end, networking at business events is a tried and true method to grow your business and career prospects. With the right commitment and an ethical attitude, anyone can learn to reap the professional rewards effective networking has to offer. n

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signs your strategic alliance Strategic alliances are a great way of expanding the reach of your business but they need constant auditing for outcomes. ROBYN HENDERSON outlines how to identify, audit and manage the process and what to do when things don’t go as well as expected.

Forming strategic alliances is a great way to ensure the growth of your business in a tight market. Basically, all parties agree to work win/win, share their contacts and help to grow each other’s businesses and or careers. Sounds good in theory, doesn’t it? However, there are some tell tale signs when alliances you may be part of are really not working, need a revamp or may even need dismantling. Do any of these signs look familiar to you?

1. No actual meetings – lots of huffing and puffing ‘we must get together’ or ‘I’ll call you’. To be fair there may be valid reasons for not having meetings, however, for your alliances to survive and grow, regular contact is important. Even if the meetings are virtual or Skyped, you must connect regularly.

2. No shows at meetings. When you receive excuses month after month or meeting after meeting, you really have to ask the question, what priority is this meeting/alliance in your world? Everyone has commitments and unexpected things that come up on the day or week of the meeting. However, regular absenteeism is not the sign of a committed ally.

3. Actions regularly not completed. Again we are all time poor, however, if we are a committed member of an alliance, it is important that we complete our actions within the time frame allocated. Or speak up at the time of action allocation and indicate that you are in overload this month and unable to contribute. Again clear and honest communication is the glue that holds alliances together.

4. Endless excuses can sometimes mean, ‘I have lost passion for this alliance and am not

brave enough to tell you’. A little like a naughty student in school, if I am disruptive in class, I will be sent out of the class – and that is what I want anyway. If this is occurring, politely ask the question, “On a scale of 0–5, when zero represents absolutely zero interest and five represents totally committed, where would you rate your current commitment to this alliance?” Parting amicably is beneficial for everyone, so aim for a clean exit.

5. Key player/driver leaves. Most alliances have one or two key players and when they leave, move away, resign or discontinue their association with the alliance, the whole group can fall apart. At the time of their departure, it is wise to have a frank conversation regarding the future of the alliance and some options for replacement of the key player, inviting an outsider to join or dissolving the group. Every

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is failing and needs a revamp! Most alliances have one or two key players and when they leave, move away, resign or discontinue their association with the alliance, the whole group can fall apart. At the time of their departure, it is wise to have a frank conversation regarding the future of the alliance and some options for replacement of the key player, inviting an outsider to join or dissolving the group. alliance needs a driver – someone who will keep the group focused on why you are aligned, what you want to achieve and how you are going to accomplish results. Use this favourite African proverb regularly: “To go fast, go alone. To go far go together.” This sums up what is possible. It is very easy to try to be super woman and do it all yourself, however, being open to alliances is a way that you can share your experiences, wisdom, connections and vision with others in a supportive and focused format. n

CONTACT Robyn Henderson BUSINESS Networking To Win PHONE +61 (0) 407 906 501


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Understanding employment How do you know if you need an employment contract for your current or potential employees? If you don’t have a contract, will you be in breach of workplace laws? MANDY CANN helps you to understand what is involved with employment contracts. Written employment contracts may be the central source of rights and obligations or a minor source with other instruments like awards and agreements playing a bigger part.

those covered by awards which allows the employer and employee flexibility as long as the employee is better off overall. This can also be done under Awards with an individual flexibility agreement.

There may not be a specially prepared individual document between an employer and an employee which could be identified as ‘the’ contract of employment, however, there are always relevant sources which determine the terms of the contract and the other conditions impacting on the employment relationship (such as award provisions and legislation apart from the contract). Some employers prefer to adopt the practice of having all employees on written employment contracts including

The terms set out in written employment contracts typically cover:



the nature of employment

the duties of the position and reporting structure n


hours of work

any reference to company policies and procedures n



Mandy Cann – Mob: 0401 665 981 Email: info@cannconsulting.com.au Web: www.cannconsulting.com.au


Cann Consulting is your on-call HR and IR Manager assisting small and medium businesses manage their staff efficiently and professionally giving you more time to run your business. Services include: • On-call HR/IR Manager • Contracts of employment With each booking you • Induction process receive a free copy of • Policies & procedures Kirsty’s book ‘PARENTING –

The basic wage and entitlements for most employees are detailed in the relevant award so you may not require a contract in this situation. n

post-employment protection regarding employer intellectual property and confidential information, and restrictions on employee conduct, and n


jurisdiction and governing law of the contract.

The basic wage and entitlements for most employees are detailed in the relevant award so you may not require a contract in this situation. You may prefer to have a detailed ‘Letter of Offer’, with a ‘Job Description’, and call this the employment contract. If your employees are not covered by a modern award, it is a good idea to put the terms and conditions of employment in an easy to interpret contract of employment. So don’t get caught up in lengthy legalistic employment contracts if you don’t need to. n

• Audits – complying with workplace laws • Performance management • Investigations • Terminations & Unfair Dismissals

ATalk Guide The Ride’ to For Mandy today about your people management needs

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termination of employment

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How to survive

REDUNDANCY Being made redundant can be one of the most emotionally trying times that anyone can experience. AMANDA HUBBARD shares some key tips to coping with surviving redundancy.

Individuals, particularly those who have been with the same employer for many years, experience a rollercoaster of emotions including shock, anger and grief. The grief experienced is not just for the loss of the role, but also for the team-mates and culture to which they have become ingrained. So what strategies can you put in place to ensure you survive?

TIME – Even if you knew it was coming and whether you wanted it or not – there is still a big emotional impact when the day of your exit discussion arrives. Because of this, you need to allow quality time to really look over your situation especially now that you have all the facts in front of you regarding timelines and entitlements.

STRUCTURE – If the plan is not to return to work once you have been made redundant, make sure that you keep some structure in your day. It can be great catching up with friends and sorting out those niggling odd jobs but you are in danger of becoming quickly bored, this is where building in a strategy of what you are doing from one week to the next will keep you motivated and inspired.

FINANCES – Understandably, this will be a major factor of your decision making and will determine the direction you take. Make sure that you work out a budget and plot future expenditure. Chat with a Financial

Advisor; they could come up with some good suggestions on how to get the most out of your money and potentially your super fund.

FUTURE JOBS – Take this opportunity to really think about your next career step. Do you want to stay in the same role or even the same industry? Perhaps it is time to follow your dream? Review the kind of roles you have really enjoyed in the past and determine how you can incorporate the skills used into the next ideal position for you.

JOB SEARCH DOCUMENTS – Don’t just rely on the old resume that you used many years ago to get this job; it’s time to get up to date and become knowledgeable about what will work in today’s market. By investing time into your resume you will be 80 per cent more successful in securing an interview. It is imperative that your resume is well laid out, with no grammar mistakes and that it ultimately positions you as a professional.

INTERVIEWS – Preparation, preparation, preparation – this cannot be emphasised enough. Not only does being prepared help you manage your nerves, it showcases you as the professional you are and provides the interviewer with a real taste of how you will perform for them should you be successful in securing the job.

networks, asking for referrals and approaching businesses to enquire about potential positions are all great positive steps towards opening up doors for your next role. No matter where you are in the redundancy process, by taking time to think over your situation, talking, and investigating the options available, you will gain some powerful insights on how to ensure your job search strategy is a success. n

NETWORKING – On average, 70 per cent of jobs are filled through networking – not advertising. Tapping into your existing

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Women’s retreat – it’s all about you!

Do you want an opportunity to explore your inner self, become the best version of you, and get direction and clarity while relaxing in a luxurious Villa overseas? See yourself in a completely different way and get your life on track with passion and drive. Learn how to improve your relationships and evoke an unstoppable drive to strive. Pamper yourself with a body massage one day, a facial the next, and a deluxe pedicure and manicure during your stay. This exclusive 6 day seminar will begin in Bali on the 3rd September 2012. Numbers are strictly limited to 10 people to ensure an intimate group setting, as well as the opportunity of privacy to retreat to your own room and contemplate the day.



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Employee entitlement –

welcome to the real world! Without a doubt the focus for the past decade has been on employee engagement. In this article, BLYTHE ROWE, explores the individual’s role in the engagement formula and suggests that driving ownership is the key to revving up productivity, profitability and performance.

The bottom line is that companies have tightened head count, laid people off and once the war for talent suddenly hit, the people factor became critical. Historically, the responsibility of engaging people has solely been in the hands of leadership and what the organisation could give the employee, fuelling a rise in the entitlement culture.

But, what is the employee’s role in the engagement formula? The fact is you cannot make other people happy. You cannot motivate someone who does not want to be motivated. Granted, leaders can de-motivate people, but no-one can make someone else happy, unless they want to be happy! This focus solely on the leaders’ role for employee engagement has meant that we have missed the bigger issue. It is actually about driving the work ethic, the culture of ownership to rev up productivity, profitability and performance. You see ownership is a different thing. When you have a culture of ownership, you do not need to make people accountable, they make themselves accountable – how good does that sound?

In fact, Gallop research shows that one in five Aussies actually hate their job. The issue is of course, that they don’t quit, not physically anyway.

If you have a culture of ownership, where each individual is expected to own their attitude, their behaviour, their role, and their outcome – the culture shifts from entitlement to contribution. When you can get that happening profits go through the roof. When an Olympic athlete takes ownership, they are so attached to the outcome, that they are devastated if they do not achieve it. Do sales people take that level of ownership around a key account? Imagine for a moment if the surgeons who we trust our lives with did not take ownership of their outcome. It seems in a generation of ‘me’, we have lost this sense of ownership at work. We have lost this accountability and responsibility to something bigger than ourselves.

You have a job. You are getting paid. Do an honest day’s work! Honest because, there are employees out there ripping off their companies every day, perhaps not money directly from the tills, but money in the form of salary as they fail to do what they are paid to do – their job! In fact, Gallop research shows that one in five Aussies actually hate their job. The issue is

Speaker • Executive Coach Author • Consultant

So, how do you get people to do an honest day’s work? You get them to take ownership for their results. Not reasons and excuses for why they did not do things. You get them to stop whinging and start working. You get leaders to stop complaining about the work ethics of their teams and start creating it. It’s simple really...do what you said you would do in regard to goals and results. Do it in the timeframe you said you would do it and in the way you said you would when it comes to behaviour whilst on the job. It’s called having integrity, it’s called taking personal responsibility.

Here’s the deal...

Tarran Deane

of course, that they don’t quit, not physically anyway. They spend more time blaming everyone else for their lack of results and bludging as they hide behind technology in an effort to ‘look busy’.

You get these things right and the notion of an honest day’s work gets nailed and productivity, profitability and performance will also reap the reward. n

CONTACT Blythe Rowe BUSINESS Blythe Rowe Pty Ltd PHONE +61 (0) 415 947 171


CONTAGIOUS LEADERSHIP • Build high performance teams • Role model & deliver to promises • Grow entrepreneurial spirit to get results JOIN THE SUCCESS CLIQUE! Call Tarran NOW! M. +61 (0) 417 654 305



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management Regardless of how small your staff or team is, PAM MACDONALD offers insight into how your people management skills, or lack thereof, are directly impacting on your business and customers.

As a busy owner of a business you probably don’t have the time or money to spend on formal workshops or courses to learn how you could become a better manager. But the question you need to ask is whether people management was a skill set you brought with you to the business or whether it is one you need to sharpen up. If you know it is an area where you need improvement, you might find mentoring a helpful way to overcome any shortfalls in your people management skills. Perhaps you know of someone who has both business management skills and high-level human resources management skills. If so, match up with them as there is much value to be found in swapping skill sets with another business owner in your circle of contacts.

5. Good and on target performance means more time producing, and less time discussing or resolving or arguing. Think about how much time you or your managers invest in, or lose solving problems, listening to gripes and dealing with complaints.

6. Good managers make for happier employees and happy employees complain less. It is true that happy or well-managed employees will seek solutions rather than complaining about issues externally.

In the end, your staff or team are the direct input into your product and customer experiences. By treating your team well and with respect they will, on the whole, respond in kind. Sometimes something that initially seems to be intangible, like effective people management, turns out to be highly tangible and desirable to your business. n

These six areas are what most managers experience and seek help with. Some see them as the most compelling reasons for ensuring that their people are managed well.

CONTACT Pam MacDonald BUSINESS Broadspring Consulting PHONE +61 (0) 438 843 970


The idea is that you can assist with knowledge gaps in their business by sharing your expertise and adding value. That way you are supporting each other’s businesses equally. If you acquire good people management skills, the bottom line of your business will improve. Here are some of the benefits that excellence in people management delivers:

1. Good managers reduce the stress levels of their staff and better health means less sick days. Swedish research indicates that bad managers cause a 65 per cent increase in heart attacks!

2. Having a bad manager leads to higher staff turnover. Research by Australian recruitment firms shows that leaving a bad manager is one of the top three most commonly quoted reasons for employees leaving their last workplace.

3. People who enjoy their workplace are more engaged and more productive. The definition of staff engagement is that people apply their discretionary effort, in other words they will do things without having to be told.

4. Good managers address issues before they become problems. This could also be called the benefit of nipping things in the bud.

Lost when it comes to using LinkedIn or Facebook in your Business? Teach yourself using simple, easy to follow, step-by-step short videos. Simply choose a video, watch it and implement the steps at your own pace. Easy!

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your brand and the law

Protecting your intellectual property online is difficult but the payoff can be significant. ILONA TEREMI explains how to protect and optimise your creative content on social media platforms. Copyright basics – Copyright exists in any original expression. That includes any artistic, literary, musical, film or broadcast work, but not a mere idea. The work is owned by the creator of the work, unless the person is doing it as a part of their role as an employee, journalist or as a commissioned work (in certain circumstances). Contractors are not employees, and unless assigned, they retain the copyright to anything they create. A copyright owner’s rights are infringed if a substantial part of their work is copied or made public without permission.

Your content – When your business uploads content to a social media platform, you are required to agree to that platform’s terms of

service. Those terms will grant the service a licence to use any material you provide to it and the extent of this licence varies from site to site. However, even if those terms are acceptable to you now, you should be aware that terms may change without your express knowledge.

Brands – When you work with social media, your brand is a valuable asset (perhaps the most valuable asset) that you will want to protect. Trade Mark Infringement is the use of a mark which is substantially identical to, or deceptively similar to, a registered trade mark on similar goods or services. Where a brand exists but no Trade Mark has been registered, the tort of Passing Off may be enforced similarly. Misleading and Deceptive Conduct

Stressed by the paper piles, buried bills and a crazy schedule that leaves you exhausted? If you’re feeling frazzled and not as ‘together’ as your clients think you are, we can help. We offer a holistic organising service for busy professionals who dream of finding a better balance between the things they NEED to do and the things they WOULD LOVE to do. We give you the tools and strategies you need to decrease your stress, maximise your productivity and energy, and regain control of your time, home life, work life and wellbeing.

Simone de Haas

Change Catalyst Coach, Mentor & Speaker Mobile: 0412 674 535 simone@cre8tivecatalyst.com.au Available for Guest Speaking; Business & Personal Coaching; Public Speaking Coaching; Creativity Workshops

26 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2012

Call Louise D’Allura on 0408 723 559 or visit www.TheRevampExperience.com.au and sign up for our free ecourse The Art of Stress Free Living: Steps to achieve a healthier, happier and simpler life.

occurs where a person involved in trade or commerce, engages in any conduct that is misleading or deceptive or is likely to mislead or deceive. Meanwhile, Name Squatting and Parody Accounts, cover any registration of another’s name or brand name for malevolent purposes. This includes the registration of social media handles and domain names. Although not a cause of action itself, Name Squatters are very likely to be infringers under other grounds.

What Are Your Remedies?

Proactive steps – Perhaps the simplest protection of your brand is defensive registration. This refers to the creation of official brand accounts for each social media platform. Although this is not an enforcement mechanism, it is simple and cheap and offers an official outlet for your customers to gravitate towards. On most social media platforms, under the terms of service, you will also have the right to lodge a complaint if your intellectual property is being infringed upon. If serious damage has been done to your brand, legal enforcement mechanisms may be appropriate.

Reactive steps – First consider if it is in your best interest to stop the use. The public relations fallout from coming down heavy handed against an individual might substantially outweigh any benefit. If your organisation decides that stopping any unauthorised use is necessary, it is important to act quickly, action any terms of use violation and then if all else fails, consider formal legal action. Social media is an important tool, but a number of legal risks are present for organisations. However, most risks associated with intellectual property infringement and brand management can be effectively controlled through education of staff and the development of a strong but flexible social media policy. n

CONTACT Ilona Teremi BUSINESS Kreisson Legal PHONE +61 (2) 8239 6500




A valuable advertising tool or an expensive mistake?

You might think that mobile marketing is a less expensive alternative, but without the correct consent it could end up costing your business a fortune in legal expenses. KARAN WHITE explains why you need to ensure your business communications are within the boundaries of the law.

The idea of marketing your business directly to the mobile phones of potential customers is very appealing. It provides a direct line to the consumer and is more likely to be read than some other forms of advertising. However, it is important when considering the value of SMS marketing to also consider the associated risks. As Nokia recently discovered, failure to comply with the Australian Spam Act 2003 (Cth) (the Spam Act) when sending commercial electronic messages to consumers can be an expensive mistake to make. The Spam Act regulates the sending of commercial messages via email, SMS, MMS and instant messages. Generally, you must take the following steps to ensure that you comply with the Spam Act: 1. First obtain recipient consent;

a business relationship exists that suggests that the message recipient is interested in receiving commercial electronic messages relating to products or services, similar to those previously purchased.

and an investigation by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (the ACMA). Consequently, the ACMA determined that while Nokia had received consent from customers to send the messages, it did not:




The message must clearly identify the sender, along with the sender’s contact details.


All commercial electronic messages must contain a facility enabling the recipient to opt out of receiving future messages and provide message recipients with the option of withdrawing previous consent. Unsubscribe facilities come in a number of forms, including: a direction in a text message to reply with ‘stop’ or another keyword; n

3. Provide a functional unsubscribe facility.

a direction in an email to reply with ‘unsubscribe’ (or a similar word) in the subject line; and



2. Identify yourself as the sender; and

A sender of commercial electronic messages will have obtained recipient consent where: the message recipient has ticked a box on a website or form, expressly consenting to receive marketing messages; n

the message recipient has provided an email address or mobile phone number on a competition form and agreed to receive business updates, etc.; or n


a clickable link providing notification to the message sender.


Nokia sent a number of SMS messages to its customers. Some messages contained factual information about the operation of mobile phones, while others promoted Nokia’s products and services, specifically mobile phone accessories. It was the latter that triggered customer complaints

provide information about their identity and how the recipients could contact Nokia; or provide the recipients with a facility to unsubscribe from the commercial electronic messages. n

The ACMA fined Nokia $55,000 for failure to comply with the rules under the Spam Act.


Avoiding breaches under the Spam Act is relatively simple. Obtain recipient consent, identify yourself as the message sender and provide a functional unsubscribe facility. Taking these steps prior to sending commercial electronic messages will assist to ensure that your business receives the most out of your marketing activities, while avoiding potential financial penalty, which could cripple your business. n

CONTACT Karan White BUSINESS Pod Legal PHONE 1800 763 534


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It’s no secret that most business owners struggle and slog out the daily grind for years before closing the doors for good with nothing to show for their efforts. 95% of business owners sacrifice Family, Friends and Fun for very little reward and the dream of owning their own business soon turns into a nightmare… On the flip side you only have to check out the rich lists to see that business is the richest game on the planet, where the big money is made, well by a select few at least. There is a clear gap between the wealthy 5% and the 95% who continue slogging out the daily grind in the 9-5 prison camp (or worse for those self employed) working flat out with their head down, bum up getting nowhere.

Walt Disney summed it up when he said – “The reason why most people are not successful financially is because most people spend their life mowing the grass, they start at the top on Monday morning and just when they are getting near the end it’s the start of a new week and they have to start all over again.” Those caught up in the 95% focus on busy time, falsely believing that as long as they are busy they must be making progress… Where as the wealthy 5% focus on money time with a clear understanding why it is absolutely necessary to invest their time in the areas that give them the biggest pay off! Poor people try to save money by doing it ALL by themselves, where as wealthy people invest money in systems, people, programs & most importantly training to save them time, which is the BIG reason why the rich get richer and make money fast – Yes, in total contrast to your local financial adviser WEALTH IS MADE FAST… As long as you are prepared first! Richard Branson is a great example when he launched Virgin Atlantic, he was wise enough not to try and go it alone he sought out Freddie Laker as his mentor, which allowed him to stay two steps ahead of the dirty tricks British Airways were attacking them with. The biggest myth of all is the self made millionaire, every successful person who has made it to the top has had help from a mentor or even a team of mentors as with large companies like the Virgin group, etc… If you’re like most people, it’s not everyday when you get the unique opportunity to learn from a genuine Millionaire Mentor who walks the walk, not just talks the talk... On this DVD you will discover the system ALL wealthy entrepreneurs use that ex-Special Forces Soldier and Millionaire Mentor Aaron Parsons has used to generate over $30 million in the last 3 years in a range of different businesses. And how 4 of his 5 Businesses run on auto-pilot, 3 of which are multi-million dollar companies.

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What ultimately separates Wealthy Business Owners and those who work like slaves with very little to show for it The Biggest Dangers facing Business Owners today How To Build a Highly Profitable Marketing and Sales System to attract constant streams of your best paying clients The Top Secret Special Forces Peak Performance Technique to achieve more in a day than you used to in a week How To Outsource Your Workload To An Over-Qualified Army Of Experts for as little as $5 per hour The Fastest and Most Effective Strategy To INSTANTLY Add $100,000+ to Your Business and how you can do it for FREE How to transform yourself into a world class entrepreneur and more... aaron



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’t take!”

“You always miss 100% of the shots you don




VOLUNTEERINGcreate more in your life There are many valid excuses that businesses give when asked why they don’t volunteer and become more involved in their community. KIRSTY O’CALLAGHAN shares the endless opportunities that are possible for your business when you are willing to participate and be part of a volunteer program.

When you think of volunteering, a few common thoughts that may come to mind immediately are: n

where will I find the time for it?


doing something for nothing

having to do something that I may not be interested in n


having to share time with people I don’t know.

It has been proven through research and countless interviews with successful people that part of a flourishing, satisfying and happy life experience is the ability to give back to your community, meet new people, network and share your skills, knowledge and your resources. As a result you learn new skills and become a part of creating something that makes a difference to others. This can be especially true for business people; and all this can be achieved through choosing to volunteer your time regularly. There are many different programs to participate in, for example: n

helping at your children’s school


tree planting projects


pro bono organisations


sporting programs


clean up your neighbourhood groups


helping in hospitals

developing or assisting in self-help or like interest groups. n

If you Google ‘volunteering’, you may be amazed at how many volunteer opportunities are happening in your area.


meet new clients


meet new friends


develop and enhance your own self-worth

spend more time with family members who choose to participate as well n


set great examples for your children, and

learn new things about yourself, others and different ways of doing an activity. n

People who volunteer their time, whether it be once a week or once a month, have been found to be happier, more interesting, more fulfilled and most of all have a stronger connection to their community and sense of self and where they belong in the bigger picture. These people also find their resources grow and their business shows positive signs of growth. Volunteering allows you the opportunity to safely step out of your comfort zone and do something different which in turn encourages you to take action on things you may have previously thought impossible. Try it and see. The key is finding an organisation or group that interests you or you are passionate about. If you decide to volunteer for something you don’t believe in, it will soon become a chore and you will not stay the distance.

A sense of community and contribution; where everyone helps everyone else to develop, is not lost. It may seem though, not to be as high a priority as years past. Could this be why there are some of the issues in society today? Could you overcome this by satisfying your need to encourage and develop your community? What would you lose by making some time to help? Or what could you gain? The possibilities are endless; all you need to do is take the first step. n

CONTACT Kirsty O’Callaghan BUSINESS Unity-Qld PHONE +61 (0) 402 889 648


Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes. Guaranteed! This System Makes Quitting Cigarettes Easy!

• No pain • No major life changes • No chemicals • No patches or pills • No needles 95% of people quit in 60 minutes. If you really want to quit, we guarantee you will or we work with you until you do. Call today and let us make it easy for you to become a non-smoker for life!

T: 1300 661 074 W: www.lifeinsync.com.au E: christine@lifeinsync.com.au WW Readers Offer: Receive $50 off Quit session

Premier Family Coaching & Speaker Service “Get the Results You Desire From Home to Workplace” With each booking you receive a free copy of Kirsty’s book ‘PARENTING – A Guide For The Ride’

• Resolve your parenting and relationship challenges • Simple, practical and real solutions • Seminars, workshops, groups and individual consultations • Resources and free stuff Kirsty O’Callaghan Principal Coach & Speaker UNITY-QLD P: +61(7)3482 4295 M: 0402 889 648

www.unity-qld.com.au Winter 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 29


Join the mobile app revolution –

FAST TRACK YOUR BUSINESS Mobile Marketing is taking the world by force and it is only getting stronger. Is your business on board? Or are you going to get left in the dust? ALEXIA BRBICH explains how and why you should join in the media revolution. Mobile Marketing is the most powerful media ever invented – New York Times, September 2011. The exciting aspect of Mobile Marketing and especially Mobile Apps is that small businesses can afford this new form of media, unlike earlier communication inventions such as radio and television. There are now more smart phones in the market than PCs and with 1.2 billion phone Apps downloaded during the 2011 Christmas week alone, this march to mobile marketing is unstoppable. Apps create unlimited opportunities for you to reach out to your customers to build better relationships and loyalty with them and to attract and nurture new customers. When someone downloads an App they are a virtual ‘warm’ market as they were obviously interested in the product or information you provide, whether it is a restaurant, real estate agency or church. When the App user gives permission to enable automatic updating, the open rate for these Push Notifications is a staggering 97 per cent. How can a business overlook these incredible statistics and not capitalise on the power of marketing with Apps? If a restaurant has a quiet day on a Tuesday, they can send out a Push Notification in the morning offering a free glass of wine or a discount to encourage bookings. Churches can

send out a message with the prayer for the day, or a real estate agent send a ‘Push’ detailing an auction or home open, but it is essential to give value and a lot of content in both your App and in Push Notifications. Your App can be linked to online web pages with opt-in forms for lead generation and a myriad of offers, ensuring a very rich experience for those who download your App. GPS directions assist customers to find your business but additionally, for example, a children’s shop can give the location of the nearby McDonald’s restaurant, playgrounds and movie theatres. Events can be booked and paid for through shopping carts or Eventbrite and PayPal, which all goes to delivering convenience and expediency in the fast moving world we all live in. Add links to social media sites, but like social media it is important to include dynamic content, meaning there must be a useful function to the App. To monetise the App it is important to create user engagement – will they find the need to open the App more than once? It should provide a great experience or engaging information such as a restaurant including a Tip Calculator, and cannot be purely marketing or promotionally based. In fact iTunes so disapprove of a high ‘sales’ pitch, they will not publish your App if this is out of balance with great content and functionality.

Over 50 per cent of internet searches are done via a mobile device and the majority of smart phones are kept within easy reach 24/7 App features can include: One-Touch calling, QR codes, GPS coupons, Social Media and Video integration, Fan Walls, Photo and Image Galleries, Event listings, Tell-a-Friend and so much more. Apps should be launched on iPhone, Android and HTML5 to ensure you reach your customer’s world and include the ability for you to change your App content and send out Push Notifications. Over 50 per cent of internet searches are done via a mobile device and the majority of smart phones are kept within easy reach 24/7, so an App ensures your business and brand are in front of your customers at all times. Never before have your customers been so readily accessible – it’s time to ‘App’ your business now. What is your mobile marketing strategy? Is your small business taking advantage of these powerful marketing tools and the return on investment they provide? n

CONTACT Alexia Brbich BUSINESS Ausdigital Marketing

Solutions +61 (0) 403 054 556 www.ausdigitalms.com PHONE

mobile marketing solutions

We Do Fixed Fee Billing 1800 POD LEGAL call Alexia 0403 054 556 Ausdigital Marketing Solutions www.ausdigitalms.com

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Housekeeping for the

Nanny Agency

property investor Owning and managing investment properties can be a dream experience or an absolute nightmare. INESSA KABAKER gives guidance and tips on how to select a professional manager who will keep your property investments top of mind. Using the right property manager might be the difference between your investments in the property market being a positive experience or one that sends you financially backwards. The formula for finding the right property manager sounds easy: ‘investment property + property manager = good tenants’. Unfortunately it’s not so simple. In today’s busy society, most investors prefer a property management company to manage and maintain their properties for them. It relieves the investor of all the headaches and the only thing the property investor has to do is hand the property over to a reliable property management company and stop worrying. Professional property managers collect rent, undertake routine property inspections and look after all issues relating to rental reviews. Basically they take over all the hard work of managing the property for the investor. A good property manager also keeps up to date with real estate issues such as fluctuations with sales and rentals and they keep their finger on the pulse with interest rates. A professional property manager also provides guidance to investors on how to increase rental returns by updating them on ways their property can be maintained. The other areas that are of importance are understanding any changes to legislation that affect the investor, advising on insurance and handling tenants if and when something does go wrong. It is imperative that when deciding on a manager for your property portfolio that you select one who has undergone adequate training and therefore is qualified to provide the relevant expertise and advice. So how do you go about locating a property manager that you feel will do the best job of caring for your investments? Here are some helpful tips on how to locate your ideal property manager. Interview several candidates to manage your properties and ask them

the following questions to ascertain their experience, such as: n

How long have you been managing property?

What areas of property management have you worked in? n


What is your area of expertise?

How many properties do you currently manage? n

Do you continue to manage a property after you lease it? n


Do you know the current vacancy rates?

What would you do in a situation where a tenant is paying their rent late each month, but is paying just enough to avoid receiving a notice to vacate? n

Do you know what is covered under landlord’s insurance? n

Have you ever claimed insurance on behalf of your client? n

A good property manager also keeps up to date with real estate issues such as fluctuations with sales and rentals and they keep their finger on the pulse with interest rates. Never feel embarrassed about probing and asking as many questions as required to come to a decision on the right property manager, as they will be in charge of handling some of your largest investments. In the end, the management of your property portfolio can be a positive and beneficial experience if handled by an experienced property manager with the right attitude. n

CONTACT Inessa Kabaker BUSINESS Kabaker Property Group PHONE +61 (0) 403 266 289


Qualified Professional Carers Casual Babysitting / Emergency Care Full-time / Part-time Care Crèche Care for Special Events Corporate Child Care Available Prac families needed for Nannies-in-Training Approved In Home Care Provider

Trust a CHARLTON BROWN® nanny or companion to

CARE for the youngest,

to the oldest members of your family Mention Women’s Network when registering with the CHARLTON BROWN® Nanny Placement Agency and receive

50% OFF your registration

For more information Call 1300 626 643 or visit our website www.charltonbrown.com.au CRICOS 02476C ABN 76 071 346 953

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HotTH Ewater: FI NANC IAL LEAKY TAP The hot water system at your office would be the last thing on your mind, especially when it comes to saving on bills. TESSA MULDOON discusses how upgrading or maintaining your hot water system could save you money in the long run.

When you start breaking down the office power bill, you probably haven’t thought about the impact your old hot water system is having overall. But the average old electric system in most homes is between 30 to 40 per cent of the total energy consumption, the office system may be costing you more than you expected.

Do you know where your hot water system is? The first step is to find where your hot water storage tank is located. Some offices may have the luxury of instantaneous gas boosters but that is unlikely if you are located in an industrial estate especially in states outside of Victoria. By understanding where your hot

water tank is, you can understand what space there is available if you replace the unit. Often the storage tank is located under the kitchen sink and acts like a little kettle boiling away throughout the working hours. By locating the tank you can also start to understand if the system is sized right for the needs of you and your staff.

Where are you using hot water? Although you may be thinking that hot water is only used to wash the dishes at the end of the day, also take into account water in the bathrooms, any available showers, and sinks in manual handling areas or warehouses. The reality is that if hot water is available in an

area, more often than not it will be used and possibly wasted. This means that with every employee you have, the hot water costs add up each day. These costs can spiral out of control if you are sharing hot water with other tenants or businesses in a single complex.

Should you replace your old system? The older an electric hot water system gets, the more electricity it uses to perform the same job. As well as using more energy, older systems are usually under insulated and leak heat energy at a rapid rate. Even if you are not using hot water, you don’t want a system that is powering constantly due to poor design or construction. A small investment of a new hot water system or an upgrade to a more energy efficient system may see dramatic results for your power bill and sustainability around the office. Rather than letting your existing system run until it dies, your ROI now may be much higher than you expect if you are proactive about replacing what you currently have.

Using one system for home and business? If you run a home business or have offices linked to your house, this is the very best time to weigh up your options. As long as the home is your principal place of residence, you should be eligible for substantial rebates and incentives available for replacing your current electric system. This means you get to experience the benefit for both your home and business, while investing in the very latest advancements in hot water technology.

Do you have better things to do than keeping up with your online marketing? That’s where we come in...with next to no work from you! Visit www.explosiveonlinemarketing.com.au to get your FREE report and a special bonus today!

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I hope this helps you to look at hot water in an entirely different way. Don’t waste a drop and make sure you understand all the ways you can save on your power bill around the office. n

CONTACT Tessa Muldoon BUSINESS The Solar Guys PHONE 1300 750 055



REMEMBER to set the alarm Small and medium sized businesses typically do not worry too much about their security until it has been compromised. RACHAELL SAUNDERS explains how being proactive with your security risks can save you a lot of heartache.

The first hurdle to overcome is a psychological one. It is the notion that “we don’t have anything worth stealing”. Wrong. One of the most popular items on the black market right now is computers. How many businesses would survive if all of their records were lost overnight? Would yours? The second hurdle is time. People in small enterprises in particular are so busy managing every aspect of their business, often with minimal or no operational support, that they simply don’t have time. Make time. Even once a year. It will take a lot less of your time than tax administration does, and could pay far greater dividends. The first step is a thorough, honest and detailed assessment of your business’s security risks.

BASIC SECURITY MEASURES Fence lines or other property boundaries – are they impenetrable or could n

an intruder easily and without interruption scale a wall? Are trees or other foliage, which could protect an intruder while they carefully scope building entrances, pruned well back from fences and walls? Are pallets or other stable materials piled against a fence, providing an easy stepladder onto your property?

Key control – do you know who has a key to enter your premises? Is there a process for ensuring former employees return keys before leaving the business? Do employees carry entry keys on personal key rings, and is the business key in any way traceable or identifiable? Can the keys be easily copied or are they restricted? Is there a system for reporting lost or missing keys? n

Locks – are they on all doors, windows and other access points? Are they effective locks for the door and frame? Do they work, and do you have a protocol for ensuring they are used every day? n

Security lighting – is it in place, and does it cover all possible entry points to your premises, including the rickety old padlocked door out the back behind a pile of pallets? Darkened doorways give protection to intruders who want to hack through or break down a door. n

Alarm systems – are they properly configured and, most important of all, does the company monitoring your system respond quickly to each and every alarm with a professional patrol officer? Fences, locks, alarm systems, lighting and key control are some of the most important barrier protection measures in terms of stopping or significantly delaying an intruder. Proper management of these measures is not difficult and you do not need to pay someone else to tell you how to do it – it’s just common sense. n

Taking steps to protect yourself and your business from internal theft can be unpleasant: no one wants to think that an employee would steal from them. Try to approach this rationally, and unemotionally: it is not about your employees; it is about your business. It is in your best interest to talk to and have good knowledge of your employees and their personal circumstances. Know if someone is in trouble; talk about it, and find ways to help where you can. That will give your business a head start in managing the motive side of the risk equation.

On the other side of the equation, minimising opportunity means having good internal processes and controls. Cross check payment and receipts, and cross check these documents with orders and deliveries. Have strong paper trails in place around petty cash and reimbursements. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or demand accountability, it is just good business practice. Whichever approach you choose, and whatever systems you turn to for a more secure business – whether common sense internal processes or sophisticated alarm systems – remember to maintain and review your processes and systems. Don’t take existing security systems for granted. They may have, unbeknownst to you, already deterred potential threats. And like savings, security systems need to be in place for the rainy day that you hope will never come. Big corporations have ready access to security resources, including personnel whose sole responsibility is to monitor, maintain and upgrade their systems. But the individuals in those businesses and the shareholders to whom they are responsible have no more to lose than you do – probably less. If you are running a small to medium business, good security means you have one less thing to worry about. n

CONTACT Rachaell Saunders BUSINESS National Protective Services PHONE 1300 659 800


Building Your Financial Security


YES! Now you could be an owner of a house like this for $30 per week Fast track your savings by purchasing real estate with like-minded people. What makes it safe and secure is doing it with a...

Shared Purchase Contract To find out more, call us now on 1300 595 595 or visit our website & download more information...it’s FREE!

$30 a wEEk!

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ground rules

Place any business under the microscope and you will find that the conversations taking place around the water cooler reveal the real truth about the culture of the business. NARELLE LEE provides the key steps to managing the unwritten rules of the culture club.

Most women running or managing organisations have formal statements of vision and values. For most, these will be contained in your corporate marketing materials, on your website and may also be used in structuring ‘Performance Agreements’ with your staff. But the big question for you is: how do these formal statements translate into your business culture and in turn results? From time to time we all encounter organisations that make these types of statements and yet when we work in the organisation or deal with the organisation, we notice a disconnect between what the

organisation claims to value and what the actions of the staff portray. Many times the organisation’s culture just doesn’t seem to align with the statements, and the staff members do not act as though they are really on board. The best way to become excellent is to model what high performers do, so the question to ask yourself is: what are the leaders of high performing organisations doing to have the culture that supports their organisation’s performance? There are too many answers to this question to explore them all here but a key answer is for the leadership to understand the unwritten ground rules. That is, the way your staff adapts

to their environment and the rules that describe their behaviour at work. What your staff do to adapt to their environment makes a significant difference and starts to explain how some organisations have positive, energetic, ‘can do’ cultures, whereas others have sombre, risk adverse, fear-driven cultures. Examples of commonly occurring counterproductive unwritten ground rules are: I don’t speak up at team meetings because there’s no point as nothing changes. n

The only time you hear from the boss, is when you do something wrong. n

We say what the boss wants to hear so he stays off our backs. n

Most Comfortable

Bra EVER!!

There is no point filling out the employee survey, we have filled it out before and nothing happens. n

The employee survey is not really anonymous – they track where the responses come from. n

It’s okay to use the company mobile phone and cab charge because no-one really checks. n

Sneaking out early is okay, because no-one notices. I just pretend I am going to a meeting. n

It is the unwritten ground rules, the water cooler conversations that determine the culture in your organisation. The unwritten ground rules are what really happens.

$40 for 3

Includes post Australia wide. Shop for your Top Size. Aah Bra set as a gift!

Therefore, to make your organisation a high performing one, the unwritten rules and the ‘formal’ values must align, and even more than that, you as leader must have a clear understanding of the unwritten rules and be prepared to step in when the two move apart. n

First 68 orders ONLY

0407 378 075

Find us on FaceBook

www.facebook.com/accessorizeyoume 34 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2012

CONTACT Narelle Lee BUSINESS The Performance Masters PHONE +61 (0) 401 141 600



Making friends with


The ways we perceive powerful figures in our lives can actually shape our own leadership style. JENNIFER GARVEY BERGER provides fresh ways to think about your relationship to authority. Some leaders have a kind of love–hate relationship with authority. Many women are uncomfortable with the male-dominated versions of authority that can look, well, authoritarian. This can create a kind of allergy to authority that becomes a problem when these women step into leadership roles themselves. These leaders are more likely to enter a room full of people from their organisations and tell them, “Pretend I’m not here – I just want to take part in the conversation like one of you.” They then participate in the conversation as though they were among peers, a lovely mindset for the leader to have but often confusing for others taking part in the conversation.

the lens of our own experience, and a negative experience with authority can blur our thinking for decades.

they have to confront in themselves whatever it is that makes them afraid of stepping gracefully into their power.

This blurry thinking means that it is harder to see the gentle and helpful use of authority. Because their eyes are focused on the abuses of power, these leaders do not learn about the best ways to use authority. In order to undo this bias, leaders have to intentionally seek out examples of thoughtful uses of power. They have to constantly recognise that they are, in fact, different from others in the organisation, that their words have more power, and that they sometimes have to change their behaviour to accommodate the ways others see them. And

Check out your own relationship to authority and wonder about it. See whether you can step into a new space, and imagine the power that new space might hold – for you and for those who want to follow you. n

CONTACT Jennifer Garvey Berger BUSINESS The Leadership Circle PHONE +61 (2) 8001 6570


Leadership, however, is often about exercising some kind of authority. It’s about having eyes on you, about having more power to shape a direction, about wandering off for a coffee and finding the rest of the team has joined you. Leaders, especially those uneasy about authority in the first place think they can take off their job titles. And no matter how much data they get to the contrary, they keep trying to convince others that their opinions and perspectives are no more relevant than any other person’s. This is a lovely way to think, and it is hard to discourage leaders who approach the world in this way. It’s just that the shadow side of this approach is dangerous. Leaders who have C-suite job titles but not C-suite attitudes about authority are often confusing. Their uncertainty about their own authority is contagious, and uncertain followers aren’t usually at their best. So, if this is you, what do you do? The first thing is to develop some nuance about your own relationship to authority. Where do your stories and assumptions come from in this regard? Do you think of your first boss, the one who micromanaged everyone? Or an experience when you were young and a coach treated you badly? Generally, we see through

Total Peace of Mind Organising a funeral can be a daunting task, especially when you’re grieving the unexpected loss of a loved one. Most people wouldn’t know where to start, or what the bereaved person would have wanted for their funeral. This is where planning ahead to sort out the particulars and the finances can be a big help. Your family members won’t be stressed by unexpectedly having to take on this task themselves, while also dealing with your loss. White Lady Funerals is Australia’s premier team of all-female funeral directors and offer a range of funeral services for men, women and children and tailor their services for all cultural and religious backgrounds. “We cater for special requests to

make the service truly personalised”, says White Lady Regional Manager Christine Thompson. “This can be done by adding specific touches to the ceremony, or tailoring it in a special way to incorporate things such as musical tributes, photo and video displays or the reading of poetry.”

Proud Member of InvoCare

For more information, visit whiteladyfunerals.com.au or call 1300 656 550 Winter 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 35



Showcasing the products WNA Members take to the domestic and international markets - these products are as diverse as the businesses and careers of the dynamic women behind them. GO BLING ON A BUDGET u

What woman doesn’t have million dollar taste when it comes to jewellery? Now you can get the million dollar look without anyone knowing that you have paid a fraction of the price. If you are after a top shelf jewellery look without having to break your budget, you can’t go past ‘Fifth Avenue Jewellery Collection’. We love this fabulous stirling silver, 14K gold and Swarovski crystals ‘Charms of Love’ piece, RRP: $109.95. Buy it online at www.fifthavenuecollection.com/jhay

t Take Off Your Cranky Pants

Stop being cranky and grab some temporary relief from this little bottle when your cravings for sugary, fatty foods or cigarettes are out of control. There is no need to be irritable. This homeopathic formulation is a mix that can fix. RRP: $15.95. To find out more visit www.martinandpleasance.com.au


Did you know there are over 7,200 nerve endings in the bottom of the feet that are directly related to other organs in our body? BioMagnetic Moulded Reflex Soles have specially designed foot beds to ensure support, comfort, and shock absorption. Most importantly they are embedded with powerful, therapeutic magnets which may aid with peripheral circulation and the body’s own natural healing process. RRP $26.95 For more information, stockists and to purchase visit www.biosports.com.au

t Stay Younger Longer


Spotty Tots is an all natural soothing cream to help ease and repair bubs’ irritated skin and is made with the finest natural and organic ingredients including Aloe Vera, Willow Bark, Kakadu Plum and Witch Hazel. Milk Baby by Lindy Klim promotes a feel-good vibe and was created with style and the enhancement of wellbeing in mind. RRP: $34.95 www.milkskincare.com/baby

Look Good Naked u

Exfoliate, tan and moisturise all in one. This revolutionary 3-in-1 self-tanner for face and body will have you glowing year round without the nasty dyes that are present in most self-tanning products. TanTowel® towelettes are infused with a clear self-tanning formula that gives a healthy and natural sunless tan in just a few hours. It’s quick and its even application means no streaks, mess or fuss. RRP $29.95. For more details or to buy visit www.lightningbrands.com.au 36 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2012

At the forefront of scientific breakthroughs is Product B. It’s part of the range of Isagenix products that are packed with the essential proteins, vitamins and minerals to assist with living a healthier life. It’s the easy way to get all the nourishment required to combat ageing from a cellular level. RRP: $108.00 for 120 capsules. To order visit www.vitalityinfo.isagenix.com

qH O T A N D S P I C Y

Louisiana Creole is just one of the delicious dip mixes available from Your Inspiration at Home. Hot and full of flavour it’s great for creating Creole cuisine including Jambalaya, Cajun BBQ and blackened dishes. Spice up a potato salad or mix with lime juice and prawns and grill on the BBQ. With no added preservatives, gluten, MSG or fillers you can use it to quickly prepare easy and healthy gourmet snacks. Each bottle makes up to 20 cups of dip. RRP: $15.95. To buy or view the full range visit www.yourinspirationathome.com.au

p Fill up with Chocolate

Are you a struggling chocoholic? QuickSlim, have developed a Slimmies Australia’s first chocolate weight loss aid. The secret ingredient is a super-fibre known as glucomannan which swells up to 50 times its original size taking up space in your stomach. So now you can have a Slimmies chocolate with a glass of water 30 minutes to an hour before eating to help manage your portion sizes at meal time. RRP: $39.95 for a pack of 30. Pick them up at Priceline stores around Australia or buy online at www.quickslim.com.au


The irresistible selection of Springhill Farm’s treats are just the right size for a mid-morning snack or a pick-me-up in the afternoon. Springhill Farm is the product of a humble family business of passionate bakers who have been creating wholesome finger slices, biscuits, rocky road and baking mixes from traditional, home-style recipes for over 25 years. Their finger slices and biscuits are available at Hudson’s Coffee, Starbucks stores and independent grocers across Australia. Finger slices RRP: $2.58 and biscuits RRP: $3.20. To purchase visit www.springhillfarm.com.au

Exceptional Innovation u

Now you can cook amazingly in six different ways! The 6-in-1 Multicooker will de-clutter your bench space and give you even more room in your appliance cupboard, as it’s not only a pressure cooker, slow cooker, electric pot, soup and steamer/ rice cooker but it also deep fryer. The New Wave 6-in-1 Multicooker is available from all leading home and cookware specialists. RRP: $159.95. For stockists visit: www.newwaveka.com.au


Email a professional product photo (tif or jpg at 300 dpi) and a 60 word description including the RRP and where readers can purchase the product to editorial@womensnetwork.com.au

Join the nation’s premier networking group for women BE INSPIRED AND CREATE OPPORTUNITIES! Make the choice today and change the way you do business - tap into cutting edge online networking opportunities and surround yourself with inspirational business women who can become your mentors, referral advocates and friends.

It’s all about success by association. Join Women’s Network Australia www.womensnetwork.com.au

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e Rated thess n i s u #1 b n e t wo r k b y ove r n o 4.5 mi l lin e wo m

Winter 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 37


Financial advisers You want to find a financial adviser with appropriate experience and knowledge to give you the level of service you are looking for. But, who, what and where do you find exactly what you need? In fact, what can you expect from a financial advisor? You want someone who is focused on developing an appropriate strategy to reach your financial goals and can provide a broad range of investment choices. Avoid people limited to selling one investment product or solution regardless of your needs. Do as much research as possible before choosing a financial adviser and check their licensing.


Start your search by talking to family, friends or colleagues about their experiences with financial advisers. Find out whether they have been happy with their advice and their relationship with the adviser. Ask about the good points and the limitations. If they are happy with their adviser, consider including their advisers on your list of people to talk to. Professional associations such as Women’s Network Australia are another good starting point. They will have a list of their members who are financial advisers in your area.


Now that you have a list of names, it is time to find out more about the candidates. There is no need to meet with any advisers just yet as you are just looking around for an adviser at this stage, not shopping for advice. If an advisory firm says it cannot give you any information unless you have a meeting or provide all your personal details, it is okay not to feel pressured to do so.

Check they are licensed. Only talk to advisers who are employed by or authorised to n

After you have met your potential advisers, compare how each one answered your questions. Note each adviser’s strong and weak points. represent a business that holds an Australian Financial Services (AFS) licence and make sure the licence covers the services you are looking for. Licensed advice can include advice on superannuation, insurance, shares, managed funds and many basic banking products. n

Ask for a financial services guide. Phone

each business and ask them to send you their financial services guide. It includes useful information on the services they offer, how they charge and how they handle complaints. Alternatively, you may be able to access their financial services guide on their website.

Check they offer what you need. Some advisers will have more experience in certain areas than others. You may get better outcomes from an adviser who is able to offer a range of solutions, than from those restricted to ‘selling’ a limited range of products. n


Check fees. You will often have to pay an

upfront fee for getting advice. Traditionally most advisers have also been paid commissions on financial products you buy. In the end this comes out of your pocket as your investment balance is reduced by the amount of the adviser’s fee. Often the adviser may earn more from a particular product, which may influence them to recommend something that is of greater benefit to them than it is to you.

Female advice from Australia’s No 1 Female Adviser

Olivia Maragna 2011 Australian Female Adviser of the Year. Queensland’s 2008 Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year.

Client Focused, Award Winning, Smart Strategies Talk to Olivia Maragna, on how she can help you achieve financial success. Aspire Retire Financial Services is an award winning financial planning firm, providing holistic financial advice and smart strategies on a fee for service basis. Services include: • Financial Planning • Superannuation Services • Retirement Planning • Self Managed Super Funds

• Investment Advice • Personal Insurance • No commission –

fee for service policy.

AFS Licence no. 301712

38 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2012


1300 667 702

EMAIL Olivia@aspireretire.com.au WEB www.aspireretire.com.au

The Commonwealth Government has announced changes to the way advisers will be paid from 2012. It proposes phasing out commissions. In the interim you may be offered advice on a commission basis or on a fee-for-service basis. The fee-for-service model is generally a better way to pay for advice because it reduces the chance that the adviser’s recommendation will be biased. n

Check who owns the business.

Ownership of the business can affect the services and products offered. For example, an advisory business may be allowed to offer only the parent company’s products. Many advisory businesses are owned by banks, fund managers and life insurance companies. Only a few financial advisory companies are independently owned. Some investors may prefer a smaller independent company, while others will have more confidence in a larger organisation.


Once you have gathered some preliminary information on a range of advisers, you can compile a shortlist of ‘candidates’ to visit. Meet with a few advisers to compare the range of services they offer.

Set up the first meeting. Contact the business and make a 30-minute appointment to talk with one of their advisers. Ask to speak to an adviser and not a junior employee. Explain that you want to choose an adviser and are not ready to fill in any forms or make commitments at this stage. You do not want them to start the advice process until you have chosen an adviser. Be prepared to pay a reasonable fee for their time, in the long term this could be money well spent. n

It will be helpful to take some notes to the meeting about your goals and what you want from the adviser. Some brief financial and personal information will help the adviser explain how their services might be relevant to you. Write down any questions you want to ask during the meeting and take paper and a pen to make notes. What to listen for. A good first meeting will involve each of you sharing the conversation. n

THE INSIDE SCOOP You will get to hear about the adviser’s experience, the kind of people they advise, the kind of financial products they advise on, and their qualifications.

How to decide. After you have met your potential advisers, compare how each one answered your questions. Note each adviser’s strong and weak points. Did they make you feel comfortable and free to ask questions or feel pressured and uneasy? Which advisers seemed to have a good understanding of your personal circumstances and goals? These things will help you decide which adviser you would like to work with.

D I D n


Choosing the right financial adviser is an important long-term decision. Spending some time researching and comparing a number of advisory companies may improve your chances of finding the right adviser for you. n






K N O W ?

73 per cent of women aged 16 to 24 were not confident they were getting the best deal on credit cards compared to 65 per cent of women aged 25 to 49 and 52 per cent of the 50+ age group.

67 per cent of women and men did not seek independent expert advice when choosing a super fund.


60 per cent of women overall are not confident they are getting the best deal on their credit cards compared to 55 per cent of males.

45 per cent of women and 46 per cent of men are not confident they are getting the best deal on their mortgage. 50 per cent of women and 46 per cent of men are not confident they are getting the best deal on their superannuation. 5 0 per cent of women did not seek independent expert advice when choosing a mortgage compared to 43 per cent of men.




71 per cent of women compared to 78 per cent of men did not seek independent expert advice when choosing a car or personal loan. 81 per cent of women compared to 86 per cent of men did not seek independent expert advice when choosing a credit card.

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Get your money working for you! Susan Rallings and Patricia Doyle from RBS Morgans can tailor a solution to relieve your financial woes. Specialising in – > Investments including Direct Shares and Managed Funds > Personal Insurance including Income Protection, Trauma Cover, Life and Disablement > Superannuation Strategies, set up of Self-Managed Super and retail funds

Call 07 3334 4966 today or e-mail susan.rallings@rbsmorgans.com

RBS Morgans Limited ABN 49 010 669 726 AFSL 235410 A Participant of ASX Group. A Professional Partner of the Financial Planning Association of Australia.

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Tax time

STAY ON TOP OF CHANGES With a new financial year rolling over, taxation changes that may impact your business will come into effect. SUSAN RALLINGS and PATRICIA DOYLE make keeping up to date a little less taxing with their overview of some of these changes. The Federal Government has made changes to the tax thresholds from 1 July 2012. These are only minimal changes, however, now is a good time to think about your deductions for next financial year.

Small Business Tax Changes – the Entrepreneur’s Tax Offset is no longer available as of 1 July 2012. There will also be an accelerated initial deduction available for motor vehicles acquired in 12/13 and subsequent years. The small business instant write-off on depreciating assets threshold increases to $6,500 from 1 July 2012.

Margin Loans – pre-pay your interest on your margin loan and remember to claim it as

a deduction, and in most cases where you prepay, the lender offers a reduced rate of interest, so it is a win–win situation!

Income Protection – in most cases this is 100 per cent tax deductible if held in your personal name. Income Protection does not have to be expensive – make sure you are not overinsured as there are too many cases of people having too much insurance and they could be paying for something they might never use, or have multiple policies being paid for which will not be paid out on in the event of a claim.

Super Contributions – don’t forget about the co-contribution, this will change to $500 from the government for every $1,000 contributed



Up to 18,200


18,201 – 37,000

$0 + 19% over $18,200

37,001 – 80,000

$3,572 + 32.5% over $37,000

80,001 – 180,000 $17,547 + 37% over $80,000 180,001+

Not moving your business forward as quickly as you’d like?

$54,547 + 45% over $180,000

personally for those on an income less than $31,920, and scaled back up to $61,920. The non-concessional contribution limit is $150,000 p.a. or $450,000 over three years.

Salary Sacrifice – this is an easy way to claim a deduction on your tax, from 1 July 2012, the maximum concessional contribution (before tax) for everyone is $25,000 p.a. the $50,000 for over 50s will finish as of 30 June 2012. Check with your accountant or financial adviser regarding your limit, and remember your employer contributions count towards your concessional limit as well.

at business links australia we have accounting, taxation and business advisory expertise and experience under the one roof.

We provide real solutions to our clients problems so they can:

Tax time doesn’t have to be a pain, if you think ahead there are many ways to minimise your tax payable and potentially look forward to a refund, it is all about planning! n

• • • • •

Important Information: The information contained in this article is general information only. It does not take into consideration any specific needs, situations or objectives. Before making any financial decisions you should make sure you are comfortable that the strategy suits your needs and objectives, and your risk profile. If necessary, you should seek professional advice.

have perfect clarity about the business they are building and how to build it enjoy the experience of business ownership and leading a team be satisfied with the financial return from their business step back from many of the day to day responsibilities build a sustainable and valuable asset which they can choose to retain or sell at some future point

1 Springwood Rd Underwood Q 4119 Phone 07 3341 1007 email info@blinks.com.au Web www.blinks.com.au


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hypnotherapy What if the answer to your never-ending battle for better weight and health was in Hypnotherapy? You would probably think it is impossible. JACQUELINE O’GRADY walks you through the Hypnotherapy journey and how it can help you.

It would seem that every publication has a new diet, or suggestion regarding removing that weight problem from your life forever. Is there a way to lose that weight, and never find it again? How many times do you start a new regime on Monday and have felt so deprived and bored that by the weekend it’s another fail! There is a woman who has been on a diet for most of her life, let’s call her Anne, she has had emotional traumas that have led her to eat, and a very interesting addiction to brown sugar which had her rummaging in the cupboard during the night trying to remember where she had hidden it! Anne was scrutinised by a Naturopath who tested her BMI, her biological age (103) which was far in excess of her chronological age, her cardio risk factors and much more information about her body, and she weighed in at 119 kilograms. Suffice to say she was extremely shocked by the state of her body. Anne agreed to work through a virtual gastric band program, where she was convinced, whilst very relaxed and under the care of a clinical hypnotherapist, that she had a gastric band fitted to the upper part of her stomach.

her health checked. Over a period of six weeks she has been able to comfortably wear clothes she had been unable to fit into for two years. Anne was weighed at the six-week appointment and had lost six kilograms. Needless to say, she is thrilled, and with losing one kilogram per week on average she is well on the way to her goal. Anne spoke at a meeting recently and she summed up her experience so far as being the easiest weight loss program she has ever been on, no dietary restrictions, only eating less, regular minimal exercise and lots of hypnotic encouragement. Anne’s results were quite remarkable, the combination of modalities promoting a total mind and body approach seemed to work. Discovering the drivers and triggers for Anne’s eating habits appear to be getting the results she has been trying to achieve for most of her life, and in her words, it’s easy. She has also released her dependency on brown sugar, which has given her back her power. n

CONTACT Jacqueline O’Grady BUSINESS Hypnohelp PHONE +61 (0) 410 673 366


She was given support CDs, which she listened to every day, and back up appointments where her new life style habits were reinforced and

Change your mind – Weight for no one Imagine achieving the stunning results of GASTRIC BAND SURGERY.

Placement Solutions Taking care of your most precious assets. • Government Approved In-home Childcare provider • Nanny and Household Management Placement Agency. • Established in 1988. We provide professional proactive childcare workers for on-call casual, temporary or permanent work. Not just babysitters. Our premium Nannies, a.k.a. In-Home Childcarers, are thoroughly screened - our reputation depends on it. We pride ourselves on maintaining a friendly and reliable service to both our clients and our Nannies. We find a balance between providing exemplary care and service to our clients while maintaining the rights of our Nannies, as we believe that happy Nannies bring joy, enthusiasm and quality care to their placement. With 24 years experience, we set the benchmarks others follow. You can be assured that your Child Care and House Hold needs are met by Placement Solutions. Are you missing out on childcare rebates that you may be eligible for?

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feel vital. Be healthy. Look fantastic. no invasive surgery, no huge cost, no pain! get started now......release that confident you.... • Weight release programs designed to suit your body and your lifestyle. • Virtual intra gastric balloon • Virtual intra gastric band Call Jacqui: 0410 67 3366 or email: jacqui@hypnohelp.com.au More information www.virtual-gastricbanding.com.au or www.hypnohelp.com.au Contact the clinic – Step into Health 07 33981977 or find us at 967 Creek Road, Carindale QLD Follow us on Weight for no one or Hypnohelp

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marketing dollars


Serving up another dose of free or low cost ideas, DANIELLE MACINNIS’s latest research has uncovered a multitude of exciting ideas which have the potential to save your business thousands of dollars. Small businesses are often on a tight budget and, needless to say when it comes to the end of the day, they have very little left over to spend on the marketing of their products and services. Most often when they do undertake a marketing initiative, they usually try to save costs by doing it all in-house. If you are stretched for dollars these free or low-cost small business marketing tools could help you save thousands of dollars. Use them and ensure your marketing dollars are working as hard as you do.

1. Target the right customer. A critical part of your marketing plan is targeting the right

y Onl.95


.00 $45

customer. For a low-budget high-impact marketing plan to work, find customers who are easy to identify and affordable to reach.

2. Get a piggyback ride. I am sure that there are businesses that work with the same customers and by working together you can do a cross promotion. A gym and naturopath, a builder and interior designer, or a marketer and a web designer. Think about who you know and how you might share a database or email campaign to package up something valuable to these customers that you both share.

3. Build inexpensive lead generation programs. You don’t need to spend thousands on Google AdWords. In many cases Facebook ads are much more affordable and effective. In any case, you can use other lead generation techniques. Create a press release and put it on PRwire to bring traffic back to your site. Have a sign up form and offer something of value. Put an offer on your Facebook page if people ‘Like’ you. The ideas are endless. Offer a sample if people sign up on your website.

4. Learn as much as you can about marketing. Leverage the web, YouTube, articles and blogs to pick up tips to save you time and energy and pick up some great ideas. Great resources worth mentioning are hubspot.com and mashable.com.

5. Use web tools and apps to increase your marketing ability. There are heaps of great apps that can give you great functionality online.

6. Some marketing tools. Getting some basic marketing collateral is a must – website, brochure, business cards. To do this you can outsource to resources like: n

guru.com – freelancers


fiver.com – anything for $5


odesk.com – freelancers


elance.com – projects


99designs.com – design freelancers


Wordy – copywriter freelancers


grader – grade your own website for SEO

7. Leverage social media to amplify your messages, offers and engagement with customers. You can run giveaways and ask for customer reviews.

8. New customer offers are a great way to create attraction for your business and give the customer a sample or reason to try you. These don’t have to be big offers. A free blow wave from a hairdresser, a new toothbrush from a dentist, or a new pair of socks from a shoe store. Think about what you can give to delight your new customers.

9. Tell-a-friend or referral programs can give a boost to your business by leveraging your existing customer base. Just by offering a twofor-one for friends or you both get $10 off could be another reason for a customer to come back and try you again and bring a friend! This can make your small investment worthwhile.

10. List your site on key directories. Listing on Google places, and local directories is a great way for your customer to find you and most listings are free. Look for directories that cater for your business niche. Having a profile on all the social media sites where your customers are is another must have. n

CONTACT Danielle MacInnis BUSINESS MacInnis Marketing PHONE +61 (0) 400 507 037


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Spread the word

the power of referral marketing With an explosion of new marketing mediums and strategies bombarding modern businesses, many companies overlook the basics of word-of-mouth referral marketing. BEV STRICKLAND shares why your business should be investing in referral marketing and how to go about it.

Despite the array of digital marketing choices now available – the truth is, referrals remain the most powerful form of marketing any business can have, as well as the simplest and least expensive. It is easy for businesses to get sidetracked by modern technology but word-of-mouth referrals have always been, and will always be, the most effective tool to gain new business. People feel more comfortable when a new product or service is referred by someone they know and trust, making existing customers and clients by far your best salespeople. So it makes sense to put the systems in place for your customers to find more business for you. But this is where many businesses let themselves down – they know the power of referrals but have no strategy in place to maximise its potential. The key to implementing such a strategy is recognising and rewarding your existing customers and clients for sending new business your way. If a customer thinks enough of you to refer someone they know, show your appreciation. Make it worth their while by providing motivation for referrals. Be generous with incentives, such as gifts, discounts or cash, and make sure they are relevant – there is no point giving them tickets to the opera when they would rather go to the footy!

Most importantly, be consistent in your approach. Take the time to put a system in place for all customers and then the program will run itself. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity and cost effectiveness of it, the bottom line is, it works! A referrals system does not need to be expensive or complicated. It is all about communicating with your clients, showing gratitude for their support, and incentive to direct more business your way. Once you have a formal referrals system in place, make sure you tell everybody about it. This is where the new technological mediums come to the fore – promote your system via email, website, newsletter, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter etc. Before the advent of these social media tools, marketing was built around word-of-mouth referrals. This was the very first form of viral marketing. An old idea is new again by promoting this very effective tool across all new mediums now available. n

Receive FRee Shipping by enteRing pRomotion code WnAFS12 4 Express Shop, Paypal Checkout and Delivery 4 Virtual Shopping Service 4 Personal Shopping Service 4 $1 from every order donated to charity 4 FREE Gift Wrapping 4 FREE Shipping Australia Wide* 4 FREE Monthly Newsletter 4 Special offers for registered members We aim to help you find more time for you to sit back, relax and enjoy your life.

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Analyse all your marketing results in real-time! Cross media analytics from Nascomms 100% Australian owned and operated since 1999

Need a Personal Shopper?

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Minimal cost for great returns Real-time results analysis Inbuilt tools for immediate impact Control at your finger tips

12 years of technology development and service to help you control sales results. No onsite visit or technology changes required.

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Become a media darling IT’S ALL IN THE FOLLOW UP Are you sending media releases out left, right and centre and wondering why no one picks them up? CATRIONA POLLARD discusses the top tactics for approaching the media and how you can increase the response rate.

So, you have sent out a pitch or a media release to journalists and have received no reply. What now? What should you do to find out if the journalist received your email or if they are interested? An essential skill for all PR professionals is to learn how to follow up with the media over the phone. The best way to follow up with a journalist is by calling them. An appropriate time to follow up is usually two to three days after the email pitch or release has been sent. Never wait more than a week to follow up as waiting too long may result in the journalist deleting your email, the story being covered by another person or the story becoming (quite literally) yesterday’s news.

When calling a journalist don’t ask them if they are going to publish the media release. Instead, tell them the date you sent the media release on and what it was regarding. When it comes to following up journalists, the best advice would be to go with your gut instinct – listen to their tone of voice and the way they phrase their answers and make decisions based on that. However, sometimes that can be a bit hard to do, so here are a few tips you should always take into account when following up with a

44 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2012

journalist. Be very specific about the media pitch or release you sent them. Don’t just say, “I sent you a release and wanted to know if you were interested”.

Be polite and speak clearly When calling a journalist speak clearly and be very direct and to the point. Try to sound interested and enthusiastic to make the call interesting for the journalist.

Don’t be afraid of journalists Don’t be intimidated by journalists, they are people too. If you contact them at a bad time apologise once and move on, apologising more than that can become annoying.

Choose your questions wisely When calling a journalist don’t ask them if they are going to publish the media release. Instead, tell them the date you sent the media release and what it was regarding. Simply ask if they received the release and if they would like further information or high-resolution images.

Be ready to respond to their requests You should be ready to supply the journalist with relevant images, additional information, event details or the contact details of your spokesperson. You can also line up interviews for the journalist to make it easier for them to cover your story/client. Now that you have the journalist on the phone, how do you react to their responses? One way to calm your nerves and sound more confident

on the phone would be to plan out in advance what you want to get across – your pitch or key points. However, any phone conversation can be unpredictable especially when dealing with a journalist. The best way to tackle any response from a journalist is to be flexible and prepared for anything. You may need to resend the release or answer detailed questions on the spot. More than likely you will need to leave a voice message, so be prepared for that. Remember after every follow-up to make a note of the outcome to ensure you remember who you have called and who was interested. The most important thing to remember when conducting a media follow-up is to remain confident and try to provide the most appropriate and interesting information for the journalist. With a little bit of preparation beforehand, you can then hang up the phone feeling like you have achieved your goal and maintained a good relationship with the journalist. n

CONTACT Catriona Pollard BUSINESS CP Communications Pty Ltd PHONE +61 (2) 9460 9200


Do you want

to be healthy? What’s so different about our green tea? Everyone knows the great health and wellness benefits of green tea but not everyone likes the taste. Multiple cups of normal green tea a day are required to achieve a myriad of health benefits. GreenTeaHawaii is a highly concentrated form of green tea and noni that allows you to reap all the health benefits. Each serving contains the antioxidant value of up to 45 cups of normal green tea plus a daily serving of Noni Fruit per individually packaged sachet. No wastage and is convenient and easy to use. Not only this but it comes in three flavours to suit all tastes and can be consumed either hot or cold. Flavours are: Pineapple Strawberry, Raspberry Lemonade and Original. Simply open your sachets and add water. This means no need for a kettle if out or travelling. It is just so convenient and each sachet has only 10 calories per serve and the caffeine equal to half a can of diet coke.

To order: www.gthaustralia.com.au For further information: admin@greenteahawaii.com.au


This product is unique with a supercharge of antioxidants to fight the free radicals which research suggests contributes to many of today’s illnesses.

Act now to benefit your own health and wellness and that of your clients. You will be glad you made this life enhancing decision. Millions of Chinese, who have been consuming Green Tea for 4000 years, already know the secret.

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Booking and Deadline

The eNoticeBoard is distributed weekly on Mondays. For your advertisement to be included in next Monday’s edition book online by this Friday at 12:00 midday.


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for making your sales presentation more compelling

If your sales are not increasing, then maybe it’s time to revisit your sales presentation to see how it can be improved? JENNY CARTWRIGHT outlines five simple yet effective strategies that are sure to make your sales presentations more compelling.

Imagine receiving a follow-up sales call after you attended a seminar. The call is to see if you would like to take things further with their company and be shown how you can take your business to the next level. You are somewhat interested but come up with poor excuses as if you are not sure if you want to get any bigger and are not sure you want to make the high monthly investment that would be necessary to do this. (Those are just your fears really and not objections, you are secretly hoping you can be given enough reasons to be sold on the idea of taking things further with them.) “Oh”, says the salesperson, “Okay then, I won’t waste your time any further, goodbye.” What an opportunity missed that was! The salesperson needed to have a compelling sales presentation ready to counteract your fears that would explain why it would be beneficial for you. Actually if the same person you spoke to at the seminar itself had followed you up and not given the job to a telemarketer who knew nothing about you, they would have known what your fears were already and could have worked out a way to counteract them before calling you! Here is how they and you can create a compelling sales presentation to get your prospect over the line.

1. Understand what your prospect is really experiencing. The more questions you have

asked of the prospect, the better you will know what his or her hot button is. As a business owner, you have probably made some wrong decisions on your own over the years. It might have saved you time and money having a board of directors or a mentor to bounce things off. You might also have stopped yourself from expanding the sales force simply because you thought you could not afford it, is that correct?

2. Why are you the answer? Here is where you communicate your expertise and results you have achieved. “We have been showing companies like yours how to grow and afford expansion for eight years now. Companies you may have heard of like such and such, have increased their turnover and profits by 70 per cent simply by using our strategies. We guarantee a minimum of 35 per cent increase in turnover, which more than covers the investment you make with us.”

3. Why your product or service? How do the benefits of your service fit the prospect’s product or service? Why is it the answer to their prayers? “You mentioned you were thinking of employing a salesperson. Having your own personal mentor or board of directors means, they will help you to interview and choose the right person for your business. They will assess how much you can pay them. This is an important decision making process that requires a second or third opinion. In order to fund any new staff we can organise more investment of funds from outside

Inspire your team and build your business at your next conference ...

5. Give a reason to act now! One way is to make your offer scarce. You can only take on 10 more clients this year. It could be an introductory offer until a certain date, and then the price will go up. Another way is to create fear in missing out. How much will it really cost the prospect if they procrastinate? You could also add some bonuses to create more value (something the prospect perceives to be of value that does not cost you a lot, e.g. a small business growth DVD set).

CONTACT Jenny Cartwright BUSINESS Sales and Telesales Solutions PHONE +61 (2) 9427 3479

To enquire contact our Sales team at sales@campaspehouse.com.au

46 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2012

your price is critical as to whether the prospect perceives it as outrageously overpriced or astonishingly good value. Build the value of your product or service first by quantifying the benefits, and then reveal the price. “If your new salesperson were paid $80,000 a year, we would expect them to bring in five times their salary in business to you to be worthwhile. That is $480,000 of new business you are not currently getting. Our experienced advisors would help you choose that person to ensure the salesperson is of the right calibre to do this. You would not have to waste money training someone who very soon after recruiting them, you had to ask to leave because they were not performing. This could save you wasting several weeks of pay to that person. Your investment in our services is just $2,000 a month, $24,000 a year – a trivial amount compared to the growth of $$$ coming into your business isn’t it?”

The importance of knowing how to make your sales presentations much stronger to get a customer over the line is vital to the success of your business. n

Conference room has abundant natural light Stimulating team building activities 32 acres bushland and Edna Walling gardens Showcases regional food and wine Ellenis Campaspe Day Spa onsite One hour north of Melbourne CBD

03 5427 2273

4. Why this price? How and when you reveal

Start getting more depth into your sales conversations by using these five ingredients of a good sales presentation.

The Perfect Country Conference


shareholders for you which will ensure you can consistently pay them.”





develop a winning proposal or quote

Need gifts for men?

Pricing is one of the most significant factors on which consumers are currently making their purchasing decisions. KAREN ANDREWS covers the importance of being up front with your prices and how to address the issues of pricing when quoting and presenting proposals to prospective customers. Many people in business and in sales find discussing price very confronting and very uncomfortable, yet it is one of the most important aspects of the sales process and can be a significant indicator as to whether you will be successful in winning the business.

Where possible, present your pricing in person rather than sending via email. It may seem like a waste of time but it gives you the ability to read an immediate reaction to your proposal and your price.

Whether you prepare a written proposal or a simple one-page quotation, whatever you do, don’t try and avoid discussing the number that is on the page or skip over it onto something else.

5. Present one page at a time to the person

Pricing is one of the most significant factors that influences the buying decision and you want to make sure that your prospective client understands what tangible and intangible benefits they are getting for their money. These tips will help you win more sales and to win them quicker but they will also help to reduce any anxiety or discomfort when talking about price.

1. Avoid nasty, uncomfortable surprises when the price is discussed or when you ask for the business. Before you start discussing the proposal, ask if anything has changed since your last meeting.

2. Insert a ‘Current Situation’ or ‘Executive Summary’ at the beginning of your proposal. This should be a short summary of the first meeting to demonstrate your understanding of the business and what they would like to achieve.

3. Where possible, present your pricing in person rather than sending via email. It may seem like a waste of time but it gives you the ability to read an immediate reaction to your proposal and your price. It also saves you the time and hassle of having to phone them later and ask if they would like to proceed.

or the group, taking the time to reinforce the key points in each section. This allows you to talk about the value you can offer and the benefits of dealing with your business, before it gets to price.

6. Close the sale. Don’t let the opportunity go by because you feel pushy or are worried they might say no. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Besides, they might have been meaning to call you but have been caught up.

7. If you are uncomfortable asking for the sale, use an Assumptive Closing Technique. For example: “To get started all we need to do is…” or “If you could send over the files, I can go through them” or “I’m free on Wednesday, if that works for you”.

8. Read a book on Body Language. Having the ability to read a person’s reaction through their body language is very useful when presenting pricing and negotiating. You can immediately see a positive or a negative reaction to the price.

Finding gifts for men, can be a “challenge”. Why not shop the easy & stress free way for men’s gifts... online at Gifts for Blokes. Gifts for men of all ages and for all occasions Birthdays Special “milestone” birthdays ■ Father’s Day ■ Dad & Grandad/Pop presents ■ Christmas ■ Kris Kringle ■ Anniversary ■ Bridal party gifts ■ Valentine’s Day ■ New Dad & Father to be ■ Or when you just want to spoil him ■ ■

Fast, friendly service – flat rate postage Australia wide. Orders over $130 posted free within Australia.

By following the tips provided you will present more professionally, be more productive and increase the sales you make. n

CONTACT Karen Andrews BUSINESS Shine Sales Solutions PHONE +61 (2) 8458 7004


4. Take a copy for each person in the meeting,


however, have one copy that is not stapled or bound.

men’s gifts made easy Winter 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 47


Affordable in-home


Differing from domestic workers, au pairs are considered as a member of the host family and often share child care responsibilities in return for food, accommodation and a small income. Although a relatively new concept in Australia, a thriving au pair or ‘nanny’ culture exists in many parts of Europe, North America and Asia.

With an au pair, YOU take back control and YOU decide the week-to-week child care roster including what your children eat, their nap times, who they play with and the activities they engage in, all in the safety of your own home.

An au pair can also lighten the load by helping with children’s meals and laundry, driving to and from activities, etc. Children are always happier in their own home with the comfort of their own toys, their own bed and familiar food. If you are seeking to achieve better work life balance it is an affordable option that is certainly worth researching. n

CONTACT Simone Goldstein BUSINESS Cultural Care Au Pair PHONE 1800 990 551



The rising cost and shrinking availability of traditional child care has put high pressure on Australian families and women’s careers. 48 per cent of women said the cost of child care had negatively hit their career but not their partner’s career (Source: Taskforce on the Cost of Care Interim Report 2006, survey of 1,000 Australians with caring responsibilities). With that said, the report has placed the spotlight on au pairs and inhome care services as an alternative form of child care for Australian families struggling to find work life balance.


SCARF MAGIC - CREATIVE SCARF PLAY FOR CHILDREN 0-8 YEARS Author: Marlene Rattigan Price: $55.00 (includes book, DVD and 2 scarves)

This 40-page picture book is jam-packed with ideas for playing creatively with your children using music and movement and scarves. The DVD further enhances the book by demonstrating the activities. Above all, it shows the spontaneity of children when exposed to something that will spark their imaginations. Creative children are the key to our future. Available at educational bookstores or from www.kidzfizbiz.com

1800 990 551 family.culturalcare.com.au

FLEXIBLE, AFFORDABLE CHILD CARE FROM $ 10.90/HR At Cultural Care Au Pair, we recognise the critical need for timely, quality child care. Call now to host a live-in au pair & SAVE T: 1800 990 551 family.culturalcare.com.au

More family time, individual love + attention, happy + healthy children... 48 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2012




Books, they hold the answers to the great questions in life! Basically they offer the same words just in a different order, but they have been inspiring, educating and bringing tears to eyes for years. Here are our top choices. PEBBLES IN THE ROAD Author: Ryll Paul Price: $29.95

It’s not just a memoir covering the first 37 years of author Ryll Paul’s life, it’s a story of finding strength in the face of adversity, laughter, sorrow and celebration. For those of the same generation, the memories of times past will come flooding back. It was a time devoid of computers and video games, when a night out could well be a trip to the local electrical shop where the family would join others on the footpath , sitting on folded chairs, complete with thermos and sandwiches to watch the television through the retailer’s window. ‘Pebbles in the Road’ takes you back to a simpler time and the reality of a past life. Available at all good bookstores or visit www.ryllpaul.com


Author: Andrea Gutwirth Price: $5.00

SoulTalk’s book is a simple must read for every woman, with the proceeds of all sales supporting women in crisis. Written by Andrea Gutwirth, the Founder of SoulTalk, this book is for every woman who believes that being financially healthy is important and integral to her being emotionally healthy. A great foundational tool with information and insights you can understand and use immediately. A very useful lifelong resource filled with common sense, knowledge and tips every woman needs and deserves for a successful and happy life. To purchase please visit www.soultalk.org/products/dollars-and-sense


Author: Jennifer Garvey Berger Price: $27.85 (hardcover) and $19.25 (eBook) Listen to people in every field and you’ll hear a call for more sophisticated leadership – for leaders who can solve more complex problems than the human race has ever faced. But these leaders won’t simply come to the fore; we have to develop them, and we must cultivate them as quickly as is humanly possible. This book invites readers to change the way they think about leadership and adult growth. Not just for coaches, HR professionals, and thoughtful leaders, anyone who wants to flourish on the job will find this book a vital resource for developing their own capacities and those of the talent they support. To purchase visit www.amazon.com

IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU AT WORK Author: Sharon Muggivan Price: $29.99

This book teaches you how to separate ‘you’ and ‘me’ at the workplace. It’s a useful guide that helps people deal with workplace situations and has the potential to change lives, to enhance job satisfaction and prevent people from leaving a good job due to people and personality issues. It’s a straightforward book that forces readers to take responsibility for their own behaviour in a workplace situation. It explains how everyone has an agenda, not a sinister agenda but their own personal agenda for everything they do in the workplace. Being able to step back and see a situation objectively allows you to maintain emotional balance rather than taking things personally. To purchase visit www.xlibris.com.au and search for the title.


Author: Julie Limbert Price: $9.99

Open up a whole new world of opportunity when searching for a compatible partner. Offering the do’s and don’ts of internet dating together with potential downsides, this eBook gives a balanced and informative picture of the world of internet dating. Learn the best strategies for a successful experience when relating and interacting with others through internet dating sites. Take the ‘hard work’ out of finding the partner who is perfect for you. Available at www.realliferelationships.com.au

Author: Julie Rennie Price: $24.99 How would you feel if you knew exactly what to do to finally shed unwanted body fat, and keep it off? Imagine being able to throw away all the diets and achieve the healthy slim body that you desire. It truly is possible, but you need to know how. Diets only work for the time you are on them. Use the strategies in this book to create a balanced approach to losing weight and being healthy that lasts a lifetime. Available in all good bookstores or online at www.rockpoolpublishing.com.au Winter 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 49



Less can often produce

Small business can take the lead by simply ramping up their productivity. JANEECE KELLER talks about the value that can be found by every business when they utilise less resources to deliver bigger outcomes. One of the top priorities for 78 per cent of Australian organisations is the need to find a way to deliver more with fewer resources, according to the 2012 Telstra Productivity Indicator report. There are many levers businesses can pull to improve productivity. They could: n

Invest in new technology


Improve processes


Invest in staff training.

The challenge for leaders is to know which lever will be most effective and provide the best return on investment. The Management Matters report, commissioned by the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, benchmarked Australian management practices against leading global organisations. According to the report, investing in management and leadership training is a cost effective way of improving the productivity of Australian firms. Professor Roy Green, Dean of the Faculty of Business at UTS, led the Management Matters research. He agrees that training aimed at developing a new cadre of business leader is key to improving productivity in Australia. “Part of it is changing the nature of [management] education – so that it’s less

specialised and technical, and focuses more on boundary-crossing skills and capabilities like leadership, teamwork, communication and creative problem-solving. Those are the sort of things that are needed in today’s leaders,” he said.

The key focus is on reducing unnecessary waste from your business – be it time, money or energy. In other words, it is about improving productivity.

According to Professor Green, if a company hires a new staff member they get “about five years of good work out of a graduate and then diminishing returns sets in because the graduate is not capable of taking the leap to the next stage which requires broader skills.”

on reducing unnecessary waste from your business – be it time, money or energy. In other words, it is about improving productivity.

As a business owner or leader it is easy to forget to spend time developing your own skills. With the competing demands of customer and staff requests, plugging holes and putting out fires, it is often easier to put off attending that training course on how to make your business better. According to Jack Welch, former CEO of GE, not making the time to think about doing things differently is one the biggest mistakes leaders can make. “If you come to work with one thing on your mind everyday it should be, finding a better way everyday,” he said.

Professor Green’s research links management skills to business success. “The connection between management performance and organisation productivity is very clear – not just in Australia, but internationally. Small improvements in management performance have a very significant impact on productivity,” he said. Taking the time to learn how to improve your business can have a huge positive effect on performance. Through strong management small businesses can see running costs reduced, improved employee engagement and significant savings to the bottom line. Now who doesn’t want that? n

Business improvement has long been a feature of big corporations and is now becoming common in small and medium enterprises. It is a set of techniques that help you analyse your business, and a set of tools that help you make your business better. The key focus is

Get the tools for better business

Business improvement specialists Katoka are running courses throughout July and August in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Get to grips with the business improvement methodologies used by 80% of the world’s most successful companies and put those tools into action with hands-on, practical demonstrations and advice.

Register now to learn how to: • • • • •

Remove waste from your business process Improve productivity Understand the voice of your customer Get to the root cause of a problem Turn ideas into action

CONTACT Janeece Keller BUSINESS Katoka PHONE +61 (0) 406 612 941


L earn to imprhow busineove perform ss in 1 daance y

To find out more and register go to: www.katoka.com.au

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Changing spaces it’s time to declutter!

If your office is a place you just cannot concentrate in, LOUISE D’ALLURA shares some strategies to help you tackle the clutter and become more productive in the process. According to the Journal of Neuroscience, clutter actually inhibits the brain’s ability to focus and process information. Researchers monitored task performance while mapping the brain’s responses to organised and disorganised stimuli. The results showed that when your environment is cluttered, your brain’s processing power decreases, as it has to vie for your energy and attention.

files, magazine files, folders and/or filing cabinets. When you create open space in your office by reducing clutter and creating systems, you will be well on your way to achieving a stress-free functional space that you actually enjoy being in, for a focused and productive workday. n

If you want to be more productive and think clearer, get your office organised!

What does your office look like? Can you see the floor or are there piles of paper? n


Are items in multiple locations?

Are there any discernable zones in your office dedicated to key functions? n

What else is cluttering your office? (e.g. stationery supplies, material from conferences/ courses, business cards and projects). n

What is the state of your desk?

Next, take a look at your desk. Can you find what you need or is your desk covered in piles of paper and to do lists? Look through the piles on your desk and pile with a purpose – group like with like – calls to make, things to Google etc. Grouping helps to make sense of the chaos.

What is the state of your paperwork?

Now that you have identified some categories, where do these papers live? Take 30 minutes to review where your paperwork currently lives: n

Where does unopened mail sit?

Where do you keep your paperwork for recurring tasks (e.g. pay bills, follow up)? n


Where do you file your paperwork?


How do you file it (i.e. what categories)?

Where do you keep your paperwork for projects? n

By now you are starting to get a picture of how you process (or don’t process) paperwork and where you keep supplies. Once you have

CONTACT Louise D’Allura BUSINESS Revamp Professional

worked through the questions, you will be able to start uncovering your preferences for storing each type of paperwork and supplies category using a range of tools including in-trays, step

Organisers Pty Ltd +61 (0) 408 723 559 www.TheRevampExperience.com.au PHONE

Succulent quality meat delivered to your door • Hormone free • Half or full side available • Cut up to your specifications (labelled separately) • We deliver to Brisbane, Toowoomba, Gold and Sunshine Coasts. • Highly competitive prices • Award winning product

Robbie Shaw – Boutique Meats Ph: 07 5424 1800 Mobile: 0427 613 823 Email: boutiquemeats@bigpond.com

Paddock to plate: www.boutiquemeats.com.au

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Exposed Discover How to Overcome Your Mindset Blockages That Sabotage You from Getting to the Next Level in Business! To learn more about my One Day Program visit: www.sigmamindset.com/entrepreneur or phone Julie Spain on 0430 186 415 Winter 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 51


Women building business through


What can you learn from a visionary creator? In this article SHANNON BUSH explores three powerful ways that you can leverage the energy and attributes of the modern businesswoman. In this ever-changing world we constantly seek ways to stay ahead in business. This can lead to an increasing drive to find new, more empowering, creative methods to do what we have always done as the leaders of our businesses and lives. The visionary creator is uniquely holistic in her approach, engaging the right and left brain fully, which allows instant connection to her attributes and opens her up to an empowered way to lead her life and business.

LESSON 1: Combine big picture perspective with analytical ability and take confident action.

The visionary creator has a natural rightbrained ability to see the big picture in a future focused way. Without trying she easily sees things from many different viewpoints enabling her to consider many approaches, access an extensive range of solutions and know where to focus attention. In addition, her keen analytical ability allows her to break things down to see all parts. These seemingly opposing aspects create a powerful strength that when layered with the ability to be decisive and take action creates a great advantage in business. Bring this lesson to life by defining your vision, break it down and create a detailed plan and execute it one step at a time.

LESSON 2: Combine your sharp intellect with • All Plumbing • Hot Water Repair & Replacement • Gas Fitting • Burst Pipes • Blocked Drains • CCTV Camera Drain Inspections

Adelaide (08) 8289 2880




Janet Taylor

your ability to easily turn knowledge into useful products and services. The visionary creator’s sharp intellect and commitment to learning adds a depth of dimension and an incredible richness to the products and services she creates so effortlessly. Make the most of this natural skill by focusing on just one thing at a time. Persevere and master one project, one product, and one service! Bring this lesson to life by showing yourself you can complete a project and then be open to reap the rewards from your creations.

Break free

LESSON 3: Combine self-trust with your strong ability to make good decisions based on sound judgement. The visionary creator is inclined to be selftrusting with strong instincts that she follows. Combine this with her strong ability to make good decisions based on sound judgement and you have incredible potential for experiencing effortless success. Make decisions and stand strong in the truth of that decision, trusting what you know. A natural instinct of self-trust can get swayed due to fear that appears as comparison. Comparing yourself to others leads to doubt and that feeds the cycle of fear and increases stagnation, impacting greatly on your confidence and bottom line. Bring this lesson to life by trusting yourself first and banishing comparison, being free to do things your way. Understanding and working with the archetypal strengths of the visionary creator puts you at a distinct advantage, immediately placing you in a unique position to lead at an optimum level with ultimate confidence as a modern day business goddess. n

CONTACT Shannon Bush BUSINESS Creative Possibility PHONE +61 (0) 403 270 196


from your chains and enjoy financial freedom Would you like to have more time and money? Do you value having creative control over your life and work? Would you like to benefit from the advantages of owning your own business? Do you care about others and want to make a positive difference contributing to peoples lives? Learn about the skin care company taking the world by storm. Learn how this product changes your skin and the way you live! The product will change your skin, the opportunity will change your life!

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V I S I T w w w. co n n e c t e d wo m e n . n e t . a u

Check out the latest and greatest gadgets presented by CLAIRE MOFFAT.

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GorillaPod Micro 250

The GorillaPod Micro 250 is the first always-on tripod that offers the stability, range of movement and versatility of full-size supports. Elegantly concealed beneath the base of the camera, the sleek form is convenient to carry and allows easy access in and out of any camera case. The stainless steel and zinc alloy construction is engineered for dependable stability, quick deployment and precise ball positioning. The colourful rubber grips provide rock-solid footing on any surface. RRP: $16.95. Contact: www.joby.com.au

Tamron revolutionary 24-70mm VC

This lens incorporates the latest optical design technology, VC (Vibration Compensation) image stabilisation and USD (Ultrasonic Silent Drive), all in a lighter and more compact package than any other lens in its class. The wide-end focal length of 24mm, which expands the scene before the camera, and the moisture-resistant construction make this lens ideal for travel, outdoor portraiture and more. RRP: $1399.00. Contact: www.tamron.com.au

Kambrook Little Chefs Angel Cakes Cupcake Maker

Kambrook’s Cupcake Maker is fun and very simple to use. Heat up the cupcake maker, add cupcake mixture and seven tasty cupcakes will be cooked in just seven minutes. Decorate with your favourite toppings and enjoy fresh cupcakes whenever you want to treat the kids or friends. RRP: $34.95. Contact: www.kambrook.com.au

ASUS All-in-One PC ET2700 Series with 10-finger multi-touch

ASUS, one of the world’s top three consumer technology vendors, has launched in an Australian-first, the All-in-One PC ET2700 Series. Combining leading touch screen technology which features exclusive 10-finger multi-touch support, the ASUS All-in-One PC ET2700 Series comprises of unique qualities and delivers outstanding performance. All housed in a stylish enclosure, its sleek exterior embraces the latest trend in PC technology with its smart, space-saving design. RRP: $2999.00. Contact: www.asus.com.au

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LASER unveils the Navig8r Crash Cam in-car black box recorder

The Navig8r Crash Cam operates as a ‘black box’ for the car and is the convenient solution that provides a reliable and recorded eyewitness account in the event of a driving incident or car collision. The Navig8r Crash Cam captures continuous digital video and images in HD for closer scrutiny of events, particularly in hard to prove situations, disputing red light or speed camera violations, as well as monitoring driving habits and providing peace of mind. RRP: $99.95. Contact: www.laserco.net Winter 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 53


5 ways to reclaim your

PERSONAL POWER If you feel undervalued, overworked or simply dissatisfied, chances are you are giving away your personal power. SUE LESTER shows you how to define and reclaim your personal power for greater clarity, confidence and motivation.

If this doesn’t quite sound like you, yet, read on to discover the five ways you can reclaim your personal power.

How fresh are your skincare products? Hi, I’m Tristan and I’ve been on a journey to unlock the secret to naturally beautiful, youthful, radiant skin. What I have discovered, is that just like our food, our skincare products are best when fresh. There is much scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of natural ingredients — whether for nourishing, moisturising, healing or anti-aging — and of the harm that harsh chemicals can do to our skin and our bodies. So we’ve created Rubifresh — a range of high performance, all natural face and body products using some of nature’s most potent and well-

54 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2012

1. INTERNAL SOURCE – The only person

2. FULL RESPONSIBILITY – Personal power

who can live your life is you. Happiness and love start from inside you, so stop waiting for someone else to do it for you. All your answers are inside, under your fears. Taking action despite your fears super-charges your selfworth. The more you learn to trust yourself the more you step into your power. You cannot control the economy but you can control your reaction to it.

is about taking full responsibility for your life, which can be scary, with no one else to blame. It is also incredibly liberating because no one can ‘make’ you unhappy ever again. You only take full responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings, actions, inactions and the meaning you give to events, for example, you take responsibility for the words you use, your tone, timing, and intention and for communicating effectively, but not for how the other person chooses to respond.

3. RESULTS – Forget the reasons and excuses, if you don’t like the results you are getting, work out what to do differently so you do. Do you need to stop being a solopreneur and hire an expert?

4. BE PRESENT – The only moment that is ADVERTORIAL

Women like you who live in their personal power are calm, confident and centred. You know and like who you are. You have a clear sense of direction, and absolute faith in your ability to get there. You know you will be able to attract the right resources, people, education, and whatever else you need for the next step. You value your health, time and self-worth, so you aren’t afraid to say “No” as needed, even to your partner.

researched ingredients at their freshest. No preservatives, no parabens, no alcohol and no other nasties. Our ingredients are purchased in small quantities, and products made to order, to ensure our skincare is delivered at the height of its freshness and potency. From pampering scrubs, to high performance anti-aging creams and serums, Rubifresh products are guaranteed fresh and natural, and always beautiful to use. Go to www.rubifresh.com.au and register using CODE: WNAADV1 for a chance to win one of 4 trial packs containing a small version of each women’s product in the range. A trial pack will be given away each month between June and Sept, so register now to win! For more information about fresh skincare, call Tristan on +61 (0) 412 583 917

real is now. What you choose to think, feel and do now creates your future. The past and future only exist in your imagination but your body feels the emotion of your imagined event as if it is real. If you feel anxious, stop imagining the worst by asking yourself, “What if it doesn’t happen like that? How would that feel?” Absolutely, have a plan for your future but live in the present where your loved ones are.

5. SELF-AWARENESS – Awareness is the first step to change. Monitor your self-talk. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will! Remember, there is no such thing as a perfect human. We are designed to continue to learn, grow and evolve. Forgive yourself for not being superwoman, and get on with living a life you love, now. n

CONTACT Sue Lester BUSINESS Growing Content Pty Ltd PHONE +61 (0) 428 128 679





for busy women

Goal setting is an intrinsic part of running any successful business, especially when it’s your own. NICOLA MORAS shares her tips on creating an effective goal setting strategy.

Follow these simple goal setting tips and start getting even more runs on the board!

1. Determine your ultimate goal or lifestyle. Create a vision board so you can see what you are striving for. This will motivate you and excite you when things get rough.

Goal setting is an imperative part of being productive and helping measure your success. When you achieve your goals, make sure you write down what you have achieved so that you can celebrate your successes – small and large! n

2. Next, determine your plan for the year. The smaller steps that you are going to undertake in the next sequence are the things that will help you achieve this goal.

3. Create a 90-day plan. Over the next three months what are you going to do that is going to help you to achieve your ultimate goal? Make these goals achievable – but not easily achievable! People tend to work better when they have to work hard towards something.

4. Create your monthly plan that is going to help you to achieve your 90-day plan.

5. Create your weekly plan. Best done on a Sunday night, this is what you are going to achieve over the next week and it should roll into your larger goals.

6. Write down each night the three things that you are going to work towards the following day that will help you achieve your weekly goals. These need to be measurable. Be specific about your actions and ensure that they are going to help you achieve your overall goal.

How have our lives changed? Our children are in school, we have more control over our lives, and we’re a respected part of the community. – Kanti, Nepal

CONTACT Nicola Moras BUSINESS Stylish Silhouettes PHONE +61 (0) 409 656 669


A confident successful woman intimately knows her leadership style. Do you? Imagine how your confidence would soar and how rewardingly succulent your life, business or career would be if you had a personalised guidance system outlining your unique path to effortless success. Discover your archetypal personal leadership style and unlock the key to accelerate the confident expression of your innate potential every day. Contact Shannon Dunn (Bush), Personal Leadership Expert and Creative Possibility Coach to book your Innate Potential discovery session today. Mention Working Women magazine and receive a bonus Personal Leadership Report ($97 value).

With each booking you receive a free copy of support@creativepossibilitycoach.com • 0403 270 196 • www.creativepossibility.com.au Kirsty’s book ‘PARENTING – Personal leadershiP CoaChing • Training • sPeaking A Guide For The Ride’ Empower Your Visions and Transform Your Life

A new way for working women to help each other. It’s easy to empower a woman to change her life for the better. With a small business loan, a woman living in poverty can grow her income and provide a better life for her family. Just a $25 loan from you helps her get started. Make a loan to a woman like Kanti today so her business can thrive.

It’s effective. It multiplies. It’s personal.

It’s a new way of giving. Winter 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 55

Classified Business Directory ACCOMMODATION Short Term Rental House

Short Stay House Everton Hills (Northside Brisbane) from three nights. Fully furnished comfortable home. Linen supplied. Relax on the deck in tranquil bush setting. Sleeps up to six guests. Executives to families. +61 (0) 403 729 839 www.shortstayhome.com.au

ACCOUNTANTS Business Links Australia

Accounting and tax planning services for small to medium sized businesses, investors and selfmanaged superannuation funds. Located Southside Brisbane. +61 (7) 3341 1007 www.blinks.com.au

BOOKKEEPING SERVICE S Peace Of Mind Bookkeeping

At Peace of Mind Bookkeeping (POMB), our aim is to free business owners from their timeconsuming books, so that they can focus on developing their core business. +61 (0) 418 288 089 pombaustralia@gmail.com

BUSINESS DIRECTORY WomenWise – Connecting Women & Business

List with us and join the growing army of businesses proving they are WomenWise! We offer reviews, social media links, great rates and full support. +61 (0) 407 774 090 www.womenwise.com.au/wwm

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Considering Change – Become a Life Coach

Are you interested in personal development? Do you like people and want to make a difference? If you’ve been considering a career change then call The Coaching Institute TODAY. 1800 094 927 www.thecoachinginstitute.com.au

Hawaiian Green Tea

Be part of an exciting opportunity to market a highly concentrated but low caffeine and calorie flavoured green tea which comes in single serve convenient sachets. New to Australia. +61 (0) 402 158 591 www.gthaustralia.com.au

BUSINESS SERVICES Corporate Wellbeing

CAREER CONSULTANTS Do you need help with your Career?

EDITING & WRITING SERVICES Thumbnail – Say What You Mean


EMAIL MARKETING SERVICES Vieve – eMarketing Experts

CIVIL CELEBRANTS Celebrants and Celebrations Australia

EVENT MANAGEMENT Freelance Event Manager

COACHING & DEVELOPMENT Are You An Entrepreneur?

FASHION ACCESSORIES AccessorizeYouMe – Products That Are Hard to Find

Do you need a career change? Returning to work after having a family? Need support setting up your own business? Lifelong Careers can partner with you to realise your dreams. +61 (0) 400 440 036 www.lifelongcareers.com.au

Australia’s most respected care and training provider. Whether it’s for a couple of hours or a couple of years we can supply a nanny to suit your specific needs. 1300 626 643 www.charltonbrown.com.au

National civil celebrants directory. Free listings for local celebration suppliers. Information on all ceremonies and celebrations. 2012 ASKACELEBRANT Gold Rose Draw. Visit online. 1300 781 444 www.celebrants.org.au

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If you are wondering how you can take your performance to the next level or how to help your leaders be more self-aware, even more effective and have a greater impact call me! +61 (2) 8854 0914 www.up-to-you.com.au

Cre8tive Catalyst

Your catalyst for change. Cre8tive Catalyst mentor and leadership coach for the corporate sector. Providing you with tools and techniques from the stage to the boardroom. +61 (0) 412 674 535 www.cre8tivecatalyst.com.au

Goddess on Purpose – Luanne Simmons

Purpose, plan, play – where women are shown the path to living their dreams. Luanne Simmons is a trained hand analyst, life/business coach and mentor. What is your life purpose? +61 (0) 402 851 830 www.goddessonpurpose.com

Not About You Enterprises

Fix the health of a business from within. Gain equilibrium and traction whilst increasing productivity. It’s time2manage now! +61 (0) 418 458 616 www.time2manage.com

This simple concept ‘It’s not about you’ can dramatically transform your personal or professional life. 20 years experience coaching leadership and management with great results. +61 (0) 423 153 801 www.notaboutyou.com.au

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56 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2012

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Clements Dunne and Bell

Providing professional accounting, audit and financial planning services to individuals, SMEs and large enterprise within the Melbourne Metro and Albury/Wodonga regions for 20+ years. +61 (3) 8618 2222 www.cdb.com.au

Debt Reduction Specialist

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FUNERAL SERVICES White Lady Funerals

HEALTH & WELLBEING (CONT) Maximise your Genetic potential!

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INSURANCE For the Super Woman Who Has Everything

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Clear Compelling Communication...

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58 WORKING WOMEN® n Winter 2012

Don’t o t t e g r o f network

Working Women

Working Women Women’s network Australia


w w w.w o m e n s n e t w o r k . co m . a u









Business n success n Life

WinTeR 2012 Aust $8.75 inc gst



21 years

Advertising RATES

Her back yard business took on the world

New begiNNiNgS

10 ideaS

redundancy making it work for you

to engage more customers faster

media Smart Print Post Approved PP411192/00010

Unlock the great stories inside your business


ly Friend Female iness Bus ory direct e

ted plac find the trus turn to women when they servicesd them. nee

e 56

See pag

Save face by making your marketing dollar stretch further

b e aut y a n d d e s i r e – th e f ro n t r u n n e r s to s u cc e s s

STANDARD CASUAL RATE CARD - FULL COLOUR (where final digital artwork is supplied by advertiser)








9 $500




10 $370


3 $600











Double page spread (separate LH & RH page)

303 x 216

271 x 190

297 x 210


Full page

303 x 216

271 x 190

297 x 210


Half page vertical



271 x 92


Half page horizontal



133 x 190


Qtr page horizontal



64 x 190


Half page x two columns



133 x 125


Qtr page x two columns



64 x 125


Full page x one column



271 x 60


Half page x one column



133 x 60


Qtr page x one column



64 x 60




30% of the cost of your first advertisement

Submit 150 words of text and a scanned image $500.00

 ook four consecutive editions and receive a 10% B discount which includes free artwork. (Same artwork to be run for the four editions. Any changes to original artwork in subsequent editions will be charged at normal design cost of $88 per hour including GST)



Standard price per listing $179.00 | Discounted WNA Member price per listing $99. Book online at http://www.womensnetwork.com.au/ page.cfm?pageCode=Classifieds

Advertising agency bookings are 10% commissionable

Book four consecutive editions and receive a 10% discount

PLACEMENT OPTIONS – SURCHARGE ALL SIZES – Right hand page + 20% SIZE 2 ONLY – Outside back cover + 50%




Download from www.womensnetwork.com.au or T: 1800 052 476


Please note that pages of WORKING WOMEN® are available for purchase. They are supplied in PDF format - making them suitable for placement on websites. The cost per page or part thereof is $88.00 including GST. It is a condition of sale by the publisher that all credits displayed at the foot of each page be clearly displayed when the file is used in either an electronic or in hard copy format. EMAIL YOUR REQUEST TO editorial@womensnetwork.com.au TERM AND CONDITIONS available at www.womensnetwork.com.au

‘WORKING WOMEN’ is a registered trade mark of Women’s Network Australia Pty Ltd.


Publication Date

Editorial and authors image Material Deadline

Display Advertisements/Advertorial Booking Deadline Material Deadline

Classified Business Directory Booking and Material Deadline


20 September

15 July

1 August

8 August

1 August


20 March

15 January

1 February

8 February

1 February

Summer Winter

20 December 20 June

15 October 15 April

1 November 1 May

8 November 8 May

1 November 1 May


rking – Netwo tise ss exper – Busine s tools busines ll a m S – cts g conta in k r o w t – Ne ment manage r e e r a C – otion ss prom – Busine 24 /7 services – Online

Join Women’s Network Australia, the premier networking group for women in business. The easy way to grow your business or fast track your career.


Find it all at womensnetwork.com.au – the place for all your business and career needs.

JUST SOME OF THE REASONS WHY WOMEN JOIN WOMEN’S NETWORK AUSTRALIA: n Automatic listing in our Online Members’ Directory

n Entry into our member only LinkedIn Networking Lounge n Online exposure via our ‘Featured Member’ service

n Discounted rates when booking for our networking events n 12 months subscription

to ‘Working Women’ magazine

n Member discounts when advertising on our eNoticeBoard n Free ‘Exhibition’ space at

our networking events and forums to our ‘Movie Club’ n Promotional inserts into the delegate satchels at our events n Press coverage opportunities via our ‘Media Call’ service n Recognition and branding online via our ‘Member eBadge’ n Hot career tips and small business updates online n Sale and promotion of members’ books via our online bookshop n Publication of articles in ‘Working Women’ magazine n Speaking opportunities via our ‘Find a Speaker’ service. n Complimentary membership and passes


1800 052 476 +61 (7) 3272 8222

Women’s Network Australia Pty Ltd – ABN 66 010 793 727


Profile for Women's Network Australia

Working Women Magazine - Winter 2012 Edition  

Glossy magazine for women in small business

Working Women Magazine - Winter 2012 Edition  

Glossy magazine for women in small business