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10 AUTUMN 2012


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Contents SimplyStated Our devoted readers are always sharing how inspiring it is to read a business magazine that covers issues relevant to women and the value they find in passing their copy of Working Women on to girlfriends and business colleagues. Recently I had the opportunity to watch the documentary ‘Paper Giants’. Set in the 70s, it is based on the birth of Cleo magazine. Despite all the research telling them the magazine was not going to be viable for the female market, Ita Buttrose and Kerry Packer backed their gut instincts and went to print. As we all know, Cleo went on to become an outstanding commercial success. Back then, just as today, it was all about the content and timing. 40 years ago women were reclaiming their power and there was no shortage of story-lines to work up. Many of the articles published were considered controversial for their day, but regardless of failure being a real option Cleo dared to address the issues other magazines wouldn’t touch. The magazine went on to play a major role in defining women across Australia. Whilst watching the movie I got to thinking about the amazing advancements women have made. Fast forward four decades and instead of magazine articles covering how women could cope when having an office affair with a married man or how to find the sexual satisfaction that eluded their mothers, women have fallen in love with our own abilities and the empowerment that comes from standing up for what they believe in. They celebrate their achievements of entrepreneurship and success in business and have proudly taken on the responsibility for their own financial independence. Every day we celebrate women and what they have achieved and we hope that in this issue of Working Women you will find inspiration and ideas to further assist in defining your future success.


Cover Story Fueled by women leaving the corporate sector to start their own enterprises, home-based businesseses are now one of the fastest growing sectors in the economy. In this issue we introduce you to mumpreneur, Rachael Bermingham who from her family home has managed to build an international literary empire. Regardless of where you are currently on your business path, her rags to riches story will inspire you.


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Buying a business, what you need to know

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10 Autumn 2012

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are you keeping pace?

Bold BaBes

building businesses

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MumPreneur becomes an Print Post Approved PP411192/00010

international success

b u y i n g a b u s i n e s s – w h at yo u n e e d to k n o w


8 Life




PRODUCTIVITY Over-commitment leads to under-achievement


CARBON FOOTPRINT 6 tips that will turn you green


HEALTH & WELLBEING Relief arrives for Australian back pain sufferers

UP FRONT From author to publishing house owner


Her star continues to rise


Bold babe builds business



LIFE SUPPORT Relaxation: the key to control


Raising your tiny tycoon


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to publishing house


Would you guess that a woman who hasn’t finished high school and with no college degree would be an international literary success? Having six best-selling books wasn’t enough for RACHAEL BERMINGHAM who has now launched her own publishing and distribution house. A few words would probably come to mind if you were to meet Rachael Bermingham: organised, vibrant, dynamic, entrepreneurial, busy, down-to-earth and savvy! Over the past few years, Rachael, known mostly by the public as co-author of the successful best-selling range of cookbooks, 4 Ingredients, has stepped up the pace and launched her own publishing and distribution house called Bermingham Books Pty Ltd. With her natural ability and flair in building multi-million dollar companies in a home-based environment, astute business strategies and clever cost-effective marketing tactics coupled with effective time management and goal setting strategies, Rachael is more than capable of accomplishing her goal of helping others. Already she has a string of mentored clients who are celebrating their own bestselling author status. Having experienced a variety of jobs – including travel agent, stunt woman and shark feeder – her passion for helping others to succeed and transform their goals into achievements eventually evolved into authoring books, speaking and mentoring women. In 2006, Rachael set a goal to become one of Australia’s favourite authors, yet at that time she had no idea what she would write about let alone having the know how to become a popular author. Fast track six years down the road and Rachael has completely nailed her goal, having not one but eight bestselling titles! Her first selfpublished book Read My Lips (an inspirational book for women on how to achieve their goals) was featured in the Working Women magazine upon its release back in 2006, and continues to sell today. Rachael’s success has astonished both her and the publishing industry. However, her success 4 WORKING WOMEN® n Autumn 2012

is not surprising, when you chat with her you get the clear understanding that Rachael has an innate knowing and a steely determination for success to drive any plan she makes into action. Implementing her low-cost marketing and publicity campaign was challenging she says, and she has had her fair share of ‘no’s’ along the way. She believes that if you don’t ask the question – no one else is going to do it for you. Tenacity and a ‘never say die’ attitude have served her well. In 2009, Rachael released her sixth book and first solo title How to Write Your Own Book and Make It a BESTSELLER, which quickly reached the heights of bestseller! She is currently celebrating her eighth book, also solo and aptly entitled Savvy – Ingredients for Success which also became a bestseller before it even left the printers. In addition to writing books, this energetic, dynamic woman is a proud mum to three gorgeous little boys (including one-year-old twins). Her time management philosophy is simple. An effective way to structure your schedule is into three parts: n

working in your business


on your business


or not on your business.

This has allowed Rachael to become incredibly structured to fit an enormous amount into her days. “Business should be developed on your own terms – that way you are in control of its destiny and you can steer it in a way that makes you happy. If you’re happy, everyone else will benefit,” says Rachael. With a number of best-selling titles being released through Bermingham Books, Savvy being launched in April, exciting TV programs on the go, many speaking and mentoring

bookings, and three happy little chaps growing, Rachael is more focused than ever on her goals. “You must be passionate and love what you do… your enthusiasm, positivity, energy and excitement will serve to inspire, attract and engage others,” says Rachael. Rachael has reached her goals thus far by having an unwavering belief in herself, exemplary time management skills, incredible marketing skills, a magical team of supporters, and an infectious positive energy.

Q AND A WITH RACHAEL Who is Rachael Bermingham? I am a super busy but proud work-from-home mum, to three gorgeous little boys; Jaxson (six) and 20-month-old twins Bowie and Casey. I was born in Stanthorpe on Queensland’s Darling Downs. After moving to the Sunshine Coast, I dropped out of school and dropped into business (a hair salon) at the age of 19.

I was always seeking adventure, so I followed my heart, sold my business and went on to be one of only three women in Australia to professionally feed sharks at Underwater World. After three years of shark feeding my journey continued, and included state champion in martial arts, stuntwoman at Warner Brothers Movie World and travel agency owner, before becoming an inspirational speaker, author, publisher and book distributor.

Who are the influential women in your life?

What do you like about being a woman in business? I love everything about being a woman in business; the fact that I can do an interview for New Zealand radio, talk to New York one moment, London the next, write books and publish them with my own publishing company, and run a global business all from my kitchen bench in between playing with my three beautiful boys, is something that I am grateful for each and every day. It does take careful planning but it is well worth the effort.

A lady that has left the biggest imprint in my life was my Great-Grandmother Chrissie. She was an incredibly strong lady, full of grace, beauty and charm. I can still remember her warm embrace and how she was true to herself – something, to this day I am reminded of and try to enfold within myself.

How did you decide to take this new course in business?

Beyonce and Oprah are my secret idols whom I admire greatly. How fabulous are they?! Just amazing women all round.

Through my years of experience with writing, publishing, distributing and promoting my books, my new journey was dictated. I had the

On a daily basis I was flooded with calls and emails asking: ‘How do you write a book and make it a bestseller?’ I then realised I had done what many didn’t know how to do, plus it was something I was passionate about.

idea for Bermingham Books publishing and distribution a few years ago and launched it in 2010 to guide the authors through the entire process – from writing and publishing to promotion and beyond.

Where will you be five years from now? I will have a lot more ticked off my goal list hopefully. I will have three super happy and healthy little men charging around the house. I will have a high rating TV show. Bermingham Books will be one of the leading publishers in the country. There will be thousands of people around the world who I have helped in achieving their own goals and I will be a better, happier, healthier, wealthier version of myself as I am today. n rmingham

Rachael Be

CONTACT am Books Bermingh BUSINESS 7735 +61 (7) 5453 PHONE



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6 WORKING WOMEN速 n Autumn 2012





It took over 10 years for Brisbane artist Starr to become an ‘overnight sensation’ but as MARGARET CAMPBELL-RYDER shares, Starr’s ability to paint is only half the story of this young woman’s rise to fame.

Almost 11 years ago a young, fresh-faced artist walked into Brisbane’s Red Hill Gallery to ask if the gallery would like to sell her work. Until then, Starr had been working hard to sell her work; rising before the sun every weekend to paint and sell at the Caboolture Markets. She also had a regular in-store painting gig with a Toombul Café and even without gallery representation her work would sell out everywhere.

another solo show in Sydney and later in the year, the big ‘French Flavoured’ solo show. That show will feature a lot of the work inspired by her residency in Paris. Starr is becoming quite well known for her French work and this second trip to France should see her delve deeper into the iconic ‘city of love’. However, it is her home city of Brisbane that has provided Starr with much of the content for her ‘New Traditionalist’ paintings. From the historic Story Bridge to some of Brisbane’s most famous coffee shops, Starr paints what she sees around her.

Fresh out of the Queensland College of Art, with a degree in Fine Art, Starr recalls her initial approach to Red Hill Gallery as ‘nerve wracking’. “At the time I was much younger, just out of college with a few solid years working on my craft full time and although I saw Red Hill and its stunning stable of artists as amazing, I knew that was where I wanted to be,” says Starr. Indeed it has been a long road with many, many hours in the studio for Starr, whose unique style is instantly recognisable and difficult to reproduce. Being classically trained, she is adept at drawing as well as painting and, together with a few ‘happy accidents along the way’, she has forged a stunning career that has taken her from Australian country markets to exhibitions overseas.

Starr’s plan to conquer the world is unfolding as she prepares for a residency and exhibition in Paris! Starr has exhibited a number of times in Singapore and the United States, where her uncanny ability with colour and the confident fluidity of her brush strokes are enjoyed as much as in her hometown of Brisbane. Indeed, many celebrities in Hollywood, such as Tommy Lee, hold Starr’s work. Starr’s plan to conquer the world is unfolding as she prepares for a residency and exhibition in Paris! 2012 is shaping up to be yet another busy year for Starr, with the Paris exhibition,

“Brisbane is a beautiful city,” says Starr and she loves the people as well as the places. She takes great joy in meeting people and making new friends when she does her drawings and paintings of people from life. All of Starr’s sensuous nudes and incredible portraits are made from sketches at sittings in her own studio. It’s that personal touch that gives her work the authenticity that sets it apart from her contemporaries. n yder Campbell-R

Margaret CONTACT lery Red Hill Gal BUSINESS 1442 68 33 ) (7 +61 PHONE .au www.redhi

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Bold Babe


Making the bold decision to leave a stable corporate job and borrowing a computer to start her own business, CATRIONA POLLARD has battled the challenges faced through business ownership and won. Ten years on she has built her business into one of Australia’s most respected boutique PR firms. Catriona can vividly remember that one defining moment that set her business journey in motion. It was 2001 and she sat in her new ‘office’ – her sunroom with a borrowed computer and no clients – contemplating one of the scariest decisions she had ever made. She was trying to figure out why she had made the decision to leave behind her eight-year successful professional career in public relations and set out alone to start her own boutique PR agency. That was the turning point, when Catriona realised she had only two options in front of her. Either she could let the fear of failure take over and return to working in a system that would never suit her, or she could push through and make this business successful. “I realised that I didn’t want to work under another person’s image,” she stated. “I wanted to create my own business; something that was unique and specific to me, something that reflected my personality, my values and my beliefs.” Almost 11 years on, Catriona is proudly the Director of one of Sydney’s most respected boutique PR and social media agencies, CP Communications. Early on she realised that she needed to start networking and create relationships with people in the business community. She became a member of the Women’s Network Australia and used all the opportunities offered to get her name out there. “Being able to walk into a room full of complete strangers and introduce yourself and ‘work the room’ can be really scary. But it is critical for every business owner, particularly in business services, to take the time to network. Networking is still one of the most important marketing tools we use at CP Communications. We still get most of our business through connections and relationships. It’s the first step in doing your own personal PR. You need to start developing your own personal brand as well as the business’s brand,” says Catriona. 8 WORKING WOMEN® n Autumn 2012

As the years progressed, Catriona became a well-known name in the PR industry and began expanding her list of clients as well as sharing her knowledge and expertise. She began building her client list from aged care and health through to education, digital marketing, telecommunications and HR. As her business grew, she wanted to start sharing her experience and expertise. Catriona developed the idea for a network that assists women to understand and take advantage of social media, and in 2010 she co-founded Social Media Women; a free, in person and online networking group. She designed and teaches the media and PR course at the Sydney Writers’ Centre and regularly authors articles and provides comments to the media on PR and social media. She also takes the time to speak to business and women’s groups about how to use PR and social media to build businesses. In 2011, Catriona received a call from the corporate marketing department of Hilton Worldwide, saying they had heard great things about CP Communications and read her Public Relations Sydney blog. In September 2011, Catriona secured the PR and social media account for Hilton Worldwide for the Australasia region, a significant achievement for a boutique agency.

In just over 10 years Catriona has built a successful business from scratch. She developed her personal brand in the PR industry to become a well-respected PR Agency Director, works with many amazing clients and secured a high profile, global corporate brand. Catriona says her business journey really is just beginning, “I’ve come so far and I’ve done so much but I believe I still have such a long way to go. And I’m looking forward to every second of it. My proudest moments are yet to come.”

CATRIONA’S PR TIPS: Networking – set time each week to go networking with peers as well as groups where your potential clients hang out. n

Embrace Social Media – it is a powerful marketing and relationship building tool. n

Build your personal brand – use PR to develop your reputation and build your profile. n

Write articles on your area of expertise and send them to publications such as Working Women. n n


lla Catriona Po


Pty Lt CONTACT unications CP Comm 0 BUSINESS 0 92 60 +61 (2) 94 .au PHONE munic



Your business is worth less

without protection

It is well known that intellectual property plays a vital role in building a successful, sustainable and saleable business. KARAN WHITE points out the pitfalls of not identifying and protecting the Intellectual Property of your business.

Properly protected and maintained intellectual property is often the foundation of a business, which ensures a sustainable competitive advantage.

Defining intellectual property

Registration of designs relating to the appearance and shapes of bottles, and n

Use of confidentiality agreements to protect valuable information such as the recipe for the Coca-Cola beverage. n

Intellectual property encompasses intellectual property rights whether capable of registration or not, including but not limited to: design rights, trade marks, patents, copyright, confidential information, trade or business names, database rights, know-how and technology.

Notably, Coca-Cola did not use patent protection as part of its intellectual property strategy. This is due to the patent application requirement to publicly disclose information relating to the beverage, including the recipe and the manufacturing process.

Intellectual property is legally defined as ‘a group of rights created by law that afford protection to creative and intellectual effort’.

In return for such disclosure, Coca-Cola would have been rewarded with a 20-year monopoly to commercialise its product. As you know, Coca-Cola has enjoyed a monopoly for far longer than 20 years.

Intellectual property rights can be valuable assets provided they are properly identified and protected. However, they are often overlooked because they are intangible assets. Like tangible assets that are easily identified, valued and reported, intellectual property assets must be identified, protected and maintained in order to maximise value and minimise the risks of third party abuse or inadvertent loss.

Protecting intellectual property

Failing to secure intellectual property rights associated with your business is no different to building a house of cards as its future is uncertain. Not registering your intellectual property rights could jeopardise the success of your business and make the sale or exit of that business difficult. As you could imagine, a prudent prospective buyer of a business will require assurance that the business’s intellectual property is secure. Have you secured your intellectual property rights or do you own a house of cards? n te

Karan Whi

CONTACT Pod Legal BUSINESS 4 1800 763 53 PHONE www.podle

Do you know why businesses fail?

Securing intellectual property rights can help ensure that your business enjoys a longterm competitive advantage. However, not all intellectual property rights are able to be registered in Australia. For example, unlike in the United States, there is no copyright registration system in Australia. In order to protect intellectual property, it must first be identified. This is often achieved through an Intellectual Property Audit. An Intellectual Property Audit is a systematic review by an intellectual property lawyer of your business to identify any intellectual property that you may own, acquire or use.

Case Study: Coca-Cola The Coca-Cola beverage was introduced to the market over 100 years ago and is today sold in over 200 countries. The Coca-Cola Company still enjoys lucrative profits, mostly due to its intellectual property strategies. These strategies have included: Registration of trade marks relating to logos, names and tag-lines

By not getting the right business advice. Imagine having the best person to turn to for the right advice, that will allow you to grow your business and generate more income! Go to: and download your free copy of my ebook that provides you with 7 secrets to getting the right business advice Email: Phone: 07 33981994 or 0429 629 090


Autumn 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 9


Buying a business


Thinking of buying a business? Not sure if the asking price is too much? PETER CLARKE explains the difference between price and value when buying a business and why they are both important when it comes to negotiating a purchase price. Are you looking to buy a small business? Perhaps you have seen something you are interested in: right industry, right location – but is it the right price? In today’s market everyone is looking for a bargain.

really after. When you value a small business it is not unusual for a valuation to come in under the asking price. A normal reaction to this is that the business must be overpriced. While this is sometimes true it is not automatically the case.

The difficulty in assessing the price of a small business is that there may not be a lot of ready comparisons available in the market. If you are looking to buy a business where there is a large and active market – like a newsagency, pharmacy or coffee lounge – the comparisons will be available. When it’s an industry unique business where there is not a lot of public information, the going can get tough.

In a perfect market, price and value are the same thing but we do not operate in a perfect market. As a result, this causes price to trade at either a premium or a discount to value. Over the past decade in Australia, price has traded at a premium of up to 30 per cent on value for good quality businesses. To test the price of a business, you need to understand both its value and also any information on the price that businesses of the type you are

If you need an opinion on price, be careful and make sure you get the information you are

Stress getting in the way of your business?

Tired for no reason? Having trouble getting up in the morning? Need coffee to wake up? Craving sweet snacks? Feeling run down? Hormones going crazy?

Book in to get your health in check today and discover your optimal wellbeing through integrative naturopathy.

Naturopath Sarah Stevens has over 8 years experience and understands a healthy business depends on a healthy you!

Luxton Clinic 20 Beatty Avenue Armadale VIC 3143 03 9824 6864

looking at have traded for in the market. When you ask for a valuation of a prospective business, the real question you might be seeking an answer to is should I buy this business? This is a very different question to one about valuation. The question ‘Should I buy this business?’ is about a range of both financial and nonfinancial indicators. It is as much about whether the business suits your lifestyle expectations and core capabilities as it is about the financial performance. If the business is a growth business and needs lots of marketing push, then it will not suit you unless you like the marketing aspect and have the time to dedicate to it. To access all of this you need to understand the business and the business model in operation. You then need to compare the model to your expectations and also to your business strengths. None of us are good at everything. You need a business that matches your strengths. You do not want to pay too much for the business but equally you do not want to miss out on the right business because the asking price is a bit more than you expected or more than what someone has told you it is worth. Whether or not you are prepared to pay a premium will depend on how much you want the business and what growth you can see in it. Good quality businesses with good growth prospects will almost always command a premium as there are always buyers for these types of businesses. Understanding the true value of a business, is understanding what it is worth now and also what value you can add to it. Once you know both these numbers you should be ready to negotiate on price. n


Peter Clar CONTACT nks Australia Business Li  BUSINESS public relations social media

10 WORKING WOMEN® n Autumn 2012

Pty Ltd 1007 +61 (7) 3341 PHONE u .a .com www.blinks


You can’t hit a target THAT YOU CAN’T SEE! It’s no secret that when it comes to end goals, wealthy entrepreneurs confess to having total clarity. Clearly defining where you are going is the major key to business success. AARON PARSONS shares his insights on building successful businesses. Most things in the world around us were finished in the mind of their creator before they were started. From the cars we drive to the houses we live in and the clothes we wear, most things began with a vision.

On the way to achieving this end goal are many mini missions, each with their own goals, which guide the daily actions of team members. In business, if an entrepreneur hires a web designer to create a new website, it is essential for the web designer to understand the end goal of what they are creating, in order to guide them. If you have briefed the designer that the end goal of your website and every webpage is to capture the details of visitors so they join your database to start the relationship building process, you are halfway home to getting the outcome you want. Without understanding the end goal, people are acting blind folded everyday!


Are you currently experiencing a career-crisis?


Do you want to change industries?


Do you need a qualified business mentor?


Are you returning to work after having a family?


Would you like to climb the corporate ladder?


Are you afraid you might lose your job?


Looking for a career change?


Do you have an idea for your own business?


Are you thinking about retirement over the next 12 months?

For access to free career advice go to For a personalised Career Development program go to Lifelong Careers will work with you as an employee, with your employer, or you as an individual to help you manage your own business or career. Our Career & Professional Development specialists will design, develop, implement and evaluate a business or career support package for you.

The same process applies to how people design their own lives. It all begins with an idea of how the future will be and over time people refine and perfect the vision. Soon all your thoughts and actions are working together to bring your vision into existence.

The army for example have a clearly defined end goal: ‘To win the land battle...’

Do you need help to manage your Career or Business? Learn Career/Business Development skills for the 21st Century!! Start the New Year with a - New Life!!

If you ticked any of the questions above now is the time to invest in yourself, make changes in your life and protect your career and incomeready for the new year!!

Once the creator was clear on what the end product would look like, it was then mapped out into a crystal clear action plan to follow on paper, before the first piece of cloth was cut or the first nail was driven in. Long before the vision was converted into a physical reality, the mind of its creator held a clear picture of the end product.

Successful businesses are created in exactly the same way. From the outset, wealthy entrepreneurs have total clarity regarding the end goal and that guides every decision within the organisation as the team strives to achieve that goal. This first essential step is imperative as you cannot hit a target that you cannot see!

Do what you love & love what you do!

What you will receive: l 12 months personal support and service including:

It is no more important to be clear on your outcome than when you are marketing your business. An entrepreneur building a consulting business with the end goal of helping fast growth companies worth between $2 million – $10 million will target differently with their marketing compared to an entrepreneur building a consulting business with the end goal of helping entrepreneurs successfully start their own business.


12 personalised mentoring sessions Business Plan or Curriculum Vitae Template & Customisation


Myers Briggs Personality Profile Questionnaire & Report


SMART Plan (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Timely Plan)


Series of mentoring sessions and products Social Media, Work Purpose, Career Interest, Skills Audit, Job Applications, Interviews, Business Launch and much more.......

Without a clear outcome, the entrepreneur will continue wasting time, money and resources in the wrong areas. We are already well into the year, so right now is a great time for you to take some time out to work on your business outcome and close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. n


Aaron Parson

s CONTACT s Commando The Busines BUSINESS 9 1300 884 39 com PHONE ommandos. sinessC


To receive a Free One Hour Career Development Consultation call Tanya Honeychurch on 0400 440 036. W: E: Autumn 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 11




It is easy to say ‘You need more innovation in your business’ but how do you actually make it happen? JOYCELYN DAVIES shares the secret formula used by entrepreneurial business owners leading the pack through innovation and change.

There are specific elements considered to be best practices which have been identified over recent years by studying leading businesses around the world, which help businesses to be more innovative. The secret formula is a blend of the following:

ENVIRONMENT Vision and strategy for innovation – a business needs to embrace innovation at its very ‘core’, it needs to be an integral part of the business’s vision and strategy – not a tag on or something that is done ‘once in a while’. n

Establish a culture supporting innovation – an environment which supports participation and collaboration, where people are encouraged to take calculated risks and make mistakes without fear of punishment is important to maintain, as failure is a regular visitor when chasing innovation. n

Understand fully the consumer, competitors and the market – gain insight into opportunities. Many believe an ability to secure a unique and comprehensive understanding of the consumer is the most important driver of innovation. In order to do this you will need to research consumer behaviour. n

Understand your competitors’ strategies, their market positioning and what they offer.

– What makes them successful? – How will you differentiate your offer and make it superior or different to them? – How will your competitors retaliate to your initiative(s)? How will you combat this? Clearly identify and understand the market you wish to operate within. – What drives it? Is it price? Service? What is the speed of change? – Are there reasonably low barriers to entry?

PROCESSES, PRACTICES, AND SYSTEMS There needs to be a reliable, disciplined innovation process, just as there are processes governing all other aspects of a business. This process does not have to be complicated – the key is to have critical decision points in the process where a new product/offering must pass certain criteria in order to progress forward in development. This process should be managed by cross-functional teams and supported by financial scorecards, performance post-mortems and a knowledge management system to retain key learnings.

Clearly identify and understand the market you wish to operate within.

PEOPLE An innovating culture needs to be led from the top down by the senior management team. Innovation leaders have an entirely different set of skills, temperament, and psychology – they are comfortable with uncertainty, have open minds, good intuition and judgment, and are not afraid to break the rules when necessary. n

Cross-functional teams map out the innovation road plan in this era of ‘systematic innovation’, it is more important for a business to be cross-functionally excellent than functionally excellent. To create and launch nearly any new product today requires people from different areas of a business to work together, i.e. engineers, marketers, finance teams, manufacturing, R&D, and lawyers. n

The ideal creative environment, the right people, the right behaviours and supporting policies and procedures, when executed well, force the best ideas to rise and result in successful consumer propositions. n avies

Joycelyn D

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SPOT THE DIFFERENCE? Drive Your Business Growth through Innovation Free initial consultation to WW readers* Call Joycelyn to discuss How to Establish and Drive Innovation within your Business *May be by Conference/Skype meeting or in Person.

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outsourcing Trying to manage the funds of your small business when you are not a financial expert can be like trying to design a fashion line when you are a plumber. DANIELLE PRICE shows how outsourcing can be advantageous to a small business looking to save cash.

As a small business owner, finding time to complete all tasks effectively is a constant juggling act. Time spent on social media, admin or bookkeeping can very easily take important hours away from your core business. But when do you realise your time could be better spent working ‘on’ your business and not ‘in’ your business? Most small businesses in their first 12 months of operation will attempt to do it all themselves, saving every dollar to ensure a profit is made. But there comes a point where working ‘in’ your business limits the growth and ultimately the profitability of it. Effective time management may seem impossible with the constant addition of items on a never-ending to-do list.

Each hour spent away from your core business is detracting from the aim of running your business in the first place. Delegation is vital to any successful business and outsourcing can save you time and money. Struggling to complete jobs that are outside your expertise can often result in wasted time and a poor outcome. An outsourced professional can complete tasks more quickly and to a higher standard than you doing it all yourself. An accountant designing their own business cards, a designer stumbling through MYOB, a retail store owner struggling to write copy for an e-newsletter – they sound ridiculous but these things commonly happen.

We Do Fixed Fee Billing 1800 POD LEGAL

Small business owners need to focus on the ‘time is money’ way of thinking to ensure productivity and growth. Each hour spent away from your core business is detracting from the aim of running your business in the first place. Approaching bigger businesses or looking off-shore for assistance can be daunting, and it comes with its own set of challenges. There is often a large financial outlay, communication difficulties could prove even more timeconsuming, or perhaps it just does not seem to be a good business-to-business match. Do not fear, there are other options available. Successful client relations are most likely to be formed working with like-minded businesses. They will understand you and your business as they are also living and breathing small business life, a good example being a business mum working with a fellow business mum. It is well worth finding such like-minded professionals with their own areas of expertise to complement your own. Word-of-mouth referrals are often the most trusted although when dealing with new contacts it is possible to ask for testimonials from clients. By seeing the types of businesses that have worked alongside them, you are able to gauge if it will be a good ‘match’ to your own business. And, most importantly, ask questions to put your mind at ease. It is not easy letting go of an aspect of your business but it is vital to its future, and being honest and open from the beginning will ensure issues do not arise down the track. In order to achieve small business success, the focus needs to be on growth and productivity. Eliminating time-consuming tasks ‘in’ your business frees up your time to spend ‘on’ your core business – focusing on what you want to be doing and actually seeing the results as your business moves forward. n

Danielle Pr


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Take your business to

How To Live Life On Your Terms And Assist Others To Do The Same

Australia’s leading life coach reveals how to transform passion into profit


Whilst sporting greats are turning their focus to achieving outcomes at the London 2012 Olympics, entrepreneurs should be turning their attention to what can be learnt from top athletes. RUTH THIRTLE shares ideas and tips on how you can take your business to gold by switching on a winning Olympic attitude. Whether you love or hate sports, the Olympics has a unique appeal – the perfect blend of sport, entertainment and drama. There are so many similarities between the Olympics and business, the difference between success and failure is like the difference between a gold medal and not even qualifying. There are many times entrepreneurs are working hard and not seeing immediate results; it can take years to reap the rewards of today’s efforts. This can be disheartening and it is the true test of an entrepreneur to have the discipline, the skills and willpower to succeed. Having the right support team to celebrate and commiserate with you along the way is also very important when considering your business.

It really does take the same amount of dedication, discipline and hard work as an Olympic athlete to really succeed in business. There is going to be plenty of media coverage at the London 2012 Olympics, for many business owners this could be a distraction. However, it is possible to take a different view and consider what can be learnt from the athletes, which can bring even greater success to your business. Key traits that Olympic athletes and highly successful entrepreneurs share are: Possessing an unwavering focus on their vision for success. n

e Make a Differenc As A Life Coach

Having the discipline to work and put the effort in, no matter the distractions or temptations. n

Holding a fundamental belief that they will be successful, even on the bad days. n

Being prepared to do the things that other people will not do. n

Having a great coach to challenge them, support them and hold them accountable. n

When entrepreneurs bring the elements of psychology, hard work and ability to a business idea, their chance of winning their own gold medal in business is greatly increased.

Our graduates have lives infused with purpose, meaning and success through being the source of change for others. This 60 minute special peek into Life Coaching is your ticket to new choices. This CD unlocks the secrets that have seen our students move towards living life on their terms: Sarah R. started with TCI in July 2011 when she did her intake weekend. She was stuck and had been for a very long time. No matter how often Sarah changed companies, she was still basically in the same role and very unhappy. She was also filled with beliefs about lack of self-worth and was forever trying to please people in order to make herself feel like she deserved to live. Since completing her diploma, Sarah has a new-found confidence and loves being alive. Now, aged 50, She is doing what really makes her happy and finally believes she deserves to be here on the planet. Amanda M. Has created a life filled with contribution and purpose. After a marriage breakdown, Amanda dreamed of financial independence through contribution to others but needed flexible working hours so she could be there for her three children. Through completing her Diploma, Amanda gained the skills she needed to form a small coaching business which has allowed her to realise her potential and live the life she always wanted for herself and her family. This CD gives you immediate access to Australia’s most successful Life Coach and her insights into how she took her home based life coaching business into a multi award winning Life Coach Training School. More than this; it gives you the secrets to creating your own small business that provides personal fulfilment and income as you enable your clients to transform their lives.

As the famous author Napoleon Hill says, “Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.” It really does take the same amount of dedication, discipline and hard work as an Olympic athlete to really succeed in business. However, if you have strong business goals, a great support team and are willing to do whatever it takes to make them happen, you are well on your way to your equivalent of Olympic Gold. n


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LEADS TO UNDER-ACHIEVEMENT For many business owners, managing time is a constant struggle. We all have the same number of hours every day to achieve our desired outcomes – so it is more about what we do with the hours we have. ALLISON BRIGHT discusses the beliefs and strategies that can cause you to over-commit opposed to defining boundaries that allow you to succeed.

To resolve time management problems it is essential to uncover limiting beliefs and sabotaging strategies. Your actions are a result of your beliefs. To change how you use time, you need beneficial beliefs. Overcommitting and lack of boundaries are two common causes of poor time management. Here are some of the beliefs and strategies that create them.

OVER-COMMITMENT Over-committing is planning too many tasks for the time available. Over-committing leads to stress, feeling overwhelmed and torn between obligations. Unhelpful belief: Over-committing will achieve more. Long term over-committing compromises health which requires lengthy time off to recover. Maintaining an average work load consistently is more productive and better for your health. Strategy 1: To gain approval from others by constantly saying yes to requests. Instead, you need to value your time and energy while considering other’s requests. Gaining self-approval through self-acknowledgement is more effective and easier to maintain. Strategy 2: Relying on achievements to boost self-worth. Yet, when you cannot achieve because of illness, aging or holidays – your self-worth can decrease.

Instead, know that you are valuable just because you exist and not because of your achievements. Build self-worth and create balance by valuing who you are, not what you do. Take 20 minutes of your time each day to sit and do nothing except recognise your own value.

LACK OF BOUNDARIES Boundaries are the invisible lines between what you will and will not give. Without boundaries you can become frustrated, resentful, disempowered and inefficient through interruptions that you have enabled. Unhelpful belief 1: A nice person would say yes. A nice person may be less honest about what they want which inhibits true connection. You can be considerate of others and state your boundaries by respectfully voicing and enforcing how much time you have available for them. Unhelpful belief 2: My needs are not as important as the needs of others. This strategy eventually erodes self-esteem. You need to consider your own needs as well as the needs of others. Strategy 1: To avoid conflict. This strategy causes you to say yes when you want to say no. Instead, look for a win–win solution that allows you to stick within your boundaries and still support others. Remember, you are

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not responsible for how others react to your decisions. Strategy 2: Doing things for others based on your own needs for variety and spontaneity. Instead, try to meet your need for variety within the boundaries that you have set. Allocate free time to do nothing or anything. Setting boundaries in the area of time management helps you to value yourself. Take a small risk; set a minor boundary, notice and feel the positive changes that result.

Take 20 minutes of your time each day to sit and do nothing except recognise your own value. There are plenty of free tools and tips to enable excellent time management. You may struggle with utilising your time effectively because unhelpful beliefs and strategies prevent you from acting on what you know. These unhelpful ideas and patterns are often reflected in other parts of life as well so resolving them is essential for you to live an emotionally healthy lifestyle. n ight

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your business

Before you embark on a complete re-brand it is important to check in with your target market. JANE TOOHEY explains how it is imperative to evolve your brand over time, to keep it fresh, relevant and continuing to add value to the business and to your customers.

First, analyse aspects such as: n



 ow relevant is the brand currently to the H target audience?  ow is the brand currently positioned in H their minds?  hat are the changes that are impacting W the brand in it’s environment?

It is important not to cling to the past during a re-branding project – remain objective. Do you have an inflated view of the brand equity that has been built over time? The only way to find out is to ask your customers and prospects. It is also important not to go rushing in, creating change for the sake of change. Your brand’s equity is very much about the perception in the market of its value to your customers. What you see as valuable may not be what your customers see. Go out and speak to them, understand how they see your brand, which aspects of it are important such as the name, the look and feel, the experience of the brand and which aspects can be changed without harming the brand relationship. If you are considering a name change, analyse the impact first. A product brand name such as for a skincare range, may be very important to the customers and a change may take considerable amounts of dollars to ensure the new brand has shelf presence, is remembered and associated with brand values and hence does not impact sales. But the name for a consulting firm may be less important, as the brand

Feeling tongue tied? 18 WORKING WOMEN® n Autumn 2012

experience, the relationship the customers have with the consultants, may be far more important. Often, professional services firms inherit names from the founder, who may be retired and long gone, rendering the name irrelevant. It is important to evaluate your business as a customer, spend a day in their shoes, navigate your own website, call your own help desk, buy one of your own products, discover what is the brand experience, evaluate each touch point and consider the impact a brand change will have and how that change will need to be managed across all customer touch points. Before you embark on a re-brand make a plan, not only about the creative changes but also about how the changes will be introduced to the market. Write a step-by-step plan to first make the changes and then introduce them. Sometimes it is best to make the change all in one go, other times a softly, softly introduction is best, ensuring the market accepts each part of the change as you go. Ensure your re-brand has credibility. The story of why it is occurring must be credible with the audience. The employees must ‘buy’ the re-brand first as they are the advocates of the brand and will be the ones explaining it to the customers. If they do not believe it, then the customers will not either. When Andersen Consulting cut ties with Arthur Andersen, they did the worst thing a company could do – they chose a new brand name

Untie the knot professional coaching in public speaking and other associated communication skills

Call Margaret on (03) 6278 8633 or 041 936 4400

without any meaning and did a terrible job at explaining it to the market. Although it was supposedly inspired by the phrase “accent on the future”, it tells the customer nothing, and stands for nothing. The change cost Andersen/ Accenture an estimated $100 million to execute and was regarded as one of the worst rebrandings in corporate history! At the same time, a re-brand does not have to be about the name or logo. Old Spice used former NFL player Isaiah Mustafa to tell women to “Look at your man, now back at me” and Old Spice is suddenly a new Old Spice. The 70-yearold brand’s ad campaign generated tens of millions of online views. Old Spice followed up with 186 related videos in which Mustafa directly responded to digital queries from bloggers and celebrities including Perez Hilton, Ellen DeGeneres, and Alyssa Milano. The company’s efforts to reinvent the brand image worked, sales of Old Spice Body Wash rose 11 per cent over 12 months in 2010, and sales have continued to gain momentum. A clever ad and smart use of social media can produce a new identity, even for a brand that many associate with their grandfather’s deodorant. Old Spice did not change its name or logo; it changed the brand experience. When managing a re-brand you must understand the new environment it will operate in. What are the changes in technology affecting your brand, what are other industries doing, what are competitors up to and, most importantly, how is customer behaviour changing? Re-branding can be a costly exercise and you don’t want to unnecessarily spend time, money, resources and effort on a strategy that is not fully thought out. Work out the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats involved before going ahead, but when you do decide to go ahead, do it properly, commit to the process and maintain the integrity of the new brand promise. n ey

Jane Tooh CONTACT Us Outsource2 BUSINESS 2022 99 38 ) (7 1 +6 PHONE u .a m co oohey. www.janet


Digital Branding:

Keeping up with the shutter speed They say a picture is worth a thousand words but to those savvy in business, effective digital branding can be worth so much more – translating into thousands or even millions of dollars. ZAHRINA ROBERTSON zooms in on the importance of digital branding.

Corporate photography, your digital brand, in one way or another plays a fundamental role in the success of a company and helps the company owners in many ways. A strong image, taken by the right photographer and with the right styling, is a quick and easily identifiable snapshot of your business. It can help to present the company in a constructive light through good representation in print media advertisements, websites and company brochures. In the competitive world of business, powerful and authentic digital branding cuts through the clutter and helps you stand out from the pack. We all know that first impressions count.

Much time and energy is taken each morning with businessmen and women grooming themselves to portray their most professional image. But your digital image is working for you even when you are sleeping. An unmeasurable number of people are forming opinions of you and your business based on your website, your company brochures and other marketing material. So, when you think of it like that, you would want to ensure that your corporate photography is strong and a reflection of you and your company’s values and individuality. Too often, dated photos are used with the belief that they capture the subject in their prime, when they were younger, thinner and had less

wrinkles. This gives a false impression of you to your clients and from the outset makes your relationship less authentic. Fashions, makeup and styles of photography all change over time and can be tell-tale signs that you are not using a current digital image. Corporate photography should not be viewed as a luxury or vanity item but an essential investment into your branding toolkit. n bertson

Zahrina Ro

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Worried about the state of the markets? Keep up to date with our morning market email - a daily update which outlines what has happened overnight as well as any current news on Australian companies. Make an appointment to review your investments, insurance and superannuation.

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faux pas to avoid How are you presenting yourself at business networking events? Are you the one who everyone remembers and likes or are you the one they are trying to forget? Use MICHELE CONNOLLY’s expertise to overcome these networking faux pas.

Everyone wants to make a good impression when attending business networking events. You want to come across as professional, approachable and likeable. But every time you attend a networking lunch or seminar, you see people making these same faux pas and sabotaging themselves. Are you guilty of any of these?

BOGARTING THE SPEAKER It is smart to make a connection with a speaker and take advantage of the opportunity to have a question answered. But be mindful of people queuing up behind you who would also like the same opportunity. If the speaker is starting to sway from faintness, it is time to move on.

A better strategy Introduce yourself briefly – state your name and what you do. Mention something about their talk that resonated with you. n

Stick to one or two quick questions only. If you have a problem you want them to solve, book in for their service. n

Follow up afterward by thanking them for their expertise in a short email or tweet. n

FOCUSING ON THE FOOD Do you find yourself too distracted by lunch to engage with the people at your table? Or you are unable to shake hands because yours are

I know many people who love gathering business cards but never do anything with them. Or worse, they use them to add unwitting subscribers to their newsletter list. loaded with canapés? If so, you may be missing some good opportunities to connect.

A better strategy n

Have something to eat before the event.

Put your interest and energy into the people around you. n

Keep one hand free for a nice, firm handshake. n


Design with passion Design and passion are crucial elements to making the most of your brand, whether you’re about to establish a new identity or grow an existing one. Increase your brand exposure with the unique expertise of Scarab Blue Design, a dynamic graphic design agency with huge experience, big ideas, small rates and loads of passion.

Scarab Blue Design is proudly Women’s Network Australia’s preferred graphic designer.

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Look for ways you can help the other person. If you want to share a link or piece of information, ask for their card and write yourself a reminder on the back to send the information. n

If you think your services are right for them, focus on asking questions so you understand their needs, rather than describing your business. Explaining how you can solve their problem is a much better way to offer your services. Then you can add a relevant or helpful note when/if you hand over your business card. n


Michele Co

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A better strategy

Being brief and prepared when you speak to a seminar speaker, pre-empting hunger at lunches, and opting for more strategic use of business cards are three great ways to get more out of networking events. n

The Perfect Country Conference


I know many people who love gathering business cards but never do anything with them. Or worse, they use them to add unwitting subscribers to their newsletter list.



Warm Leads and Referrals The power of personal referrals to you and your business is proven to have more impact than other forms of less personalised marketing. Take note of KAREN ANDREWS’s advice on how to firstly build strategic alliances and then how to best utilise these alliances to gain more leads and referrals.

Most people would agree that selling to someone who has been referred to you is much easier and more enjoyable than selling to prospects generated through traditional sales efforts such as direct mail and cold calling. The success rate is higher because they are in the market for your services and are also much less price sensitive because the referring party has told them the value and benefits that you can deliver. Anyone who works in financial services such as accountants, financial planners and trades and services realises the potential of well-managed relationships.

never be about how many referrals you can get but rather how you can add value to each other’s business and clients.

Here are some tips to help you maximise your alliance relationships:

7. Develop ‘cheat sheets’ for their staff that

1. Don’t attempt to set up an alliance with someone just because they are in a complementary business. Do they have similar values, ethics and mindset to you?

2. Discuss your client base, do you have the type of clients they are looking for and vice versa?

Successful alliances grow from good relationships with people who have a similar mindset, similar values and similar ethics.

Many have built very successful businesses simply by managing a handful of alliances and have little need or desire to do any other form of marketing. Yet there are also a lot of people out there who try the same thing but it just never seems to work.

3. Discuss the expectations of the alliance, how


4. Give your alliances time to mature and

Successful alliances grow from good relationships with people who have a similar mindset, similar values and similar ethics. They are based on mutual trust which is built up and managed over time; having one meeting and following up with a phone call a month later just won’t work. Would you refer your clients to someone you hardly know? It is also about your expectations of the alliance and how you position the relationship. It should

their business, their clients, what is a good referral, how to find them and what to say when you do.

you would like to see the relationship work and why you think there is potential for both parties. develop and be willing to put the effort in, it can take 6–12 months before you really understand each other’s business.

5. Develop a system of how you will maintain contact and communicate. In the first six months aim to meet face to face at least every two months and have phone or email contact in between.

6. Don’t expect any referrals in the short term, expect only to be informed and educated on

outline what to ‘look out’ for or ‘listen to’. Take it one step further and write a script on what they can say to introduce you. For example, “Mary, why don’t I get John from XYZ to call you, he has helped a lot of our clients who have had similar problems...” It might seem obvious but it is about making the process as easy as possible. There are many people who feel that introducing a third party is being pushy or rude.

8. Ensure everyone has a pile of your business cards to hand out. It helps the client to remember who you are when you call.

9. If you have been given a referral, communicate the progress to your alliance partner so they are aware of whether it was a good referral or not. Explain why it was such a good referral or why it was not. Remember it is about ongoing education until you get it right.

10. Once the relationship is established, meet regularly to inform them of changes to your business such as new products or services and for you to learn of changes to their business, particularly staff changes. n ews Karen Andr

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Join the nation’s premier networking group for women BE INSPIRED AND CREATE OPPORTUNITIES! Make the choice today and change the way you do business - tap into cutting edge online networking opportunities and surround yourself with inspirational business women who can become your mentors, referral advocates and friends.

It’s all about success by association. Join Women’s Network Australia

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e Rated thess n i s u #1 b n e t wo r k b y ove r n o 4.5 mi l lin e wo m

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Mobile friendly equals


Mobile marketing is a rapidly exploding trend, and it’s gaining ground over personal computers in leaps and bounds. JENELLE LIVET discusses the many benefits of investing in a mobile-friendly website for your business. Most businesses these days are reliant, to some degree, on attracting sales via the internet utilising Social Media, SEO, Video Marketing, and many other online methods. However, many companies are missing out on one crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes to effectively marketing their businesses.

A mobile-friendly website People are not going to abandon their mobile devices any time soon – far from it: mobile usage has increased, and it is here to stay. So ask yourself, what do your customers see when they find your site on their mobile phones? Your website needs to be mobile ready so that people can access your site and email links just as easily when they are out and about as when they are sitting in front of their computer. Facebook has 800 million users and in December 2011 it had more than 425 million monthly active mobile users. Is your site mobile ready?

What is so good about mobile technology? First of all, it’s wireless, there are no plugs or cords. You can take it with you in your pocket. Other mobile devices include iPads and tablets. Mobile devices run on different operating systems to personal computers. There are a number of simple reasons why a standard website will not display well on a mobile device. The most common one is the size. Web pages are generally designed to be viewed at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768, but most

mobile devices like smart phones have screens that are around 320 x 480 pixels. This makes viewing a standard website on a mobile device extremely difficult in most cases. While some mobile device developers are finding ways to work around this problem, most traditional websites still do not function well on mobile devices. In fact, navigating a standard webpage can be a real problem because mobile devices do not have mouse style pointers, which makes it difficult to click on tabs and links. If your website is made in Flash that too is a huge issue for people trying to get to your site via an iPhone, since iPhones do not support Flash. Let’s face it, a lot of people have iPhones. Businesses of all types and sizes have to compete with online shopping and services; including local businesses that need to have customers continuously coming to their physical location in order to stay afloat.

Other benefits of having a mobile website include the ability to: n

Use mobile coupons

Market yourself and your products through mobile-ready social media such as Facebook and Twitter n


internet café, or book a computer at a library. Mobile marketing is so powerful that some major multibillion dollar companies have invested huge amounts of money in it and guess what? They are making it all back again, tenfold. More and more small to medium businesses all over the world are now starting to tap into this power tool of promotion. Their customers love it too, because honestly, it’s so convenient for them in today’s world where everyone needs something yesterday. Getting a business mobile website will very much be the driving force in business marketing success. After all, there is a new breed of prospect now who does not want to turn on their computers on a regular basis anymore. They simply want to pick up their mobile phones and find information. They are not patient enough to wait for standard websites to load, they want information and they want it now. They are ready to do a bit of research and buy. You can now fully appreciate just how important being mobile ready is. There are more ways you can market via mobile, including SMS marketing and mobile coupon websites. Don’t miss this opportunity of reaching the evergrowing mobile web surfing community because it is literally at your fingertips. n

Hold contests for mobile device users only

Set your site up for M-Commerce. Let’s not forget the huge advantage of instant communication. You can reach anyone, anywhere, without them having to locate an n


Jenelle Live

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20% Discount for Working Women readers use code BEANZWNA Your website needs to be modified so that it can be easily seen. Did you know that 30% of Google searches are now performed on a mobile device including iPhones, Android phones and Mobile Tablets. Normal websites take too long to load and are hard to see and navigate. Don’t miss out on the growing number of Customers using their mobile phones to find you.

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Sorryseems to be

THE HARDEST WORD The art of apologising has had a chequered history, depending on how it was deemed to make the apologiser look in the eyes of others. LEA CARSWELL discusses the mastery of this important art.

In business, saying ‘sorry’ has generally been given a bad rap, being labelled as admitting to weakness, losing the respect of clients or allowing competitors to gain an edge. However, for some, a well-timed apology has actually opened the way for new business opportunities and for deeper loyalty from clients. “Usually, when a job goes haywire, it’s because the client’s brief didn’t match what the client really wanted,” says Kate, a designer with 18 years experience. “If I just go with the original brief, I risk giving them something that falls short. So, at that point I apologise because, even though I am happy with the design I have given them, I haven’t worked hard enough to really understand them and that’s my job. Saying sorry has never backfired for me. They are always happy to let me keep working on the job, or the next job, because they trust that I want to do the best for them.” Shashi is a nail artist in a small boutique and said that sometimes she has just not been happy with the quality of her work, especially when she has to fit in several clients. “When that happens, I usually say, ‘I’m not happy with this, what do you think?’ I offer to let them come back another day and I will fix it. People do come back and, ultimately, that’s what we want,” she says. “There are lots of nail artists, some of them charging less than me, but there aren’t many who honestly try to give the best customer service or admit that their work is not always 100 per cent.” It is not easy to say sorry, of course, and for some it is a skill yet to be developed. For others, saying sorry too often can be a sign of low self-regard. Yet the truth is that we all have ‘off’ days, and we all sometimes have something for which we should apologise. The delicate art is to know when something is below par, and to take responsibility when appropriate. In 1976, Elton John sang ‘sorry seems to be the hardest word’. Perhaps, but even harder than saying ‘sorry’ is the knowledge that a hard-won client has lost faith in us, and has started to look at other options. n

Lea Carswel


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Australian SMEs’ top 10 As the economy dwindles and consumers become more and more selective about whom they are doing business with, businesses find themselves getting back to basics. KRISTY SHEPPARD’s insights may make you think twice about how you plan to build your business in the future. Customer relationships and business diversification top the list – despite local economic obstacles and a volatile global economy, the most common objectives for Australian business owners in 2012 in terms of clients and revenue are to strengthen customer relationships and expand business development activity.

MYOB’s Tim Reed says, “Customers will understandably remain the core focus for Australian SMEs in maintaining and strengthening their business health in 2012, with our research finding more than one third of businesses are set to increase activity around attracting customers’ attention and building their loyalty.

Australasia’s largest provider of business management software, MYOB, found in its most recent Business Monitor research that 49 per cent of small to medium business owners are aiming for client and revenue growth in 2012, an increase of three percentage points on the previous year. Thirty-two per cent hope to simply maintain their current levels and 13 per cent are focused on minimising losses in these areas. The remainder are unsure of their goal.

What I found especially interesting was the insight we received into the importance SMEs place on driving growth through diversification. It makes sense for today’s business owners, many of whom face increasingly financially conservative consumers, to foster a ‘stickier’ customer by providing more products or services to whet their appetite. For many it will be the key to their survival in a two-speed economy.”

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Customer attraction, customer retention and diversifying their business into new areas were the key 2012 business development strategies for at least one third of the 1000+ Australian SMEs surveyed. Interestingly, businesswomen were more focused than their male counterparts on growing client numbers and business revenues. Fifty-four per cent of females surveyed had this objective compared with 45 per cent of males. “It also makes sense for SMEs to broaden their horizons into new markets, and to compete on a global scale where possible, providing their business with access to larger, more diverse audiences,” Mr Reed says. This is something the internet and cloud computing can easily facilitate if business

growth strategies for 2012 “It makes sense for SMEs to broaden their horizons into new markets.” owners have the right tools and resources at their disposal. We are seeing more and more operators benefit from getting their business online with a website. Our research shows that those with a website generated six per cent more revenue in the previous 12 months than those without. The key is getting online, being found, communicating well to your online audience and in doing so getting solid access to the digital economy. n

Respondents top 10 business elements to increase for the coming year: 1.

Focus on customer retention strategies – 39 per cent of respondents


Business activity in new markets – 33 per cent


Focus on customer acquisition strategies – 34 per cent

4. Number or variety of products or services offered by the business – 29 per cent 5.

Amount paid to staff – 24 per cent


Sales of products and services offline – 23 per cent

6. Sales of products and services online – 24 per cent


Kristy Shep


com www.myob.

8. Number of sales promotions conducted over the year – 22 per cent 9. Number of part-time or casual staff in the business – 21 per cent

10. Dollar value of spending on marketing and advertising the business online – 21 per cent



Black Book for Business

Hi there, I’m Jodie and I’m a small business owner and mother of four. Like many of you, I know how hard it can be to run a small business and still make time to live. You need to be a bookkeeper, sales person and marketing wiz all rolled into one. From one woman to another we all need a little extra help, so I have recently launched Women Wise my ‘little black book of businesses’ online and I’m making it available to women around the nation. This online treasure lets me search, store, review and record information about my favourite businesses and the dealings I have with them – all available on the go, with my clever iphone app. It even lets me refer a business to all the women in my life as tried and trusted businesses I can recommend. With over 2/3rds of consumers reading reviews online before making a purchase decision, this is a powerful marketing tool and you can be part of it!

So why Women Wise? Did you know over 80% of purchasing decisions in Australian households are made by women? If you’re in business this is a niche you just can’t afford to ignore! Please accept my exclusive invitation to all Working Women readers and visit Here you can check out the many services and benefits we give our members - and best of all, claim your FREE Women Wise PROLISTING. Sign up today and I’ll even show you how to get a special ‘shout out’ on Twitter and Facebook for FREE, if you claim today. Join the millions of small businesses getting online today and claim your FREE ONLINE LISTING at I look forward to helping you grow. Jodie Divisional Manager


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WOMEN LEADERS 7 mistakes not to make

Women are good at many things and one of these is being excited and jubilant about their roles in the workplace, however this can sometimes have an ill-effect. TARRAN DEANE shares some of the issues corporate women come across and ways to avoid them.

Have you ever wanted to pinch yourself out of gratitude and disbelief that they chose you for the role? Ever shared this with a team member or perhaps even your up-line, your boss or a customer? Doing so may bring your competence and confidence into question. This is not always the case as people do interpret information differently but be wise in what you share and how it may be perceived.

What women leaders need to avoid:

1. Exhausting yourself: While it is true that women are under represented in senior leadership positions, recognition must be given to the diversity of responsibility that continues to fall on us outside the workplace. So girls, practical tips: Ensure you are clear on your personal values, boundaries and quarterly priorities; practice role-modelling work life balance; outsource domestic and administrative functions where you can; move your body and monitor your vitals; always treasure your unique role in your family – you are the only one they have got.

2. Being too chummy with your boss, colleagues and direct reports: this is a real balancing act for women. We like to get along with everyone but the risk here is that at some point you are going to have to execute unpopular decisions that will potentially impact the culture of the workplace and alienate people. Equally, perceptions run riot and people less secure in themselves may think you have favourites, while you believe you simply have an effective clique working towards a common vision. Have everyone complete 360 degree feedback.

3. Getting your identity from your work: Woman, you are more than the sum of your work. You have responsibilities and pleasures outside of the workplace – company, community or church and that is okay. Avoid feeling guilty about not getting everything done within the course of your working week and cut yourself some slack. Your identity comes simply from being alive, uniquely you and created for a purpose. Celebrate that. 26 WORKING WOMEN® n Autumn 2012

4. Delegating poorly or not at all: Even if you are a brilliant soloist you still need an orchestra to draw the most from your voice. So, you are going to need everyone on board with the vision, clear position descriptions, and willingness to contribute to the overall results. Build trust with the team. Articulate your expectations clearly, provide resources, invest in their development and set appropriate timelines for completion. Maybe they just need a little tuning and conducting. Keep it real, if someone is bucking responsibility the whole way, address it now otherwise it will fester and affect the workplace culture.

5. Being a ‘know it all’ on everything: There is a difference in being a ‘know it all’ and being an expert authority. Which are you? People respect individuals who are brilliant generalists and niche specialists. The difference is attitude, behaviour, boundaries, competence, and compassion. What skills or thought leading knowledge can you develop within the next 90 days? Aim to be a trusted authority.

6. Talking about your challenges unwisely: There are problem generators in the workplace and they are the high maintenance passive aggressive characters that rejoice in the vulnerability of a female leader.

A word of wisdom: it is good practice to establish a circle of five that you can go to as a woman leader who will tell it to you straight. This circle of five may include a professional coach or mentor, pastor, business professional, girlfriend, or spouse, etc.

7. Failing to give credit where credit is due: Have you ever worked off site and asked team members reporting to your immediate colleague what they think of you or how he / she is going? This is a huge faux pas. A recent survey of staff confirmed that this action undermines the confidence they have in organisational leadership and fractures trust. It creates uncertainty and diminishes your own standing in the eyes of staff. You can overcome career limiting moves by identifying where you have tripped up, learn better ways to balance the various aspects of your role, build relationships with people who will be straight with you and keep things in perspective! n ne

Tarran Dea


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The board of

connectors Adding a board appointment or directorship to your CV is a sure way of drawing attention and validating your capabilities whilst catapulting your career up the ladder of success. CLAIRE BRAUND explains the benefits to be gained from this career portfolio strategy.

The top seven reasons why being a director will benefit your career:

1. Joining a not-for-profit board indicates to management or your clients that you are interested and engaged in your community at a leadership level.

2. A directorship can be a point of difference on your CV when applying for a new role.

3. You will build market and industry knowledge and networks through exposure to a diverse range of issues from the perspective of a director. It may be where your next client or job comes from.

4. It builds your capacity to develop career and leadership skills that you may not be able to in your day-to-day job.

5. If you need to take a career break at any stage, a directorship can give you continuity on your CV. It will help you maintain professional contacts and could provide you the confidence to re-enter the workforce more easily after a significant break.

Finding a board appointment that suits your interests, skills and geography takes patience, determination and effort. It is important to be clear on the type of role you are looking for and what skills and networks you are able to bring to the table. Take time to write a board CV and make your aspirations known to those in your personal and professional network. Join an organisation that specialises in helping people achieve their board ambitions. These organisations often list board vacancies, be sure to scan them frequently and apply for roles. Be strategic in your networking and professional development. If you have little or no board experience, look at smaller not-for-profits or industry and professional association committees and government bodies that select by professional expertise. There are many smaller companies, including ASX-listed, whose boards value having successful SME operators as directors because they understand the challenges of a smaller company. n

6. Directorships improve career resilience and provide strategic understanding of workforce dynamics.

7. It gives you the chance to explore the idea of a post-executive board career.


Claire Brau

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Lost when it comes to using LinkedIn or Facebook in Your Business?

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Teach yourself using simple, easy to follow, step-by-step short videos. Simply choose a video, watch it and implement the steps at your own pace. EASY! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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financial planner?

Financial advisor...? These terms have been thrown around a lot in the media lately, and not always for the right reasons. Whilst you need to avoid taking on a self-serving ‘bad egg’ as an advisor, STEVE DOWNEY believes it is important to understand the advantages of having an experienced planner on your side. Funnily enough, most of us will only consider using a financial planner when a ‘trigger event’ occurs – like an unexpected inheritance, a redundancy or planning the sale of a business – when we know we need to get the best outcome. In reality, an advisor who is thorough and looks at the whole spectrum of advice can assist you in so many ways. Could this be you, or someone you know? Joanne was concerned with her financial affairs and wanted to do something about it, so she spent a few hours speaking with friends and family and realised she needed professional help. Eventually, she found and met with a qualified, independent advisor...this is her story. At the time Joanne was 41 and working hard in a fulltime position. Whilst she and her husband, Simon, earned over $110,000 combined, they never seemed to get ahead with their mortgage; Joanne just could not understand where all the money was going. At their first meeting, their new advisor quickly discovered that Joanne and Simon’s loans and banking facilities were not set up to their best advantage, and that they were paying much higher fees and interest rates than what was available at the time. Thankfully, Joanne was told this could be fixed quite easily...but this was not the end of the ‘complete’ service this advisor offered. Further investigation revealed that Joanne and Simon both had multiple superannuation policies, which were costing

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are you keeping pace?

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building businesses

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sme Growth strateGies

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MumPreneur becomes an international success

them excessive fees, plus these funds were not invested appropriately. This was having a detrimental effect on the couple’s financial potential. Also, they did not have a clear idea of their cash flow and were spending much more money than they realised. Simon was overinsured, and this was costing them over $1,253 pa in unnecessary premiums. Neither Joanne nor Simon had a valid, upto-date Will. They both had Wills which they thought were ‘okay’ but Simon’s was legally invalid and Joanne’s did not reflect her current wishes at all. The loan on Joanne’s car was not structured correctly and the interest rate excessive. The couple had never had a serious plan to eliminate their home loan, to ensure they had sufficient time left to save and invest for their retirement. They had both hoped to retire before the age of 60 and travel throughout Australia and internationally. Now, a few years later Joanne and Simon wouldn’t be without their personal advisor. They have a clear goal of how to pay their home loan out, and will do so in the next two years. Their superannuation funds and personal insurances have all been reviewed and restructured to ensure everything is working towards achieving their financial goals. Joanne’s car loan was restructured and through the savings she was able to repay this in full, 12 months early. Last year, Joanne and

28 WORKING WOMEN® n Autumn 2012

Joanne and Simon now have a clear, structured path to achieving their financial goals. At least once a year they sit with their advisor and have a full review of their entire financial position. Quite often their advisor will call them between these meetings to advise on many topics, such as new investment options available to them, changes to interest rates they need to be aware of, or other important issues applicable to their personal situation. Joanne and Simon have a personal financial advisor guiding them every step of the way. They have someone to rely on, and someone to speak with, when they have questions or ideas. The moral of the story is that everyone should have a good financial planner. Admittedly good independent financial planners are not easy to find but the significant financial advantages these professionals can give you and your family should not be overlooked. Sitting with one for an hour could open your eyes to things you have never considered why would you wait? n Steve Dow


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* See rates and specifications sheet for full details at b u y i n g a b u s i n e s s – w h at yo u n e e d to k n o w

Simon spent two months in Europe, the first of many planned overseas trips – a reward for getting back on track – funded through careful planning with their advisor.

Find out more about advertising in WORKING WOMEN ® Contact Nikita Harris on 1800 052 476 or +61 (7) 3272 8222


Get savvy with your

$uper! Superannuation is imperative to funding your future retirement, it should be seen as a vehicle not an investment. SUSAN RALLINGS and PATRICIA DOYLE share ideas on how you should be using superannuation to plan for tomorrow.

As we all edge closer to D-Day (or the golden years as we know them), we all want to live comfortably. For those of us in our forties and fifties, it is a great time to be looking ahead and taking advantage of the superannuation legislation.

fund pays no tax! There is much to gain now and in the future by having an appropriate superannuation strategy in place. It will also ensure that you will not have to work to 100 just to live. Make sure you maximise your opportunities while you can.

The statistics are a little shocking to some who may not realise just how much capital is required to provide for a standard of living that they are accustomed to. See the table below.

Superannuation also maybe a good vehicle to hold personal insurance covers, including death cover, total and permanent disablement as well as income protection (based on your individual circumstances). This means the premiums are paid by the fund and not your after tax dollars.

Contributions vary from non-concessional (after tax), concessional (before tax – you can claim a tax deduction for these) and of course your nine per cent employer contributions. For people under 50, the maximum concessional contribution is $25,000 p.a. which includes your employer contributions; for over 50s, the maximum is $50,000, the non-concessional contribution limit is $150,000 p.a. or $450,000 over three years. Note that all contribution limits are subject to change due to changes in the legislation in the next financial year. Paying funds into your super before tax will mean that they are likely to be subject to a lower tax environment than if you kept it for yourself. Super funds have a 15 per cent tax rate. When you go into pension phase, the

Important Information: The information contained in this article is general information only. It does not take into consideration any specific needs, situations or objectives. Before making any financial decisions you should make sure you are comfortable that the strategy suits your needs and objectives, and your risk profile. If necessary, you should seek professional advice. n ngs Susan Ralli Doyle and Patricia s n ga or M RBS BUSINESS ) 3334 4865 (7 1 +6 PHONE www.rbsm


Placement Solutions Taking care of your most precious assets. • Government Approved In-home Childcare provider • Nanny and Household Management Placement Agency. • Established in 1988. We provide professional proactive childcare workers for on-call casual, temporary or permanent work. Not just babysitters. Our premium Nannies, a.k.a. In-Home Childcarers, are thoroughly screened - our reputation depends on it. We pride ourselves on maintaining a friendly and reliable service to both our clients and our Nannies. We find a balance between providing exemplary care and service to our clients while maintaining the rights of our Nannies, as we believe that happy Nannies bring joy, enthusiasm and quality care to their placement. With 24 years experience, we set the benchmarks others follow. You can be assured that your Child Care and House Hold needs are met by Placement Solutions. Are you missing out on childcare rebates that you may be eligible for?

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Amount of capital required to provide annual retirement income. RETIREMENT INCOME P.A.




































Assumptions: 7 per cent p.a. return; 3 per cent p.a. inflation; tax and fees not included

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negative reviews and blog posts

If you have a blog or a business, at some point you will attract a negative comment on your blog or on a review site. Unlike dealing with an angry customer at the counter, you have time to make sure you give the best possible response to resolve the situation – so before you race off a response, take a deep breath and read these tips.

When you become a blogger you put yourself out there in the public domain for applause, scrutiny and criticism. Inevitably, at some point in time you will receive negative feedback. INGRID CLIFF covers six possible ways to respond to negative comments and feedback. person is wrong. This is not a good look for a business – so avoid this one at all costs.

2. Remove the comment. If the comment

If you get a negative comment, you have six options:

is defamatory or an explicit lie, you can ask the site owner to remove the offending comment/picture/post or if the post is on your site, you can remove it yourself. This rarely works and, depending on the site, can leave you open to additional comments about your bullyboy tactics.

1. ‘Flame the troll’ (online speak is so

3. Ignore it. This is an okay strategy if the

wonderfully colourful). This is where you launch into a slanging match with the negative person trying to explain how you are right and the other

website is a very low-ranking one and appears on page four million in the search engine results when someone looks for your company.

Negative comments are not the end of the world. Just ensure you take time to plan a considered approach to dealing with them. 4. Deal with it. Find a way that you can deal with it in a positive way. Post your own response expressing concern and apologising for the mistake or problem. Make an offer for the person to contact you so you can refund or do whatever is needed to make it right. Thank them for sharing this information so you can make sure it won’t happen again. Do this quickly and humbly – don’t be tempted to debate points the person has included in their post. Keep it simple.

5. Learn from it. You can post a link to the

Are you overwhelmed, sick and tired, feeling judged and disconnected? Kirsty supports you with: • Relationships • Parenting • Teens and ‘In Betweens’ • Women’s Issues and Health • Stress Management • Performance and Getting Results • Work Life Balance and Blending • Coping with Change • Relaxation and Meditation Kirsty shares easy-to-implement strategies that are simple, effective and practical; her natural ability to inspire you will leave you encouraged to take action and to carry out ideas that ultimately create a positive impact.

Visit for free articles and more information on how Kirsty can help you. T: 07 3482 4295 M: 0402 889 648 E: W: 30 WORKING WOMEN® n Autumn 2012

comment on your own company blog or website and invite comments from other customers on how you can do better next time and if anyone else has had the same experience. This is great free market research and helps show you are human and not afraid to admit to mistakes.

6. Drown it in positive reviews. Find ways to encourage happy customers to also place their reviews or comments. Some clever strategies include YouTube contests involving video clips using your product, adding a ‘review us’ section to your website, linking to positive reviews on other sites, asking for reviews in your newsletter. Use this option only after discussion with a good PR agency. Negative comments are not the end of the world. Just ensure you take time to plan a considered approach to dealing with them. n


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Google+ is the latest social media platform to hit the web, the brainchild of search engine Google. The new kid on the block, Google+ already boasts a following of 62 million users and growing, fast. WENDY MOORE explores five features you need to know to become a savvy G+ user. Google+ continues to attract people at a rapid rate, even a year after its official launch. In fact, Google+ was the fastest social network to reach 10 million users in just 16 days (Twitter took 780 days and Facebook took 852 days). Attracting 625,000 new people every day, by the end of 2012 analysts predict membership to top 400 million. So what are the core features of Google+ and what do they achieve?

PROFILE – Your Google+ Profile is where you can tell everyone about you. It is important to populate this section with information about you, your websites, any links to other social media profiles you are on, plus more. What you share here is the best way to represent you and your business across the entire suite of Google products, not just Google+. So take some time and get it right.

CIRCLES – With Google+ you can create personalised groups of people called ‘Circles’. Each circle can be categorised: friends, business associates, family or colleagues or whatever you choose. Unlike on Facebook and Twitter, what you share with a certain circle will not be known by the people in your other circles. As such, you can enjoy a private conversation just between those in a particular circle. In addition, only you know who you have

put into specific circles. Those in your circles do not see the circle you have added them to.

STREAMLINED SHARING – You may have noticed that when you are logged into any Google account now, there is always the Google+ icon on the top of the navigation bar or, in the case of Gmail, in the drop down menu when you click your profile name. This is a user-friendly feature that allows you to keep track of your Google+ newsfeed or notifications without having to log into the main site. Through this integration, you can easily view the conversations going on, add your comments or simply just get updated on the latest news.

HANGOUTS – Hangouts is a feature that lets users engage in a video chat. Rather than being limited to one-on-one, Google+ enables a multi-person conversation through the use of video. Regardless of their location, users can drop by and chat with any member of his or her circles who is hanging out. This Google+ video calling service is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. To use it, you have to download the Google voice and video plug in which can be easily installed. To start a conversation, you need to invite people from your specific circles. A Hangout could easily be integrated as a tool to use for any membership or mentoring program you may run, as you can add members to a circle then invite them to hang out with

Does your e-newsletter raise the profile of your business? Does it grow your business?

you. Just keep the circle membership exclusive to your program attendees and they can join and hang out with you on Google+ for a video chat at times convenient to you.

SPARKS – Google+ Sparks is a really cool way to create your own newsfeed, based on a topic of interest to you. Just do a search in Google+ on a topic of interest, save it and you have created a Spark. Each time you return, the latest stories of interest are there for you. In effect, this allows you to aggregate the news stories you wish to read right within your Google+ profile. Think of it as a customised newsfeed. If you find anything of interest, you can ‘+1’ it or ‘Share’ it with your circles. Google+ is Google’s latest attempt at a social media platform and it looks like they got it right this time. With Google being the number one search engine on the planet, it makes sound business sense to add Google+ to your online marketing strategy. n re

Wendy Moo

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emarketing experts 07 3398 3173

V Message - a powerful e-newsletter tool that lets your business: run surveys and track RSVPs send e-newsletters and e-alerts build and maintain lists automate subscribe/unsubscribe requests measure success through detailed reporting Autumn 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 31





How should you balance resources between social media and email marketing? Both have their advantages and disadvantages so which do you choose? AMANDA GREENSLADE walks you through the pros and cons of online marketing. The battle between social media and email marketing is heating up, with businesses finding it easier to set aside their efforts at sending email newsletters in favour of the immediate interactivity of social media. Facebook is currently the most feature-rich social media option, offering landing pages, interactive walls, event management, tagging of other pages and people as well as the capacity to message all followers. Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and others can also be used to great effect when businesses have a method to obtain followers. Social media messaging tends to be short and specific, best suited to situations where followers might have questions or comments to make on the public “wall” of your page. It

is a simpler medium to manage than email marketing because a company only needs one trusted individual to look after their social media presence. Generally speaking, this person’s training and knowledge of the company gives them the authority to respond immediately to incoming messages, and to take steps to reach out to others on the social media network. Email newsletters, on the other hand, need to follow a specific and more lengthy workflow. Once you have an approved template, each email newsletter must be written, edited, designed, tested, proofread and sent out. Like printed newsletters, e-bulletins are usually made up of one or more articles. They tend to be at least 300 words in length and consist

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With social media you need to push your presence both online and offline in creative, relevant ways. of useful links, a unifying theme and a call to action. If your business has a lot of information to cover, then email newsletters are a much better choice than social media marketing. If you have a database containing at least 2,000 opted-in email addresses, you should be utilising that to encourage repeat business, increased spending and referrals. The percentage of reads you can expect from any given email newsletter will range from 20-50% depending on your audience. Only a small percentage of those people will respond to your offer or call to action, so it’s important to crunch some numbers to determine if email newsletters will be worthwhile for you. Each one you send out may cost you up to $120 in outsourcing fees or staff time plus subscription fees to email newsletter websites like MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact or StreamSend. Many business websites have a subscription form on their home page for their email newsletter as well as links to follow them on social media websites. It is a good idea to try to capture the contact details of your customers at every opportunity so you can market to them in the future. Even if you don’t start sending email newsletters straight away, make it a high priority to obtain opted-in email addresses. With social media you need to push your presence both online and offline in creative, relevant ways. Shoot a funny video, run a competition, bring a local celebrity in. However you choose to mix up email and social media marketing, it’s important to offer unique vouchers in each arena so you can track the responses. Then adjust your marketing based on the responses and on the number of followers or subscribers. n reenslade

Amanda G

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sales processes What happens when a potential customer phones your business? JENNY CARTWRIGHT looks at why it is so important for your reception staff to be kept in the loop and trained to the standards you expect.

Having the wrong person positioned at the frontline of your business could be costing you thousands of dollars in lost sales. You might be the greatest salesperson but when your new prospect calls your business to place an order, does the person answering the phone know what to say to convert that enquiry into an order or do they just answer the question and let the prospect go? Do your staff engage with callers, ultimately adding value to your business? You could be losing sales because that frontline person is not trained on what to ask and say and their tone does not create a good first impression of your business. A company was called the other day in response to a big expensive advert in the newspaper. The prospect wanted the special offer that was advertised but the person answering the phone told him she had heard nothing about a special offer and it would be prices as normal. It was amazing that this company was spending huge dollars on advertising but the marketing department had not yet taken time to alert the people answering the phone about the offer and how to sell it. What a waste!

FACT 96% of small businesses fail QUESTION Do you want to be one of the 4%? Your first step begins by talking about it So pick up the phone to begin your confidential no obligation discussion with NAOMI MASHFORD 0407 806 448 NOW

In the same way as we need to have a sales process in our scripting of an outbound telesales calls, the inbound calls need to be scripted too. Is the way your phone enquiries are currently being handled causing your business to lose customers? If you have inkling that this might be the case then it is definitely time to have a script generated for the following scenarios.

Leave nothing to chance by having these call response scripts developed: 1. A message bank phone message for after hours and weekends 2. An order-taking script to include the questions to ask, the details of your products and services and a process for an up-sell

3. A call-back script to customers who have left a message out of hours 4. An appointment setting script 5. A script for dealing with complaints 6. A script for handling price shoppers 7. A script for collecting overdue accounts 8. A follow-up script for quotes. Once your sales processes and scripts are in place you will see yourself converting many more sales. The skills of your frontline reception staff are so important. The person who answers your phone only gets 15 seconds to make a good first impression. Tonality is 75 per cent important so it is wright recommended to role-play Jenny Cart tions CONTACT lesales Solu Te d an s le Sa the scripts to demonstrate S ES N BUSI 27 3479 +61 (2) 94 the right tone and attitude PHONE in n ai tr es when speaking. n www.telesal




Showcasing the products WNA Members take to the domestic and international markets - these products are as diverse as the businesses and careers of the dynamic women behind them. BEAUTIFUL LAPTOP BAGS u

At last, Laptop Bags in a range of exciting colours at an affordable price. Suitable for carrying your notebook, iPad or laptop these bags are designed to be a valued fashion accessory and come in a range of colours including pink, red, cream, orange, pewter, leopard and black. RRP starts from $94.95. Purchase online with free delivery Australia-wide. Please visit

t Cubbi iPhone 4G Cover

Protect your iPhone from wear and tear with the latest animal print Cubbi cases. These Cubbi cases are also available in an array of styles including hairy hide and shiny sequin! RRP $49.95 For more information and to purchase visit

p No More Airport Security Delays


You can keep this handy stick with you all the time; throw one in your gym bag, your handbag, and your travel bag. Arnica is blended with shea butter, beeswax and sweet almond oil to easily smooth onto the skin, use when you’ve had a knock or when bruises appear. The herb Arnica is traditionally used for the temporary relief of swelling and pain from bruising, sprains and minor sports injuries. Bruise Stick contains 10 per cent Arnica extract. RRP $8.95 for more information visit

34 WORKING WOMEN® n Autumn 2012

Have you needed to repack when going through security at the airport, or had to surrender your favourite skincare prior to travelling? Be carry-on ready! The HyTra Wallet is ‘Prepacked for You’, refillable, reusable and recyclable. This stylish and innovative collection of skin care with essential hygiene items is designed with professional hydrating Australian botanical ingredients and has versatile compartments for your personal needs. RRP: Wallet with one refill $65.99 and the three pack refills sell for $58.50. For more details or to buy online visit


Kirsty O’Callaghan’s second meditation CD will bring amazing results for you in your life. It features two guided meditations, a meditation for Deep Inner Stillness and a meditation for Affirming and Promoting Self Worth and Confidence. You will gain health, clarity, confidence, energy and focus, plus much more. There is also a special price for first and second CD purchase on the website, only $40.00 for both. RRP $24.95 each. To purchase go to

qLED Lighting

With power bills going up it’s time to change the light in your life! GE LED lights provide all the shine but use up to 90 per cent less power and have a lifespan over 10 times longer than many energy efficient alternatives on the market. Perfect for down lights, security and office lights, GE LED’s are the trusted brand in sustainability. Prices start from RRP $39.95. For more information and to buy visit


Keeping your complexion perfect while on the go is now simple with Alexami Perfect Puff Minerals. Quick and easy to apply, this blush fits into every busy woman’s lifestyle. Brighten your cheeks in mere moments and add a natural-looking glow to your complexion. Alexami mineral blush contains pure pigments so a little goes a long way. RRP $34.95 each. For more information visit


This protective iPad case is both fashionable and functional! Plus you can extend the battery life of your iPad and use the case as a stand to comfortably watch the screen. RRP: $49.95 For more information and to purchase visit


These delightful little dishes are an ideal size at 14cm square made for many uses, from candle holders, knick-knack containers, afternoon tea plates to a splash of colour on the coffee table. Every piece is hand made so you will not see any two alike. They come in a number of colours, and can be purchased singularly or in groups. Just imagine the high quality impression your client will receive with such a small outlay. RRP $15 each. For more information visit

t Travel Comfort Pillow

Finally, a newly designed travel pillow that provides complete lateral head support, eliminating those stiff necks during long travel. The small pillows are inflated and encased in comfortable, soft, 100 per cent cotton covers and are placed on both sides of your head. The entire travel pillow can be deflated, rolled into a compact size and stored in the free carry bag, when not in use. Available for RRP $37.00 with free P&H from

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Now women and girls with size 10+ feet can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Glamazon Shoes saves the day with a great selection of women’s shoes that are stylish, affordable and go to at least a size 13, and some to size 15. Visit their store in Melbourne or go shopping online at Autumn 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 35


Become your own

competitive edge Businesses succeed and fail on the basis of how many people know about them. It’s a cluttered marketplace and thousands of businesses are jostling for pole position. KERRY MCDULING gives some clear and concise tips on how you can make your business stand out from the crowd.

There are numerous strategies for creating and sustaining a successful business, and often it is difficult to know which ones on which to focus your limited time, energy and money. However, one universal principle of business remains true – if nobody knows about you, how can you expect them to do business with you?

CREATE EXPERT STATUS Creating expert status can provide the magic bullet to this challenge, and in the process, be a literal gold mine for your business. If you are considered to be the expert in your industry, everybody will naturally want to work with you, and often without regard to the cost.

Here are some handy pointers to help you establish your reputation in your particular field, and most of them won’t cost you a cent to carry out. Provide regular commentary to your relevant media channels, both traditional (newspapers, magazines, etc.) and online (news sites, blogs) about your area of specialty. Not sales copy – useful information on what is happening in the industry, as well as advice.


Become the go-to person that media, council, industry leaders and even government, approach for advice and commentary.


Join your professional association, and why not take it one step further, become the President!

One thing most businesses fail to do well, or fail to do altogether, is communicate regularly with their clients – even if they are currently not doing business with them.



Send your database a regular newsletter with interesting and informative articles, regularly send them genuine offers on your products or services they can utilise, blog and guest blog frequently, find out when their birthday is and send them a card. The list is endless.

Drop Dress sizes now!

The point is that the majority of most business is built on repeat business and referrals, so spend more time, money and energy on your current client base rather than on constantly attracting new business.

Are you sick of carrying around that extra weight? The Virtual Gastric Band is a technique that helps you release weight safely and permanently.

no Dieting no surgery no pain Call NOW for a free phone consultation and find out how you can release weight permanently!


T: 1300 661 074

Female advice from Australia’s No 1 Female Adviser

Chances are there are many businesses and individuals who are not in competition with you but have a similar client base. Why not share your client bases so that you both benefit? For example, guest blog for each other, prepare articles for one another’s newsletters, or offer special deals to one another’s client bases.

Olivia Maragna 2011 Australian Female Adviser of the Year. Queensland’s 2008 Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year.

Getting your name out there and building your profile need not cost you a fortune, and will definitely generate massive profit for your business. n

Client Focused, Award Winning, Smart Strategies Talk to Olivia Maragna, on how she can help you achieve financial success. Aspire Retire Financial Services is an award winning financial planning firm, providing holistic financial advice and smart strategies on a fee for service basis.

• Investment Advice • Personal Insurance • No commission –

fee for service policy.

AFS Licence no. 301712

36 WORKING WOMEN® n Autumn 2012

Speak at relevant industry, community and professional/corporate events in your area of expertise. The audience, and your clients, will automatically assume that because you have been invited to speak, you must know what you are talking about.


Virtual Gastric Band

Services include: • Financial Planning • Superannuation Services • Retirement Planning • Self Managed Super Funds

Write and publish a book on your area of speciality. Authors are instantly credible and this is a wonderful product to give to your clients as a promotional item or gift, or to sell. n


Kerry McD


1300 667 702


CONTACT re Me Stratosphe BUSINESS 578 194 0 41 ) (0 1 +6 PHONE m www.stratos



media coverage

Wish you could write press releases that result in attracting media attention? JULIE MORGAN suggests that before committing anything to paper and expecting the media to be interested in what you have to say you should to take a PR TEST. What makes a good press release good? Why do some press releases get used word for word while others are tossed in the bin? What do you put in a press release to get noticed by the media? For answers to these questions make sure you pass the PR TEST:

P is for Provocative Headline With hundreds of press releases and emails being sent to the media, you need to stand out from the crowd. A provocative and catchy headline that states your news simply can achieve this. A time poor journalist will often read the title and decide whether or not to keep on going! Keep it short and snappy, and remember that a leading or humorous heading will help catch a journalist’s eye more than a long and boring one! Look at how print media writes headlines to provide you with inspiration.

R is for Readability Say it simply with the most important information, your news, up front. Don’t assume the copy is clear to a reader just because it is clear to you. Reduce acronym use and always spell words in full in the first instance. If you are unsure as to whether your content has the ‘readability factor’ ask someone from outside your industry to look over it. If they understand the content and what your news is, well done, you have explained it clearly. If not, then there is information missing that needs to be added in order to complete the picture, or the news is getting lost too far into the release. There are

professionals who can help review your press releases for readability.

T is for Topical Do you read the paper regularly? Do you know what is trending on Twitter or in online communities? If not, maybe it’s time to take notice as you could find an opportunity to profile your business. As a starting point, look for hot topics in the media; what are people talking about? If a positive news cycle is focusing on your industry, determine whether you have something new to add to the discussion. If so, include the newsworthy element in a release including the ‘who, what, when, where, how and why’ in the context of the trending topic. You may also like to comment via online sites such as Twitter with relevant and newsworthy information.

E is for Enthusiasm If you don’t sound enthusiastic about what your product or service can do, then don’t expect anyone else to be excited by it! You need to convey positive messages about your products and services, why they are great and what is new, novel and innovative about them. To develop effective messages think about why your customers come to you; what do they want solved and what is the benefit your product or service provides them? Then develop your messages with newsworthy angles.

in mind, but it doesn’t have to end there. Use your wit, with a play on words, include funny anecdotes and celebrity involvement to up the factor and add some sheen! If you have a high profile spokesperson make sure you use them to generate interest in events you are staging or announcements you are making. ‘S’ is also for sponsorship and if you are a not-for-profit charity, adding a celebrity to the mix will help to get you noticed; just make sure you align yourself with someone who suits the values of your organisation.

T is for Timely If you know you have a launch or an announcement coming up, you need to communicate this to the media before or on the day of the event. Nobody reads yesterday’s paper or goes to a party after it has been held; similarly journalists do not want to hear about your old news! Remember too, if you are targeting magazines they generally have long lead times so you need to let them know well in advance. These are just a few vitals to consider when you are planning your next PR campaign. If you are across all of these, you are well on your way to getting awesome media coverage. n

S is for Sexy Not all products are created with the ‘X’ factor


Julie Morga

CONTACT PR Guru BUSINESS 96 5060 +61 (3) 96 PHONE


Success is in your hands • Be empowered to make the right decisions about your future • Discover the work at home cash secret • Be your own CEO and set your hours • Enjoy what you do

The choice is yours

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When the team


Many business owners seldom have time for their own personal life let alone dealing with office squabbles but TERRI MITCHELL explains how in the long run better inter-office relations can ultimately save you time, heartache and money. As a business owner, you typically have to be across all departments within your business. From production, to accounts, distribution, packaging, maintenance, and even health and safety; the list seems endless. You probably manage most of these with systems, automation, outsourcing, and generally finding ways to fix things if you notice something is not working properly. But what if the problem occurs between people who work for you? Staff conflicts are never pleasant and if you find it hard to resolve the issue, here are steps you can take to bring an unhealthy situation to a positive outcome, reducing staff conflict before it impacts your business.

Get the culture right When you hire staff, or engage in training, make certain that you ‘walk the walk/talk the talk’ regarding cultural expectation. This means, if you train all staff to raise issues early in the piece with you, be sure you listen well to the complaint and demonstrate that your staff concerns are taken seriously.

Keep in touch with your people If running the business keeps you off-site, or glued to a telephone or forever in meetings, then check your diary and find some block-out times and dates. Set an appointment each week to walk through your organisation and chat with as many staff as you can. While you need to keep your ‘finger on the pulse’ within your organisation by being visible, available and

If staff conflicts arise, you can refer to policies and procedures as required to manage the situation. approachable, you also need to be non-biased, reasonable and impartial. Your staff will not come to you with issues if they believe you hold other staff in higher regard. Be a genuine leader with a level head for taking on complaints, criticisms, and concerns. This will help foster respect at the foundation.

Take action quickly and firmly If staff conflicts arise, you can refer to policies and procedures as required to manage the situation. These help, of course, because all staff must be aware of their responsibility to follow company guidelines. If the prescribed means does not resolve the staff member clash, then find out the cause, and what actions can get it sorted out, quickly, once-and-for-all. Commit all parties to the action, as any residual tension will fester if not brought to conclusion satisfactorily.

Finally, weed out those who do not fit the culture No matter how you address issues, there will be staff members who remain resistant to change, and whose personality does not fit the team environment. If they cannot be moved to another department due to their specialised skills, or are unresponsive to managerial expectation, it may be time to let them go and simply focus on building the team that remains. Few people have the attitude to intentionally create conflict. Unfortunately, personality clashes do happen and irrespective of the cause, inappropriately managed conflict can lead to team toxicity, costing you time, lost productivity and overall morale. Deal with the matter efficiently, impartially and responsibly so that all your employees can get on with their jobs in harmony. n

Simone de Haas

Change Catalyst Coach, Mentor & Speaker Mobile: 0412 674 535 Available for Guest Speaking; Business & Personal Coaching; Public Speaking Coaching; Creativity Workshops

38 WORKING WOMEN® n Autumn 2012


Terri Mitch

CONTACT Frog The Profit BUSINESS 983 641 0 0 13 PHONE www.thepr



Locate the Best Woman for the Job When on the hunt to identify suitable candidates for positions vacant, social media site LinkedIn has become a recruitment tool of choice for many SMEs. LEANNE PEARD explains how and why LinkedIn is fast becoming the go to resource for finding great staff.

What is recruiting? It is a process of identifying and hiring the best candidate for a job vacancy. LinkedIn has quietly changed the way many jobs are now filled. As a recruitment tool, LinkedIn has become a favourite with small businesses wanting to fill lower level jobs. By using advanced tools you can find potential candidates in your extended network, this is for direct recruiting. By getting leads from your direct contacts you will have greater success as you will not be wasting your time pursuing someone you might not be able to get background on. LinkedIn has a really powerful tool, the builtin advanced people search. To redefine your search you can use the basic keyword search. Although the advanced built-in search can help you to find people in your network, Google can help you to broaden your search. LinkedIn uses InMail and email to communicate with potential employees but some potential candidates will still have to be contacted outside of LinkedIn.

department or website administrator is involved in this. Also ensure that you do not spam your groups, as this will definitely get you kicked out of groups. Remember, you will also be expected to participate in groups and not just use groups to post jobs; you will quickly build up a reputation so make sure it is positive.

LinkedIn is a way of making recruiting better; it provides you with more information on who to approach and who to ask for referrals to ensure that you get the very best candidates for any job vacancy. It maximises your network growth by helping you connect with more people. So what are you waiting for? Jump on board and start recruiting! n

4. You need to update your status regularly and include the criteria of what you are looking for in a potential candidate. You only have 140 characters to work with so it might be best to add a shortened URL link with the title to your job post.

d Leanne Pear

CONTACT isdom Beyond W BUSINESS 695 947 7 42 ) +61 (0 PHONE

lmediaspec www.socia


Not moving your business forward as quickly as you’d like?

Only going on LinkedIn to recruit from time to time will not be of great value to you, as the way to build up a great network connection depends on your number and quality of connections.

Here are a few tips when searching for candidates on LinkedIn:

at business links australia we have accounting, taxation and business advisory expertise and experience under the one roof.

1. Start off using the advanced search features. This is to get a quick overview of the people in your network. Using keywords will help to redefine your search. You can also broaden your search as mentioned above.

2. Broaden your network, talk to new recruits and follow up by sending them invitations to connect, this will definitely strengthen your network.

3. You can join groups, which will then enable you to post your jobs to any of those groups. You can also add a LinkedIn share button for group members to share job postings with connections in their network, just make sure that when you add a share icon that your

We provide real solutions to our clients problems so they can:

• • • • •

have perfect clarity about the business they are building and how to build it enjoy the experience of business ownership and leading a team be satisfied with the financial return from their business step back from many of the day to day responsibilities build a sustainable and valuable asset which they can choose to retain or sell at some future point

1 Springwood Rd Underwood Q 4119 Phone 07 3341 1007 email Web




employee performance

Nanny Agency


How do you go about scrutinising your employee’s work without damaging your work relationship? Can it even be done? MANDY CANN walks you through how to appraise your employee’s performance for the best outcome.

Employee performance management is a process for establishing a shared understanding about what is to be achieved at an organisational level. It is about aligning the organisational objectives with the employees’ agreed measures, skills, competency requirements, development plans and the delivery of results. The emphasis is on achieving the overall business strategy by creating a high performance culture. How to Appraise Employee Performance: Firstly identify performance management outcomes in the business - define performance expectations and the basic purpose of an effective performance management system. n

Deliver both positive and negative feedback in a constructive way in order to build positive working relationships, trust, and effective teamwork. n

Identify and utilise appraisal techniques for measuring performance. n

Draft action plans including improvement plans for underperforming employees.

Casual Babysitting / Emergency Care Full-time / Part-time Care Crèche Care for Special Events A performance appraisal is a two-way street, both parties should get the opportunity to voice concerns, feedback and improvement initiatives. With the right mental attitude, effective preparation and a commitment to constructive follow-up, you can turn your employee appraisals into positive, performance-enhancing meetings. Don’t forget that employees are the biggest expense in most businesses so it makes good business sense to ensure you are spending your money wisely. n


Document and follow up, if you say the employee will get training, make it happen! n

Qualified Professional Carers


Mandy Can

CONTACT sulting Cann Con BUSINESS 1 665 981 +61 (0) 40 PHONE

consu www.cann

Corporate Child Care Available Prac families needed for Nannies-in-Training Approved In Home Care Provider

Trust a CHARLTON BROWN® nanny or companion to

CARE for the youngest,

to the oldest members of your family Mention Women’s Network when registering with the CHARLTON BROWN® Nanny Placement Agency and receive

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the wave of


One of the most important factors in having a successful workplace is to be flexible and to adapt with the times. TANYA HONEYCHURCH breaks down the importance of embracing internet technology to advance your team and in turn your business.

Now that the working year is well underway, it is imperative to identify the important elements that are essential for progressing your career and business success. Anyone in business knows ‘that change is the only constant you can count on’ and if you don’t move with change you will be left behind. This has never been more prevalent than at this juncture in business technology and it is only going to become more advanced with each technological step forward. One of the most relevant competencies in today’s workplace is to ensure that you and

y Onl.95


.00 $45

your team have the ability to change and grow by utilising internet technology knowledge to your advantage. The internet and the power of online marketing is not going away and will only continue to grow. Businesses and individuals are often overwhelmed by the volume of products, services and information that flood the way we work. Smart operators are making it easier and easier to source products and services online. They also have a positive mindset towards technology and are riding the wave of change by embracing new opportunities and different

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ways of doing things where possible, and regarding it as exciting and new. The truth is that if you think you cannot embrace technology then you are right. But if you think you can then you are right again. Your mindset is critically important in influencing your capabilities. Trends in technology mean that the way we work and live is now at a level where mobility and accessibility, i.e. how available people are, and knowledge of where and how to access information, are assumed capabilities. Work is now done collaboratively and people are spending more time working with others remotely. Small to medium sized businesses are well placed to take advantage of this and can create new, flexible working environments. Businesses are increasingly aware of their need to allow for flexible working conditions. They are equipping staff with laptops, smart phones and high-speed mobile broadband internet access so that people can work from home or anywhere that has an internet connection or mobile reception. In return, productivity levels are often higher as ‘dead time’, such as travel and commuting time, is reduced. Customers are also developing higher expectations for shorter response times due to the speed of information. Invest as much as possible in emerging technologies and encourage your staff to do the same. Work with employees individually to design an arrangement which suits your business and their needs. Develop a company guideline or policy based on flexible work arrangements. Create an agreement to be signed by each staff member about core work hours, availability, deliverables and the possible impact of the working arrangement on other staff and the organisation. n eychurch

Tanya Hon

CONTACT reers Lifelong Ca BUSINESS 0 440 036 40 ) (0 1 +6 m PHONE



*see full shipping details at

42 WORKING WOMEN® n Autumn 2012

Do you want

to be healthy? What’s so different about our green tea? Everyone knows the great health and wellness benefits of green tea but not everyone likes the taste. Multiple cups of normal green tea a day are required to achieve a myriad of health benefits. GreenTeaHawaii is a highly concentrated form of green tea and noni that allows you to reap all the health benefits. Each serving contains the antioxidant value of up to 45 cups of normal green tea plus a daily serving of Noni Fruit per individually packaged sachet. No wastage and is convenient and easy to use. Not only this but it comes in three flavours to suit all tastes and can be consumed either hot or cold. Flavours are: Pineapple Strawberry, Raspberry Lemonade and Original. Simply open your sachets and add water. This means no need for a kettle if out or travelling. It is just so convenient and each sachet has only 10 calories per serve and the caffeine equal to half a can of diet coke.

To order: For further information:


This product is unique with a supercharge of antioxidants to fight the free radicals which research suggests contributes to many of today’s illnesses.

Act now to benefit your own health and wellness and that of your clients. You will be glad you made this life enhancing decision. Millions of Chinese, who have been consuming Green Tea for 4000 years, already know the secret.

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Booking and Deadline

The eNoticeBoard is distributed weekly on Mondays. For your advertisement to be included in next Monday’s edition book online by this Friday at 12:00 midday.

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E-newsletters are a cornerstone in frontline marketing. Research identifies them as an excellent tool for supplementing a website and facilitating deeper relationships with existing and potential customers. ROSEMARY OSBORNE covers the potential magic that e-newsletters offer your business. Research shows that 50 per cent of B2B services are influenced by quality e-newsletters. E-newsletters are a push concept for directing clients and potential clients to your website; they have an 80 per cent education and news focus and are about establishing you as an expert and industry leader. Customers become engaged with your combination of content, strategy and design, and a relationship-bridge of trust develops opening ideas and possibilities for successful business interaction. This crosses the barrier from a business to a people relationship, and people do business with people they trust. People choose to receive your e-newsletter and this makes e-newsletters personal and helps build brand loyalty. It is essential to carry your unique brand into your e-newsletter through the use of customised software packages. Free e-newsletter packages are available and function quite well. But for maximum impact and capturing your reader’s attention, e-newsletter software is well worth the investment.

A typical e-newsletter package will have a subscribe/unsubscribe option; an intelligent reporting system that tracks your e-newsletter and the interaction with your readers and your website. The analysis will report in real time your open click rates, click-through rates and conversion rates. A good software package will enable you to craft and plan your content so it is topical and interesting. Here are a few simple tips to keep your e-newsletter readers engaged.

Reduce the chance of your email being identified as spam. E-newsletters must have the consent of the recipient, the sender must be clearly identified and there must be a functional subscribe/unsubscribe option. n

Keep your education focus topical and relevant. Some suggestions could include: n

– case discussions or in-depth reviews or interviews – articles on your industry, products or services – tips, tricks or news links

Test different subject lines to see what works for your customers. Your subject line needs to be short, to the point and not misleading. Thirty five per cent of people will open your email based on the subject line alone.

– question and answer segments

Create a conversational tone in your e-newsletter. You have only a few seconds to grab a reader’s attention and encourage them to follow your links. Use words like ‘we’ and ‘you’ and don’t be afraid of using simple words. Remember this is personal.

– add your newsletter to your website, thus creating fresh content for search engines



– your business and office celebrations (a photo always looks good) – anything really

– integrate your e-newsletter with your social media sites and RSS feeds. E-newsletters take time but are well worth the effort. n

Use short sentences and correct grammar with no spelling errors. n

Commence your e-newsletter with a focus on your reader’s perception of high value information. This value has to be superior to what your competition is offering. n

Tarran Deane Speaker • Executive Coach Author • Consultant


Rosemary CONTACT Shed The Writing BUSINESS 487 495 7 40 ) (0 1 +6 PHONE ritingshe www.thew

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Need gifts ATTRACT ATTENTION for men? OPTIMISE YOUR social media profiles Social media is here to stay and it’s important that you and your business can be found. NATALIE ALAIMO shares her tips for attracting attention to your business by optimising your social media profiles.

With the changing marketplace, it is imperative to your business success that you have an optimised, visible and credible social media presence. Here are the top five ways you can optimise your profile for maximum success:

1. BRANDING When thinking of branding, remember this – a confused mind says no. What this means is that if your potential client lands on your Facebook page or maybe your LinkedIn profile and, within about five seconds, cannot make the connection that this is the same person they met at the Women’s Networking Lunch last week, you are lost. Your branding across all social media profiles must be consistent with your existing offline and online branding.

2. IMAGE OF YOU Following on from branding, you must include an image of yourself in your social media profiles. And not just any old picture, a picture which accurately represents you as you look today. You must also consider what effect an image that is on your personal profile will have on your business credibility. Imagine if you received a letter from your new business banker only to find an image on their personal Facebook page which was less than questionable. Needless to say, they won’t be your new personal banker.

3. KEYWORDS All your social media profiles are indexed by Google and often have a higher chance of being on the front page of Google than your own website. For this reason it is really important that you include your most searched keywords for your business or industry. Include these in your info tab, in your job description, in your notes and in your posts. If you are not sure which keywords are searched, use Google’s Keyword Tracker – com/select/KeywordToolExternal.

4. CONSISTENCY To be successful on Social Media you need to use a planned consistent approach. You

need to be posting either daily or every few days to make sure you are staying top of mind with your fans/followers. Many people set up multiple accounts (because they think they have to) and then don’t maintain them. It’s like having a retail store and never opening the front door. For this reason you should only open whatever account you can consistently post on. If you think LinkedIn would be better for your business, open and work that account first. Don’t just be on Facebook because everyone else is. Work out where your target market is, which platform you like and work that profile consistently. Then when you are ready, open another account.

5. HAVE SOME FUN Social media is about having fun and communicating with people. I recently ran a survey on my Facebook Page about why people clicked the like button to connect to a new Facebook Page and the thing they came up with most of the time was posts which were interesting and fun. Yes you can do business online but you need to remember that people are there for social interactions first, so don’t be too serious. Let your fun side shine through.

Finding gifts for men, can be a “challenge”. Why not shop the easy & stress free way for men’s gifts... online at Gifts for Blokes. Gifts for men of all ages and for all occasions Birthdays Special “milestone” birthdays ■ Father’s Day ■ Dad & Grandad/Pop presents ■ Christmas ■ Kris Kringle ■ Anniversary ■ Bridal party gifts ■ Valentine’s Day ■ New Dad & Father to be ■ Or when you just want to spoil him ■ ■

Fast, friendly service – flat rate postage Australia wide. Orders over $130 posted free within Australia.

To be successful on social media remember to get the basics right and then just be yourself and have fun. n imo

Natalie Ala


io CONTACT imo Internat Natalie Ala S ES N SI BU 5515 +61 (7) 5554 PHONE m


men’s gifts made easy Autumn 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 45



marketing budget tips Mapping out a marketing budget early in the year will prevent costly errors in judgement down the track. Use DANIELLE MACINNIS’s tips to ensure you are not throwing your money away on your marketing strategies

Small business marketing budget ideas:

1. Make sure it can be measured or don’t do it. If you cannot measure it then don’t even bother. What is the return on investment for each item in your marketing activity list? Coupon deals seem like a good idea at the time (especially if you are a small business desperately scrambling to draw in new customers), but these deals are often very costly mistakes. They can tie up stock or staff, in a promotion that rarely results in repeat customers. Think carefully and plan. Here are some of the measurements that matter: Traffic - whether an online store, website or Facebook page. It is not the be all and end all but knowing if anyone is visiting your site is a good start. Go deeper and use Google Analytics to understand what key words are being used, what pages visitors looked at and how long they stayed. n

‘Leads’ refers to how many potential names, emails and phone numbers were captured. If 3,000 people visited your website in one month and no emails were collected and there were no enquiries, then something has to change. n

Customers - how many? Are they happy or delighted with the service? This requires asking some questions and finding out the answers but the information is worth gathering to make better marketing decisions. n

2. Online presence is essential. Many people go online to buy or review what they are considering purchasing. Ensuring an online presence that is integrated is important. It is more than a well-functioning website. A

website is the hub of all communication but an online presence where your customers are, is essential. If your customers are on Facebook, then you need a presence on Facebook. If they are more of a LinkedIn crowd, then you need to be on LinkedIn. Wherever you decide to invest, you need to commit to updating and providing information that will generate leads.

3. Map out the customer lifecycle of your ideal client or customer. By spending some time really thinking about your ideal customer and the problem that you solve for them, you can make some better decisions about where to spend your marketing budget. Every touch point with your customer is a marketing opportunity. So if your receptionist is not friendly and does not have a customer orientated mindset, start there! How can you be more useful to your customers? How can you provide information to your customers to show you care and can serve them better? This is money well spent.

4. Invest in Just-in-Time Software Applications. Technology is changing so quickly and there are many types of software applications that will assist a small business in running its marketing department affordably. Rather than locking yourself into a fixed capital cost, consider pay-by-the-month software options giving you the opportunity to upgrade and change as your customers’ needs change and as new technologies come on board. Just about every marketing tool, website, email software, survey software, customer service application and much more can be purchased as a fee-per-month service.

Nascomms call tracking can help your business! Track, record & listen to every sales lead! 100% Australian owned and operated since 1999 46 WORKING WOMEN® n Autumn 2012

• • • • •

5. Grow your database. There isn’t a business owner who will say about their business: “I don’t want to grow”. Stop growing and you can die. Growing a list of interested key customers is always a good idea. The way you do this today has changed. According to Forrester Research, in 2012, 50 per cent of all purchases will be made or influenced by online activity. This means that the way you engage with your prospects is largely online. Offering a helpful tip sheet, a how-to document, or a competition might be a great way for you to grow the list of potential customers for 2012.

6. Integrate online and offline. It is important to use both online and offline marketing strategies together. Sometimes a physical Christmas card works better than an e-card. SMS’ing might be more appropriate than ringing to confirm an appointment. You need to know your customers and their preferences. If you do an in-store promotion, it makes sense to do it online as well and use the distribution channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, PR etc.) to communicate it. Think about how you can maximise the leverage between these tools and the online and offline world of your customers to get the maximum bang for your marketing dollar. n acInnis

Danielle M

CONTACT Marketing MacInnis BUSINESS 0 507 037 +61 (0) 40 PHONE


nism www.macin

Sell more goods and services Analyse the impact of all your advertising Drive results strategically across all media Effectively manage sales staff performance Grow your market-share

Businesses across Australia have trusted Nascomms to deliver analytic solutions for over 12 years. No onsite visit or technology changes required!

To start tracking your marketing responses call Nascomms now on 1300 842 955

How You Can Li v e The Li f estyl e of a Mi l i o nai r e in the Next 12 Months! FREE DVD Reveals!

It’s no secret that most business owners struggle and slog out the daily grind for years before closing the doors for good with nothing to show for their efforts. 95% of business owners sacrifice Family, Friends and Fun for very little reward and the dream of owning their own business soon turns into a nightmare… On the flip side you only have to check out the rich lists to see that business is the richest game on the planet, where the big money is made, well by a select few at least. There is a clear gap between the wealthy 5% and the 95% who continue slogging out the daily grind in the 9-5 prison camp (or worse for those self employed) working flat out with their head down, bum up getting nowhere.

Walt Disney summed it up when he said – “The reason why most people are not successful financially is because most people spend their life mowing the grass, they start at the top on Monday morning and just when they are getting near the end it’s the start of a new week and they have to start all over again.” Those caught up in the 95% focus on busy time, falsely believing that as long as they are busy they must be making progress… Where as the wealthy 5% focus on money time with a clear understanding why it is absolutely necessary to invest their time in the areas that give them the biggest pay off! Poor people try to save money by doing it ALL by themselves, where as wealthy people invest money in systems, people, programs & most importantly training to save them time, which is the BIG reason why the rich get richer and make money fast – Yes, in total contrast to your local financial adviser WEALTH IS MADE FAST… As long as you are prepared first! Richard Branson is a great example when he launched Virgin Atlantic, he was wise enough not to try and go it alone he sought out Freddie Laker as his mentor, which allowed him to stay two steps ahead of the dirty tricks British Airways were attacking them with. The biggest myth of all is the self made millionaire, every successful person who has made it to the top has had help from a mentor or even a team of mentors as with large companies like the Virgin group, etc… If you’re like most people, it’s not everyday when you get the unique opportunity to learn from a genuine Millionaire Mentor who walks the walk, not just talks the talk... On this DVD you will discover the system ALL wealthy entrepreneurs use that ex-Special Forces Soldier and Millionaire Mentor Aaron Parsons has used to generate over $30 million in the last 3 years in a range of different businesses. And how 4 of his 5 Businesses run on auto-pilot, 3 of which are multi-million dollar companies.

Claim your FREE DVD by using access code “WNA” when you order at: Plus you will also see step-by-step on this DVD how one entrepreneur added an extra $2.94 million to her business in 12 months with Aaron’s strategy that is worth over $14 million to her in the next 5 years. This is your ticket to stop being held hostage by your business or job and learn how to live the lifestyle of a millionaire in the next 12 months. Here’s a snap-shot of what you’ll learn... How to Double Your Sales in the next 12 months

This is your ticket to stop being held hostage by your business or job and learn how to live the lifestyle of a millionaire in the next 12 months.

What ultimately separates Wealthy Business Owners and those who work like slaves with very little to show for it The Biggest Dangers facing Business Owners today How To Build a Highly Profitable Marketing and Sales System to attract constant streams of your best paying clients The Top Secret Special Forces Peak Performance Technique to achieve more in a day than you used to in a week How To Outsource Your Workload To An Over-Qualified Army Of Experts for as little as $5 per hour The Fastest and Most Effective Strategy To INSTANTLY Add $100,000+ to Your Business and how you can do it for FREE How to transform yourself into a world class entrepreneur and more... aaron



Take the first essential step today to turbo charge your profits & multiply your income in any economy by securing your FREE DVD by using access code “WNA” when you order at Full details and a video brief are on the website Only 200 available – Be Quick! Your future is what you make it!!

Team Commando.

’t take!”

“You always miss 100% of the shots you don






Books, they hold the answers to the great questions in life! Basically they offer the same words just in a different order, but they have been inspiring, educating and bringing tears to eyes for years. Here are our top choices.


Author: Vickie Cummings Price: $24.95 This book gives ‘Busy Chicks’ all the information they need to lose weight and keep it off permanently. Diet Tips for Busy Chicks contains proven weight-loss tips and techniques, derived from personal experience and years of research. Once busy women get the facts about weight loss they will no longer be seduced by ‘quick fix’ diets that make unrealistic claims. For more information visit


Author: Lynn Jenkins Price: $19.99 Best Start looks at how a person’s emotional foundations are formed in infancy and the power that these foundations have over the way in which a child develops. A baby’s early experiences and interactions provide them with the beginnings of their selfbeliefs, thoughts and feelings, their self-esteem and self-value, how they operate in relationships, how they behave socially, and their sense of emotional security. Best Start explains to parents what they can do to meet these needs, ensuring that their child experiences the best start in life. Purchase at all good book stores or online at


Authors: Janette Philp & Michelle Ferry Price: $20.00 This is a glimpse into the lives of some remarkable women who conquered one of the most arduous and challenging tracks in the world. Thirteen women from diverse backgrounds, personalities and age share their stories of how they dramatically changed physically and emotionally. As strangers they joined together to become a team, supporting and encouraging one another. It’s a vibrant mix of raw determination, combined with spiritual harmony to create a message that delivers hope, encouragement and inspiration. Available online at

OVERCOMING PROBLEMS Authors: Sally Learey Price: $21.95

Do you want to become a dynamic problem solver and move your business forward to unprecedented growth and success? Author, speaker and coach, Sally Learey shares the steps, strategies, tools and techniques that are vital in creating not only your blockbuster life in business, but also your blockbuster life in everyday living! Purchase online at

THE SAVVY GIRL’S MONEY BOOK Author: Emily Chantiri Price: $29.99


This is the ultimate resource for sales people, telemarketers and everyone in business. Not only does it offer over 200 proven ‘How to Sell’ strategies and techniques for selling products and services over the phone, but it also holds your interest to the end with case studies of recent telesales campaigns and amusing stories from real business people about their telephone selling experiences. Techniques you will discover in this book will turn your sales results around. To order visit

48 WORKING WOMEN® n Autumn 2012

The Savvy Girl’s Money Book tells you how you can save, invest, and make smart purchases all while staying stylish and living a full and rich life. This read is a witty and appealing ‘money how-to’ for 18 to 35-year-olds who would never buy one of the existing personal finance books on the market today. Best-selling author, Dr John Demartini, also shares his views on women, money and relationships with the book also exploring sound information and peergroup case studies. For more information and a budget planner visit


Authors: Margaret Hiatt and Nicola Moras Price: $19.95

These two books are the first of the ‘How To’ series and are designed to inspire women every day to feel better about themselves whilst teaching them how to shine. The book series supports, encourages and motivates women to become the very best version of themselves. If you want to live an inspired life and have a yearning to release your inner goddess these books are for you. To order visit

Discover the difference NETWORKING can make to your business.

TRUE LEADERSHIP THE SOURCE OF SUCCESS Author: Lisa Rubinstein Price: $27.95


Author: Hayley Wallace N.D. Price: $30.00 This book is well overdue and greatly needed in the wider community. What you will learn in this book will shine a light on how you can make a world of difference in your baby’s life. That, in itself, is monumentally important. What’s more, it has the potential to change the future. The choices that you make today will affect your baby’s entire life! The information in this book is aimed at helping children of the future to be born strong and healthy, and go forward in their lives to make great changes on the planet. Order online and enter code WNA for $5 discount at


Author: Isabell Shipard Price: $45.00

This comprehensive herb book is also a practical guide to growing and using, culinary herbs and medicinal herbs, natural herbal remedies, alternative herbal medicines, natural herbal pain relief and herbal nutrition. Now in its 5th edition this reference book covers over 500 herbs, spices and edible plants. Isabell’s 30 years of research, knowledge and experience is presented in a down-to-earth, easy-to-read style, which brings herbs to life for the reader. To purchase visit

w w w.w



succe ess n Busin

Working Women

wth sme GroGies strate

Bold BaBes

MumPre 0

Aust $8.75 pa inc gst ions $32

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are you pace? keeping

in te rn


2012 Autumn inc gst


building businesses

subscriptio n included in membership .

ife ss n L



moBile mania


Author: Compiled by Inspirational People in Property Price: $25.00

Twelve highly successful property investors share their true stories of their journey into property investing and how they are creating their own financial independence. Each story is profoundly different in investment strategy and lifestyle circumstances as they face many of life’s adversities such as poverty, cancer, divorce, or unemployment. Throughout the book, you’ll pick up many hints and tips from each co-author and be inspired by their strength and determination through their challenges and wins. If you think you can’t invest, think again as these investors have proved you most certainly can. To order, visit

Australia network ® Women’s

k . co m networ

mes an

neur becocc es s

at io na

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omen Working W

Print Post

In this landmark study, leadership is defined in a new and powerful way, providing real help to anyone aspiring to be a better leader. Drawing on conversations with respected leaders and backed by psychology and neuroscience, Lisa Rubinstein introduces the concept of true or congruent leadership as a foundation for excellence; proving that to succeed, one must pursue goals that are in line with their values, talents and interests. Purchase online at

sin g a bu

w h at ess –

know eed to you n

Jump online and visit

Discover a world of opportunities to help grow and develop your business. Expert tips and online business resources, thousands of networking contacts, small business tools, over 100 networking events and so much more…

Be inspired and create opportunities

for YOUR business by tapping into the nation’s premier networking group for female business owners. Grow your contacts, attract more clients and meet inspirational business women. Join Women’s Network Australia today! It’s the easy way to fast-track the success of you and your business.

Find it all at Where women and business ideas meet

Autumn 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 49



turn you green Over the past few years, the notion of being sustainable or living ‘green’ has exploded into what many perceive as a marketing tactic upon an unsuspecting buyer. TESSA MULDOON lends her expertise in the area of sustainable energy and explains how the simplest of changes can bring down those hefty bills.

Whether you believe in climate change or not, everyone is experiencing the rise and rise of electricity bills and not many people understand how to stop them from climbing. We see businesses suffering the most from these heavy increases and it can be hard to look around the office and know where to start first. Could it really be possible to make small changes in the way your office is run to be able to work more sustainably and cost effectively into the future?

6 green tips to get you started:

Electricity usage – Most offices are a veritable buzz of electronic equipment and appliances. It’s not easy to lower this running cost but

you can start by limiting stand-by power (the electricity used by an appliance when it is in sleep mode rather then turned off properly) and take an inventory of all the computers, printers and devices to determine if they all need to be on constantly. You may find that it is when these machines are not being used that they are costing you the most. Air Conditioners – Most offices have heating or cooling for the comfort of all workers but they can often work much harder than necessary for an optimum temperature. Be sure to set the temperature to 24 degrees and turn it on early in the day, this allows the system to maintain a steady temperature over a long period of time and not be over worked during the hottest part

of the day. Get compressor units maintained and in proper working order as well – the bigger the system, the more maintenance it needs. Water usage – After so many years of drought, as well as the widespread conservation of our most valuable resource, we are now seeing a significant overall rise in water prices. You may have never stopped to think about it but an upgrade to more efficient taps, dual-flush toilets and low-flow shower heads has a high return on investment compared to the upfront costs. It is also imperative you get any general repairs or leaking taps fixed to save our liquid gold from going down the drain. Lighting – Office and security lighting is an unavoidable drain on power supplies but it does not have to be unsustainable. Advancement in LED lighting and other energy efficient alternatives allow you to continue in the brightness required but help save significant amounts of money in the meantime. Waste paper – Ever wondered if you could do more than just throw out all that waste paper? Many waste management companies now provide handy options for offices to allow you to save the planet and decrease landfill. Try using scrap paper in the fax machine or giving your shredded paper to your local pet store to reuse.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Exposed Discover How to Overcome Your Mindset Blockages That Sabotage You from Getting to the Next Level in Business! To learn more about my One Day Program visit: or phone Julie Spain on 0430 186 415 50 WORKING WOMEN® n Autumn 2012

Windows – With the sun falling on the western side of any building during the hottest part of the day, keep windows and doors covered with heavier blinds or curtains to slow down the intense radiation heat. Furthermore, try planning your office layout so people are not too close to exposed windows, as this will help the overall comfort level of all staff members and limit the need to turn the cooling down too far. It does no take much to make a difference but even in business we can help work sustainably now and well into the future. n oon

Tessa Muld

CONTACT Guys The Solar BUSINESS 55 0 0 75 0 0 13 PHONE

u www.Solar


V I S I T w w w. co n n e c t e d wo m e n . n e t . a u

Check out the latest and greatest gadgets presented by CLAIRE MOFFAT.

fat Claire Mof

CONTACT Women Connected BUSINESS 434 901 2 +61 (0) 40 PHONE .au

.net ectedwomen


Breville’s Juicer and Blender BJB840

The Juice and Blend™ is Breville’s best juicer and blender, sharing one interchangeable base. Use independently as either a blender or a juicer, or use both to make smoothies and cocktails using 100 per cent fresh juice. As a juicer, it uses Breville’s extra wide feed chute and micro mesh filter to extract more juice and nutrients from fruits and vegetables. As a blender, it uses a Kinetix® bowl hugging blade that blends, crushes and whips to make smoother cocktails and creamier smoothies. RRP: $529.95 Contact:

Sony Digital SLT 24.3 Mega Pixel Camera

With the world’s fastest continuous shooting speed at 12 fps, the SLT-A77 delivers astounding image quality at an ultra-high 24.3 MP. Thanks to Sony’s revolutionary Translucent Mirror technology, now one can enjoy unrivalled performance even while shooting full HD movies. RRP: $1899 Contact:

TEAC MCDV70 DVD Micro System

TEAC has launched the MCDV70 DVD Micro System which supports a variety of discs including DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/ RW, CDR/RW, VCD, HDCD and Kodak Photo CD. The MCDV70 Micro System has a 160 millimetre main unit and 40 watt RMS power with large, 2-way speakers. RRP: $199 Contact:

Acer Aspire S Series Ultrabook

The Acer Aspire S3-951, 13 inch with a 13 mm ultra-slim design in a full Magnesium/Aluminium frame, weighing less than 1.4 kg. Acer Instant On; resuming in 1.5 seconds and standby for up to 50 days. It has long battery life and smart performance with 2nd-generation Intel® Core™ family. All the best new experiences, changing your mobilecomputing way of life. RRP: $999 Contact:

Would you like to know what’s what in the tech world?

Just ask us! Subscribe to the

FREE e-newsletter

that will make you the queen of the booming tech marketplace. Our FREE weekly e-newsletter is your personal technology tutor, arming you with the knowledge to fully utilise gadgets designed to make your life easier. Subscribe now at

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Sunbeam’s Quantum® SmartBake™ BM7800

The Quantum® SmartBake™ represents the ultimate in bread baking technology. Producing up to a 1.5kg horizontal bread loaf, it features an automatic fruit and nut dispenser and SmartBake™ Technology for simple use. It has 76 baking and kneading options and eight programmable memory settings. RRP: $219 Contact: Autumn 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 51

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n Australia

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Relief Arrives

for Australian back pain sufferers This is a story about a breakthrough in back pain management, new business innovation and an inspiring business woman.

New Zealand physiotherapist, John Havill, spent decades treating lower back pain and was continually frustrated with the frequent patient relapses. Understanding the importance of posture, John developed a new cutting edge postural personal trainer. It has undergone extensive clinical testing with ground-breaking research at the University of Otago in Dunedin. This research is now being published worldwide. Recently, John made the commercial decision to relocate to Australia. In searching for an Australian clinic, John was inspired by Women’s Network member, physiotherapist Dianne Hermans. Dianne had also conducted her own research with the applications of Qmagnets for treating chronic and complex pain. So began a step of faith for John, to pack up everything and set sail for Brisbane to introduce the patients of Lifestyle Therapies in Brisbane to Spineangel®.

What is Spineangel®? Spineangel® is a pedometer-like device that simply clips to your belt and monitors stress on your back. It then uses a gentle alarm to teach you how to reduce the back strain. Spineangel® is totally unique in that it needs no wires, harnesses, electrodes or a PC. This makes it simple and practical for anyone to use in most situations.

How does it work? It has patented, embedded artificial intelligence developed by a team of expert physiotherapists and engineers. The latest studies show that sustained or repetitive poor postures put you at most risk of developing back pain or re-injury. Spineangel® tracks all your activities, and helps you change poor postural behaviours to reduce back strain.

Why is it important? Up to 80 per cent of the population will suffer spinal pain at some point in their life. Chronic persistent lower back pain is seen in 25 to 60 per cent of patients, one year or longer after the initial episode. Spinal pain is associated with significant economic, societal, and health impacts. Estimates and patterns of productivity losses and direct health care expenditures among individuals with back and neck pain continues to escalate.


the chances of getting it, can be helped by Spineangel®.

How do I get one? A visit to Lifestyle Therapies in Manly West, Queensland, is currently the only place to get fitted with Spineangel®. John is currently looking for the right partners to join him in taking this exciting technology to the world. n

Who can it help? Anyone who has back pain, or a history of back pain, or who wants to do all they can to reduce

Dianne Her


CONTACT erapies Lifestyle Th BUSINESS 3 46 1800 762 PHONE


Do you suffer from back pain, neck pain or headaches? Want to get your life back on track and start living life to the fullest? Join thousands of patients who now enjoy pain free living using Qmagnets. For a patient consultation, information, clinical demonstrations or to purchase Qmagnets contact: Dianne Hermans – Physiotherapist T: 1800 762 463 E:

To learn more about this clinically tested medical device visit Autumn 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 53




Whether you are an at-home mum, an entrepreneur, or both, at times everyone feels that something needs to change or they are just going to snap. KIRSTY O’CALLAGHAN reflects on some simple methods to get your hectic life under control.

Quite often I hear statements like: “I feel like there is something missing or something I am not getting that will make my life better. I know what I want but it just doesn’t seem to happen. I am always busy and feel like I am getting nowhere and being no-one.” When life feels like this, you are presented with a choice to improve and through focus and intent can gain more satisfaction in your daily life. There may be things you can change or you may not have to change anything other than the way you think. Take some time out, uninterrupted, to ask yourself the following questions, and jot down

on a notepad your answers. During this time of stillness, reflection and honesty with yourself, you may find inspired ideas that have been hidden in the busyness and empty feelings that you are stuck in. These are great questions to consider that could kick start a process that puts you back into loving life, rather than feeling it is a battle to be won or lost. n

What do you feel is missing in your life?

Is life feeling more challenging than it could be? How? n

What negative emotions do you feel regularly, and then what are the underlying cause and/or triggers of these emotions? n

Everyone needs time dedicated to ‘pausing’, reflection, gratitude and updating your life plan. Can you identify this emotion, feeling or belief of yourself, change it then make a more successful daily plan of action? n

What do you have in your life now that you could improve on? n

What strengths and opportunities do you have that you may not be utilising? n

Are you focusing on the opinions and actions of others and feeling limited, or can you accept what is important to you and enhance these areas? What is important to you? n

What is one thing you can do right now so you can feel more productive? n

What is going right in your life now? Who are the ‘right’ people in your life now? n

Who is your ‘support team’, and are you communicating your needs effectively? n

Total Peace of Mind Organising a funeral can be a daunting task, especially when you’re grieving the unexpected loss of a loved one. Most people wouldn’t know where to start, or what the bereaved person would have wanted for their funeral. This is where planning ahead to sort out the particulars and the finances can be a big help. Your family members won’t be stressed by unexpectedly having to take on this task themselves, while also dealing with your loss. White Lady Funerals is Australia’s premier team of all-female funeral directors and offer a range of funeral services for men, women and children and tailor their services for all cultural and religious backgrounds. “We cater for special requests to

make the service truly personalised”, says White Lady Regional Manager Christine Thompson. “This can be done by adding specific touches to the ceremony, or tailoring it in a special way to incorporate things such as musical tributes, photo and video displays or the reading of poetry.”

In conclusion, everyone needs time dedicated to ‘pausing’, reflection, gratitude and updating your life plan. So, instead of being on fast forward, rewind or even continuous play; stop, make an honest evaluation of your situation, then dedicate yourself to the improvements you want to make. This is how we become truly satisfied, fulfilled and enormously successful. n laghan Kirsty O’Cal

CONTACT Unity-Qld BUSINESS 2 889 648 +61 (0) 40 PHONE


Proud Member of InvoCare

For more information, visit or call 1300 656 550 54 WORKING WOMEN® n Autumn 2012

In identifying specifically what you feel is missing, what you aren’t getting and how you are overwhelmed, it is much easier to make a shift to realise there is a real opportunity to succeed and to realise what success, personally and professionally, looks like to you.


Raising your

tiny tycoon

All parents want the best for their children but many worry about their ability to achieve this. MARLENE RATTIGAN gives her top 10 tips on how to nurture your child’s imagination and creativity so they have the potential to become one of tomorrow’s world leaders. What do all entrepreneurs have in common? Well, quite a lot actually, but they are certainly all creative, imaginative individuals. Think of Steve Jobs, the late Apple CEO, and his incredible legacy. Jobs left school early to study calligraphy, because he loved it. As a result, the world now has all those extraordinary fonts which Microsoft subsequently copied. Jobs was unusual but then most entrepreneurs are. It is their individuality that needs to be encouraged, starting in infancy. The best start children can have is to be allowed to explore their world at their own pace. They need to be exposed to books and the creative arts so their imaginations can expand and they need interaction with ‘significant others’ such as family members. Above all, they need their own space. Parents should not be enrolling their child in every program around out of guilt or a mistaken belief that this constitutes good parenting. Budding entrepreneurs need the chance to explore their world, to make sense of it in their own way and to create worlds we have never imagined. They do not need every waking moment crammed with activity. This is the antithesis of creativity. There is a fine line between wanting to stimulate your child’s imagination and stifling it through exhaustion. Here’s a check-list for creating leaders and entrepreneurs of the future: Firstly, use positive reinforcement rather than indulgence. Don’t be frightened to say no; put boundaries in place. n

Don’t neglect good food. Growing, functioning brains need water and healthy food. n

Provide ample reading opportunities – read to your children often, let them see you reading and encourage them to read. n

Encourage listening and moving to music. Include dance and drama and encourage them to learn to play an instrument.

Be active outdoors regularly with your children and encourage their activity. n

Provide toys that stimulate the imagination – blocks and Legos, for example. Make sure they pack them away afterwards. Join in if they want you to. n

Show them how to solve problems rather than doing everything for them. n

Have quiet time every day where the child can choose what they would like to do. n

Finally, have routines and stick to them (if possible), especially a regular bedtime. Budding entrepreneurs need lots of sleep and time to lie in bed cogitating on their ideas for the future. n

Bedtime should not be punishment. It should be viewed as time for looking forward to all the excitement tomorrow will bring. There are some wonderful books, toys and music available for children as well as excellent activities in which they can participate but be selective. Allow your child to just ‘be’. n

ttigan Marlene Ra

CONTACT iz Kidz-Fiz-B 1 BUSINESS ) 410 642 78 (0 1 +6 PHONE


‘kidz-fiz-biz‛ Explore, Embrace, Empower • Want to feel empowered through change? • Achieved a lot and still feel something is missing? • Ever wanted to make a difference? • Want to step into the life you were born to live? • Is it time to reignite the flame of your dreams? At ReAwaken we’ll build techniques to enable you to take charge of your life, achieve your goals and reconnect to the essence of you.

Now’s the time to find your voice and live to your full potential. Call Deborah on 0457 826 648 for a complimentary consultation.


‘kidz-fiz-biz ‛

Encourage them to draw, paint and be creative with a variety of media. n

Scarf play is fun! Here are some creative ideas child. Let this DVD for you and show you how your easy it can be.

About the Author Marlene Rattigan (B. A., Dip. Ed. (ECE), CELTA) is an ESL teacher, an early childhood teacher and former fitness a specialising instructor in music and movement for children. She has written two music and movement manuals for teachers (Kidz-Fiz-Biz, learning though drama, dance song, and Kidz-Fiz-Biz and Multicultural). produced this She has now Scarf Magic, book and DVD, especially for and anyone else who caresparents young children. for

Running Time: 35 minutes Colour Music includes Dance of the Sugar Plum Trepak (from Fairy (from The Nutcracker the Nutcracker Overture from - Tchaikovsky); - Tchaikovsky); William Tell(Rossini); Ice Castles Theme (Marvin Hamlish & Carol Bayer Cover Design Sager). and DVD label DVDs replicated by Sergio Drumond DVD recorded in China by Weihei and edited Australia by Mark Whittle, Supernova Video Production, Bunbury, Western All rights reserved. Except for permitted under the current legislation,purposes of private published, study, research, no part of this performed criticism or in public, form or by any work may be review as stored in a means, without adapted, broadcast, addressed retrieval system, the prior permission transmitted, recorded to Kidz-Fiz-Biz. or reproduced of the copyright in any owner. Enquiries should be

© Marlene

Rattigan 2011 www.kidzfizbiz.c


By Marlen e Rattiga n

Autumn 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 55

Attention Business Owners, Career Professionals And Busy Parents!

“7 Costly Time Stealing And Energy Robbing Habits And How To Avoid Them!” PLUS Limited Time BONUS when you register, now...

SECRETS EXPOSED! A Special FREE Report reveals how successful business professionals and busy parents are getting their mojo back and feeling years younger... with minimum effort. Get Your Copy of the Special Report “7 Costly Time Stealing And Energy Robbing Habits And How To Avoid Them!” (Valued at $97) but is yours as a FREE Gift You’ll uncover in this report...n Highly effective time saving and energy boosting tricks so you can kick your coffee habit and still stay focused...n Why you’re tired, drained and just not feeling your usual bubbly self...n Plus A Bonus Report – “The 5 Minute Stress Busting sequence that will get you through the busiest and most stressful days, with energy to spare!” To get your FREE Report immediately mailed to you, simply call the pre-recorded message at 1300 733 380, leave your name and mailing details. Or go to or fill in this free fast coupon for your copy to be sent immediately. FREE FAST COUPON: n YES send my FREE Report “7 Costly Time Stealling and Energy Robbing Habits And How To Avoid Them!” (valued at $97) Mail this coupon to: ReleaseStressFast, 13 Deeley St, Maylands 6051 Name Address Suburb Email

Phone P/Code

su rvivi ng challenges to your business resolution Running a business can really test your resolve.

The initial stages are full of excitement, disappointment and exhaustion and when you are finally on top of the uphill tread you’re faced with an eternally expanding to do list. How do we maintain our resolve when faced with these setbacks? How do we navigate through those dark waters of uncertainty or the sea of things we have to do? Business resolution is about knowing who you are, what you want to do and why you are in business. The Business Resolution Retreat can help you define and assess your values, face adversity, manage your time and much more. Set at the beautiful Six Senses Evason Resort and Bon Bon Island in Phuket it provides the perfect opportunity to retreat, revive, reflect and renew. The retreat is brought to you by Heidi Smith Organisational Psychologist and Director of Aresolution for further information contact her on ADVERTORIAL

Property Mogul or Novice you sti ll n eed legal advice! Regardless of whether you are a first home buyer or a seasoned property investor, buying and selling property can be a complex and at times, overwhelming process that can potentially have significant implications if done incorrectly or without due diligence. It is essential that you choose a solicitor or settlement agent that is right for you and who will keep you informed throughout the whole settlement process. Settlement agents are unable to provide legal advice, therefore, should a dispute arise it is important that you appoint

a solicitor at the earliest opportunity to give you sound practical legal advice on your contractual rights and obligations. In our experience, many of the problems that arise in the settlement process could have been avoided if the parties had obtained appropriate legal advice prior to entering into the contract. If we could offer one piece of advice to anybody that is considering buying or selling property, it would be that you should obtain advice on the contract as soon as possible and in all circumstances prior to signing.

For more information about conveyancing or any property related matters please contact our Property and Commercial Team, Darren Miller and Marcus Easthope at Culshaw Miller Lawyers E:, W: T: +61 (8) 9488 1300


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Free Success Map Session

FINANCIAL SERVICES Aspire Retire Financial Services

Accounting and tax planning services for small to medium sized businesses, investors and selfmanaged superannuation funds. Located Southside Brisbane. +61 (7) 3341 1007 We also offer advice to businesses wanting better financial results and tax planning. To individuals who want/have rentals and other investments. Contact us to see how we can help. +61 (7) 3895 8277

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Australia’s most respected care and training provider. Whether it’s for a couple of hours or a couple of years we can supply a nanny to suit your specific needs. 1300 626 643

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Your catalyst for change. Cre8tive Catalyst mentor and leadership coach for the corporate sector. Providing you with tools and techniques from the stage to the boardroom. +61 (0) 412 674 535 Make 2012 your year at last, gain absolute clarity, authentic confidence and sustainable motivation to thrive. Skype or Brisbane sessions available with Sue Lester, Head Transition Coach. +61 (0) 428 128 679

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Do your children have the know-how to set goals & take responsibility for their own learning journeys? Research shows people who set goals are generally happier and more positive! +61 (0) 414 200 845

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Don’t have an in-house event coordinator? Or perhaps you simply need another pair of hands. At Silver Moon Events we can plan, manage or assist you with your next business event. +61 (0) 412 517 399

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Discover how to overcome your mindset barriers that sabotage and stop you from getting to the next level of business success. Join me at the Entrepreneurial Mindset Exposed Program. +61 (0) 430 186 415

From concept to completion, we provide innovative ideas and proven techniques to ensure that your conference/product launch/golf day is an outstanding success. It’s what we do! +61 (7) 3550 3100

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Taylored Weddings and Events

Know you have potential, but not sure how to harness it? Productive resourcing can help you unlock your hidden talents to choose the life you want to live? Life’s not a rehearsal! +61 (0) 411 858 195

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Providing strategy, advice and expertise in investing in Shares and Superannuation for over 20 years. Need help? Call Susan Rallings to discuss your specific needs. +61 (7) 3334 4865

Time to Change Your Life

Educating you on how to make money from your business and create the lifestyle you want. Take control of your financial future now! +61 (0) 429 629 090

FITNESS & BODY TONING Women’s Sensual Vitality

Australia’s first womanly yoga school for female vitality and authentic sensuality. Classes, workshops, retreats and personal sessions. +61 (0) 405 721 194


Succulent quality beef delivered to your door. Highly competitive prices, half or full side. Hormone free. For more details visit us online. +61 (0) 427 613 823

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The perfect country destination for your conference, wedding, weekend retreat or special occasion. +61 (3) 5427 2273

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National funeral service to all families. Offering assurance of absolute support and professional attention with genuine care. Providing a woman’s understanding since 1989. 1300 656 550

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Finding gifts for men can be a challenge. Why not shop for men’s gifts the easy way - online at Gifts for Blokes. Gifts for men of all ages and for all occasions. Fast, friendly service. +61 (3) 8610 0158

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Life in Sync

Need a healthier lifestyle? Want to stop smoking or release weight? You don’t have to do it on your own. Call for a free phone consultation and together let’s find a permanent solution. 1300 661 074

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Do you feel tired or stressed? Experiencing challenges in your relationships? Or do you just want to understand your life purpose? If any of these questions resonate give us a call. +61 (2) 9482 8150

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58 WORKING WOMEN® n Autumn 2012

ONLINE RETAILERS My Personal Shopper

Online Shop and My Personal Shopper is a shopping service for busy people. No time to shop all day? Order a friendly and professional expert Personal Shopper that loves to shop for you. 1300 859 101

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Working Women

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Working Women - Autumn 2012 Issue  

Australia's glossy magazine for women in business.

Working Women - Autumn 2012 Issue  

Australia's glossy magazine for women in business.