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SOCIAL MEDIA does privacy exist?


stage an attention grabbing media stunt

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Are obnoxious customers now the norm?

Shine on Camera

and get noticed


reasons to patent your invention

Working the dating game of business


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Future proof your business with technology


Shine online and find more business


Does privacy exist in social media?


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You and your business DNA


Relationship success in business




BRANDING The value of picture perfect branding


The business of you!


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How to make your voice mails compelling


Article writing – the good and the bad






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Franchising – is it for you?


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How to handle rude customers


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Receiving feedback – ouch!


Are your employee obligations hurting your bottom line?


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Be a successful exhibitionist


The persuasive power of percentages


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Stand out from the crowd and shine on camera




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By tapping into the business trend of telecommuting, women are harnessing the flexibility of a fluid and mobile work environment to their own advantage. In light of this fact it is no surprise that mobile and homebased businesses are currently the fastest growing sector. But why do so many women decide to leave the safety of employment and take the more risky road of business ownership? At first glance you might be mistaken for thinking it is to control working hours, so women can spend more time with their family. Or perhaps so they can get credit and gain the monetary return for their innovative ideas, as opposed to giving their all to an employer who undervalues their worth? Interestingly, the other day I came across some recent research that indicates one of the main reason female employees are not satisfied with their positions and wish to move on is because all too often they feel they have to shut down who they are to succeed in the corporate sector. The 2,000 women who took part in the survey shared their dismay at the constant pressure of needing to ‘act like men’ to get ahead at work. Many of the women indicated they were fed up

FOUNDER AND EDITOR-IN-CHIEF WORKING WOMEN® Lynette Palmen AM NATIONAL ADVERTISING MANAGER Nikita Harris 1800 052 476 or +61 (7) 3272 8222 nikita@womensnetwork.com.au PROOFREADER Wendy Smith – Jewel See Editing +61 (7) 3349 4440 wendy@jewelsee.com.au DESIGN Tricia Mahoney – Scarab Blue Design +61 (0) 419 311 862 tricia.mahoney@scarabblue.com.au SUBSCRIPTIONS WNA Head Office 1800 052 476 or +61 (7) 3272 8222

4 WORKING WOMEN® n Spring 2013

with conforming to outdated stereotypes and having to act like an alpha male to succeed at work. One in four of the women surveyed had discarded high heels and dresses for trouser suits, acting under the belief they should look like their male colleagues in order to be treated seriously. And a quarter of the women said they wear less make-up at work, partly to dispel the notion that all women must ‘look pretty’ to succeed. Sadly, the research by telecommunications firm O2 shows that while businesses today have come a long way from the offices of Mad Men, the reality is that many modern women are still feeling the pressure to conform to outdated stereotypes. Is it any wonder then that Working Women magazine is now celebrating its 20th year of production. Designed to keep women who are driven to own and operate their own businesses informed each quarter, the magazine provides a much anticipated dose of inspiration, education, and innovation along with a world of exciting business ideas. Enjoy this issue and when you are finished pass your copy on so other women can also share in all that is to be found between the pages of Working Women magazine.

Lynette Palmen AM Founder and Managing Director Women’s Network Australia

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sPRinG 2013 AUD $8.75

SoCiAl MediA does privacy exist?

How to

stage an attention grabbing media stunt


Are obnoxious customers now the norm?

reasons to patent your invention

Shine on Camera

Print Post Approved 100003825

As we go to print with this edition the numbers indicate that women continue to be at the forefront of new business start ups. It seems there is no stopping Australian women from opting out of the corporate jungle to follow their entrepreneurial spirit and establish small businesses. And thanks to technology it has all become a lot easier.

and get noticed

working the dating game of business

be your best self – how to go from fearless to fabulous


Cover Story

Once terrified of public speaking and presenting on camera, Natasha Zuvela tackled her issues and turned her fear of public speaking into a professional TV presenting career. Natasha now uses her well honed media skills to help businesses across the country embrace the value that shining on camera can bring to their bottom line.

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InBrief ROY Morgan’s latest State of the Nation report shows that over the past 10 years the demographics of small business owners have changed. The fastest growing age group was the over 50s, who now make up 45.7 per cent of the small business operators, compared to 38.8 per cent in 2002. SEX Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick will oversee an inquiry to measure discrimination against pregnant women, parents and those returning from parental leave. The inquiry will look at the frequency of discrimination, what is driving it, and its consequences. It follows figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in December which found that of 357,500 working women with a child under two, 18.8 per cent faced discrimination in the workplace and 29.3 per cent left the workforce permanently while pregnant or after having their child. STICKY fingers cost the retail sector more than $7.5 billion each year. Peak retail industry body the Australian Retailers Association found the financial impact of loss due to theft in Australia each year is estimated at three per cent of retail turnover. Given the Australian retail landscape is a $243 billion industry, it can be assumed that retail theft amounts to $7.5 billion annually.

at RT backs wh A NEW REPO working many women rt time pa flexibly and that they : w o n k y alread e at work m ti ss le e wast -time ll fu than their st 11.1 per ju – es colleagu d to the 14.5 cent compare rk hours o per cent of w general e th y wasted b . n o ti la popu

SMALL businesses are lagging behind with only 27 per cent of SMEs utilising social media. However, research indicates there is widespread use of social media among the general public. According to social media analytics firm Socialbakers, nearly 55 per cent of the Australian population uses Facebook. That equates to 11.8 million people, who on average each spend a staggering six hours per week on Facebook alone.

CURRENTLY there are over 780,147 apps able to be downloaded from the Apple store, with an average selling price of $1.60. In one month alone there were 20,035 app submissions to Apple, equating to approximately 954 a day. This shows a rapid increase since June 2008 when there were only 14 app submissions per month. A GLOBAL survey of more than 11,000 online shoppers from 11 countries reveals that the tablet will soon overtake the PC as the preferred online shopping device. Whilst tablets and smartphones are catching up, shoppers are still using their PCs to shop online. Only 9 per cent of shoppers surveyed say they will change their habits to shop with a tablet and around three out of five don’t use this type of device to shop at all. START-UPS are turning to crowdfunding as a way to raise the capital needed to launch their business. Using crowdfunding to source money required for projects has additional benefits that are not offered by more traditional funding options such as a bank loan. Through crowdfunding, start-ups also receive instant feedback about their idea including what elements of the product or endeavour really resonate with people. In addition if their crowdfunding exercise performs well, angel investors tend to become more attracted. YOUNG women are not winning the race, with young men without family commitments faring best in the eyes of employers, according to a new study by workforce management solutions company Kronos. The report found that employers viewed the ‘ideal worker’ to hire as young, male and unattached: 38 per cent of employers favoured hiring male employees; while 19 per cent preferred to hire females; and 57 per cent did not have a preference of gender. NATALIE James has been appointed to a new role as the Fair Work Ombudsman. Ms James brings a wealth of workplace relations experience to the role having previously been the Chief Counsel, Workplace Relations in the Federal Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR), as well as having spent time in senior roles at the Office of the Fair Work Ombudsman.


increased by lvency has so in L A N O PERS up to 7,845, since 2011, and Trustee 1.91 per cent e Insolvency th to g in rd acco s show an ralia. Figure e using Service Aust stralians ar mber of Au u n , g cy n pt si u ea kr incr d ban ents to avoi debt ew n 0 debt agreem 41 2, of rd number ecember with a reco ed in the D rd co re ts agreemen 12. quarter of 20

ACCORDING to a survey conducted by ING Direct, almost one third of Australians work straight through their allocated lunch break, or use the time to do personal administration that has been neglected due to work pressures. The survey found 28 per cent of Australian workers are eating at their desk, 33 per cent skip lunch entirely, and once a week, one in 10 completely work through their lunch break. RESEARCH has revealed the majority of women small business owners in Australia do not pay themselves a wage. The Australian Women Chamber of Commerce study of 3000 female respondents also showed that 50 per cent of female owned businesses required more capital to grow. A large majority of women start a business with under $5000, with just under 70 per cent using personal savings, and 51 per cent of women did not pay themselves a wage. Women in rural areas were less likely to pay themselves a wage than those in metropolitan areas. Overall, 40 per cent of the women surveyed also said they worked both Saturdays and Sundays, while 36 per cent worked seven days a week. Trudging your way to work on public transport or battling heavy traffic in the car can have a huge impact on your daily happiness and health, but just how bad is it? Long-distance commutes apparently put so much pressure on families that commuters are 40% more likely to separate from their partner. Women tend to have a greater sensitivity to commuting times because they still share a larger responsibility for day-to-day household tasks, including childcare and housework.

ACCORDING to a recent survey, small businesses spend an average of 20 hours a year on tax reporting, with businesses turning over $200,000 or more spending more than double that each year. Spring 2013 n WORKING WOMEN® 5


STAND OUT from the crowd and ‘shine on camera’ NATASHA ZUVELA is an expert at getting people out of their comfort zones and conquering their fears so that they can shine on camera. Her personal journey is evidence that it is possible to overcome fears and obstacles and to shine not only in front of a camera but in all areas of life. Natasha’s face might look familiar to you. Why? For a start, Natasha, has had over 15 years of international television presenting experience and she is the current face of Curves Women’s Fitness TV commercials being screened in Australia and New Zealand. She has done TV commercials for major corporations such as Suncorp, Bonds, Virgin Money, Berlei, Vodaphone, QBE Insurance, and XXXX Gold to name a few. Natasha has worked as a regular TV presenter on Channel Seven, Nine and Ten in Australia, and had the number one rating show on MTV for three years, watched by over 60 million viewers in Europe and Australia. Natasha is Australia’s No. 1 ‘Shine on Camera’ expert and her programs are helping businesses all over the country to embrace the value that shining on camera can bring to their bottom line. What is interesting is that Natasha used to be terrified of public speaking and presenting to camera. She struggled with dyslexia at school and couldn’t read out loud, being laughed at by her schoolmates. But this did not stop her. She tackled these issues head on and turned her fear of public speaking into a professional TV presenting career. One of her mantra’s is “Your greatest fears can become your greatest treasures.” So how does all this relate to shining on camera? “I am passionate about helping people and businesses get their message that matters out into the world in the most effective way. Nothing is more powerful than video,” says Natasha. And she quotes some compelling statistics that hit home: Over 4 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. n

Video content now appears in 70% of the top 100 online search results. n

6 WORKING WOMEN® n Spring 2013

Viewers are anywhere from 64–85% more likely to buy after watching a product video. n

Online video content is the fastest growing form of media today, and one of the most effective ways to promote yourself and your business. Why? Because customers would rather watch a video about you and your business than read your webpage or newsletter. “That’s why first impressions matter so much online!” Natasha says. One 1-minute of video is worth 1.8 million words according to Dr James McQuivey of Forrester Research. That is why video is such a powerful medium. It can convey so much about you and your business on a subconscious level. “In four seconds your viewers will have made a judgement about your trustworthiness, professionalism, income level, education and the quality of your services and products. That is why it is so important to get it right when you present to camera. You can do more damage to your message and brand with a poorly presented video than not having one at all.” Presenting to camera is scary for most of us. Feeling shy, uncertain and not “good enough” is quite common. And if you don’t know how to deal with it, this translates to you poorly promoting yourself and your business, which can be disastrous. Natasha is an expert at neutralising these issues and getting you polished and confident on camera. Confidence on camera and being engaging so that you draw the viewer into your business can be learnt. Over the last 15 years, billion-dollar companies have trusted Natasha to promote their brands internationally on television. She has distilled the art of engaging viewers with compelling video into a powerful training program. “I love helping people work out what drives them, why their services matter, and then getting them in front of the camera to deliver that message with

poise, confidence and certainty. It’s inspiring to watch people light up from the inside and professionally broadcast their message to the world.” Learning how to present to camera to create powerful engaging online video is essential to your success in today’s online business world. Natasha teaches that when you get your message right on camera, people automatically see you as an expert in your field. This allows you to attract higher paying clients for your products and services. Video is a low cost marketing tool that promotes you 24 hours a day all year round, even when you are sleeping! With online video content becoming the communication tool of choice for consumers, Natasha helps business owners, coaches, speakers and trainers to market their businesses with power, confidence and presence on camera. Natasha offers ‘Shine on Camera’ training courses and video coaching programs. n

NATASHA’S TOP 5 SHINE ON CAMERA TIPS 1. Know your content – certainty sells 2. Present your message with enthusiasm 3. Be engaging with your voice – create variations in your voice using your tone 4. Talk and connect with the camera as if it were your best friend 5. Dress for success – look the part, align with your brand and product

CONTACT Natasha Zuvela PHONE +61 (0) 430 280 942


Spring 2013 n WORKING WOMEN速 7



apps beat websites

Ensuring your website is friendly for mobile phones, tablets and mini-tablets is a given but when you want to get straight to the point, according to HEATHER MALONEY you would be hard pressed to beat an App. Due to the amazing increase in mobile computing usage it is vitally important that every business be geared up to be able to professionally deliver information via mobile devices.

the app is launched. This is far quicker than opening up the browser on their device and typing in the URL of your website, or (if you’re lucky) finding the bookmark that they set up previously and launching that.

Many businesses both large and small are making moves towards ensuring their websites are mobile friendly, however Apps should not be overlooked for the value they bring to the table.

3. The icon for the app can be used to indicate

In an ideal situation you would have both a mobile friendly website as well as an App for your business, but when both are not possible financially how do you make the choice as to which one to proceed with?

there is new information waiting for the user (e.g. like new LinkedIn messages), before they have even thought about launching your app. That cannot be done with a website, even if they have an Android device and have added an icon on their device screen pointing to your website.

4. Similarly, when you update your app

Here are 10 reasons why an app beats a mobile friendly website:

through the App Store, the people who have already installed your app will see that there is an update waiting for them – this is a great opportunity to tell your already engaged audience about the brilliant new things you have available to them, keeping you top of mind and confirming your dedication to your customers.

1. An app is usually built to do one or two

5. An app is much more likely to be shared

A good place to start before you invest your hard earned money into either is to understand the true value of an App verses a mobile website and what might work best for your business.

things really well, thereby helping to enrich your customers’ lives, or solve their problem / pain. Doing this is significant for customer retention. On the other hand, your website is generally aimed at a variety of target markets, communicating a number of key messages, and often communicating a lot more than providing function.

2. To get to your app, the user simply presses on the app icon on their mobile device and

amongst friends, or spread virally, than a website URL.

6. Your app can respond to a whole range

which cannot be done easily/reliably in a website (yet).

8. You can store information in the app as the user interacts with it, even when they don’t have an Internet connection. This also makes the app (compared to a login-and-store-my-dataonline style website) much faster to use when the Internet connection is slow, which is often the case via the mobile network.

9. If your organisation has an app, and your competitors don’t, you appear more savvy / leading edge and you are more memorable. Of course, your app needs to be worth downloading and installing, or you might disappoint or annoy your customers instead.

10. If you can charge for your app (because people are willing to pay for it), then you are much more likely to make money from it than from people paying to view a website. You can also sell features within an app, e.g. extra functionality, extra ‘levels’. The launch of your new app is a great opportunity to interact with your existing customers and encourage viral sharing, particularly if there is a competition or special offer involved in the launch. n

of gestures (e.g. swiping), movement (e.g. rotation) and light, which cannot be done in a website, and significantly improves the enjoyment and user experience.

CONTACT Heather Maloney BUSINESS Contact Point IT

7. Your app can engage with the GPS of the


user’s phone for location specific functionality,

Services Pty Ltd +61 (3) 8525 2082 www.contactpoint.com.au

Not moving your business forward as quickly as you’d like? at business links australia we have accounting, taxation and business advisory expertise and experience under the one roof. We provide real solutions to our clients problems so they can:

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Move your business forward with have perfect clarity about the business they are building and how to build it Business Links Australia enjoy the experience of business ownership and leading a team be satisfied with the financial return from their business step back from many of the day to day responsibilities build a sustainable and valuable asset which they can choose to retain or sell at some future point

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8 WORKING WOMEN® n Spring 2013


your business with technology It wasn’t that long ago when the idea of bringing your own smartphone or tablet to work or using them to shop online from the comfort of your lounge was unthinkable. ANGELY GRECIA looks at how technology has changed the way we all consume information and how quickly things can be done at the touch of a button. It is inevitable that technology for work and play will continue to evolve and converge rapidly, so it’s up to you to stay up to date so your business can benefit and reap the rewards.


With 49 per cent of Australians owning a smartphone, technology provides a new dimension to how you do business and how consumers do business with you. They are increasingly shopping for products and ordering services from their mobile or tablet and in turn, you are expected to be able to access their records and process their orders instantly. So if you haven’t already, set up a business website to not only retain customers, but attract new ones. There are plenty of easy-to-use, DIY website builders such as MYOB Atlas.

Changes in the economy and in your industry and emerging consumer and technology trends will likely impact your business. THINK OF TECHNOLOGY AS AN INVESTMENT

It’s typical for a small business to put technology investment on the back burner when you are less likely to have a large amount of cash in reserve. Streamline and future proof your day-to-day operations such as accounting software, email, office applications and file storage by moving them to the cloud. Nowadays, many cloud-based IT solutions avoid the need to spend money upfront but bring immediate benefit. When it comes to laptops, Ultrabooks, smartphones or tablets: purchase the device with the best features and the highest-spec processor and memory you can afford. This means that it will still be able to operate well in a few years time. Hot tip: Don’t forget, the small business $6,500 instant tax write-off for new assets

can assist in the investment of equipment that improves business productivity and cash flow.


Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networking sites are so popular with consumers that small businesses should take advantage of these platforms too. Why? It’s where word of mouth travels online. Best of all, the majority of them are free or inexpensive, and can be monetised. Investigate how your small business can utilise online ads on Facebook, polls via LinkedIn, promotions through Twitter and more. Think of social networking as a new method of communication and a great way to help build your brand.


Changes in the economy and in your industry and emerging consumer and technology trends will likely impact your business. So keep up to date with these developments. In an online era, it’s not enough to quickly flick through the business pages and attend the odd networking event. The proliferation of news websites, social media and IT means a whole new skill set is required to stay on top of developments affecting your business. If you find that it is all a bit overwhelming, a bit of research can help. Consider seeking advice from IT consultants, business advisors, other business owners as well as friends and family on what technology they are using and what they recommend. Read reviews and product information from trusted ‘how-to’ websites and magazines and participate in community forums relevant to your industry as another source of information and advice. n

Overwhelmed by admin tasks? Know you need help but don’t know where to start? Let us review your business processes to help you create a virtual working environment, allowing you to start working with a virtual assistant and get your to-do list under control. Virtual Workspaces | Admin & Executive Support Social Media | Blogs & Websites | Event Planning Newsletters | Customer Service | Project Mgt We take away those tedious admin tasks that keep you up late at night, allowing you to focus on growing your business and gaining back some work/life balance. • Use us as much or as little as you need • No ongoing commitment • Save money - buy hours in bulk • Australian based team • Know your information is secure by using locally based contractors


Buy a 10 Hour Virtual Assistant Starter Pack and get 2 hours free! Visit www.mivirtualpa.com.au/wna or Phone 1300 164 072 *Conditions apply

CONTACT Angely Grecia BUSINESS MYOB PHONE +61 (2) 9089 9071


Spring 2013 n WORKING WOMEN® 9


Shine online

and find more business More and more people are turning to Google to find products, services and resources. If you are looking for more business, making your business visible online should be a priority. AMANDA MUNN provides some simple steps to ensure your business is more ‘findable’ online.

When a poll run through the Commonwealth Bank’s Women In Focus community asked female business owners what they felt was the biggest issue their business faced, the most popular response (at 31%), was “finding more clients and business”. As our lifestyles become increasingly digital, there has been a significant jump in the number of consumers using the Internet to find local businesses and services. Ensuring you are seen online can, however, be a major hurdle for business owners who are focused on their own business and not necessarily on the mechanics of search engines and social media. Take heart though as there are some simple steps and online tools you can utilise to make your business more ‘findable’ online.

Add a little muscle to your website – Your website may be your first and possibly your last opportunity to make an impression with prospective customers. With really affordable website templates such as WordPress and WIX now available (both offer easy-to-use SEO tools and modern designs) there is simply no excuse for a daggy website! If your website needs a little muscle look at updating its design, adding an SEO plugin and improving content through blogs, videos and resources.


Make friends with Google – If you want to be on page one of the search engine results for your particular key words then you must make it as easy as possible for Google to find your website. Know the keywords that your customers will use to find your services and stick to using just three key phrases initially. Use these exactly on your website title page and at least one exact phrase in the meta description for your site. Don’t forget to ALT tag your website images with these key phrases so Google can search these too.

If you want to take it to the next level, explore Google Business Photos, which will let potential customers take a virtual tour of your office, store or warehouse. This service does have costs associated for the photo shoot of your business, and costs will vary according to your location.

Get listed – Google places less value on web

Google also offers really user-friendly Webmaster Tools. Subscribe to these for free and they will allow you to index your pages with the Google system and to monitor your key words and how website users are finding you. Handy!

directories these days, however, they still serve as a means for customers to find you and they offer useful links back to your site. So listing your business with online directories such as TrueLocal, Hotfrog and other platforms is still a worthwhile exercise.

Send your clients online – If you are good at

Be social – Take advantage of free social media

what you do, your clients will be your biggest advocates. Use this to your advantage by asking customers to post positive reviews about your business on sites such as Yelp, Google Reviews or WOM (Word Of Mouth). Don’t be shy to ask your clients for social media shout outs or a link to your business on their website.

Go places – Google Places is a free service available to businesses, which integrates into Google Maps and the Google Search Engine, so signing on up should be a given for every business.

DON'T HIDE YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE! Affordable Search Engine Optimisation and digital strategies designed especially for small business. Pay only for what you need, when you need it. Simple!

Get your business seen online - contact us today on 07 3103 1322. www.pulse-pr.com.au 10 WORKING WOMEN® n Spring 2013

Your website may be your first and possibly your last opportunity to make an impression with prospective customers.

tools such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest or Facebook to increase your visibility through digital networks. If you are crying time poor at this point, then focus on the more business-centric platforms such as Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn and look at free software such Hootsuite to help manage your posts and messages. Most importantly, remember to be patient! These things all take time to register with Google and changes won’t happen overnight so work through these steps and track your progress over a month or two. Remember also that the world of search engine marketing is a highly specialised area, so don’t expect to jump straight to page one of Google. These small steps will, however, create a great basis for improving your online visibility and will take away a lot of the groundwork should you wish to progress your digital strategy further and consult with a specialist. n

CONTACT Amanda Munn BUSINESS Pulse PR PHONE +61 (7) 3103 1322




social media?

How safe is the information you share on social media? How well do you know the people in your social networks? Or do you know them at all? ANNA CAIRO exposes some stark truths about social media privacy and suggests how you can responsibly manage the risks as you engage online in social media. As social media continues to grow, it delivers many advantages as well as disadvantages for personal and professional communication. Equally as more people utilise social media, the privacy debate intensifies. Slowly privacy becomes harder to manage. The bottom line is that social media privacy does not exist – it is an oxymoron. The purpose of social media is to connect, engage and share information with friends, family and colleagues, among other things. At its core, this means that social media is not private. Networks encourage this sharing of information and in most cases people willingly give it up without thinking. Each time a user relinquishes information, their privacy is further diminished. This is a user driven collapse as more users put their lives online. What you do in your personal life is now public, what you do in your professional life is now public. Why? Because most people choose to share what they do on social media where everyone can see it, and people’s lives become blurred. The only way to have privacy on social media is not to use it at all. Regardless of what social media organisations say about privacy settings, these remain weak. Your information is still mined and the data sold to advertising and marketing companies.

Think about what you post before you post it. Is this content something you will be comfortable with seeing in ten years time? n

Don’t add people if you don’t know them personally or if they aren’t friends of friends you have heard of. n

Content on platforms can be easily searched and can become accessible to any number of people who were not originally intended to see it. Remember, what you post stays online forever regardless of whether you delete it or close your account. n

Further, hackers are always trying to infiltrate networks and breaches occur time and again. Social networks are here to stay so not engaging with them is not a practical solution for most people. Once you choose to engage with social media, the aim is to manage your risks, remembering that privacy is tied to a number of core issues including misuse of your information, identity theft, stalking and bullying which are only a few of the concerns. So what can you do about it? A common sense approach is needed and education around understanding social media is important. A few key things to remember are: Users need to be aware of what personal information they share. Regardless of what networks say in that they don’t share content with third parties, presume they do. n

Thinking about starting a full time or part time career or business as an Executive Coach? Study online anywhere, anytime! Start tomorrow! Contact us today for your Free Career Guide to become an Executive Coach – 1300 739 821 www.executivecoachingcourses.com.au

As individuals readily give up personal information, social media is shifting the boundaries in the privacy debate. A culture of self-responsibility and education is the most proactive approach around social media particularly where teenagers are concerned who lack maturity and understanding of the consequences of disclosing information. If people are concerned about their information, the only safe way to keep it private is to not put it online. Therefore, it is not a matter of not sharing, it is to be vigilant with what you post! n CONTACT Anna Cairo BUSINESS Anna Cairo Consulting PHONE +61 (0) 417 010 877


Social Media Solutions Connect • Share • Create

We offer: • Workable social media strategy tailored to business objectives • Practical solutions for social media workplace issues

Consulting • Seminars • Workshops Contact Anna Cairo for your obligation free social media assessment P: + 61 (3) 9855 1856 | M: 0417 010 877 E: anna@annacairo.com | www.annacairo.com

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There’s a new Robin Hood in town, and his name is Google. According to VICKI ISZATT, this user-oriented vigilante is out to help the troubled, the frustrated, and the sad, and his first mission is mobile website infrastructure. That’s right, when brands refuse to provide quality experiences for their mobile users, the Big G is going to crack down. You can’t run, you can’t hide, because Google sees all. Okay, you get the point. Dramatic perhaps, but unrealistic? Certainly not. Google recently announced changes to their algorithm, which will see sites providing top-notch mobile infrastructure favoured by the do-gooder Google. Failure to fix annoying mobile experiences, either using a poorly formatted mobile design or neglecting to connect users to the relevant pages, will result in some unpleasant SEO consequences. No, Google isn’t going to take your money and throw it at your mobile-user victims, but it’s not far off. Instead, if your site has an incorrect mobile infrastructure in place, Google will essentially be lowering your rank in the search engine results. This, in turn, can lead to a decline in all things profit on your end, so you see why the Robin Hood analogy fits. Richard Kirk of ‘Search Engine Watch’ says, “While quality of site content is subjective, quality of experience is not.” Google is essentially telling brands to either format your website’s mobile infrastructure correctly, or don’t do it at all. Google has offered a number of incentives to encourage brands to correct their mobile infrastructure, namely by giving a little boost to the search engine rankings of those who are doing it right. The changes can also provide

12 WORKING WOMEN® n Spring 2013

major opportunities to engage clients by optimising mobile assets.

with and link to than content that exists on a separate mobile site.

“Most of the time, these mobile sites offer a dumbed down version of the full site. We have never thought this was a good idea, and Google will now penalise many of the folks that do this,” says Mike Stover from Propel Pages.

Webmasters need to consider whether their experience needs dramatic alterations for mobile users, and if not, to pursue a responsive design solution. Essentially, if the content is the same for mobile devices, and you can easily adapt your site to mobile infrastructure, it is worth investing in responsive design. If this is not the case, a dynamic serving system with a user agent detection tool is another avenue you could pursue.

Consider what users are looking for when they search your brand on their mobile or tablet devices. If they click on a deep link and are redirected to your homepage because the website detects they are using non-desktop devices, do you think they will be happy? The truth is, even if users have to access desktop-formatted content, if it’s the right content, they won’t care. SEO teams need to focus on simple technical matters that are based around right content, right time and right format. And Google is the big boss looking out for the little guy.


Responsive design is the arrow to Google’s quest for more user-friendly infrastructures. Brands are being pushed toward using a responsive design to cater for mobile and tablet users, as opposed to the ‘m.’ subdomain that mobile users all dread. A site designed with responsive design has one URL and the same HTML, regardless of the device used to browse the site, making it far easier and more efficient for Google to crawl, index and organise content. Additionally, Google prefers responsive web design because content that lives on one website and one URL is easier to share, interact

Since 67 per cent of users claim they are more likely to purchase from a mobile-friendly website, companies that rely on SEO are wise to begin making the transition to mobile-friendly infrastructure and responsive web design. What the Robin Hood of SEO essentially wants is for brands to deliver content that users expect to see, even if it is in a desktop format. Users don’t want to be redirected to your homepage, given irrelevant information or have their page squished and hammered into a useless mobile-designed infrastructure. No, Google says this will simply not do. He’s looking out for the little guys, and unless your brand starts to as well, he will be coming for you. So watch your back. n

CONTACT Vicki Iszatt BUSINESS Lined Media PHONE 1300 526 934



The 5 day business

start up

As a fresh year starts so do the dreams of what could be. If you feel like you are stuck in a job that just doesn’t suit you, maybe it is time to bite the bullet and start your own business. JEN DALITZ shares five tips to get your freelance business off the ground in just one week. Are you considering starting your own family-friendly business? Looking to leverage your skills and experience, on your own terms or maybe you are pursuing other opportunities due to a workplace restructure. Whatever the reason, a shift from paid employment to freelancing or contracting can bring you flexibility, freedom and financial rewards. The key to success is as simple as these 5 things:

Day 1. Define your offer. This is the first thing you need to do, on day one. Exactly what are you famous for? What do you do better, more efficiently or more creatively than anyone else? Use this to come up with your value proposition that defines in one sentence how your services will help the buyer to make money, save money or save time. What sort of problems can you fix, and in what ways will you do that? Get this crystal clear before you start having meetings.

Day 2. Decide what to charge. Most freelancers are paid on an hourly or daily rate and – here’s the fun bit – what you charge is totally up to you! You might ask around about ‘standard’ industry rates, post a question on LinkedIn to ask what others are paying, or come up with some other figure of your own. Here’s one way you can sort out your wage: When you first start freelance consulting take your annual salary, double it, then work back to a daily

rate based on working 40 full time weeks of a year. You might offer introductory discounts or special offers to new clients. It’s all up to you!

Day 3. Prepare some marketing collateral. In the beginning, keep it simple because there will be tweaks and changes as the business evolves. The priority is a solid and compelling LinkedIn profile highlighting your strengths, with recommendations included. Business cards are handy, though by no means essential, and a simple one-page flyer in Microsoft Word or Pages will be useful for meetings and drafting emails. It doesn’t need loads of detail, just a summary of say three to five things you can do right now to support your clients. This makes it really easy to sell work – clients just ‘pick one’ that will solve their pain.

Day 4. Focus on 1st degree connections first. Some coaching freelancers find that 80 per cent of their freelance income comes from people they have already worked with. So phone or email people who already know how good your work is – former colleagues, bosses, alumni, close friends – and let them know you are now freelancing. Ask them to keep an ear to the ground for any opportunities. Chances are (since they know how great you are) they will offer you something within a week.

Day 5. Reach out to broader networks. Send messages to connections in your address book and on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook…

Design with passion Design and passion are crucial elements to making the most of your brand, whether you’re about to establish a new identity or grow an existing one. Increase your brand exposure with the unique expertise of Scarab Blue Design, a dynamic graphic design agency with huge experience, big ideas, small rates and loads of passion.

Scarab Blue Design is proudly Women’s Network Australia’s preferred graphic designer.

anywhere you can update your networks. Don’t try and sell right now, just tell them what you are doing, why you are excited about it, the kind of work you are looking for and how you can be contacted if anyone knows of work. If you have done all of this in the first week, you can take the weekend off to relax, toast to your future success, and be ready to start working in your new freelancing business on Monday. Good luck! n

CONTACT Jen Dalitz BUSINESS Jen Dalitz Coaching

& Consulting +61 (0) 414 647 382 www.jendalitz.com PHONE

McNair Editing Services PromPt and Professional

Debra McNair

freelance editor & copy writer 0412 749 388 mcnair.editing@gmail.com

www.facebook.com/ mcnaireditingservices

Scarab blue DeSign +61 (0) 419 311 862 www.scarabblue.com.au tricia.mahoney@scarabblue.com.au


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sporting field

Could three simple lessons from the sporting field be the game changer you need to help you grow your business? PAULA WARD shares what you and your business can learn from the sporting world. Australia is a sporting nation. Sport is part of our identity. However, it doesn’t mean every Australian plays sport or watches it. Whether you love it, tolerate it for others in your household or choose not to embrace it, there’s plenty you can learn from sport.

Know the name of the game

When a netball team takes to the court they know they are there to win. They each have their own unique position. They know the rules. They play as a team. They assist others with strengths in different areas. Their coach gives them direction. They know the score as the game progresses and you can see and feel the momentum ebb and flow as it changes. In business, there is an overall mission and values to guide the team. There is also a strategic plan, which is broken down into project plans and tactical activities. Consider your business, your current role and what you do on a daily basis. n

What are your goals?


What are the rules?


How are you going to be successful?

Who is going to train you and give you feedback? n


What is your plan?

If you don’t know the answers to the questions above, you need to take stock. If you can’t work them out, seek clarification from your

business partner, your investors or your team, or whoever it is that you are accountable to.

Be Included. Get in the Game.

Engage with others. It’s as simple as that. There is no point sitting on the sidelines wishing you were playing the game.

Participate. Get involved.

Build rapport with others. Find things to talk about. Engage with your clients, colleagues and suppliers; n


Stay across the news headlines; and

Know your local sports – they always come up in discussions in business circles. n

In a meeting, if you have something worthwhile to contribute, be in the first two to three people to speak. Otherwise, you may find everything has already been said. If you think this is a little aggressive, watch panellists on Wide World of Sports, the Footy Show, Q&A or The Project. The format of these shows enable only one or two people to respond to most questions and then they move on to the next question or topic.

Celebrate your wins!

In sport, one team will win every season and take home a trophy or prize. Teams have a Most Valuable Player Award, Rookie of the

Remember to reward yourself. Mark the occasion. Buy something or do something you really enjoy. It may mean taking a break.

Ambiance – 3 in 1 Volumising Powder for Styling • Dry shampoo, absorbs excess oil to cleanse hair. • Tinted, powder, 5 colours available. Will gently blend greys & regrowth. • Travel friendly non aerosol vegan formulation. • Perfect for the busy woman who wants sensational hair everyday. • Bonus Free Refill while stocks last. • Available at leading hair salons. RRP $29.95.

www.ambianceaustralia.com.au 14 WORKING WOMEN® n Spring 2013

Year, Best Goal etc. These awards will be given out every season and, sometimes, at every game or round. Businesses do the same. They celebrate milestones – a specific sales target, funds under management, particular financial results or winning a new account. Giving no recognition, either to yourself or your team, is a recipe for employee motivation bottoming out. Develop measurable team goals with the opportunity to reward the entire team when the results are achieved. Individual awards are okay as long as they are not counterproductive to the team achieving its goals. Remember to reward yourself. Mark the occasion. Buy something or do something you really enjoy. It may mean taking a break. After all, you deserve it. You’ve had a win! Take time to think about these and other sporting lessons and how they could impact performance when neglected. If leaving it out can be harmful to player performance in a team sport, think of the damage that is being done in your business by ignoring it for you or your team members. The ball is now in your court… n

CONTACT Paula Ward BUSINESS Know The Game PHONE +61 (0) 409 714 280







Are you a Business Owner frustrated with chasing after clients? Would a 6 fold increase in your marketing results be of interest? Do you want to attract more high paying clients? Natasha Zuvela can help. Billion Dollar companies choose Natasha to promote their brands on TV and now she is working with a few select Business Owners to teach them EVERYTHING she knows about how to SHINE ON CAMERA! FACT 1: 4 billion videos are being watched on YouTube everyday. FACT 2: Video promotion is 6 times more effective than print or direct mail FACT 3: Customers are 97% more likely to purchase a product or service that features a video In today’s online world you need both the Skills and the Confidence to gain instant rapport with your audience and keep them watching. You have 4 seconds to do this!

Shine on Camera Program Key BenefitS: • Position yourself as an expert and attract a premium price for your products & services • Engage a larger audience with a message that makes an impact • Increase your sales and lead generation 2 DAY SHINE ON CAMERA PROGRAM where you will learn how to: • Master the Craft of Building Instant Rapport and Presenting Like a Professional • Engage your Audience and Keep Them Watching You • Own Your Power & Present to Camera With Rock Solid Self-Confidence • Create a Message that Makes an Impact • Learn the Skills of Selling from Camera • Receive a professionally shot & edited video

neXt StePS Email bookings@natashazuvela.com or call 07 3040 2788 to secure your seat.

Client testimOniAl “I’ve never done any video before though I have such an important message that I need to get out there. During these 2 days I have acquired this huge tool box, I know what to do with my voice, my body, every aspect of presenting was covered. Whether you’re a seasoned professional at making videos or like me a complete novice and don’t know where to start, I would highly recommend that you work with Natasha and her team. She delivers exactly as her course says, How to Shine on Camera.” – Dr. Erika Yates

SHINE ON CAMERA PROGRAM INFORMATION COST: Call now for our special offer BONUS OFFER: The first 5 people to join get a free 1-hour video coaching session with Natasha valued at $500

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You and your business


Are you a born entrepreneur? DAVID SOLOMON looks at the key DNA ingredients you must adopt to ensure your small business is successful. What it takes to start a business is a tremendous amount of courage, effort and pure willpower. But these are not necessarily the things that will help a business grow beyond a certain point. In fact, the attributes required to start your own business enterprise can actually become limiting factors as your business starts to grow. Some business owners try to be all things to all people and as the business grows it invariably becomes much too complex for that to work. So, personal growth is vital to business. Why is personal growth so important to running a business? Clearly personal growth is different for each person. But typically, each person will reach a sort of ceiling of complexity, where your own success has actually created a situation so complex and overwhelming that you can’t focus enough and figure out how to get to the next level. Often you are so busy trying to keep things going, put out fires, and prevent things from falling apart, that you don’t have the time or the mental energy to focus on building for the future. But with the right investment in yourself, as you grow over time and after you’ve had a chance to clean up some of the messes, create better systems, grow your understanding of how to work with other people or increase your

understanding of your own unique talents and capabilities – things will change.

are prepared to learn or be trained in the skills that are necessary.

If you look at a strand of human DNA you will see it has a double helix. Business DNA is similar and comprises the operational skills needed to run a business on one helix and the behavioural characteristics needed on the other. Let’s look at the skills side.

Here are some of the more important ones:

So what should you work on? A UK study highlighted some interesting answers relating to failure of businesses. Two-thirds of the participants in the study believed that business failure could have been avoided if remedial action had been taken to address the following operational problems: Inflexible owners making too many decisions based upon emotion, who either failed to seek outside help or who resisted that which was offered; n

A weak team with insufficient experience, inappropriate mix of skills or a failure to delegate effectively; n


Poor operations management;


Lack of succession;


A weak business concept; and


Lack of planning.

So what business skills and abilities do you need to be a successful business owner? You don’t have to be a high-powered, born entrepreneur to do well in business. Anyone can be a successful owner of a business if you

You really do deserve to have your ideal business! This happens when you are inspired – when the light burning within you is nurtured and allowed to shine. Uncovering what makes you come alive and building a successful business around it is the ultimate goal. This is what Quiddity is all about – helping women entrepreneurs to build a Higher Purpose Business.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR WORKING WOMEN READERS David is offering 8 free 60 minute, 1:1 sessions to help you explore your true passion, purpose, vision and values. To secure a spot, just be one of the first 8 to register at www.workingwomen.eventbrite.com.au For more information or if you are looking for some individual TLC, feel free to call David on (02) 9994 8999 or visit www.quidditybusiness.com.au David Solomon, Business Performance Strategist – helping women in business unlock their magnificence!

16 WORKING WOMEN® n Spring 2013

Financial expertise – It is imperative that you develop experience in budgeting and cash flow management. Controlling your debtors, creditors and costs is also essential. n

People skills – You cannot survive and prosper in business without strong skills in hiring, training, management, delegation and motivation of staff and/or contractors. n

Sales and marketing – Apart from actual sales expertise you should also have the ability to undertake strategic marketing planning. A practical understanding of pricing and promotions is also key. n

General business skills – These include computer literacy, the ability to solve problems, normal business decision-making ability and project management skills. n

Of course, all of the specialist skills you can (and perhaps should) outsource to proven experts. However, you cannot delegate all responsibility and it is vital you understand any recommendations that are made to you – hence you still need a level of personal expertise. n

CONTACT David Solomon BUSINESS Quiddity PHONE +61 (2) 9994 8999


“I want a lawyer that is conscientious, approachable, well priced and…a woman.” Then choose Longmores Lawyers, the all-woman firm that goes above and beyond. Property Conveyance, Business Law, Contract Law, Building Construction Law, Debt Recovery, plus more… 1300 851 464 info@longmores.com.au



Relationship success IN BUSINESS

Research shows that even with the best products and business practices, you still need strong relationships to succeed in business. KIRSTY O’CALLAGHAN explains how to identify and build those relationships to grow and sustain your success.

It is vital to form supporting relationships as your business grows and your responsibilities increase. Therefore, your relationships with customers, suppliers, competitors, industry leaders, financiers and professional advisers should also grow, providing a solid foundation for you and your business to thrive.

Encourage honest feedback A good relationship needs clear communications of how each party is performing. Encourage constructive criticism and be brave enough to suggest ways clients can help your business perform better.

Listen more than you talk All business women need to tell others about the strengths, features and benefits of their business to ultimately attract more business, however, it can be counterproductive. Being a good listener highlights your qualities much better than being a big talker. Taking the time to listen to your clients and colleagues and really understand where they are coming from can set you apart from your competitors. Being known as a good listener is the kind of behaviour that leads to referrals and long-term business success.

Make a routine Devise a system, such as a formal database, to ensure you regularly connect with your contacts. With the explosion of social media tools it has never been easier to keep in touch. Most of your contacts are the people you don’t know well but who may become clients

Counselling, Coaching and Training Service Corporate | Families | Individuals | Groups

Get the results you desire from home to workplace Get your free e-book today ‘90 Kirsty-isms’, to give you daily inspiration and motivation

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” – Colin Powell. or alliances in the future. It is worthwhile connecting with them because they may benefit from knowing about you and your business. If you have spoken briefly to someone at a conference or a networking event, have a follow up routine in place. For example, email or phone them to ask them if they would be interested in connecting with you to get to know each other better and find out how you can help and support one another.

Be trustworthy and build trusting relationships Trust is built on a foundation of honesty, genuineness and a feeling of rapport and synergy resulting from frequently working together with someone and having had many positive interactions. The most valuable business deals are often made through trusted relationships. These relationships can take work and time to establish, but they are worth it because they frequently create huge opportunities and have enormous long-term impacts on businesses. Be prepared to create relationships for your success, work hard, show up and when you fail, learn and keep moving forward. n CONTACT Kirsty O’Callaghan BUSINESS Unity-Qld PHONE +61 (7) 3482 4295


• Stress and Change Management Tools and Strategies • Simple, practical and real solutions • Seminars, workshops, groups and individual consultations • Affordable and trustworthy services and products Kirsty O’Callaghan Consultant | Speaker | Trainer UNITY-QLD P: +61(7) 3482 4295 M: 0402 889 648


Want A Rewarding Career That Helps People Reach Their Goals?

Become a Life Coach!


For your FREE Coaching Resources Pack, valued at $197, contact us today on

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WhatWeLike Showcasing the products WNA Members take to the domestic and international markets - these products are as diverse as the businesses and careers of the dynamic women behind them.

Pet perfect

Pamper your pet with the latest design in bedding. The soft padded sides, plush removable cushion, and fully waterproof exterior make it the perfect choice for discerning pet owners. Made of nonallergenic materials, 100 per cent waterproof and machine washable they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. PetzGo pet beds are not only durable, but also hygienic since they do not absorb moisture or odours. RRP start from $45. To purchase visit www.petzgo.com.au


This fantastic new concept in designer magnetic jewellery allows you to create and customise your own design! Each component connects together with simple and attractive magnets and you can interchange both colour and design. It’s a great way to create the look you want! Bright, sunshine yellow Mother-of-Pearl is the main feature in this creation and it is complimented by matching earrings. Black bracelets complete this sophisticated look. RRP: from $154. To order visit www.attraxionz.com


Looking for thoughtful and personal Christmas gifts for staff, clients, family and friends that are affordable yet memorable? These personalised Christmas baubles are just what you are looking for. There is an amazing range of colours, sizes and designs to suit every budget and taste. Your name or message is hand written in glitter calligraphy on each bauble. RRP from only $9.95, with discounts for volume orders. Your Christmas shopping has never been easier. Order online at www.thechristmascart.com.au

Self-healing CD

Take charge and improve your life. This meditation CD guides you to a past life memory to help you understand relationships in life, circumstances and especially fears and phobias, emotional and physical symptoms which are holding you back in current life. If you have tried everything else give this a go, it comes with instructions. RRP: $25 with free postage. To order visit www.tonireilly.com.au

Vogue design on trend

Set to be a best seller for summer 2013/14, the Shiloh leather handbag features multiple internal pockets and hidden pockets, soft curves and a gorgeous padlock and zippered opening detail at the front. Available in white or black. RRP: $149.99. For more Tilli Handbags and free express delivery every day of the year visit www.australiandesignerhandbags.com.au


Easy online accounting for less than $1 a day. It’s perfect for sole traders, mumpreneurs and small businesses with simple accounting needs, and people who are new to accounting or accounting software, to help them keep on top of their finances. This browser-based solution has no limitations on the number of invoices, transactions or employees registered. RRP: $29.00 per month. To order visit: www.myob.com.au/liveaccounts 18 WORKING WOMEN® n Spring 2013

Steller retro orange handbag This stylish retro and classic bag is not something that you see in just any shop. This unique bag is made from a high quality PU which is really functional and durable. It has 11 petals sewn diagonally on the front of the bag, a small external zip on the front (diagonal) and back (diagonal), external top zip, internal zip compartment and two small internal pockets. RRP: $69.00. For more information or to purchase go to www.jespere.com.au

USB menu

No, you can’t eat it! These Sushi USB drives are so realistic you could just dip them in soy sauce, but please don’t! Holding 2GB of space they are perfect all your important documents, music and photos, a great Christmas gift, office gift or a nice little pressie for yourself! Packaged in a sleek display case, they are the most appetising USB drives you will ever find. RRP: $25. To purchase online visit www.thegeneralgiftstore.com.au


This silver crescent plate necklace follows the trend emerging in the fashion world currently described as new-age ethnic. It is funky, slightly futuristic, but has a nostalgic tie to art and crafty ethnicity. This stunning tribal-inspired necklace in full silver, adds a sharp, contemporary edge. RRP: $41.95. To purchase visit shop.coussinet.com.au

Car magnets keep kids safe

Take the stress out of travelling by encouraging your children to wait close to your car with a Safe-T-Hand™ Car Magnet. Created using high intensity outdoor grade materials, UV fade-resistant inks and laminate coating protection, Safe-T-Hands are available in four designs as vehicle specific car magnets or vinyl car decals! RRP: $24.50. To purchase visit www.safethand.com/gallery

Socially acceptable

Are you a social networking junkie? Does your morning routine start with updating your status and grabbing a coffee before you even say good morning to the family? Then we think we’ve found just the right blend for you. The ‘I Like Social Mugs’ are perfect for those who are social network mobile and ‘in a relationship’ with their tea or coffee. RRP: $9.95. To purchase online visit www.latestbuy.com.au

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We love this product. The tattoos provide clear and visual information specific to your needs ranging from medical or allergy information, contact for lost children, information for caregivers or personal identification. The tattoos can last up to 7 days, are water resistant and are quick and easy to apply and remove. TRENDetatts Personalised Temporary Tattoos provide extra peace of mind and make it easier for kids and loved ones to be part of the crowd. RRP start from $14.50 for a pack of 10. To order visit www.trendetatts.com.au Spring 2013 n WORKING WOMEN® 19

Be a REAL and RECOGNISABLE face for your business.



perfect branding

Uniting yourself and your business through a powerful personal brand will cement your reputation as a trusted and recognisable business brand. KERRIN SMITH outlines the value and credibility you can gain from ensuring you and your business are in the picture.

Get noticed online with unique and powerful business portrait photography.

Personal branding is key to having a recognisable and trustworthy business reputation. But have you identified the most important part of your personal brand? Ignoring the significance of a professional business portrait photo could undermine the basis of all of your branding efforts.

Once upon a time the Internet was invented

Build trust and credibility with a dynamic business video.

The Internet emerged out of nowhere offering around-the-clock shopping and international dispatching capabilities to the unsuspecting but very delighted customer. Great for the customer but not so great for the average small business that was not prepared for the dramatic change. Now that small businesses have had a chance to take a breath and investigate the benefits of business online, the Internet is now much more friend then foe.

Am I still the face of my business?

Create a unique personal brand with entrepreneurial photography and video packages by Kerrin Smith. Get ready to go online:

• Social Media Sites • Blogs • Profile Pics • Websites • Facebook Banners • eNewsletters • Landing Pages • eMagazines • YouTube Channels

For more information on video and photography packages contact Kerrin Smith on: info@kerrinsmith.com.au 0457 229 087 kerrinsmith.com.au/store

Available Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast.

20 WORKING WOMEN® n Spring 2013

If you consider the Internet to be a “town” and everyone on it to be your “walk-ins” then your website is your “shopfront” and you are the face of your business. We all know people buy from people, but if you are unsure of how this applies to your online business strategy then you could be losing potential customers from your website.

Picture perfect personal branding Personal branding is a very strong tool in business marketing – think Richard Branson, Ellen DeGeneres, Martha Stewart and even The Kardashians. All of these people have literally used themselves to develop seriously strong personal brands and their audiences cannot get enough! The great news is you are equally capable of doing the same. All you need to get is an engaging portrait and put it out there.

Get honest opinions about which photo will best represent you and your business and be open to the fact that it may not be your first choice. key and even though you may want the photo to show you as modern, dynamic or outright quirky you still need some polish.

The new professional portrait To really make sure you optimise your personal branding you need to get that profile picture working for your business. Make sure your portrait engages the audience, tells a story and draws them in. To find out what is going to work for you share a variety of photos with trusted friends and family. Get honest opinions about which photo will best represent you and your business and be open to the fact that it may not be your first choice.

Businesses change and so should your business portrait photo Once you have made a decision and selected the portrait photo that will fit your personal branding get it up online. Write a list of all the places you are using a photo to represent yourself and update them one by one. You need to be meticulous about this because congruency is imperative to a powerful personal brand. Finally, even though you may love your photo right now, as things change your brand will develop, and you must recognise this evolution in your business and update your profile picture in a timely manner. Being a leader in your field is not just about what you know, it is about who you are. If you present yourself with congruency through an engaging portrait photo, your personal brand will go from strength to strength. n

Selfies count right? Using an amateur portrait or even a selfie can be potentially damaging to your business. This little profile picture is essentially going to be the face of your business online. Businesses should always be budget savvy, however, this is one area that you should not neglect beyond your start up phase. Professionalism is the

CONTACT Kerrin Smith BUSINESS Kerrin Smith Photography |

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The business of


‘Pop’ and the bottle of Moet is open! The first ice-cold sip is delicious! Why Moet at $70 per bottle? Why not Yellow Glen at $9 per bottle? DEBBIE WHITTLE discusses how you can position you and your business as the Moet in the marketplace. We all make decisions on what to buy and who to do business with based on a feeling, an impression we get about the person or company. Big brands manage public perception very strategically. Big names like Richard Branson and Oprah carefully set the stage for us to like them, to buy into their ideology. If these big brands do it, so should we. What is Personal Branding? It is a term that is used extensively in the media at the moment and it simply means ‘How we market ourselves to others’ and what makes us special. What are you known for? What do people say about you? Your reputation is the most priceless asset you will ever have. It allows you to premium price yourself. It is important to do all we can to ensure our potential and existing clients like us, trust us and want to do business with us. Personal branding is the experience others will have of you and this is how your reputation is formed. This experience is sensory, affecting all levels. How one feels (special, heard, valued), what one sees (your physical image, the image of your office, your staff’s image) and what one hears (manners, etiquette), combined together leave a ‘taste’ that one walks away with after engaging with you or your business. It is not just about the signage, business stationary, website design, business card and social media sites but about the ‘whole experience’ that the customer gets. Many businesses spend thousands of dollars on

marketing but neglect the one very important piece of the puzzle, the physical image and behaviour of themselves and that of their staff. What makes a great Personal Brand? Personal branding is about the ABC of image management. It is about total image and not just one or two aspects.

Appearance – how are you communicating without opening your mouth? First impressions are lasting impressions. We remember the first time we met someone and we relate to people who look ‘just like me’ or are dressed based on our expectations of how a person in that line of work should be dressed. If you dress like you belong to a certain group you will be perceived as having the same attitudes and characteristics associated with that group’s public image. n




Dressing for your body shape

Wearing the right colours to convey authority or approachability n

Communication – how we convey verbal and non-verbal messages Verbal and non-verbal communication, body language, eye contact and personal space n


Courtesy and respect at work


Office gossip

Mobile phone, text messaging and email etiquette n


Telephone and voicemail etiquette


Social Media – Facebook, LinkedIn


Business cards, stationery, website

All of these aspects need to be carefully managed to ensure a successful Personal Brand. Consistency in all aspects of your brand management is crucial. Inconsistency leads to an element of doubt in the minds of the influential people in your circle.

What does building an authentic, believable and consistent personal brand do?

Behaviour – business etiquette and how we

Enhances your self-awareness. It helps you develop an understanding about what makes you unique, valuable, and powerful. It helps to optimise and showcase your strengths.

make people feel



Appropriate dress for your workplace


Handshakes, greetings and introductions


Using and remembering names


Networking do’s and don’ts


Dining manners


Differentiates you from everyone else who has your job title or who says they are in the same business as you. Puts you in control of your business, the clients you have, the projects you work on, and how you want to deliver services. n

Creates wealth. Strong brands charge a premium for their products and services, and may often lead to higher salaries. n

Offers resilience. Strong brands are successful despite challenges and downturns in the economy because they stand for something unique and are differentiated. n

Everyone and every business can project a winning message and make their personal and professional dreams come true. n

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social phobias and fears Phobia symptoms can range from mild feelings of anxiety to a full-blown panic attack that stops you in your tracks. JULIE LAHERTY looks at strategies you can use to manage phobias so you can move forward and live life to the fullest.

Your inbox pings and you check your emails. Your heart misses a beat! Your proposal has been accepted and your attendance at the board meeting is now confirmed. Now you have only two weeks left to prepare your proposal and win this contract. Memories of your last public speaking engagement flood back to haunt you. If only you could avoid the shortness of breath, shaking hands and the lump in your throat. As you get closer to the Board meeting, the greater your fear becomes knowing that once you are in that boardroom there is no escape. If only you could take control and make this fear go away. When it comes to treating phobias, self-help strategies and therapy can both be effective. The best solution for you depends on a number of factors, including the severity of your phobia and the amount of support you need. Self-help is always worth a try and the more you can do for yourself, the more in control you will feel. However, if your fear or phobia is so severe that it triggers panic attacks or uncontrollable anxiety, you may want to seek professional help. So what causes our fear or phobia? A phobia can be explained as a present day response to an intensely traumatic experience in the past. The fear is anchored to the object, animal or situation that caused it initially. The person experiencing the fear or phobia knows it is not sensible but the anxiety they feel compels

them to avoid the trigger state. A state is our way of being in any moment. It comes from our physiology, thinking and emotions, and is greater than the sum of its parts. States are the immediate part of our experience and they vary in intensity, length and familiarity. For example, the calmer the state, the easier it is to think rationally. The more intense the state, the more thinking is disrupted and the more emotional energy one has. Although we often believe that states are caused by events outside our control, we create them ourselves. Learning how to change that state to one of resourcefulness leads to enhanced performance and greater health and happiness. One way is to gradually and repeatedly expose yourself to your fear in a safe and controlled way. Over a period of time you will learn to ride out the anxiety and fear until it finally passes. If you have already tried exposure and failed, then you could consider making a list of fearful situations related to your phobia. Arrange the items on your list from the least scary to the most scary. So if your phobia is public speaking, then your list could start with a picture of a boardroom and all the Directors.

the empty room. Again, when you feel really comfortable move on to the following step, that is, to attend a board meeting and watch the other speakers intently. The longer you expose yourself to the thing you are afraid of, the more you will get used to it. Remember, practice makes perfect and builds confidence. A couple of minutes before your presentation, try this relaxation technique. Take a slow breath in through your nose, expanding your stomach as you inhale. Hold your breath for a count of six and exhale very slowly out of your mouth for the count of six. Repeat this cycle several times until you feel relaxed and centred. The symptoms of a phobia can range from mild feelings of anxiety to a full-blown panic attack. If you suffer a feeling of overwhelming anxiety or panic, intense need to escape, fear of losing control or going crazy, difficulty breathing, chest pain or tightness, shaking, feeling dizzy or lightheaded, churning stomach, or sweating, and you have tried self-help strategies and your problem persists, then you should seek the support of a professional, trained in behaviour or alternative therapy. n

Look at the picture and only move on to the next step when you feel really comfortable. For your next step, practice speaking. Your pillows, chairs and plants make a great audience. Next, visit the boardroom and practice speaking to

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How to make your voice mails


Most people will view receiving a voicemail message as a dead end to their cold calling process, believing that even if they leave a message, they will never receive a call back. ASHLEIGH HOULT demonstrates how voice mails can be used to get the key decision maker to call you and to generate appointments.

Let’s face it, for most the idea of calling and speaking to a prospective client has their stomach clenching, the fear of rejection overrides all, and so when they encounter a voice mail message they are relieved to not have to talk with someone. The voice mail becomes a perfect excuse to avoid dealing with another person’s potential negative response. This fear is definitely going to be evident if you are still using the traditional sales mindset. That is, if you are focused entirely on ‘selling’ and plugging the features and benefits of your products/services. But voice mails can be a legitimate and successful way of having the key decision maker call you and to generate appointments, if they are used correctly and professionally. To be successful when leaving a voice mail, you must be focused on your potential client’s world. It should be a process of investigation, to find out if they are definitely the right person to speak with, and if they are experiencing the points of pain that your products/services can alleviate. Along with focusing on your prospect’s world, there are quite a few things you can do to increase the possibility that your prospect will return your call.

HERE ARE SOME TOP RECOMMENDATIONS: 1. Tell them in your message why you are calling. Many simply leave their name and number and wait for their prospect to call back, believing that by not giving away too much information, they will cause enough intrigue for their prospect to return the call. Think about it though – if you are leaving a voice mail for someone who you have never met and you only give them your name and number, you will not establish that you are any value to them or grab their attention. It will cause the decision maker to ask, who is this person and why do we need to connect in the first place. They want to know how important it is for them to hear you out, and if they don’t know who you are or your reason for calling, then returning your call will not be a priority for them. Your strategy should be to leave your name and number at the end of your message after you have created a compelling reason for them to contact you.

2. Reference someone they know to get

Your strategy should be to leave your name and number at the end of your message after you have created a compelling reason for them to contact you. 3. Stop focusing on features and benefits, and leave compelling information on how. As exciting as it may be to you, your prospect doesn’t care about how ‘amazing’ your products and services are. They want to hear what you have done for similar clients in the past and the results that may be possible for them. Before leaving a message, be prepared with a short story or fact about how you assisted a company similar to theirs. In a world where your competition is clamouring for your prospects’ attention, you need to do something different from the rest. These tips should ensure that you either have a return call from your prospect, informing you on whether they are a suitable fit for your services or not, or if they don’t have the time to get back to you, they may be anxiously awaiting your next call. n

their attention. As owners of businesses and sales people, we all know the power of referrals and how much easier it is to make a connection when you have them. Referencing a person who your prospect knows or respects is a fast way to get their attention.

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DON’T GAMBLE that poor communication habits in your business will fix themselves! How to make sure your business name is on quality documents EVERY TIME! People do notice spelling and grammatical errors and your business name will stand out for all the wrong reasons. Call Aunt Em and book a business communication audit with her, she will ensure that your business language will always have lustre. Frances Cahill BA (Hons) 1st Cert IV TAA, CERT IV Small Business Management

Chief Word Polisher – 0411 537 957 info@askauntem.com.au • www.askauntem.com.au

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Article writing

the good and the bad

Have you considered promoting your business via articles published in print or online? But how do you write articles that will create a positive impression? WENDY SMITH lays bare the good and the bad of article writing for business women. Surprisingly to some, whether or not you are a gifted writer is not the primary factor that determines the success of the articles you write. It is more to do with how you approach the article, the content you include and the overall value you offer the readers. What are some basic factors that influence the impression your article will make on readers?

Bad impressions are created by: 8 Blatant self-promotion – me, me, me and sell, sell, sell. This is the biggest turn off for many readers and the quickest way to lose your reader before they even get to the end of your article. Worse still, it may not even make the cut to be published at all if the publisher or editor considers it be more advertorial than editorial. 8 Content or writing style that is not suited or relevant to the publication’s specific audience. Before starting your article, research your target audience and the requirements of the publication you are writing for, whether a glossy print magazine, ezine or blog. Ideally, read some previous issues and articles already published to get a feel for the publication. Then tailor your content, and the way in which you present it, to that publication’s readers. For example, readers of a specialist professional journal would not appreciate being treated like preschoolers with generic introductory content

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Don’t be afraid to let your personality and your unique voice shine through, at the same time as being sensitive to the style of the publication and the target audience. and, likewise, articles for a publication with a broad readership should not be overflowing with industry-specific jargon and complex and unnecessary detail. In addition, find out whether the target readership are young adults or senior citizens or those somewhere in between and write for your audience. Also consider whether the language used in the existing articles is formal or maybe more casual, and ensure your writing style will fit. 8 All fluff and no substance. Perhaps, you like a bit of foamy fluff on top of your cappuccino? Especially if it is lightly dusted with chocolate? But if the whole cup were full of foam, you would probably feel ripped off. I know I would! So, make sure there is a full shot of espresso in the cup you offer up and go easy on the fluff. An important part of self-editing the article you have written is to go back and remove the fluff – remove anything that does not add value to your article.

Good impressions are created by: 4 Pertinent and meaty information presented clearly and concisely. Honour the fact that your readers are giving up their valuable time to read your article and

provide them something of value, something useful to them, something they can get their teeth into. Short and sweet may prevail over rambling on at length, and ensure the content is meaningful and relevant. 4 Giving the readers what they need or want. Aim to provide something that will benefit your reader in some way. Maybe you can help them to resolve a problem or improve their business or personal situation? Perhaps encourage them to persevere or assure them they are not alone? Or maybe your words will inspire and motivate your readers to be successful or to reach for the stars. 4 Offering your unique writing style and point of view. Don’t be afraid to let your personality and your unique voice shine through, at the same time as being sensitive to the style of the publication and the target audience. Give examples and include short case studies and present your individual position and your expertise and experience in your own words. If you take note of the tips your article will be off to a great start and, once polished up, likely to leave a positive impression on readers. n

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Ignite Your Soul Fire Design An Empire You Crazy Love & Get Blissfully Rich Making A World Of Difference Get Weekly Tips, Tools + Templates On How To Create Your Best Life, Design An Empire You Crazy Love & Get Blissfully Rich! Simply Visit www.ambermclean.com.au/JoinMe “Amber Mclean is one of those extraordinary women that is going to change the world for the better by serving women in business. She is a fierce, strong woman, generous with the information she gives, keeps you accountable, is highly strategic and puts her money where her mouth is. When you sign up to an Amber Mclean program you know that all the strategies are tried and tested by her in her own business. The programs she creates are of the highest quality and value. If you are committed to growing your business then you will definitely experience a fantastic ROI on your investment. In 90 days of starting her program I myself managed to generate $30,000 in sales. Not bad for someone fresh out of the corporate world! STEPHANIE WARZECHA | LOVABLE SOCIAL MEDIA

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5 reasons to patent A patent is the oldest and strongest way of protecting a new technology, but is it worth the effort? MICHELLE DON PAUL highlights the benefits of obtaining patent protection for a new invention. Have you ever invested time, resources and money into the creation of a new product, only to find a similar but cheaper and more inferior product suddenly appear in the market shortly after? Inventors are commonly encouraged to patent their inventions, but often decide to forgo the process with the belief that the cost and effort is not worthwhile, without realising the significant benefits that patenting their invention can provide.

PATENTING YOUR INVENTION CAN: 1. Protect Against Intellectual Property Theft – Sometimes it is difficult to convert an invention from a concept to a marketable product without the involvement of parties outside your business. It may be necessary to share details of your invention with investors and manufacturing partners in order to commercialise your invention. A patent provides you with the exclusive right to use and exploit the invention covered by the claims of the patent, for the life of the patent in each country in which the patent is registered. A patent not only offers protection but also acts as a deterrent against potential infringers and unauthorised users.

2. Help You to Achieve a Strong Market Position – With exclusive rights to use and exploit your patented invention, you are able to prevent others from using or selling your invention, thereby reducing competition and


establishing yourself in the marketplace. This increased market position and reduced competition can result in an increase in return on investment (ROI) for your business.

3. Protect Your Ability to do Business – A granted patent allows you to enforce your rights against an infringer or an unauthorised user of the patented invention. If you do not obtain a patent yourself, there is a risk that someone else could obtain a patent first. You could then not only have competition in your market, but you could also lose the rights to market your own invention. If this happens, then all the investment you have put into your business could be in vain and you could become entangled in costly legal battles.

4. Provide You the Opportunity to License or Sell the Invention – A patent is an asset which can be sold or licensed. Thus, if you decided not to exploit the patent yourself, you could sell or license your patent rights to another party. This could be in return for a fixed fee or royalty, which could also provide a source of income for your business.

5. Increase Your Negotiating Power – A patent can act as a valuable tool for use in negotiations with potential investors, venture capitalists and buyers. A patent is tangible evidence of the technical expertise and commitment to development that you have instilled in your business and provides a positive image for your business. Investors

A granted patent represents a valuable business asset that provides you with a competitive advantage. Remember, it is essential that an invention is not publicly disclosed prior to filing a patent application. and buyers may perceive an increased level of expertise, quality, and innovation in your business, which could lead to increased investment. Investors and buyers may feel a sense of security knowing that you have protected your IP, which will in turn protect their investment. A granted patent represents a valuable business asset that provides you with a competitive advantage. Remember, it is essential that an invention is not publicly disclosed prior to filing a patent application. Early disclosure of the invention may result in the patent being invalid or reduce the scope of protection obtainable for the patent. While patenting a new invention can take time and resources to complete, the benefits that patent protection can provide to your business can far outweigh the investment required. n

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Protecting your most important business asset Intellectual property (IP) can be the most valuable asset your business has. Intellectual property plays an integral part in securing a leading market position and ensuring that competitors do not copy your innovations, ideas and reputation that create your competitive advantage. Whether you have: n a new and distinctive shape or appearance for a product to be protected by a Design; n an idea or invention to be protected by a Patent; and/or n a name and/or logo to be protected by a Trade Mark.

Adept IP takes the time to understand your business and its needs so that we can help you identify, build and protect your IP, so that you can maximize and profit from your IP and “add value” to your business. WorkIng Women readers offer: Call (03) 9566 7241 or visit: www.adeptip.com.au now to book a free no-obligation consultation. mention this advert to also receive a free IP assessment. 26 WORKING WOMEN® n Spring 2013


Franchising IS IT FOR YOU? Entering into a franchise may be an option for you when you are starting or growing your business. Or have considered franchising your own business? SIMONE PENTIS explains what franchising is and some things you need to understand and consider before you dive into the franchising industry. Australia seems to be a highly entrepreneurial society, with many people having a desire to operate their own business. However, not everyone has the money, skills, resources, products or contacts needed to establish or grow their business. This is where the franchising industry can step in and provide people with the opportunities to have their own business, but not be by themselves. However, for parties seeking to franchise their business and become a franchisor, there are a number of legal, financial and operation hurdles you need to first consider and pass before, during and after you become a franchisor. And for potential franchisees, while you technically own your franchise business, there will be a number of restrictions and conditions upon how you own, operate and seek to deal with the business now and into the future. Also, you should ensure you are aware of and make use of the various protections available to franchisees under the Franchising Code of Conduct. Franchising is heavily regulated in Australia, the main area of law being the Franchising Code of Conduct, a regulation of the Commonwealth Government’s Competition and Consumer Act. The Franchising Code of Conduct sets out a range of rights and obligations on both parties. These obligations and rights commence from before a party even enters into a franchise agreement, during the period any franchise agreement exists and through to after a

franchise agreement has ended. Franchising has the potential to be a great opportunity, however, you need to do your groundwork first to make sure that not only does it provide a great opportunity, but that it is a great opportunity for you specifically. When working out if franchising is right for you – whether this is in relation to you becoming a franchisor or a franchisee – you need to ensure you actually know what franchising is and the impact this classification can have. There are numerous types of franchise systems. The majority are in the form of business format franchise systems (i.e. McDonalds, Howards Storage, Video Ezy, Mortgage Choice, The Coffee Club etc.), while others may be in the form of the provision of specific products and/or services under a Trade Name (i.e. Retail Petroleum Outlets and Soft Drink distributions etc.).

However, no matter the type, a franchise should generally meet the following characteristics: 1. A right is being granted by one party (“the franchisor”) to another (“the franchisee”) to carry on the business of offering, supplying or distributing goods or services; 2. the franchisee is required to operate under a system or marketing plan substantially determined, controlled or suggested by the franchisor or it’s associate; 3. the franchisee’s business must be substantially or materially associated with a trade mark, advertising or a commercial symbol owned, used, licensed or specified by the franchisor or its associate; and

Give yourself the competitive


4. a requirement exists to make payment/s to the franchisor or its associates, other than wholesale costs or payment of market value for certain items to a franchisor or its associate. As noted above, the Franchising Code of Conduct, a regulation of the Commonwealth Government’s Competition and Consumer Act, is the main source of law regulating franchising in Australia. The Franchising Code of Conduct in effect sets out that it does not care whether you believe something is or is not a franchise, if the arrangement you have meets the franchise characteristics set out in the Franchising Code of Conduct (those being along the lines of the above characteristics), then you likely have a franchise and a range of rights, obligations, penalties and/or benefits. Therefore, whether something is legally a franchise is a very important consideration you need to work through. I suggest you take the time to do some research. Investigate what franchises are already out there, ones you could potentially be a franchisee of or ones that, if you set up your own franchise, you may be competing with for clients or franchisees. n

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Advantage Partners Lawyers proudly provides commercial solutions for individuals, start-ups, small, medium and large Australian and International businesses. We can assist you with a range of legal services for: • General Commercial Business • Franchising & Licensing (Franchisor/ Licensor & Franchisee/Licensee) • Intellectual Property (inc. Trade Marks, Copyright & IP Assessments) • Business Sales & Purchases

• Property Sales & Purchases Conveyancing • Leases • Sponsorships • Competition Terms & Permits • Mediations

Advantage Partners Lawyers Mention this advert for a free no-obligation consultation and/or receive information on our Entrepreneur Starter Pack or Entrepreneur Growth Pack. View our website at www.advpartners.com.au or contact our Managing Director, Simone Pentis on spentis@advpartners.com.au / 0406992365

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ways to find prospects to call

Are you out of ideas about where to find leads? JENNY CARTWRIGHT points you in the right direction to building lists of possible leads to call and, more importantly, how to find prospects that will convert to sales. Remember, 80% of your current business comes from 20% of your existing customers so it is important to call existing customers on a regular basis. However, it is important to keep filling the pipeline with potential customers (i.e. prospects). Cold calling is therefore vital to practice in order to stay in business. Think about it, if everyone in your company learnt how to do 10 cold calls a day and they each connected with four people, how big could your business grow? They could do that at the beginning of the day, get their four prospects and then cold calling would be over for the day. “Yes, but where do I find leads?” I hear you cry. “Who can I call?” The most important factor in telemarketing is to have a really good list of people to call that you can build a relationship with over time.

Here are some ideas:

1. Know exactly who you want to target. For example, if you are in recruitment and want to supply people to banks or telecommunications companies, simply go to www.yellowpagesonline.com, look under ‘banks’ and ‘telecommunications’ and cut and paste all the company names and telephone numbers into your own database. Call the company and ask for the IT Manager or the HR Manager and capture the name of the person from the receptionist first of course.

2. Look in the journals of the industries you target for influential people being written about. Find these people’s contact details, call

them to congratulate them on their article and ask them to recommend people you could call.

3. Look in newspapers and magazines for people advertising for what you can offer.

4. Buy lists from list companies like ‘The List Bank’ and ‘Impact Lists’. They keep up-todate lists of professional people like Sales Managers, Managing Directors, Mortgage Brokers, Accountants, Real Estate Managers, Advertising Managers etc. They can split them into companies under 10 employees, over 50 employees etc. and into various areas.

5. Better still create your own list. The quickest way I know to do this, is to have a landing page on your website offering the visitor something free. To get the free gift, they must fill in their email and telephone number. Many businesses do this on their home page with the “subscribe for free tips” and the “Free Report”. Every day more and more people subscribe and you will have contact details of more people who you can be of service to.

6. Attend tradeshows and offer a prize so that everyone who passes by puts their card in your raffle box. Better still, in return for entry into a prize draw, get them to fill out a questionnaire to find out their needs in relation to your products or services. You will then know whether they are potential prospects who are worth telemarketing after the event.

do a mail out to your customers for them and they can do a mail out to their customers for you. Share the profits and get leads for each other.

8. Think of companies who supply you with products and services with whom you might be able to do joint ventures. Your printer must have a good list of clients or your stationery supplier. Alternatively, ask them for referrals as they must know at least 10 people suitable for your business.

9. Place an advertisement in a journal or magazine that targets your market offering something FREE and give a phone number. And if the offer is good, wait for the calls to come rolling in. But, for goodness sake, make sure there is someone to answer the calls, someone who will answer the phone well and who has been trained to convert incoming calls into sales. I heard about someone who called from an advert and got an answer-phone message which said, “Obviously I am not here, you know what to do!” Needless to say he wasted his advertising because no-one would buy from a person with such an unprofessional phone message.

10. Post an article about your product or service on www.blogger.com. Once you get known, you will start to get leads. n

7. Look for joint venture partners, for example, companies who have products or services that are complementary to yours. You could offer to

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At a time when warmth, gentleness and understanding mean so much WHITE LADY FUNERALS is there for you

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How to handle


Discover the difference NETWORKING can make to your business.

Is the customer always right and what if they are rude to you or your staff? TERRI MITCHELL recommends ways to help you remain reasonable in your interactions with rude or ranting customers. In the course of operating your business, you will undoubtedly come across a rude customer or two. It goes without saying. To be fair, on some occasions it will be because of a situation caused – directly or otherwise – by your business, through you or your staff, or a failing in your business systems. On these occasions, dealing with an impolite customer is generally easy enough, if you have good staff training and effective policies in place.

Here are two things to consider when looking for solutions to the ‘Rude Customer’ issue: Be objective in your observations Ideally, even when facing a ranting customer who raises his or her voice at you, simply allow them to vent. Maintain your composure. Breathe and observe. What you need to look for are indicators as to why the situation might be occurring, as some customers may be unaware their actions are perceived as rude. Perhaps there is a language barrier? Maybe the person is affected by medication, or serious injury or illness or impairment? Is the person alone, or with a partner/spouse/friend? Customers in the company of another can often become more rational if they realise their rant is causing humiliation or embarrassment to their companion. Taking note of all these factors can help you feel more empowered and sympathetic, calmer and less likely to get caught up in the heat of the moment.

Australia network ® Women’s

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Working Women


How to

attention stage an media grabbing stunt

Unless you are otherwise bound by Acts or laws, do not cave in to the customer. You are in business, you are not a charity. Stand by your policies, fairly and in accordance with legal requirements, and do not let the grumpy customer win. Intimidating customers are often wrong because yes, customers are NOT always right. There will continue to be rude customers who behave with unreasonable expectation. It is up to you and your staff to acknowledge that a customer might not intentionally be acting rudely. When you know you do have a rude customer in your presence, you need to know how to remain firm, fair and reasonable to diffuse the situation. n

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If there is one thing that grumpy customers like to achieve, it’s a win-lose. That is, they win and they make sure you lose – whether it be an argument, or about cost, or regarding your product. If, for example, a customer disputes a price on a product you carry, make sure you have all the balls in your court when you disagree with them. If the customer is simply mistaken, point it out politely. If they argue, simply reiterate the point calmly and with understanding of how such a misunderstanding could occur.

ous Are obnoxinow customers the norm?


Stand your ground

subscriptio n included in membership .

Print Post

But what about those other rude customers who simply bring their unpleasant attitude with them everywhere they go? How do you deal with the ill-mannered customer, against whom you have done nothing wrong, intentionally or inadvertently? What do you do when customers roll their eyes, exhale fumingly, scoff, speak arrogantly, act impatiently, or otherwise make unreasonable demands of you and your staff? The best course of action depends on a number of factors.

omen Working W

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reasons to r patent you invention

the working e of dating gam business

us to fab ulo fea rle ss go fro m – how to bes t self be you r

Jump online and visit www.womensnetwork.com.au

Discover a world of opportunities to help grow and develop your business. Expert tips and online business resources, thousands of networking contacts, small business tools, over 100 networking events and so much more…

Be inspired and create opportunities

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can make your business more profitable The benefits of fun in business have been well documented but, unfortunately, tough times mean that in many businesses other factors take priority over fun. KEVIN RYAN looks at the reasons why, even when things are tight, all businesses still need to make the effort to ensure their workplaces are fun environments.

A fun workplace retains its good staff. Some industries have such high staff turnover that they refer to it as their ‘attrition’ rate. One such industry is call centres. A call centre in Sydney introduced a fun program and their staff turnover dropped from 30+% (the industry standard) to 13%. Imagine the savings in staff training! A study at Griffith University in Brisbane found that encouraging good social networks (which is what fun at work does) is as effective in retaining staff as increasing salary. When people are enjoying themselves they complain less and get into fewer disputes. Workplace disputes are disruptive, destructive and, generally, expensive. Staff complaining about minor issues is the blight of every manager. A workplace fun program is a proactive way of dealing with these costly irritations. And it is not an acceptable excuse to say, “Oh, that wouldn’t work with our industry – the work just isn’t fun!” One of the most successful descriptions of workplace humour is the FISH! Series of books and videos (Lundin, Paul & Christensen). If fishmongers can have fun…surely you can manage it in your business! Fun at work means better customer service. A survey done by Marketing Focus in Perth identified the factors that influenced customers’ buying decisions. The top two were ambience (24%), and customer service and staff attitude (31%). If staff are having fun with each other,

both of these areas are immediately improved. Customers perceive staff attitude in three ways:

1. From the way they are treated

2. From the way they see other customers treated

3. From the way staff treat each other. A lot of customer service training focuses on the first one, acknowledges the second and virtually ignores the third. By creating an atmosphere that allows staff to have fun with each other, management can improve all three. Let staff have fun then let them include the customers in the fun – this will transform a boring, forgettable transaction to a fun, memorable experience. The customers will keep coming back and they will bring their friends! Managers often become intimidated by the idea of a creating a fun environment because they think they have to become funnier. Not so. As a manager, all you have to do is create the right atmosphere, let staff know it’s okay and they

will generate the humour. Give them some ‘safe humour’ guidelines if necessary (humour that is offensive, obscene or making fun of what customers pay for should not be tolerated) and let them go. Their creativity will be released and you will reap the benefits. Improve the fun atmosphere and watch your customer loyalty grow and your staff retention improve. n

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Is your business ready to respond to Australia’s biggest workplace reforms? July 21 2013 will see the introduction of new workplace laws designed to encourage and maintain harmonious working relationships. Our consultants offer training in: -

The new reforms •Workplace Investigations

• Leadership and Positive Workplace Practices • Workplace and harassment •We can writebullying or review your policies and procedures to ensure you are compliant with the new legislation. Our packages can be tailored to suit you individual needs.

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Receiving feedback

Constructive criticism is good for us, right? Just like Brussels sprouts! Some feedback hurts, even if it is true. AMANDA EDWARDS delivers some helpful tips on how to develop a thicker skin. Do you really seek ‘constructive’ feedback? Be honest, no one likes being told they aren’t as good as they thought!

to feedback received before? Does it align with your goals? Do you need to change your behaviour?

Receiving feedback can be uncomfortable. However, it’s also a very useful improvement tool. People fear negative feedback and internalise it as truth instead of perspective. It feels bad and who likes feeling bad? It is easier to avoid it.

5. Don’t think of 100 reasons why it is not true

Aim to welcome feedback. It helps you see things about yourself others can see and you cannot, especially aspects that limit your progress. If feedback is not truth you don’t need to believe it. You can choose to use it or not. Every time you take offense at feedback you miss an opportunity. People will stop telling you things you need to hear. It is a great way to shut others down for a while but eventually people will tire of not being able to have an opinion for fear of hurting your feelings and they will talk about you behind your back instead! Help people become comfortable giving you feedback. Listen, even if the delivery is poor. Response to feedback is mostly unconscious, steeped in stories, beliefs and experiences formed in youth. Receiving negative feedback positively is all about understanding and changing your internal response.

SIX HELPFUL HINTS: 1. Make a conscious choice to welcome feedback. Prepare yourself to receive it. Visualise yourself responding positively.

2. Accept feedback graciously. “Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it”, “Okay, thanks”, or “Thanks, I appreciate you letting me know” are all good responses. Don’t argue or attempt to explain yourself as you will sound defensive and make the other person uncomfortable.

3. Acknowledge your discomfort. It is normal but no one ever died from a little internal discomfort, you will be okay!

or make the messenger out to be wrong, mean or stupid. This is simply a way to discount their opinion and make you feel better!

6. Limit the air time your mean inner voice

Are you looking for a new direction? Do you feel life is out of balance? Seeking something more? Take time out for yourself and spend a day exploring your values with our equine team. Our skilled facilitators will help you review your current position and look towards your future. Heal Your Life with Horses (based on the philosophy of Louise Hay) is an amazing program aimed at women looking for something else in their lives. Treat yourself to a life changing experience in the beautiful Macedon Ranges just 30 minutes North of Melbourne CBD.

gets and replace it with something kinder. That inner voice says things that you wouldn’t say to anyone else. For example: Boss: “You could improve your budget management”. Inner voice: “I knew it, she thinks I can’t manage finances. It’s not my strong point. I’m no good at maths. I’m stupid. She doesn’t think I’m good enough. She doesn’t like me. I’m terrible.” Instead, try responding with: Inner voice: “Thanks for your feedback. It may or may not be true. I’ll think about this. I’m a good person.” If that inner voice starts up again, notice it like a third party looking in. Say, “Interesting but no longer useful”, and let it pass. Practice these steps consciously and negative feedback will become less and less uncomfortable. You will truly value all feedback and develop a new freedom to choose your thoughts and feelings. These abilities will far surpass technical skills in advancing your career and lead you to the success you desire. Go forth, get feedback! n

Try something new – Equine Guided Education – it’s a powerful learning experience and our program helps you get results FAST! No horse experience necessary. All activities undertaken safely from the ground. Visit our website today for your free e-book.

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Amanda Edwards, MHSM, GAICD, PGDAN BUSINESS Macedon Ranges Equine Guided Education PHONE +61 (0) 422 809 060 www.macedonrangesege.com CONTACT

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your bottom line?

As your business continues to grow, are you spending a disproportionate amount of time dealing with employee issues? SHARON COLLITT explains the six key elements that every business, regardless of size, needs to have in place to minimise risk and improve employee productivity.

Are the costs associated with meeting your employee obligations spiralling out of control? Implemented correctly, the following elements will minimise risk associated with current legislative requirements whilst improving the productivity of your employees.


Not following the ‘rules’ can be costly, and claiming to not be aware of compliance obligations you have as an employer is no excuse. Non-compliance with the current legislation opens up the possibility of incurring a substantial fine. The most important elements in this area that all employers must have in place are: Employment Contracts – outlining the terms and conditions of employment ensuring alignment with the Fair Work Act, the National Employment Standards (NES) and applicable Modern Awards. n

Company Policies and Procedures – don’t get caught out, if it is not in writing, you will be hard pressed to prove your case, especially in areas such as termination or bullying and harassment. n


What recruitment processes do you have in place? All too often business owners recruit as a knee jerk reaction when they need to replace an existing employee or when work ramps up and extra help is needed. This means hasty hiring and poor decision making. Did you know the cost of a poor hire can be as much as 1.5 times their annual salary.

When you consider the time and money spent placing job ads, conducting interviews, background checks and more; hiring the wrong person can turn into a costly error. Therefore, your recruitment practices are critical for the first step in the employee lifecycle. The goal is to identify and select the ideal candidate the first time.


After spending hours of time and money investing in getting the right person on board, what now? Please don’t tell me you just throw them into the job! The induction process is your opportunity to make your new recruit feel comfortable and confident in their new surroundings. The quicker your can do this the more productive they will be in the shortest amount of time. Consider these elements for your employee induction: The Employee Manual – covering how things are done at your workplace n

Explain and sign off on company policies and procedures n


Go over the employee’s position description


Cover off on all things safety related


Introduce them to the team

Explain the probation period and how they will be supported during this time

your team members keep kicking goals in your organisation. Employees like to stay challenged and have clear goals and know how they can meet their career objectives. The review is an opportunity for both manager and employee to sit down and discuss an employee’s ambitions and align them with company goals. Done correctly, it is certainly a win-win that will enhance staff morale and engagement.

5. WORKPLACE HEALTH AND SAFETY Does your business meet its obligations with a safe system of work? If you have just one employee or even if you are a sole trader you need to be able to demonstrate that you have a system in your workplace. This is an area that will cost you heavily if you do not get it right. Safety in today’s work environment is not a choice, so don’t risk it all.


What is your company strategy in this area? This is a key element of any company retention strategy. If you currently do not have a clear way of rewarding and recognising your top performers, this is an area worth investigating. By implementing all of the above you will most certainly see results of increased engagement, lower turnover and an increased bottom line. Now what are you waiting for? n


Explain what ongoing training will they expect to receive. n

4. PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Annual appraisals are important to ensure

CONTACT Sharon Collitt BUSINESS Employment Toolkits PHONE 1300 123 678


Sick of tip-toeing through the employment minefield? Before you put a foot wrong, download these affordable Toolkits today! Currently on sale for just $47

For g kin rs Wor reade S H n W e & Wom E HR en h E tw a FR i audi tion n mi u men rt e yo adv this

100’s of dollars of FREE resources on our website including FREE E-books, FREE templates and the most up to date HR and WH&S information.

Induction | WH&S | Performance & Development | Policies & Procedures | Recruitment & Selection

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The Steel Tank Specialists Manufacturing steel Fuel Storage Tanks for the Petro-Chemical and Energy Industries AUSTRALIAN tank specialist Austank is a leading supplier of fabricated custom-designed tanks.

to provide an outstanding solution for the site’s lube oil facility and diesel fuel farm.

From its first 450L oil tank, Austank’s capabilities have grown with the company now fabricating tanks ranging from 15L to 1.2 million litres. Austank’s most recent achievement was its first 95,000L containerised diesel fuel cell, built at its Melbourne factory. Five containerised tanks were sent to a Queensland mine site, where they continue

Austank designs, engineers, fabricates and installs a wide range of tanks – rectangular; vertical and horizontal single skin; and the popular self-bunded designs. Austank supplies pumps and bowsers creating a complete fuel management system and works closely with the fuel, oil and gas and mining industries.


Phone: +61 3 9775 1688 Mobile: 0427 801 399

Fax: +61 3 9775 1992 Email: cathy.monson@austank.com.au

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Books, they hold the answers to the great questions in life! Basically they offer the same words just in a different order, but they have been inspiring, educating and bringing tears to eyes for years. Here are our top choices.

SIDEWAYS TO THE TOP Norah Breekveldt $29.99

This unique thought-provoking book chronicles the experiences of 11 women leaders – some of whom are Australian icons – who challenged the status quo and took alternative career pathways to the top. It also features discussions on the realities and current issues facing women, through conversations with and essays by experts in career transitions and gender differences. Available at all good book stores or visit www.melbournebooks.com.au


‘Awesome Authenticity’ in mastering business relationships is about building trust and understanding the importance of trust and integrity. Being seen in both personal and business life as ‘Real’ and ‘Accountable’ is how many successful small businesses today bring about changes with authenticity. It is important in today’s business world to be seen for who you really are by being believable, trusted and sometimes vulnerable. When doing business we need to be aweinspiringly real … it is about being yourself and knowing your own selfworth. Available for purchase at www.awesomeauthenticity.com.au


Johanna Baker-Dowdell $19.95 + postage or $9.99 ebook Almost one million Australians operate a business from home, taking advantage of digital developments such as cloud computing and social media to take their destinies into their own hands. More and more of these start-ups are run by mothers looking to create a balance between spending time with their children, enjoying fulfilling work and paying the bills. This book is filled with true stories and expert tips to provide inspiration to mothers who want to have it all. Available at www. strawberrycommunications.com.au/ books or via Amazon’s Kindle store, Apple’s iBookstore, Kobo and Google Play.


If you want to explore fresh new horizons and create a life full of balance and possibility you will love this book. Have you often wanted to, but been unable to, become the woman you believe, deep down, that you are? Has a safe career path and mindset held you back? If this sounds like you, then here’s the ‘wake up call’ to pull you out of this thinking. With this book you will gain clarity about your own situation, and simple and effective strategies for creating work-life balance and career transformation. Available at all good book stores or visit www.ccdirections.com.au


Whether it is the horse racing or the frocks and fascinators that grab your attention, a day at the races is a great way to spend time with friends or host clients in a marquee. This compact pocket guide folds out to six pages crammed with need-to-know information about racing, the fashions and having a flutter. Perfect for your purse or jacket pocket, take it along to the track to ensure you are talking the talk. To order visit www.knowthegame.com.au/products

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Cutting through HR jargon and complex management theory, this book equips leaders to understand the things that matter most when it comes to getting the best from people. Through real-life case studies, readers will discover how doing this can profoundly impact people’s energy, commitment and passion at work. Available at all good book stores or visit www.thepeoplemanagerstoolkit.com.au



strategic alliances

Believe it or not, developing strategic alliances with other businesses can take you through the same ups and downs of the dating game. CHERYL DAVIES provides some tips on creating business romances that go the distance.

Whether you are a fresh start up business or just looking for new avenues to explore, we all know that business relationships are no different to personal relationships. So with that in mind, here are a few simple steps for you to remember when forming strategic alliances, which can help you leverage your limited resources and align yourself with a carefully selected business.

Getting to know you – Too many businesses pop the big question before the other person is ready. The more intricate the strategic alliance, the more intimately you need to understand your potential partner before you get in too deep. Take your time to get to know what each party brings to the table and ensure your values are aligned. A good rule of thumb is to stick to your core strengths and find people who complement your weaknesses.

Build it up – It is important to develop a longterm relationship with your prospective alliance partner without constantly reminding them about ‘the deal’. Just because the first date went well it doesn’t mean you don’t need to make an effort. You need to continue to woo them – pick up the phone, catch up for coffee, send them emails and only once you have developed trust will you be able to gain competitive advantage by pooling your resources.

Find the right fit – Whether you are looking for a fling or marriage make sure you know which type of relationship you are looking for, i.e. joint venture, endorsement or partnership.

Lost for


Before you invest time and energy into your commitment, take the time and consideration to make sure you are getting AND giving enough to support the desired outcome.

Know when to cut your losses – How many terrible dates have you been on compared to good ones? There are many reasons for pursuing a relationship that isn’t right. While there may be an initial attraction, it is important to keep your eyes open and take action when you realise “I’m just not that into you”. This is why getting to know and trust the person is so important. Relationships are hard work, even if you don’t end up in a partnership; integrity is paramount for your reputation and for building strong relationships in the future.

Cross Promotion: There’s nothing wrong with saving on promotional costs by exchanging adverts for your businesses, this works well in online environments and increases traffic to both your sites at no extra cost. Explore New Markets: Tap into each other’s established list of qualified leads and grow your businesses together. This strategy enables you to increase your knowledge base. You may be a small business, but you don’t need to do it alone. n

CONTACT Cheryl Davies BUSINESS Davinway Marketing

Communications 1800 808 328 www.davinway.com PHONE

Once you have formed a strategic alliance, you may wish to consider what to offer your customers and make the relationship work to everyone’s advantage. Here are a few examples: Bundle your products/services: This will give you and your strategic alliance partner the impression of a being a one-stop-shop. Bonus Offers: By offering a product/service from a strategic alliance partner as a bonus, you add value to your own product, the customer benefits from a “freebie” and your strategic alliance partner gets a special introduction. Selling Power: Your strategic alliance provides an additional sales force with more people and marketing collateral to promote your business.

For details www.giraffemarketing.com.au/ workshops or call 1300 366 876

Find them at professional coaching in public speaking and other associated communication skills

Call margaret on (03) 6278 8633 or 041 936 4400

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Be a successful

EXHIBITIONIST Securing a stand for your business at a trade show or exhibition can be a costly and time consuming marketing exercise. JANE TOOHEY uncovers strategies that will ensure you spend your money well, and maximise your target market exposure and your return on investment.

Trade shows can bring in vital dollars and introduce your services to a whole new range of prospective customers and trade buyers you might not otherwise have known about. They can bring you face to face with prospective clients, giving you the opportunity to hear what they are interested in and to gauge their reactions to your product or service. This can be vital market research that you can use in the process of developing and selling your offering. First principles, as always, define the target audience you are trying to reach. Then research to find trade shows or exhibitions that match your criteria, i.e. don’t sign up for the National Greenbuild & EcoShow if you are launching a range of petrochemical cleaners! Then follow these top principles to set yourself up to be a successful exhibitionist:

1. Decide if you are better off targeting trade

need to be committed! It’s no use hiring a stand if you do not have the finances to decorate it, staff it, print brochures and perhaps give some of your product away. Don’t do it unless you are prepared to have your stand and your staff looking first class.

4. You need to be able to attract attention, keep that attention and turn that attention into sales. Work out how you can decorate your stand so as to capture people’s attention, obtain their details and always follow them up after the event.

5. Be aware that some people will run a mile if they anticipate you intend to put the hard sell on them. Be the spider and work out how to get people to come to you…perhaps it is offering something free, perhaps it’s doing a demonstration, perhaps it’s doing something off the wall!

6. Visit similar trade shows as a member of

customers only or selling direct to the public. Some shows actually offer separate days for separate markets.

the public so you can see what captures your interest (and that of other attendees), note the stands that stand out, and pinpoint why some are ignored.

2. As you research the shows, ask the

7. Think about the types of people you wish

organisers about the number of people they had through last year, and what type of marketing they will be doing to increase or maintain visitors this year. Find out if the complete attendees list will be available to you to follow up later.

to attract to your stand, and don’t be fooled into concluding that the busiest stands are having huge success. Often they are running competitions that draw in entries from a broad range of people who are way outside their target market. Instead, focus on attracting the people most likely to buy your product or service.

3. Committing to an exhibition means you

36 WORKING WOMEN® n Spring 2013

8. Often there are a series of events run as part of the exhibition. Offer to speak at one of the presentations, the exposure it gives your stand will be well worth the effort you put into making a great presentation. Don’t forget to organise someone look after your stand while you are on centre stage!

9. Think about all the variables at a trade show, such as what will you be doing when it is really quiet and, at the other extreme, what you will do if you are engaged with one customer and five others who you haven’t yet had a chance to speak with start to drift away?

10. Plan in advance how you can convert interest at the show into hard dollars on the spot. Can you take advance bookings or down payments or sell direct? Maybe you could offer a show only special? It’s all very well for people to walk away with your brochure, but have them walk away with an intention to buy. Exhibitions also offer an opportunity for you to network with other stand holders. So, remember to take along plenty of business cards to hand out! n

CONTACT Jane Toohey BUSINESS Jane Toohey Sales and

Marketing +61 (0) 411 548 549 www.janetoohey.com.au PHONE



percentages We often see percentages quoted in marketing copy but what effect does using percentages have on behaviour? Copywriter INGRID CLIFF explores the research and gives tips on how to effectively use percentages in your marketing. 97% fat free! Kills 99.99% of household germs! Marketing copy often quotes percentages in order to persuade people to their point of view. But recent research shows that percentages may hinder rather than highlight your unique selling proposition.

When we describe a scenario in terms of the numbers of people affected, or the number of widgets dealt with, then our brain has the ability to hook onto a visual image of how many things we are talking about.

Your brain on percentages – The human

treatments they believe in. They will generally say that “95 people out of 100 people live longer than 12 months when using this cancer treatment” compared to “5 people out of 100 die within 12 months when using this cancer treatment”.

brain is not well designed to think in terms of percentages. For example, if you ask someone to hold up 10% of their fingers they will most likely look puzzled for a second before they hold up one finger. The brain has to work harder to process the request. As we know from other marketing research, the harder you make someone’s brain work, the less they buy.

Percentages versus words – This challenge the brain has with percentages plays out in many unusual ways. For example, a study cited by Jason Zweig in Your Money and Your Brain showed that 79% of all psychiatrists surveyed would release a patient who had a 20% chance of committing a violent act within six months. However, only 59% would release a patient when told that “20 out of 100” similar patients would commit such an act. Another experiment showed that presenting the results: “Cancer kills 1286 out of every 10,000 people” compared to “Cancer kills 12.68% of people” made people believe cancer to be 32% riskier in the first scenario. Why? Our brain is wired to think in terms of individual objects or people. When we describe a scenario in terms of the numbers of people affected, or the number of widgets dealt with, then our brain has the ability to hook onto a visual image of how many things we are talking about. When faced with a percentage, our brain goes into overdrive, and we struggle in the visual conversion. One area where percentages particularly become a challenge is in relation to medical treatment options. Doctors, when recommending treatments, tend to naturally emphasise the positives of

If you need some form of medical treatment, listen carefully to how the statistics are presented to you by your doctor, and mentally convert them into numbers of people out of 100 to check if this would change your decision regarding your treatment. So how should you use percentages in your copywriting? If you have good news to share, use numbers not percentages. “9 out of 10 dentists recommend our toothpaste” is more persuasive than “90% of dentists recommend our toothpaste”. n

If you have bad news to share, use percentages. “We only have a 1% refund rate” is more persuasive than “Only 1 in 100 people request a refund”. n

If your number is near 100%, then it doesn’t really matter either way. “99.997% website up time” is persuasive whichever way you present it. n n

Placement Solutions Taking care of your most precious assets. • Government Approved In-home Childcare provider • Nanny and Household Management Placement Agency. • Established in 1988. We provide professional proactive childcare workers for on-call casual, temporary or permanent work. Not just babysitters. Our premium Nannies, a.k.a. In-Home Childcarers, are thoroughly screened - our reputation depends on it. We pride ourselves on maintaining a friendly and reliable service to both our clients and our Nannies. We find a balance between providing exemplary care and service to our clients while maintaining the rights of our Nannies, as we believe that happy Nannies bring joy, enthusiasm and quality care to their placement. With “25” years experience, Melbourne’s leading Nanny and In-home care Agency, you can be assured that your Child Care and House Hold needs are met by Placement Solutions. Are you missing out on childcare rebates that you may be eligible for?

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Sources: Zweig, Jason “Your Money and Your Brain: How the New Science of Neuroeconomics Can Help Make You Rich” (Simon and Schuster, 2007). Dooley, Roger “Brainfluence: 100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing” (Wiley, 2011).

CONTACT Ingrid Cliff BUSINESS Heart Harmony PHONE +61 (7) 3351 8844


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Tips and traps when borrowing in self-managed


Borrowing funds to buy property within your self-managed super fund seems to be in vogue. PATRICIA DOYLE and SUSAN RALLINGS take a closer look at this matter and proffer some guidance on how to ensure you are not left out of pocket. Everyone knows the basics of Superannuation – it’s the pot of money you need for retirement to pay for day-to-day living and those much needed holidays you have been waiting forever to take. If you are considering setting up a SelfManaged Super Fund you should have at least $250,000 to ensure it is cost effective. There are many advantages to a SMSF including a lot of different investment classes and strategies that can be utilised, however, there are some issues and traps that can cause unwanted headaches that everyone needs to be aware of. The question most people ask is, “How much will I need to retire?” This depends on the lifestyle you wish to follow. The table to the right shows the capital required in today’s dollar terms to be invested for a specific time period, i.e. 20, 25 or 30 years etc., depending on how long you live, to provide an annual taxfree income as specified. There can be hidden problems with borrowing inside a Self-Managed Super Fund. Recently, there has been a lot of hype and press around buying direct property within Superannuation. This is a solid investment, however, if you need to borrow to buy a property within the fund, this is a costly and complex process. High upfront costs such as stamp duty, loan fees, agent fees, not to mention the legal fees to establish a custodial trust (Bare Trust), repairs, insurance, management fees, rates and the list goes on. There is also the issue of lack of diversification if property is the only asset held.





































(Assumes: 7% pa return, 3% pa inflation, tax and fees not included)

Buying shares versus borrowing funds to purchase direct property within a SMSF, could be worth considering. When you add on loan costs of direct property plus all of the other expenses it can make it very difficult to generate a cash flow positive outcome. On the other hand, direct shares offer flexibility, diversification and dividends as well as those wonderful franking credits. Self-Managed Super Funds require a lot of responsibility and paperwork, which is fine if you are prepared to take this on, but as the trustee you are liable for any mistakes or problems with the fund, and the tax office does not look kindly on trustees who do not fulfil their responsibilities correctly. It is not all doom and gloom as SMSFs do offer some fantastic advantages and for the right amount of superannuation money and the right person they can be a wonderful vehicle to

help you get the best out of your hard-earned retirement fund. So be careful, don’t fall into a trap of setting up a SMSF just to buy a property, make sure you understand what it is you are getting into and ensure that you are earning money on your Super not watching it whittle away in fees. n Important information: The information contained in this article is general information only. It does not take into consideration any specific needs, situations or objectives. Before making any financial decisions you should make sure you are comfortable that the strategy suits your needs and objectives, and your risk profile. If necessary, you should seek professional advice.

Patricia Doyle and Susan Rallings BUSINESS RBS Morgans PHONE +61 (7) 3334 4966 www.rbsmorgans.com CONTACT

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It’s all about success by association.

Connect + Network

in our


Join Women’s Network Australia WEB www.womensnetwork.com.au PHONE 1800 052 476 INTERNATIONAL +61 7 3272 8222

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Experienced, Pro-active Professionals Looking for a team that delivers results? With over 30 years experience in the financial services industry Susan Rallings, Patricia Doyle and Bianca Dezotti can provide tailored financial advice on your investments, superannuation and insurance. Get on the right track, make the call today.

Contact Patricia Doyle from RBS Morgans on 07 3334 4966 or patricia.doyle@rbsmorgans.com Stockbroker/Financial Adviser

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Contact Bianca Dezotti from RBS Morgans on 07 3334 4982 or bianca.dezotti@rbsmorgans.com Stockbroker/Financial Adviser

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It will never


We all hope the nasty things won’t happen to us, but what if something did? OLIVIA MARAGNA shares some startling truths realised by those who thought it could never happen to them.

Patricia started her own business servicing computers last year after working for a major company for many years. She loved the freedom and control it gave her. Unfortunately, a truck ran into her car and she received a severe whiplash injury. With Patricia unable to work for two months, the loss of income as a single mother made life hard for her young family. She didn’t think to arrange income protection insurance to replace the sick leave she’d had with her ex-employer. Sue and Paul worked hard to reduce their mortgage and once they had some equity in their home they used it to borrow to buy an investment unit. The unit was tenanted and had the potential for long-term capital growth. Sadly, Paul died suddenly from a stroke. On a reduced income, Sue could no longer afford to keep paying the interest on the investment loan. The unit had to be sold quickly at a loss. They did not think to increase Paul’s life insurance when they borrowed for the unit. Karen is successful in business and prides herself in managing her personal finances well and has a well-diversified portfolio of property and shares. Last year she contracted breast cancer and her work was disrupted with tests and hospital treatment for over five months. She has now recovered but the medical bills made a severe dent in her finances so she was forced to sell some excellent shares at short notice. Karen did not know that trauma

insurance would have paid her a lump sum if she was diagnosed with a critical illness.

Three important lessons can be learnt from these cases. Firstly, the unexpected can happen to anyone.

Thirdly, talk to an expert. There are many different choices of insurance and it pays to have a specialist analyse your needs and find the most cost-effective solution for your circumstances.

Have you recently installed security devices or extra locking systems in your home that could reduce your premium?

Review your insurance policies The last few years have been tough for insurance companies. Rising claims have squeezed their profitability. As many people have discovered, premiums on many types of policies have increased over recent years. Many insurance companies have also been tougher on claims assessment. Each time you review your insurance, check your coverage and make sure you have told the insurer all the information they need to know. The last thing you want if you need to make a claim is to find that you are not covered because you inadvertently did not disclose all the facts.

Olivia Maragna 2011 Australian Female Adviser of the Year. Queensland’s 2008 Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year.

Talk to Olivia Maragna, on how she can help you achieve financial success. Aspire Retire Financial Services is an award winning financial planning firm, providing holistic financial advice and smart strategies on a fee for service basis.

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fee for service policy.

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Will your house insurance pay you enough to rebuild your house? Will your life insurance pay off all your debts and be sufficient to support your dependants if you cannot work?

Client Focused, Award Winning, Smart Strategies

AFS Licence no. 301712

Does your income protection policy still reflect the income you are currently earning?

Secondly, take the time to review your insurance arrangements at least once every year. If there are changes in your circumstances such as a new job, new loans, family changes, etc., arrange a meeting with your adviser.

Aspire Retire – Home of the Australian Adviser of the Year

Services include: • Financial Planning • Superannuation Services • Retirement Planning • Self Managed Super Funds


Has your car been modified in any way?

Have you installed a $15,000 home theatre and forgotten to add it to your contents policy? Did you know that undertaking “high risk activities” such as skydiving or hang gliding could void your life insurance policies? This list is not complete but it’s enough to get you thinking. An annual review with your financial adviser for a complete analysis of your insurance needs is essential and provides you with peace of mind. n

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Who is minding your


Your credit file is one of your most important assets. JAN WATMAN looks at why you need to know of any changes made to your credit file and how these can impact on your ability to obtain future loans as well as increase your chances of becoming a victim of identity theft.

Your credit file is one of your most important assets, so take care of it. Your file is used by companies who potentially intend to lend you money or provide you a service, to help them determine your credit worthiness. So what does your credit file contain? It contains: full name, date of birth, driver’s licence, gender, residential addresses, employer information, loan enquiries and any defaults. To explain this in more detail, there are three distinct areas.

1. Consumer credit information, which may include: Any credit enquiries that you have applied for in the last five years – whether you have proceeded or not – i.e. loan or utility company or otherwise, e.g. mobile phone plan or electricity. n

Any current loans you have with credit providers (e.g. a credit card, home loan etc.) and details of overdue consumer accounts. These overdue accounts can be recorded as: n

Payment default – an account of $100 or more that is 60 days or more overdue. It can only be recorded on your file, if the credit provider has tried to contact you, such as via a written invoice. By law, your file should also be updated as soon as practical once you have paid the overdue amount. But these defaults can stay on your file for five years, even when

you have paid the default.


directorship details

Clearouts – also known as ‘confirmed missing debtor’. This is when the person who owes the money cannot be located, however, the credit provider must make a reasonable attempt to contact you. Clearouts remain on your file for seven years, even after you have paid the account.


proprietorship details


bankruptcy information.

Thus, from these examples, you can see the importance of paying your bills and loans on time, as otherwise it is a record on your credit file for many years.


2. Commercial credit information, which may include enquiries and overdue payments for commercial purposes.

3. Public record information such as: n

court judgements and court writs

Do you know someone who is entering aged care? We can help take the stress out of the decisions around: • Paying the bond • Paying daily care fees • What to do with the family home, and • Correspondence with Centrelink Call us today so we can help you with these decisions. Phone: (07) 3018 0587 Email: delma@totalportfolio.com.au Web: www.totalportfolio.com.au

Many people do not realise that each time you apply for a loan whether in person or online, it places an enquiry on your credit file. A large number of enquiries may impact a lender’s decision to approve your loan.

You can request a free copy of your file or sign up for a fee to receive alerts to allow you to monitor any changes on your credit file. Being aware of enquiries can also protect you against identity theft. There are a number of different providers who can provide these services. As previously mentioned, your credit file is one of your most important assets, which means you will want to know if anything changes. So, what are the next steps if you are considering taking out a loan? Discuss with an expert, your current requirements or dreams, credit history, income and asset position and they will decide which lender is best to approach for you…which means only one credit enquiry. n

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Drowning in clutter?

Feeling frazzled? IT’S TIME TO GET ORGANISED Statistics show that being disorganised can have a huge impact on our bottom line and stress levels. LOUISE D’ALLURA shares some tips to help you get and stay on top of it all.

Worried you’re turning into a hoarder with mountains of paper? If you’re wasting time looking for things and struggling to find the time to work ‘on’ your business, our personalised Organising and Accountability Sessions can help you to tackle the ‘clutter’ in your schedule, home office, and work-from-home habits! We will design the most effective layout for your workspace and implement simple systems to get more done in your day.

WoRking WomEn REadERs’ offER Visit the website to book a Complimentary Get Organised Focus Session with Louise D’Allura and a request a copy of The Art of Stress Free Living.

A survey in Fast Company Magazine of 2,600 executives found they wasted six weeks per year searching for lost documents. The Wall Street Journal similarly reported 59% of 1000 middle managers surveyed miss important information almost every day because although it exists within the company they cannot find it. Are you wasting time or missing deadlines? Then it’s time to get organised! The brilliant thing about getting organised is there are only a handful of rules, actually more like ‘guidelines’. Regardless of what you are trying to organise, from paperwork to your closet, these guidelines will make it easier for you to GET organised and STAY organised. Any system you set up needs to: allow you to find what you are looking for quickly n

have ‘things’ grouped and sorted into categories that make logical sense to you so you can find what you want, when you want it n

be easily understood by someone else if you are unavailable (i.e. labels and instructions!) n

be easy and simple to maintain so you can keep on top of things n

easily allow you to add new things into the system n

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Louise D’Allura, Director


To help you get started, here’s a simple system to tackle one of the most challenging areas business owners deal with – paperwork. It considers the main elements of what makes a good system:

Regardless of what you are trying to organise, from paperwork to your closet, these guidelines will make it easier for you to GET organised and STAY organised. to avoid opening your mail when you are not in the right headspace to make a decision on it there and then. The trick is to set aside regular times so you can see what the paper/ emails need you to do and make a decision on the spot.

Learn the ART of paper. Usually there are only three things you need to do with paper – Act on it; Refer to it (or file it); or Toss it! Look at your piles of paper (Arrivals Lounge) and sort your paperwork into the following categories. Act. Look for common themes whereby you can batch your regular actions, e.g. bills to pay; online searches; and calls. Refer. For a project or to keep/file for later reference. Projects, e.g. conference, book, newsletter. Reference paperwork, e.g. this is where your paid bills go! May include insurance; memberships; car registration, repairs, tolls etc. Toss. Archive, shred or toss into the recycle bin or general rubbish. The trick with any organisational system is in the maintenance. Make sure your office space is conducive to work in and that it makes it easy for you to access your files. If things are awkward or too hard to put away you will never put them away. Taking time to set up a system is worth the investment – it reduces your daily stress and it helps you focus on the tasks that make you money or save you money! n

Create an Arrivals Lounge. Group all


0408 723 559

www.TheRevampExperience.com.au 42 WORKING WOMEN® n Spring 2013

incoming paper and mail in a tray/basket/ shelf near your usual drop/ dumping spot. Consistently putting incoming items in the same spot means you can find them quickly.

CONTACT Louise D’Allura BUSINESS Revamp Professional

Organisers Pty Ltd +61 (0) 408 723 559 www.TheRevampExperience.com.au PHONE

The next step to mastering your paperwork is



optimum outcomes The concept of optimum outcomes will propel your business change process, giving you an edge in an ever changing and competitive business market. LOUISE CORICA looks at what this concept involves and how your business can benefit.

The Macquarie1 dictionary defines ‘project’ as ‘something that is contemplated, devised or planned; a scheme; an undertaking; to throw, cast, or impel forwards or onwards, to communicate, convey make known (an idea, impression etc)…” When you have an idea of making a change in your business it will be all of these things, however, you need to keep it simple. So how do you keep it simple you ask? The success of change requires the application of a number of techniques, one of which is to use a small series of schemes that step out the process. These processes, whether continuous or consecutive will see you achieve the end result with certainty. The continuous small sets of schemes will be beneficial as they are unlikely to have a profound effect on your ‘business as usual’ (BAU) functions. The reason that the smaller series of schemes approach is effective is because when you complete one scheme you are actually ‘finishing’ one thing before you progress to the next one. The most important thing here is that you ‘finish’!

Jimmy Dean2 said, “I can’t change the direction of the wind but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination”. To start your journey of change it is necessary to plot your course and map out the change you need in your business. Once you map out the course, develop a well thought out plan to gain the optimum outcome.


When you can sustain the vision it is also important to manage yourself effectively. Focusing on what suits your values, strengths and work style, and identifying your weaknesses before you start is essential. This self-examination gives you a better perspective as to the extent of the success of your scheme to make changes in your business. You need to honestly manage yourself, to understand the extent of what you value and how you can use your resources to achieve the definitive success you are “aiming for”.


Once you have prepared the plan you need to know who will be involved, and how much time and money is required for you to finish it. To sustain momentum, it is important to


We can never be certain about the future and therefore we must continue to be flexible and adaptable so that we can react quickly to the needs of our clients and our marketplace.

Did You Know? WNA’s Online Forum provides Members with the opportunity to network, ask for help and even promote their businesses, events and special offers and it doesn’t cost a cent.

It’s all part of the suite of membership benefits available to WNA Members.

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be able to recognise when, where and how to make adjustments along the way. The process of propelling yourself forward requires a few rockets to making those substantial moves. Apart from the money, innovative and creative ideas are the other wealthy resources at your disposal. The optimum outcome on this journey of change will require making some hard choices and adjustments along the way. Whilst it is likely to include a lot of thinking, a lot of talking, a lot of work, and a whole lot of hoping from when you first started out to achieve, know that you can do this. The fast pace of business with the competitive rivals is tougher than ever before, and you need a crystal clear plan that strategically translates into the sustainable advantage you are aiming for. However, you must “do something”, “do it well” and above all “finish it”. n 1

The Macquarie Dictionary, second edition 1996

Jimmy Dean, Donna Meade Dean “Thirty Years of Sausage, Fifty Years of Ham” 2044 Berkley Trade. 2

CONTACT Louise Corica BUSINESS Time2Manage – Business

Management Solutions and Services PHONE +61 (0) 418 458 616 www.time2manage.com

Want to know how You can Make Change Easily and see results straight away? Contact Louise Corica on 0418 458 616 and at www.time2manage.com Her tailored seminars and expertise will help you make changes TODAY

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TableService There’s something special about gathering around a table for a meal with family and friends or simply catching up over a cuppa. Here is a selection of products from WNA Members designed to make your table service even more memorable.


OMG will be your reaction when you smell and taste Your Inspiration At Home’s number 1 product Blood Orange, Guava, Mango Balsamic Vinegar. Create a flavour sensation for your summer salads, enjoy in a cold drink, drizzle on fresh fruit or nibble on the delicious nuts as seen in the pic. RRP: $19.95 for your bottle of liquid gold. Online shopping available NOW at www.carmelcave. yourinspirationathome.com.au

Devour Chocolate Truffles

The ladies at Devour make scrumptious gourmet truffles, and you can tell straight away that only high quality European chocolate is used. Their focus on quality and intense flavour ensures that each mouthful is truly memorable. Try and stop at just one! They currently come in packs of four and are only available online. Perfect as a gift, or to treat yourself. RRP: $10.00. To purchase visit www.devouronline.com.au

Sweet Themes

Christmas is a time for baking for family, friends and giving of gifts. Sweet Themes stock a wide range of Christmas baking needs to make your festive season special. Prices start from RRP: $5.00. To purchase online visit www.sweetthemes.com.au/stockists.html


Go Vintage

These vintage print melamine tumblers and plates are available in a rainbow of bright and cheery colours and prints. Mix and match to create your own unique colour combination. Made of 100 per cent melamine, BPA free and dishwasher friendly. RRP: $9.95. To purchase online visit www.neapolitan.net.au

A great gift for home bakers or experienced chefs, the YOLKR® is an easy and efficient way to separate egg yolks from whites and keep hands clean. Available in a range of funky colours for the RRP: $16.95. To purchase online visit www.zimba.com.au

Succulent quality meat delivered to your door • Hormone free • Half or full side available • Cut up to your specifications (labelled separately) • We deliver to Brisbane, Toowoomba, Gold and Sunshine Coasts. • Highly competitive prices • Award winning product

Robbie Shaw – Boutique Meats Ph: 07 5424 1800 Mobile: 0427 613 823 Email: boutiquemeats@bigpond.com

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Talinga Grove Extra Virgin Infused Olive Oils

Talinga Grove is renowned for producing exquisite extra virgin olive oils. Their grove produces all their award winning extra virgin olive oils using a predominant blend of Leccino and Frantoio cultivars. Perfect for the chef in the family, a great house-warming gift or simply to add to your condiment collection. RRP from $19.95. Order online at www.gossipbox.com.au



get attention! When it comes to creating newsworthy PR for your business, strutting your stuff can work. JULIE MORGAN reveals tips and ideas on how to create a PR stunt that is sure to attract media attention. Richard Branson and Lady Gaga are famous for their carefully staged antics that never fail to give the media the photo opportunity they want, and crowds of people get talking on and offline. For a stunt to work and get media attention for your brand or product, it needs to be bold, bright, controversial and quirky. Anything less won’t get a run. That might sound like a big ask but you don’t necessarily need a massive budget to pull it off, you just need to be smart about it.

TIPS ON HOW TO STAGE A PR STUNT AND GET MEDIA ATTENTION: A picture says a thousand words. Your

stunt must be visually appealing and make for a great image.

It’s all in a name. If budget allows, involve a celebrity or high profile person – a sportsperson, actor, model or chef. Otherwise, babies, children and animals bring in the cute factor.

Location, location! Make it easy for media to get to. A place with lots of foot traffic is a bonus as you can draw a crowd of onlookers too.

What’s your message? What do you want to communicate and to whom? How will your stunt do this? Will you create banners/posters? Is there a connection between your stunt and your message? If not, you risk losing your audience and creating confusion.

Notify the media in advance. At least a few days ahead, send the pictorial editor a media notification explaining the what, why, who, where and when. Consider contacting news editors or journalists who cover the social pages or gossip columns, whichever is most relevant to your stunt.

Organise your own photography. Don’t rely on the media for pictorials, there are no guarantees that the media will turn up. Organise to have professional photos taken, as well as using Instagram. If no media attend, send the professional photos (same day) to industry media, local media or even metro media – they will run them if they are good. Include a caption with a short press release. Spread the word through your social media networks, before, during and afterwards, with photos of course. n

Get your timing right. When will your stunt have the most impact and when you can get a photographer or film crew to attend? Late in the day or too early in the morning may not be ideal. In your planning stages, maybe talk to your pictorial editor to find out when works best for them and avoid clashing with their deadline.

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From fearful to


Fear can stop women from reaching their full potential. KIM TAYLOR looks at how to manage the debilitating behaviour fear instils and provides the essential steps to move to from fearful to fabulous. There are three top fears that may be impacting your ability to speak in public but, take heart, it is possible for you to speak naturally and authentically. You may well be able to relate to Gemma’s predicament below. Her fears of being judged, boring her listeners and being unable to clearly articulate her message were obstacles to her speaking from her heart and sharing her message. “Wait!... You don’t need to speak to the manager. I can get you better discounts,” cried Trixie, frantically trying to keep Gemma on the phone. A phone call to finalise her insurance quote, was turning into an obstacle course as Gemma tried to get transferred through to Sales Manager, Susan, who she had spoken with the previous day. Susan had understood what Gemma needed and her expertise and her ability to communicate authentically and confidently had reassured Gemma. “Talk to me! I can get you a better deal!” Not only did Trixie’s words shatter Gemma’s reflection but her anxious tone cut to something deeper. Annoyance and frustration rose within Gemma. She struggled to find an appropriate level of response but just when she needed it most, her voice vanished. Her mind raced; her mouth went dry; her throat tightened. Old self-doubts ran through her head: n

What if I get tongue-tied


People don’t listen to me


People don’t find me convincing

Working Women Women’s network Australia


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does privacy exist?

How to

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Shine on Camera

I’m obviously not clearly articulating what I mean n

the absence of fear, but with the willingness to take action in spite of feeling fear.


Why won’t people listen to me?

Here are three essential steps to move from fearful to fabulous:


I haven’t got anything interesting to say.


Gemma thought, “I have a choice. I can continue to doubt myself and get angry or I can take command. I can choose to speak from my heart and clearly articulate what I want to say.” You can relate to Gemma, can’t you? What have you done in those circumstances? The three top fears that can stop you speaking from your heart and sharing your message are: Fear of not belonging – This could be when you hear yourself saying things, such as, “I don’t feel I belong here” or “I don’t think I blend in”. Fear of not being loved – This could be your fear of being judged, looking foolish or being constantly concerned with what others may be thinking. Fear of not being good enough – This is when you say to yourself “I can’t do that”, “I could never speak up like that” or “that’s too hard”. Dr Dan Baker, Medical Psychologist explains, “We all have a neurological fear system embedded deep in our brains, a neural network that once helped us survive as a species but now limits our lives. This fear system is our repository for past trauma, current tribulation, fear of the future and archaic instinctual terrors.” Fear can be an inevitable part of speaking. Courage and confidence are achieved, not with

Give time to gather yourself. It is normal to feel stressed into thinking you need to say something straight away. As you observe any feelings, allow yourself to pause and reflect.

Re-energise Breathe deeply and take in essential oxygen. When you do this, blood flows to the front of your brain so that you will find the best words to share.

Reconnect As you breathe, slow down your pace of speaking and lower your tone. Remember, you are in command. You are now ready to speak from your heart and share your message. Gemma collected her thoughts. Once she had breathed deeply, she engaged with what she most wanted to say: “Thanks Trixie. Put me through to Susan, please.” The authority in Gemma’s tone was new. It got her the intended result and meant so much more. May you speak from your heart and share your message! n

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stage an attention grabbing media stunt

and get noticed

I’m going to look foolish if I speak up now

Book four display advertisements with us and you’ll receive

SoCiAl MediA

Are obnoxious customers now the norm?


n The


reasons to patent your invention

working the dating game of business

be your best self – how to go from fearless to fabulous

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Were you paid without


You could be short changing yourself by working only for money suggests SUE LESTER. Maybe you could be paid more handsomely in other ways? Have you found yourself doing a great deal of work for not much return, that is, of the hard cash kind? As a result, perhaps you have decided not to get out of bed for less than $X a day? When you feel taken advantage of it can be easy to get fed up, resentful and lose enthusiasm. This in turn puts off potential clients and customers, starting that downward spiral. You could gain a reputation as a selfish ‘what’s in it for me’ person, or simply disappear in the crowds of insignificant others. People who put in the extra effort stand out, are appreciated, and stay front of mind. Once you realise there are actually four currencies in which you can be paid, it is much easier to shift your mood and perspective. And you open up even more potential growth, richer connections and relationships. Your satisfaction with life increases in line with your confidence and the opportunities that open up before you.

Here are the four currencies of life: 1. GIVE: this is when you give freely from love, from a generous heart space, without expectation of return. Your reward is feeling great about yourself, and knowing you have helped others feel good too. For example, lending a hand at a networking event, or the extra time you give a person in need. They remember how you made them feel, and will return the favour in some form. Take care not to overdo this and become a doormat.

2. GET: hard cash or payment in kind fits in here. Yes, it is essential to pay your

bills and your team, but focusing purely on monetary payment limits your opportunities for growth and connection. Business is built on relationships and team effort, so being seen as someone ‘only in it for the money’ damages your reputation and opportunities for becoming bigger than just you.

3. GAIN: this currency is about gaining knowledge and experience. For example, you might present a talk, and although you don’t get immediate business from it, you gain experience, exposure and seed future business. Perhaps you volunteer to crew at a high profile event, making new connections, and accessing free education and valuable insights. “Money can’t buy that kind of publicity.”

4. GROW: your bank balance is covered under GET, so this is about growing your database, your networks, your relationships

Turn your stumbling blocks in business into stepping stones now! Clear your head trash here….smooth your path in business with an ‘Internal Image Makeover’ or ‘Head Transition’ coaching sessions.

and your reputation. You may speak for free but grow your business brand and community rapidly. Remember your network is your net worth. So, next time you catch yourself saying, “Well that was a waste of time!” take a moment to check to see if you were actually paid in other ways. Of course, the ultimate experience is one in which you are paid in all four ways, so keep your radar on for as many of those opportunities as possible. n

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enter monthly prize draw to win a 1 hour ‘Internal Image Makeover’ skype session by emailing info@growingcontent.com.au with “wNa Prize” in the subject. (Value $250) Sue Lester, international catalyst of change, author, speaker. e: info@growingcontent.com.au or M: + 61 (0) 428 128 679 w: www.growingcontent.com.au

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Have you always wanted to see Italy but are not so keen to share the experience with thousands of tourists? PENNY KING introduces us to the little visited region of Puglia.

Do you want to experience an Italy without the crowds? Then visit Puglia, the crossroads of cultures, far away from the tour buses. Puglia has been home to the ancient Greeks and Romans, to Byzantines and Saracens, to the Spanish, Germans and Normans. It is one of the most archaeologically important regions of Italy. The bonus is, you can see it all so easily and often be the only one there! Start by spending some time inland. Base yourself at Alberobello and stay in a B&B Trulli. The Trulli town of Alberobello is about an hour inland and is at the heart of the original mediaeval farming communities. Trulli are the unique homes of the area, built of local stone, with peaked slate roofs.

If you need another reason to visit this lovely region – food and wine! Not far away is the ancient town of Matera. Completely constructed of stone dug-outs and troglodyte cave dwellings, it has often been used as a film set. Our guide tells us that it has the longest recorded continuous occupation in Italy, being settled originally in Palaeolithic times. Back to the coast, you may like to stay at one of the lovely hotels in Polignano al Mare. This town clings to the very edge of the cliffs overlooking the Adriatic Sea. One of the best views is to take dinner in the Grotta Palazzese,

a beautiful dining room within an open sea cave. The caves around this part of Puglia are considered the best in Italy. Heading south, further down the ‘heel’, visit the Baroque city of Lecce. It has a 2000-yearold history, with strong links to Greece. In fact, many people in this region speak griko (ancient Greek derived language). The ancient and well preserved Roman theatre is still used for productions. Must do – take a boat trip from one of these coastal towns. It is the most evocative way to see this beautiful land much as its early conquerors would have seen it. If you need another reason to visit this lovely region – food and wine! Markets abound, presenting wonderful fresh produce grown locally and, of course, a wide selection of fresh fish. The local wines are inexpensive and great quality. Try the red Primitivo, for example. There are also many interesting aperitivi and liqueurs! Try the one made from cactus fruit!

Allow some time to visit this fascinating region. Take time to sit and enjoy a meal, a wine and just appreciate the peace and quiet! n

Fly in to either historic Bari or to Brindisi on the eastern coast, just above the heel. The flight is only an hour or so by air from Rome or from Naples. Once there you can use the local trains or buses, or drive on the much quieter roads.

CONTACT Penny King BUSINESS Tours For Independent-

Thinking Women +61 (0) 433 255 472 www.toursforwomen.com.au PHONE

France: adventurous women wanted For ladies who want to experience a lifestyle that exists in France after the tour buses have gone, Penny King’s ‘A French Experience for Independent Women’ is for you. Limited places remain on our ‘Tours for Independent Thinking Women’s’ small group tour, departing 22 March 2014, where you will walk with us to secret places in Paris, enjoy a candlelit concert in Saint Chapelle and a private tour to the gardens of Giverny. Speak French over dinner; dine and shop with the locals. We stay in a Chateau in the Loire Valley, make our own perfume in Grasse, and see the Changing of the Guard in Monte Carlo. A private walking tour in Avignon will have us stroll along the Pont d’Avignon - dancing is optional!

Our experience counts.

107-111 King William Rd, Adelaide

*Travel restrictions and conditions apply. Please ask us for further details. Accommodation is single share. Flight Centre Limited (ABN 25 003 377 188) trading as Travel Associates. Lic No. SA TTA254.

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Health tips to avoid exhaustion from

BUSINESS TRAVEL Every frequent business traveller knows how those trips away from home can impact your health. But it really doesn’t have to be that way. SHERIDAN HARVEY dispenses some tips that can help you bounce back faster.

Flight travel is often a necessary part of expanding business relationships or simply running your business. However, if you have a sensitive digestive system or if your immune system reacts to the slightest red flag, travel can complicate things. There is now evidence to support the belief that extensive business travel leads to poor health. A study reported in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine found that “increased business travel results in an increase in body mass index, higher blood pressure and lower self-rated health”. The researchers from Columbia University related the “several negative health behaviours” observed among frequent travellers to excess alcohol and food consumption, job-related stress and limited physical activity.

or two of lavender oil on your temples and wrist will freshen the air and help you relax and doze off. Orange is a stimulating oil that can invigorate and refresh you when you arrive at your destination. Alternatively, try mandarin, grapefruit or geranium oils. Pack healthy snacks for the flight like a trail mix of soaked walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and goji berries. Ideally, most nuts and seeds should be soaked in water about 6–8 hours before eating to release their enzyme inhibitors. Try making chia seed balls as they taste great and travel well, and chia seeds are the highest plant source of antiinflammatory omega 3s and are high in protein. n

Pack a few essential supplements. Spirulina can reduce the effects of radiation, is high n

in tryptophan and is a great overall multinutrient supplement. Capsule form works best for travelling. Digestive enzymes are a great addition when eating lots of cooked foods and will improve absorption of the nutrients in a meal. Probiotics that don’t require refrigeration are ideal for travelling. Planning ahead is key to success and these few examples can assist you to feel more clear headed when you arrive at your destination. n

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The good news is that with the right preparation and information you don’t have to become a statistic. Planning ahead and packing some special extras can help you feel as rested as possible even after a long flight, so you can focus on the work ahead or important meetings. For example: Call the airline at least two days before travel to book your meal request. Aircraft food is portable, processed, and easy to prepare – not necessarily health promoting. Special meals like gluten-free or diabetic meals are individually prepared and usually less carbohydrate loaded than others. An advantage of eating a meat-based diet is that it is high in tryptophan, which is a precursor for serotonin and necessary to induce sleep. n

Invest in silicon earplugs, a neck brace/ pillow and a cotton eye mask; and don’t forget to pack them. Engine noise and cabin lights affect many people trying to sleep. Sleep easier with good quality silicon ear plugs that fit perfectly into your own ears and block out far more sound (about 20 decibels) than the regular ones. For economy passengers, a neck brace or neck pillow will support your neck and better allow you to sleep upright. Most airlines do provide eye masks but your own mask is usually better.

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Pack some essential oils like good quality 100% pure lavender oil and orange oil. A drop n

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Health&Beauty Are you looking for ways to maintain or improve your health, enhance your natural beauty, relax or simply indulge and be pampered? If so, here are some products from WNA Members created with you in mind.


Over 40 items to make sure that every situation imaginable is covered for the big day—from superglue to fix a broken shoe through to double-sided tape for wardrobe malfunctions. A full sewing kit including scissors, hemming tape and safety pins ensures minor repairs don’t become major dramas! This is a ‘must have’ gift for every bride! Wholesale enquiries welcome. RRP: $169. To purchase visit www.secretbridalsupplies.com

A dry powder shampoo that covers greys

A dry shampoo that covers roots and greys, adds volume to your hair and is 100% natural. Ambiance lifts roots to add body and fullness to hair, cleans hair and absorbs excess oil, leaving hair looking, feeling and smelling freshly shampooed. Perfect for all hair types. It comes with a refillable, high quality applicator brush. Available in 5 beautiful shades: blonde, brunette, red, black and grey. RRP: $29.95. To purchase visit www.ambianceaustralia.com.au

Soap de Villa

Soap de Villa provides 100% Australian handmade, environmentally friendly goat’s milk soap. Made using the finest, farm-fresh goat’s milk and organic essential fragrant oils, and natural earth clay for colouring. These soaps are great for relief for all types of skin conditions. RRP: mini soap bars $1.50 and regular soap bars $6.50. To order visit www.soapdevilla.com.au

Nature’s anti-aging powerhouse

Smoothing Serum from Rubifresh contains some of nature’s most potent but gentle ingredients that have been shown to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and improve the skin’s microstructure by 23 per cent. RRP: $69. To find out more or to purchase from the Rubifresh range visit www.rubifresh.com.au


Activate the reflexology points in your feet by wearing BioMagnetic Sports New Gel Reflex Soles. The recently re-designed insoles have had a complete overhaul that includes polymer gel technology embedded with six 1000+ gauss neodymium unipole therapeutic magnets. This allows for a reflexology treatment all day long! RRP: $29.95. To find out more or to purchase visit www.biosports.com.au 50 WORKING WOMEN® n Spring 2013


Do you sleep with lots of pillows so you are at an upright angle to help keep acid down where it belongs and reduce night-time battles with heartburn and indigestion? Iberogast is the clinically proven combination of 9 natural extracts that work together to provide relief when you need it most. RRP: $24.95. For more information visit www.flordis.com.au


Measure your nutritional NICOLE JONES focuses in on the importance of measuring the difference that lifestyle changes are making towards your overall cellular nutrition. This is NOT another lifestyle article telling busy business women what you should and should not be doing. Most women have heard it all thousands of times before: “eat this, exercise like this, take these supplements and drink these funky green drinks.” But when you do make drastic lifestyle health changes, how do you then measure how beneficial they are towards your cellular health? Altering your lifestyle choices is all well and good, however, in the end it is up to you as an individual to implement what works most effectively for you. Busy business women often start a new year with a new lifestyle resolution which generally goes along the lines of gaining better health and weight loss. Whether these plans and ideas come from a magazine article, personal trainer, a Facebook advertisement or television commercial with a celebrity selling supplements, they all lead to changes that aim to increase our internal cellular health. Our bodies are made up of between 80–120 trillion cells. Having healthy cells is essential if you plan to ‘live younger for longer’. Many people are interested to know if the lifestyle choices they are making in relation to cellular nutrition are doing what they expect. It is also prudent to establish an initial reading or score

before undertaking changes, which will allow you to measure the benefits or otherwise of your changes. If you have made some changes to your lifestyle this year, then maybe it is time to question the effects of those healthy lifestyle choices.

live longer in a younger energised body. A five-minute cost effective measure of your health and well being is time and money well spent for busy women who want a long healthy life. It is important to measure whether the supplements, exercise and food choices you have made are nourishing your cells so you can prevent the onset of the common cold through to cancer and diabetes. n

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Here are some indicators that the changes you have made are having a positive effect: Do feel healthier because you are eating great foods and drinking green smoothies? n

Do you have more energy because of the supplements you are taking each day? n

Have you lost any weight due to the exercise regime you endeavour to maintain? n

Are your cells being nourished as a result of your new found 2013 lifestyle choices? n

Can you see a slowing in your premature aging and the deterioration of overall health? n

Health and well being are the reasons most women make changes, as we ultimately want to

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your sleep?

It’s hard to handle a day at the office when you have been up for most of the night attending to a child who won’t sleep. DR BELINDA HALL looks at the steps you can take to help you get a settled night’s sleep at your house. Are your kids in the 10 per cent of children with problems sleeping? Does this not only impact on them but also you as you try to concentrate and have a productive workday? Let’s look at some of the causes of this problem in both babies and children and how to deal with it. There are many reasons why children may have difficulty staying asleep or getting off to sleep. Babies have shorter sleep cycles and are lighter sleepers. Newborns normally wake every few hours to feed. But by four to six months of age your baby should be able to sleep through the night. This may not happen if there is a poor sleep routine, your baby is overtired or sleeping too much during the day. Other reasons can include discomfort due to hunger, a wet nappy, or wind. Conditions such as colic, reflux, ear infections and other illness may also be to blame. Another cause could be that there are problems with your baby’s spine especially the neck. With mechanical problems in the neck your infant may also not like to lie on their back and/ or they may show a side preference with breastfeeding. Children need around nine to ten hours of sleep. However, if your child has a poor bedtime routine, uncomfortable sleeping environment, night time caffeine-containing drinks or food, e.g. chocolate or cola, or is over stimulated by night time use of computers or TV, they may not get this amount of sleep. Night terrors in young children and nightmares

in older children can also disrupt both their sleep and yours, as can ear infections and other illness plus bedwetting. Enlarged tonsils or adenoids may not wake a child but may result in poor sleep and tiredness. As in babies, problems in the spine can also disrupt a child’s sleep not only due to local discomfort from muscle and joint tightness but also due to far reaching effects on the nervous system. Children with mechanical problems in the spine may sleep in odd postures, wake up with pains in their legs (growing pains) or not like to use a pillow. Improving sleep problems in children requires patience and initially determining the cause of this problem. Look first at your baby or child’s basic needs, e.g. warmth, hunger, burping etc. Also look at your child’s routines, e.g. set bedtime and wind down activities such as a bath and reading to them prior to sleep time. Consistency is important. Try to let your baby or child go off to sleep themselves in their own cot or bed and never with a bottle. Check out their bedroom for things that may over stimulate, e.g. mobiles or too many toys in the bed or for things that could cause fear, e.g. a scary toy or shadow or even pictures on bed linen. Use a nightlight if necessary or a sleeping buddy/friendly toy. Seek medical advice if you suspect an illness, especially if your child has a fever or snores excessively or your baby is vomiting. Talk to

Dr Sarah at Sunnybank Hills

Cert Health Science (women’s health) Member Australasian Society of Cosmetic Medicine

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Dr Sarah at the Sunnybank Hills General Practice offers a range of cosmetic procedures, all administered in a safe, professional medical environment.

Dr Sarah Cunningham FRACGP MB.ChB.DCH D.Obs Post Grad

Finally, don’t forget to look after yourself. Enlist the help of relatives or friends if you need a break. n

Self-conscious when you smile?

CosmetiC mediCine CliniC

treatments • Facial contouring with sugar gel fillers • Wrinkle enhancement • Lip • Skin checks • Skin care advice

your maternal and child health nurse if you are struggling with a sleep routine with your baby. There are some excellent sleep schools for this purpose and even night nannies. Talk to a chiropractor who has had additional training in chiropractic paediatrics. They can assess whether there are mechanical problems in your child’s spine and provide gentle, safe treatment for this and refer for other treatment if necessary.

Dr Sarah Cunningham

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use it or lose it forever

Most brain development occurs after birth within the first six years of life. SUE DAVEY reveals how you can boost your baby’s intelligence by following simple scientifically proven steps from birth. Parents can make a real difference to the brain development of their children in just 10 minutes each day. A newborn’s brain is only about one quarter the size of an adult’s brain and it grows to about 90 per cent of the size of an adult’s brain by age six. As parents we have a very small window of opportunity to set our children on a path towards happiness, intelligence and success. We know from 50 years of research in neuroscience that a baby’s experiences and environment has a permanent effect on the wiring and the actual architecture of their brain. The ways parents engage and stimulate their children during those early years have a profound effect on their brain development. A baby’s brain operates on a “use it or lose it” principle and needs stimulation for him or her to develop to their full potential. Parents and caregivers can stimulate their baby’s intellectual brain development by doing any number of the following simple educational activities daily such as: n

Reading storybooks.

Playing music for your baby. Expose your baby to many different musical selections and various music styles. If you play an instrument, practice when your baby is nearby, but keep the volume moderate. Loud music can damage a baby’s hearing. Studies have proven that playing classical music, like Mozart for your baby can stimulate the same neurons in their brain that n

are later used for mathematics and reading. Singing to your baby. It doesn’t matter how well you sing! Hearing your voice helps your baby begin to learn language and word recognition skills. Babies love the patterns and rhythms of songs and even young babies can recognise specific melodies they have heard before. n

Using flashcards such as patterns and similar cards with some differences. A young baby will look and figure out the distinguishing features, setting the stage for letter recognition and reading later on. n

You need to make learning fun and engaging, not forced, so set aside about 10 to 15 minutes a day for your baby to learn. The key is consistency and quality not quantity. Providing sensory stimulation by keeping a box of different textured fabrics, silk, terrycloth, linen, wool etc., and gently rubbing the cloths on your baby’s skin describing the way each feels. n

Making eye contact and physical affection such as cuddles and bonding with your baby.

Letting your baby play with food when he or she is ready. Serve food that varies in texture such as cooked peas, cereal or pasta and he or she will get to practice the pincer grasp and be able to explore new senses.

Physical activity such as tummy time, movement and rocking. Place your baby on his or her stomach for a few minutes each day and allow them to work on gross motor skills.

You need to make learning fun and engaging, not forced, so set aside about 10 to 15 minutes a day for your baby to learn. The key is consistency and quality not quantity.




Talking to your baby.

Making simple facial expressions such as sticking out your tongue. Studies have shown that even a few days old baby can imitate simple facial movements and this is a sign of very early problem solving. n


The multisensory method of teaching is most effective. The more senses your baby uses the more effective his or her learning will be. Other critical factors in boosting your baby’s brain power include: Breastfeeding for at least three months (if possible) and including Omega 3 in your diet during this period. n

Exploring new surroundings such as shops, park and library. n

Playing peek-a-boo games. Your baby will learn that objects can disappear and then come back. n

Feeding your baby wholesome and nutritious food from six months of age which includes regular Omega 3 such as salmon. n


Adequate sleep is crucial for growing brains.

Daily fresh air is important. Studies have proven that a daily dose of fresh air helps babies to sleep longer at night. n

Parents can give their child a head start during the fertile time when their brain is like a super sponge which is capable of absorbing information rapidly. n

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what are they?

Are carbon offsets an environmental fad or a useful contribution to a greener future? TESSA MULDOON explores what they are and what on earth they have to do with your business. Every time you fly somewhere now it’s likely that you will be asked if you want to offset the flight but what does this really mean? To some people it may seem like a con or another way to get more money out of your wallet but the main aim of the carbon offsets is for you as a consumer to play a vital role in improving the environment.

These projects could be solar and other largescale renewables, tree planting or returning forests back to their original state, or helping communities in poorer areas to invest in cleaner technologies and make a change. Many carbon-offset projects will help create jobs, investment and long-term stability for green initiatives in the future.

Carbon offsets are credited in line with the activity you are a part of and how much carbon that will produce. It allows you to compensate for this carbon production by being involved in an activity that is reversing the process. The credits are used to balance carbon intensive activities with other more environmentally friendly alternatives.

So why should businesses be involved? Because it is companies that can make the biggest impact and get rewarded for their involvement as well. In a workplace, not only do you have the business looking to make a positive impact but it is much easier to engage staff and motivated groups of people to take those ideas and apply

DID YOU KNOW HOW TREES REDUCE CARBON? Planting trees helps remove carbon already accumulated in the atmosphere. Trees are one of the few means available to reduce this ‘historic’ carbon. As plants grow they absorb and store carbon.

My SunBank is the best strategy. This revolutionary system lets you use solar power at any time — even after dark.

Here’s how it works…

My SunBank enables you to reduce your business’s carbon footprint by using batteries to store your excess solar energy.

Source: www.treesforlife.org.au

Best of all, it’s easy to add more capacity to the system over time, so you can shrink your electricity bill as the cost of power increases.

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To produce their food, trees absorb and lock away carbon dioxide in their wood, roots and leaves. A forest is a carbon storage area or a ‘sink’ that can lock up as much carbon as it produces. This locking-up process ‘stores’ the carbon as wood. A combination of carbon reduction and carbon storage is needed to solve the world’s carbon problem.

This guarantees sustainable electricity at all times, even during a power cut — which protects your communications and other vital systems.


Carbon offsets are guaranteed, heavily regulated and quantified to be sold in metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). It’s a process that needs to adhere to quality criteria and helps to meet the financial needs of these projects, whether they be here or overseas, and show that the project may not have been possible without the financial injections from the credits. So don’t look at it as an environmental fad but see carbon offsets for the opportunity that they really are. n

Want to make your business more sustainable?

Call us today to find out more about reducing your environmental impact with My SunBank.

them at home. In a business environment that is dealing with carbon taxes and emissions schemes, the higher cost of carbon and the hit to the bottom line will make it very attractive to be a part of offset programs and to have all staff members contribute to change. Companies also get the chance to incorporate carbon management for high intensity activities like flights, vehicles, power and the like, into a wider company environmental policy that has benefits for the workplace, public perception and a greener future.

Call 1300 75 00 55 www.MySunBank.com.au

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sauna T H E


An office with large windows and expansive views sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? But maybe not if the workers and office equipment are exposed to direct sunlight and the unwelcome conditions of an office sauna. ILONA TEREMI uses a series of office tales to demonstrate the benefits window furnishings can bring to a workplace. Have you ever worked in one of those offices where the sun shines directly in or it is so bright you can’t even read your computer screen? Recently, a friend of mine told me about three such experiences she has had in different workplaces during her career. Her first experience, which occurred many years ago, involved an office in the CBD. The view from her new office was beautiful, overlooking parkland, but the sun shone in for most of the day, making it an unbearably hot place to work. To top it off, her boss was awful and she did not have the courage to ask for blinds or some other type of flexible window furnishing to be installed. One day, however, some tradesmen walked in and informed her they were there to install blinds on all of the office windows. Jackpot! What a difference it made to her work environment! Her office was cooler and more serene and she felt she became more productive immediately. Years later, after having moved on in her career, she bumped into a colleague from that office who happened to tell her why those blinds had been installed. It was not because she had been a fabulous employee or to improve her working conditions but because her awful boss owed the Tax Office a lot of money and he had found out that investigators were sitting in the parkland opposite with binoculars trained on the office windows trying to catch a glimpse of him so that they could come up and serve some documents

on him! So the blinds were clearly designed to give him privacy. Now my friend went on to tell me about her second experience, when she started work for a well-known large Australian company, where again she was given what seemed to be a nice office with a lovely view of a gorgeous Jacaranda tree in blossom. The problem was, once again, that the sun beamed directly into her office for a large part of the day, and despite the airconditioning her office became a sauna. It was so hot that she would often have to remove her suit jacket and she avoided wearing any items of clothing to work that were too heavy.

Too often, the benefits of clever design in window furnishings for office environments are underestimated. At a time when you would think sexism no longer existed in these large reputable organisations, one of the senior executives couldn’t help himself and commented, “It’s so hot in here, soon you’ll be in a bikini!” Maybe there was an ulterior motive as to why the management did not invest a small amount of money on window furnishings for her office! You will be pleased to hear that my friend’s third experience was near perfect. She was allocated an office with a view but, in this case, shaded automatic roller blinds had been installed. If needed, she could manually

override the automation but otherwise as soon as too much light or sun was detected, the sensor would trigger the blinds to automatically roll down and they were sheer enough so that she could still see the view. Surprisingly, it was the landlord of the office building who had paid for the blinds to be installed. The landlord claimed that controlling the light and heat entering the building assisted them with their management of the building’s central ducted air conditioning system used by all of their tenants and helped them to meet their energy emission targets. Now those landlords knew what they were doing! Too often, the benefits of clever design in window furnishings for office environments are underestimated. Not only do good window furnishings add to the overall look of your tenancy, they can also assist in creating a more comfortable and productive workplace for your employees and a welcoming environment for your customers and clients. After all, saunas are only great when you are on holidays! n

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ReelEntertainment Australia’s love affair with films continues to keep cinemas across the nation overflowing. 2013 promises to be a year filled with even more outstanding movies. Here’s a taste of some films we know our movie buffs will enjoy.


Release date: 17 October Dark Matter In an outback town, Jay Swan an Indigenous cowboy detective returns home to solve the murder of a teenage Indigenous girl, whose body is found under the highway trucking route out of town. He is alienated from both the white-dominated Police force and the Indigenous community, including his teenage daughter who he discovers is connected with the murdered girl. Starring Aaron Pedersen, Hugo Weaving, Jack Thompson and Ryan Kwanten, Mystery Road is a gripping murder mystery with a cultural perspective.




Legendary Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar (All About My Mother, Volver, Talk To Her) is back with a kitsch, camp and outrageously funny comedy set mostly on a plane! The film stars many of Almodóvar’s greatest Spanish character actors including Javier Cámara (Talk to Her), Cecilia Roth (All About My Mother), Lola Dueñas (Volver), Blanca Suárez (The Skin I Live In), and features special appearances from Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas and Paz Vega. When it appears as though the end is in sight, the pilots, flight crew, and passengers of a plane heading to Mexico City look to forget the anguish of the moment and face the greatest danger, which we carry within ourselves.

Directed by Australia’s Jonathan Teplitzky, and starring Oscar winners Colin Firth (The King’s Speech), Nicole Kidman (The Hours) and Jeremy Irvine (War Horse), THE RAILWAY MAN is an extraordinary and inspiring true story of heroism, humanity and the redeeming power of love. Based on Eric Lomax’s best-selling memoir of the same name, it follows his experience as one of thousands of Allied prisoners of war forced to work on the construction of the Thai/Burma railway during World War 2. His experiences left him traumatised and shut off from the world, however, years later he met Patti, a beautiful woman, who was determined to rid Eric of his demons.

Seventeen talented Australian directors from diverse artistic disciplines each create a chapter of the hauntingly beautiful novel by multi award-winning author Tim Winton. The linking and overlapping stories explore the extraordinary turning points in ordinary people’s lives in a stunning portrait of a small coastal community. As characters face second thoughts and regrets, relationships irretrievably alter, resolves are made or broken, and lives change direction forever. This watershed film reinterprets and re-imagines the work for the screen. Starring Cate Blanchett, Rose Byrne, Miranda Otto, Richard Roxburgh and Hugo Weaving, Tim Winton’s The Turning is a unique cinema event.

Release date: 19 September Transmission Films

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Release date: 26 December Transmission Films

Release date: 26 September Madman Entertainment

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58 WORKING WOMEN® n Spring 2013


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Looking for just the right present? This is one power packed present she’ll always remember

n’s Wome rk Netwo lia Austra

Gift Ca

Give the gift of inspiration, empowerment and success with a Women’s Network Australia Gift Card. Pointing a woman in the right direction where her business can develop and grow is the greatest gift of all. WNA Gift Cards are redeemable against all online products and services at Women’s Network Australia.


Purchase online at www.womensnetwork.com.au or call T: 1800 052 476

Working Women M







Working Women Women’s network Australia


w w w.w o m e n s n e t w o r k . co m . a u

Business n success n Life


sPRinG 2013 AUD $8.75

SoCiAl MediA does privacy exist?

How to


stage an attention grabbing media stunt

Advertising RATES


Are obnoxious customers now the norm?

Shine on Camera

Print Post Approved 100003825


reasons to patent your invention

and get noticed

working the dating game of business

be you r best self – how to go from fearless to fabu lous

CASUAL RATE CARD - FULL COLOUR (these rates assume that finished digital artwork is being supplied by the advertiser) ARTWORK




TRIM: 297 (H) x 420 (W)

TRIM: 297 (H) x 420 (W)

SIZE: 133 (H) x 190 (W)

IMAGE: 277 (H) x 400 (W)

IMAGE: 277 (H) x 400 (W)

BLEED: 307 (H) x 430 (W)

BLEED: 307 (H) x 430 (W)


30% of the cost of your first advertisement

DISCOUNT Book four consecutive editions and receive a 10% discount which includes free artwork. Conditions apply.

AD AGENCIES Advertising agency bookings are 10% commissionable



PLACEMENT OPTIONS Surcharges apply.

4 SIZE: 271 (H) x 60 (W)





SIZE: 64 (H) x 190 (W)

SIZE: 64 (H) x 125 (W)

Submit 220 words of text and a high resolution 300dpi image - $600.


SPECIFICATIONS AND RATE SHEETS Download from www.womensnetwork.com.au or T: 1800 052 476

SIZE: 64 (H) x 60 (W)




WORKING WOMEN | CLASSIFIED BUSINESS DIRECTORY Standard price per listing $179. Discounted WNA Member price per listing $99. Book online at http://www.womensnetwork.com. au/page.cfm?pageCode=Classifieds


Please note that pages of WORKING WOMEN® are available for purchase. They are supplied in PDF format - making them suitable for placement on websites. The cost per page or part thereof is $88 including GST. Conditions apply.


Includes photo on cover, a double page 800 word UPFRONT feature article, one full-page display advertisement and up to a maximum of 500 complimentary copies of the magazine carrying the feature.


Available at www.womensnetwork.com.au ‘WORKING WOMEN’ is a registered trade mark of Women’s Network Australia Pty Ltd.

Refer to www.womensnetwork.com.au for advertising terms and conditions or call 1800 052 476.



CASUAL RATE (once off)

2 PACK RATE (2 consecutive issues)

4 PACK RATE (4 consecutive issues)

1. Double page

297 x 210


$1615 per issue

$1530 per issue

2. Full page

297 x 210


$902.50 per issue

$855 per issue

3. Half page horizontal

133 x 190


$570 per issue

$540 per issue

4. Full page – one column

271 x 60


$475 per issue

$450 per issue

5. Quarter page horizontal

64 x 190


$427.50 per issue

$405 per issue

6. Quarter page – two columns

64 x 125


$351.50 per issue

$333 per issue

7. Quarter page – one column

64 x 60


$275.50 per issue

$261 per issue

Advertorial – 220 words plus image

133 x 190


$570 per issue

$540 per issue


Publication Date

Editorial and authors image Material Deadline

Display Advertisements/Advertorial Booking Deadline Material Deadline

Classified Business Directory Booking and Material Deadline


20 December

15 October

1 November

8 November

1 November


20 June

15 April

1 May

8 May

1 May

Autumn Spring

20 March

20 September

15 January 15 July

1 February 1 August

8 February 8 August

1 February 1 August

Spring 2013 n WORKING WOMEN® 59

Join today and discover the difference networking can make to your business! Be inspired and create opportunities for you and your business by joining the nation’s premier networking organisation for women in business. Step into a world of business opportunities, collaboration, connections and knowledge designed to help you to develop and grow. Access expert advice, online forums, education, business resources, networking contacts, small business guidance and over 100 live networking events and speakers. Build a rock solid business, expand your connections, attract more clients and be mentored by inspirational business women.

Join Women’s Network Australia today! It’s the easy way to fast-track the success of you and your business.

1800 052 476

+61 (7) 3272 8222 Connect with us on Facebook: facebook.com/womensnetwork

Working Women Women’s network Australia


w w w.w o m e n s n e t w o r k . co m . a u

Business n success n Life

sPRinG 2013 AUD $8.75

SoCiAl MediA


does privacy exist?

How to

Print Post Approved 100003825

Are obnoxious customers now the norm?

Shine on Camera

and get noticed

g rkinn o W ome n Wubscriptdioin 12-m

stage an attention grabbing media stunt


reasons to patent your invention

working the dating game of business


ude incl bership mem

be your best self – how to go from fearless to fabulous

www.womensnetwork.com.au WHERE WOMEN AND BUSINESS IDEAS MEET

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Working Women Magazine | Spring 13  

Working Women Magazine | Spring 13