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Overwhelmed by clutter?

BURIED IN CLUTTER? It’s never about the stuff Have you ever ‘tidied’ your office or home to find it a mess again within the week? LOUISE D’ALLURA shines the spotlight on why we end up back at square one. When you spend most of your time observing where people’s time and organisation systems fall down, you discover something very curious. It is never about the ‘stuff’. The ‘stuff’ is only ever a symptom of what is really going on in your life – delayed decisions, multitasking, accumulating way too much for the space or too many to-dos for the time you have. There are four things to consider:

Do you have the basics right?

Want to feel organised and on top of things? If you’re living under a mountain of paperwork, wasting time looking for things and struggling to find time to work on your business, Louise D’Allura will work with you to design the most effective layout for your workspace and implement simple systems so you can get more done in your day. Working Women Readers can book in a complimentary Focus session today! Call 0408 723 559 or email louise@TheRevampExperience.com.au

Mismanaged time and space can be detrimental to your business. Research shows the average executive wastes six weeks a year looking for lost documents. Who can really afford that? Take a look at the tasks you need to do on a regular basis and get the right foundations in place: Do your regularly accessed items have a home or do you have more stuff than storage space? If it is difficult to put things away you are less likely to do so. n

What are the systems you rely on to keep your business functioning? Does it feel like ground hog day? What are the questions you are asked all the time? Look at how you can make things easier, for example, template responses for common client/staff enquiries; or creating an events/expo tub. Jot down those common tasks and work out how to systemise them. n

What are your routine habits? Habits make your life easier in the long run. n

Are you setting yourself up for failure?

Louise D’Allura, Director

Are you being honest with yourself about your chances of getting things done? If you have a big appetite for to-dos, you will end up juggling commitments and need more than 24 hours in a day to complete them.


0408 723 559

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Online strategist Laura Roder has a great way of putting it: “If you have more work or life than you can fit in your own 24 hours, trade money for a few of someone else’s 24 hours.” When you are in your genius zone, things don’t take that long because you are great at what you do. But continuing to do things you are not great

at costs you more in the long run in terms of money and stress.

Mindfulness – finish the cycle

Oprah’s Organising Guru Peter Walsh uses an analogy of a washing machine to describe how important mindfulness is to STAYING organised: “You throw laundry in your washing machine. You run the machine for 20 minutes. You then turn off the machine and leave it for a week. You end up with a stinky, smelly mess. That’s because you haven’t finished the cycle. It’s the same thing with anything else in your home. If you open something, close it. If you wear something and take it off, put it in the hamper or put it away. If you finish something, replenish it. When you have a bowl of cereal, does the box go back in the cupboard? At night, do your clothes go in the hamper or on the floor? We have a choice: to be mindful and complete the cycle, or to end up with a stinky load of washing in the metaphorical machine. You have to finish the cycle.”

What makes you tick?

We are complicated creatures. Our internal resistance and personal beliefs can cripple us from taking action or not taking action. Exploring the real reasons behind why you keep clutter in your schedule and space is the key. For example, selective perfectionism might be more helpful than putting off getting your home or office organised until you have the ‘right’ amount of time or resources. There is no perfect time, only a decision to start and make things different. When you get the foundations right and then identify what you need to do on a daily, weekly, monthly basis to keep on top of things, you will find your efforts are focused on the higher level of system improvements so you can set yourself up for success. n

CONTACT Louise D’Allura BUSINESS The Revamp Experience PHONE +61 (0) 408 723 559


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Working Women magazine. A magazine for women business owners offering ideas, inspiration and resources to ensure their businesses are succes...

Working Women Magazine | Winter 2014  

Working Women magazine. A magazine for women business owners offering ideas, inspiration and resources to ensure their businesses are succes...