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Birth Photography

Suggested Additions to the AIPP Code of Professional Practice In addition to the AIPP Code of Professional Practice, AIPP APP Birth Photographers agree to abide by the following additional codes of practice. General Matters 1.

I will reserve judgement, accepting women, the diverse decisions they make and the

path they’ve chosen to bring their baby into the world. 2.

Due to the special nature of birth photography, confidentiality will be discussed with

consideration to marketing, social media, discussing past clients and birth announcements. 3.

If required, I will arrange a replacement photographer who abides by this code of

practice. 4.

I will educate clients on the role of the birth photographer, including the manner

in which photography is conducted, equipment used and any circumstances where the photographer will be absent from the birth suite. Hospital Matters 1.

I shall not impede the activities, consultations or medical procedures conducted by

hospital staff in any way. I will respect the role of midwives, obstetricians, doulas and other birth workers. 2.

I will cooperate with and be under advisement of all attending medical professionals in

regards to safety, privacy and procedure at all times. 3.

I shall not offer any medical advice if acting in the role of photographer only. I will

advise parents and appropriate medical professionals of any relevant qualifications (i.e. if you are an experienced doula or trained midwife). 4.

I will seek permission before photographing any hospital staff. I will also seek

appropriate introductions, permissions and exclusions from all others present at the client’s birth, prior to the photography and as required throughout the session. 5.

I will leave the birthing room to allow privacy during medical procedures if requested

by parent/s or medical personnel.


Working Pro 238  

The official journal of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography - February 2016

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