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10 Points For Canon AIPP APPA Success

The Working Pro asked Grand Master of Photography Rocco Ancora how to give your entries the best chance of achieving a Silver or even a Gold Award at t h e C a n o n A I P P A P PA s t h i s y e a r. The Canon AIPP Australian Professional

want on your monitor, you need to ensure they

Photography Awards will be held 16-19 October

are correctly translated onto the print.

this year in Melbourne, so now is a good time to

start thinking about your entries.

within your colour managed workflow. You can

download ‘generic’ printer profiles from the

Master print maker and AIPP Grand Master of

This is achieved using a custom print profile

Photography Rocco Ancora suggests 10 points

internet, but often these are not as good as a

to help you create prints that will impress the

custom profile you have made yourself, or had


made by a service supplier (such as Les Walkling -

1. Work In A Colour Managed Environment


Your computer monitor is the window to

your photography files, so it’s essential that it

between a good print and a great one.

A good printer profile is the difference

displays the tones and colours accurately when editing your entries. Make sure you use a good

3. Check Your Print Under Similar Lighting

quality monitor and that it is correctly profiled

After you have made your print, don’t just

and calibrated. As a minimum, you should be

assume it is correct.

using a colorimeter like the Datacolor Spyder5

to set up your monitor, or where funds allow,

sometimes you’ll only know this by looking at

you might use a top line monitor designed

your print under the same lighting conditions

for professional photography applications, like

as the judges.

those from Eizo. This is the beginning of your

colour management workflow.

sets of 40 watt colour tubes (5000°K, CRI 98)

Further adjustments may be required and

In 2014, the APPA lighting system used two

with each set of lights at 45° from the print.


2. Custom Print Profile

Light intensity is tested with a light meter set at

Once you have the colours and tones that you

ISO 100 from the centre of the print, pointing

Profile for Pt 78 Pty Ltd

Working Pro 234  

August 2015 The official journal of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.

Working Pro 234  

August 2015 The official journal of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.