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What % of Entries Get A Silver? C a n o n A P PA a n d E p s o n S t a t e A w a r d s Each year when a panel of judges sits down to

score your prints, there is a ‘standard’ they ex-

tem or part way through the journey, Silver is

pect for a Silver Award – a score of 80% or high-

what you should be aiming for. Of course, just

er. Over the years, this standard has changed

because around 40% of entries earn an Award

and prints that scored a Silver a decade ago

doesn’t mean that if you put in four prints, you

might not fare so well this year, simply because

will also get one or two Awards.

However, if you’re new to the Awards sys-

professional photography has improved in leaps and bounds.

Professional Standard

It can be hard to work out what prints you

At least it has at the top end. Looking at the

profession generally, there is still room for im-

should enter. This is clear because 60% of en-

provement and this is the purpose behind the

tries don’t get Awards! However, it’s not quite as

state and national awards: to provide a vehicle

simple as this.

for photographers to have their work indepen-

The Awards are rewarding award-standard

dently assessed, and then to take those results

prints, a level that is higher than ‘good profes-

away and improve.

sional practice’. So when entering the Awards

for the first time, either at a state or national

So, if you enter Canon APPA or the Epson

State Awards this year, what are your chances of

level, the first objective is to earn a score of 70


or higher. A score of 70 demonstrates a profes-

sional standard of photography, a standard that

At the 2012 Canon APPAs, the following sta-

tistics may help:

your clients will be proud to purchase. Often

Silver Award 30.49%

the only reason a photo scores 70-something

instead of 80-something is because the judges

Silver With Distinction


Gold Award 2.75%

have all shot similar work themselves.

Gold With Distinction

As you can see, the judges are reticent to


So, while it’s good to know 40% of entries

earn an Award, another 30-40% reach the pro-

hand out Golds and Golds with Distinction, but

fessional standard level - and this is a good

the good news is that if you win one, it’s an

thing, especially if you’re entering your four best

award to be treasured.

images of the year.


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The Working Pro #210  

The official newsletter of the AIPP - April 2013

The Working Pro #210  

The official newsletter of the AIPP - April 2013