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What Should You Aim For? C a n o n A P PA a n d E p s o n S t a t e A w a r d s Entering photography awards within the AIPP

a ‘standard professional shot’. Remember, these

is one of the most rewarding things you can do

judges are like you in that they shoot lots of

to advance your career. The original idea be-

photos every day. They need to be impressed,

hind the awards, before all the prizes, was to

so they are looking for an edge – something

give professional photographers a yardstick by

special in terms of expression, light, composi-

which they could measure themselves.

tion or technique.

Your challenge is to get one Silver Award,

Do You Produce Professional Standard?

then two and so on. When you earn four Silver

Working on your own, it can be hard to know if

Awards several years in a row, that’s a mark of

what you’re producing is good or bad. Howev-


er, if you picked out the four best photographs you’ve taken all year and entered them into the


Canon APPA or Epson state awards, you’d soon

To help you keep track of your success, you can

find out.

earn your Associateship and then your Master

Under the Canon APPA system, scores be-

of Photography. These are milestones in your

tween 70 and 79 are awarded for prints or im-

career and is something to work towards. Just

ages that are of a professional standard. So, for

as you have a business plan for your studio, so

upcoming photographers, the first aim point is

you should plan to earn these accolades.

to achieve four prints scoring 70 or higher. Re-

Of course, once you have achieved Master of

alistically, this shouldn’t be too difficult if you’re

Photography, the challenges become steeper.

picking out the four best photos you’ve taken

Gold Awards are wonderful to earn, even if in-

all year.

credibly difficult to predict. And to take out a Category prize or be a runner-up is incredibly

Award Standard

rewarding and certainly looks good on your CV

Award standard, which is a step above profes-

and in your advertising.

sional standard, can be more elusive. It begins

at 80 and for this you earn a Silver Award, but

because they say it’s not important to them. No

the judges are looking for something more than

trouble, as long as that’s the real reason!

A lot of people dont’ bother entering Awards


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The Working Pro #209  

The Working Pro newsletter for members of the AIPP.

The Working Pro #209  

The Working Pro newsletter for members of the AIPP.