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What Do The Scores Mean? C a n o n A P PA a n d E p s o n S t a t e A w a r d s If you earn a Silver Award (or higher), you’ve

Professional Practice - 70 to 77

done pretty well, but what about those scores

Scores of 70 to 77 are given for prints that are

of 60 or 70 something? What does it all mean?

of an expected professional standard, suitable

Award Level - 80+

for sale to clients. This is a very important score

A Silver Award (80 to 84 marks) is considered

for many people, proving to themselves that

to be ‘Award Level’. It is that much higher than

the work they are producing is of a professional

good professional practice, professional craft


or professional skill. The judges are looking for

Transitional Practice - 60 to 69

something exemplary, something that is over

Scores of 69 or lower are considered below ac-

and beyond what we do on a day to day basis.

ceptable professional standard. While the image

may exhibit proficiency in some areas, it falls

What’s the difference between Award Level

and a standard of professional practice? As pro-

short of what the judges would expect of a pro-

fessional photographers, we’re expected to pro-

fessional photographer.

duce a very good standard every time we shoot

a job, but that standard might not be particu-

ways: you can say the judges don’t know what

larly emotive, exciting or unusual. To earn a Sil-

they’re talking about and give up. It’s true that

ver Award you need to produce something spe-

sometimes the judging system gets it wrong,

cial. After all, the prints you submit should be

it’s certainly not perfect.

the best three or four you’ve taken recently, so

hopefully you’ve had a few exciting shoots over

aim for a better result next year. Attend a few

the past 24 months..

photography seminars, read a few more books,

Approaching Award Level - 79 and 78

research photography techniques or look for a

There is a shading-in provision and entries scor-

mentor to help you along the path. This is what

ing 78 or 79 at APPA earn a half point which

the AIPP is all about – helping you to improve.

can be used towards an Associateship (but not

towards a Master of Photography). So, if you

80 is nothing to be ashamed of – it even hap-

earned a 78 or a 79, it means your entry was just

pens to Grand Masters of Photography from

below Award standard.

time to time – but that is another story...

You can take these results in one of two

The second way to take a low score is to

I can assure you that getting a score below


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The Working Pro #208  

The official newsletter of the AIPP

The Working Pro #208  

The official newsletter of the AIPP