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The Exotic Silk Road 2019


The Exotic Silk Road Photo Tour



MAY 21 - JUNE 5, 2019

Registan Square in Samarkand This is one of the highlights of the tour.

The Exotic Silk Road 2019


The Silk Road Photo Tour - 16 Days US$9450 An invitation from Peter Eastway...

On the following pages, you can read a brief synopsis of what Mehmet has planned.

4 Travel photographers understand only too well the excitement of visiting a new country and

I have not visited these locations before. Mehmet

searching for photographic opportunities.

has. However, I have travelled through Turkey, Georgia and Armenia with Mehmet and trust

So I know you will understand my personal

his judgment. And take a look at the photos in

excitement when long time friend and European

this brochure, all taken by Mehmet in between

photo guide Mehmet Ozbalci suggested we visit

offering his clients wonderful service and amazing

the Silk Road and three new countries!


Uzbekistan. Kytgyzstan. Kazakhstan.

I need 6 intrepid photographers to accompany us in 2019 (maximum number is 8 or 9 with a

Or the ‘three Stans’ as Mehmet calls them.

partner) to make it happen.

The Silk Road itself conjurs up visions of ancient

Do you have a sense of adventure? Would you like

trails and medieval discoveries. Ours will be just

to add the three Stans to your passport?

a small segment of the western end. After all, we only have 16 days, so rather than spending them

Bookings and further inquiries via email to Kim

all travelling, the idea is to experience as much of

Valenti -

the three Stans as we can in some detail.

Eagle hunter in Kyrgyzstan All Photos by our Guide, Mehmet Ozbalci

The Exotic Silk Road 2019


The Exotic Silk Road 2019

The Travel Program 6


interesting bazaars in Central Asia, offering a

Arrival in Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan. You will

tremendous amount of people photography.

be met at the airport and taken to the hotel. In the afternoon, we will photograph the colourful

Next to the bazaar is the Bibi Hanim Mosque, built

Chorsu Market, where the local people shop for

in the 15th century. It’s an impressive photogenic

almost anything and everything, including fruit,

building with a great big blue dome. We will

vegetables, meat, bread, dried fruits, textiles,

then photograph Shakhi Zinda, which was once

brooms, baskets etc... This is a great opportunity

the burial place of the noble and elite people.

to photograph people.

There are several mausoleums built in the 15th century in this complex and it is still an important

In the late afternoon, we will photograph the

pilgrimage site. There are great opportunities

impressive Khasti Imam religious complex in the

to photograph the pilgrims with beautiful

old city. Dinner and overnight in a 4 star hotel.

backgrounds of blue tiled walls.


We will then go to the Registan Square which is a

In the morning, we will take the fast train to

real jewel in the heart of the old city. Our hotel in

Samarkand, the ancient capital of Tamerlane (an

Samarkand is a 4 star superior hotel.

enjoyable train trip of 2 hours). MAY 23: SAMARKAND In the afternoon, we will photograph the

In the morning, we will drive outside of

colourful Siab Bazaar where you will see women

Samarkand to photograph the agricultural fields

in colourful local dresses. This is one of the most

with people working, then to a small village with

Women of Samarkand All photos by Mehmet Ozbalci

The Exotic Silk Road 2019


The Exotic Silk Road 2019

a workshop making traditional silk paper, using

impressive domed buildings and minarets of

the bark of mullberry trees. We can photograph

Bukhara at dawn, then back to the hotel for

the people working in the paper making process.

breakfast and time to rest.

In the late afternoon, we will visit and photograph


the Gur Amir Mausoleum where Tamerlane and

In the afternoon, we will visit and photograph

his descendants were buried.

a blacksmith workshop and keep exploring the old city. Dinner will be in an old medresah


with a show of Uzbek traditional clothes and a

We drive to Bukhara which was once the largest

performance of local dancers. It’s an ideal place to

commercial and religious center on the Great

photograph the models in traditional dress.

Silk Road. There will be some possibilities to photograph people carrying weeds and different


items on their donkeys and carts.

We drive to Khiva through the Kyzylkum Desert, with a stop in the desert to photograph the

In Bukhara we will take a walking tour in the

square-shaped ‘sand stoppers’.

old city, including the domed bazaars, Poi Kalon religious ensemble and medresahs. Dinner will

We arrival in Khiva in the late afternoon. Khiva is

be in the house of a family where one room is

a one thousand year old fortress city, with its old

converted into a cosy restaurant. They will show

section well preserved. It is also one of the most

us how to make the traditional Uzbek dish of

interesting cities in Central Asia for photography.

“pilav”. We will stay in a 4 star hotel in the heart of

We will photograph Khiva in the afternoon from

the old city.

one of the towers. Our hotel is 4 star hotel.



Early in the morning, we will photograph the

In the morning, we will be out to photograph a

The beautifully preserved Khiva An old fortress city

The Exotic Silk Road 2019


The Exotic Silk Road 2019

number of interesting spots including a mosque

photograph a typical Central Asian market, the

with wooden columns, an old graveyard with the

Osh Bazaar.

city walls in the background. In the afternoon,


we will drive to the airport for the flight back to



This morning, we will drive to the Issyk Kul, surrounded by snow capped mountains and


nomadic villages. It is also one of the largest

We will have time to rest in the morning in

alpine lakes in the world.

Tashkent and then we will fly to Bishkek, capital of Kyrgyzstan. Arrival in Bishkek, dinner and

On the way, we will photograph the old

overnight in a 4 star superior hotel.

settlement of Burana, with remains of a blue tiled minaret and tomb stones. In the late afternoon,


we will have a chance of photographing the Issyk

Drive out of Bishkek to photograph nomads

Lake. Our hotel is a charming boutique hotel.

making and selling Kymyz, which is a national health drink made of horse milk (it might be


healthy, but it has a strong, distinct taste)! Then

In the morning we will see felt making, then we

we will photograph the horse milking process at

will photograph the traditional nomadic horse

a horse farm. Local people go to this farm to buy

games played with a goat carcass and hunting

and drink fresh horse milk.

with eagles. These will be privately arranged only for our group. It is great photography with really

This area offers great landscape photo

interesting backgrounds. In the afternoon, we will

opportunities as well, with snow capped

drive back to Bishkek.

mountains, nomadic people, huge herds of sheep and goats. In the afternoon, we will explore and

Osh Bazaar All photos by our guide, Mehmet Ozbalci

The Exotic Silk Road 2019


The Exotic Silk Road 2019



for one hour. We will also see the spot where it is

Drive to Almaty, Kazakhstan by crossing the

believed that Ghenhis Khan and his troops set up

border outside of Bishkek. Almaty was the

their yurts and cooked. Overnight in a guesthouse

capital of Kazakhstan during Soviet times and it

with bathroom and WC for common use.

is a beautiful city surrounded by snow capped mountains. The name of the city comes from


“Alma Ata” which means big apple or father of

Departure for Almaty. On the way, we will stop

apples. Apples are native to this area.

at the Charyn Canyon, a unique natural complex offering wonderful views and great photo-ops.

After proceeding to our hotel, in the afternoon

The Valley of the Castles is full of interesting

we will explore the colourful Green Bazaar where

sedimentary rock formations. Our hotel is a 4 star

the local people sell fruit, vegetables and meat.

hotel with a great view over the city.

We will then have time to photograph Zenkov Cathedral with its typical Russian architectural


style. It is one of the tallest wooden buildings in

Drive to the scenic Assy Plateau, located outside

the world. Overnight in a 4 star hotel.

of Almaty at an altitude of almost 6000 ft. We will be using 4WD vehicles to get there. This is where


we will see and photograph nomads herding

Drive by 4WD vehicles to reach the most

their animals and living in their yurts. The drive

photogenic sites in the Kazakh National Park. In

to the plateau and through the plateau offers

the late afternoon, we will photograph “Singing

breathtaking views.

Dunes” which is a three mile long, about 200 ft high area of sand hills offering very photogenic


desert scenes. On the way to the Singing Dunes,

Transfer to the Almaty airport and flight back.

we drive through the immense Kazakh steppes

Singing Dunes, Kazakh N. P. Some dunes are over 200 feet high

The Exotic Silk Road 2019


The Exotic Silk Road 2019

How Do You Like To Learn? 14

Everyone has different ways of learning. For some,

to do is ask. Importantly, you will never be made

it is sitting back and watching an expert at work,

to feel silly because you asked a basic question -

noting how he or she positions and uses the

chances are others in the group don’t know the

camera, reacts to the light and the weather, or

answer either!

interacts with people to achieve the best posing and expression.

Peter will be shooting as well. He is just as passionate as you are about photography. He also

Others like to be given suggestions, to understand

feels it is important to practice what he preaches

what the experts are seeing and thinking, and

and to show participants what he has captured as

then left to experiment and discover on their own.

the tour/workshop progresses.

They are looking for guidance, but not too much. However, he is very aware that his primary role is And yet other photographers like to be shown

to act as your instructor and guide. And he wants

how to find the photograph, how to compose

you to return on other workshops and trips, which

the image and what camera settings are required.

you will only do if you are happy.

They want help with their camera controls and detailed instructions on how to frame and

So, please don’t be shy to ask for help at any time


and it will be cheerfully provided with a smile!

Different photographers at different stages require different levels of assistance and that’s fine! Peter provides all three levels of interaction, all you have

Nomadic horse game Called Kokpar in Kyrgyzstan

The Exotic Silk Road 2019


The Exotic Silk Road 2019


The Exotic Silk Road 2019

How Physical Is It?

Bring Your Partner

You don’t need to be super fit to enjoy this

Non-photography partners are most welcome

photography tour. If you can walk along well

to come along, but they will be expected to

maintained tracks, you should have no trouble on

participate on most of the activities. Sometimes

the Silk Road.

we may leave early to take photographs, and then continue on to our next destination.

However, there will be some walking involved when we leave the hotels or the vehicles to get to

However, there will be some mornings when we

the best photographic locations.

will return to the hotel, so if your partner wanted to sleep in, that would certainly be okay!

Sometimes we will only be walking a few hundred metres. Most of the time it is no more than a

What we find is that non-partners really appreciate

kilometre or so.

our itinerary. Rather than being centred around meal times, it’s based on experiencing the

The weather will also determine what walks

countryside and what it has to offer. It’s a varied

are possible, but at this time of year, we’re not

and exciting program, and whether you’re using a

expecting there to be any major difficulties!

camera or not, the experiences will last a lifetime.

Zenkov Cathedral Almaty Kazakhstan


The Exotic Silk Road 2019


The Exotic Silk Road 2019

Peter Eastway G.M. Photog., MNZIPP, Hon FAIPP, HFNZIPP, FAIPP

photography competitions, both as a judge and as an active participant. He judges and speaks

Sydney-based photographer Peter Eastway

internationally on a regular basis.

is a Grand Master of Photography and a two time winner of the AIPP Australian Professional

Peter’s work has been published internationally

Photographer of the Year. Known best for his

in photography and travel magazines, and he

landscape and travel photography, he has worked

was also the author of the Lonely Planet’s Guide

in most areas of the profession and also loves

to Landscape Photography. His photography has

sport, studio still life, portraiture and wildlife.

featured on the cover of the Lonely Planet’s guide to Australia, an Australian postage stamp, in

Peter is the editor and publisher of Better

articles in the Qantas inflight magazine, and in an

Photography magazine and website, a position

Apple television commercial. And he has worked

that has given him special access to many of

with Phase One researching and promoting its

the world’s leading photographers over the past

Capture One raw processing software, and with

30 years. His ability to communicate both the

Adobe on its Lightroom software.

technical and aesthetic sides of photography makes him a sought after speaker on the

In 2015 he featured in the National Geographic

international circuit.

Channel’s Tales By Light six-part photography series produced in partnership with Canon.

Peter was the chairman of the Canon AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards for

He is familiar with Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm and

many years and is still involved in all aspects of

Phase One camera systems.


The Exotic Silk Road 2019


The Exotic Silk Road 2019

Camera Equipment For The Expedition

Checklist Here’s an incomplete list of some of the things you may need.

Recommended Camera Stuff

Peter is not an equipment snob! Yes, he uses

DSLR or CSC camera recommended

professional equipment, but that’s his full time

Standard zoom - cover everything


Wide-angles - as wide as you have

Telephoto - 300mm is not too long, but a 70200mm is pretty good too!

So, whether you turn up with the latest DSLR or an older camera you’ve loved for many years, it

1.4X or 2.0X Converter

really doesn’t matter. However, there are some

Spare camera battery & battery charger

lenses and accessories that will certainly help you

Backpack style camera bag

capture a wider range of photographs.

Tripod (with a quick release plate)

Plenty of storage cards for your camera

We do recommend you bring everything you

Polarising filter

think you might need, but not so much you

Neutral density filters (0.9x, 4.0x optional)

can’t carry it with you. You will be able to leave

Card reader and cable if necessary

equipment behind in the hotel at any time.

Laptop computer (Mac or PC)

External back-up drives

Photoshop, Lightroom or Capture One

Mouse or stylus/tablet

Hat, sunscreen

Bukhara blacksmith at work Photo by Mehmet Ozbalci


The Exotic Silk Road 2019


These terms and conditions relate to the photography tours and workshops organised by Pt 78 Pty Ltd [Pt78], ABN 75 003 152 136, trading as Better Photography, and run by Peter Eastway, the workshop leader, in association with Mehmet Ozbalci of Turfantastik Tours, Turkey.

RESERVATIONS Bookings can be made on the Better Photography website at in the online shop, or you can email Kim Valenti at, or call her on +612 4388 6851. The workshops are limited to a maximum of 8 participants (plus the workshop leaders). A mininum of 6 participants is required for the workshop to run. Workshop places will be confirmed in order of receipt, payment or deposit.

PRICE The Exotic Silk Road Photo Tour - 16 days 21 May – 5 June 2019 US $ 9,450 Single Room Supplement: US $ 1,100 Deposit to secure place US $ 500 The price includes photographic counsel and all transport ex-Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

PRICE INCLUDES/EXLUDES: • Accommodation in double/twin rooms in the kind of hotels as described in the itinerary. • All breakfasts, lunches and dinners as

per itinerary. • Water, tea or regular coffee, soft drinks (like Coke, Fanta, mineral water, fruit juice in the can) at lunches and dinners. • All admission fees to the museums and places to visit in the itinerary. • English speaking photo guide and local guides. • Comfortable A/C van, driver, gas, parking etc.. • International flight from Uzbekistan to Kyrgyzstan. • Domestic flight from Khiva to Tashkent. • Fast trian from Tashkent to Samarkand • Bottled water in the vehicle. • Private arrangement for photo shooting as in the itinerary. • 4WD vehicles as per itinerary • Arrival and departure airport transfers only on the official start and departure days of the tour (21 May and 5 June). The order of the visits and sites to photograph, as well as the itinerary, can be changed depending on the circumstances like weather, light, crowd, availability, closing / opening hours, domestic flight schedule etc… The price does not include: international air fare to Tashkent, tips to the bell boys at hotels, gratuities to the local guide and the driver, travel insurance.

DEPOSIT & PAYMENT Payment details are as follows: 1. A deposit upon booking to reserve your place of US $500 (or equivalent in AUS$). 2. Final payment by 19 January 2019.

CANCELLATIONS & REFUNDS Should you wish to cancel your booking, you must advise us in writing (email is fine). We try to have a fair refund policy that works for both you and us: • Deposits are refundable, up to 90 days prior to the event. If you don’t request a refund of your deposit 90 days out or longer, we will assume you wish to come and the full balance is payable. • if you are cancelling more than 90 days from the workshop date, we will refund your deposit in full; • if the workshop is not full and, after your cancellation, we still have the minimum number of bookings to run, we will refund your deposit in full; • if the workshop is full, and we have turned away other customers, and you are cancelling within 90 days of the workshop date, we won’t refund you unless your place is filled by someone else; • if after you cancel your booking the workshop numbers fall below the minimum number required to run, and you are cancelling within 90 days, we won’t refund you.

The Exotic Silk Road 2019

No part refunds are made for unused portions or services of a workshop.

HEALTH REQUIREMENTS The workshop is designed to be suitable for people of all ages in good health and moderate fitness. While activities are not strenuous, on some workshops we may be taking hikes for several kilometres on tracks in National Park and wilderness areas, which may involve short steep descents and climbs. We will comply with the National Parks’ safety requirements, but these are wilderness areas and you need to be careful when you are in them. It will be necessary to carry your own camera equipment and water for these activities. Should you have any concerns about your own capabilities and/or fitness, please contact your doctor to discuss before booking your place. You are required to disclose any medical or physical condition that you have which could create a risk for you or any other participants. We assume no responsibility for medical care nor guarantee to meet any special dietary requirements.

INSURANCE: We have public liability insurance, but we have no insurance for par ticipants, their health, their equipment or personal belongings. We strongly advise you to obtain your own insurances suitable for your needs.

LIMITED LIABILITY As we are a small company, we are not in a position to insure your travel arrangements with Turfantastik Tours. If Turfantastik Tours were unable to provide the services for which you have contracted and paid, Pt78 will not be liable to you for any loss you incur. We strongly suggest you take out travel insurance. In such an unlikely event, we would naturally refund the tuition component of the course. We are not opting out of our responsiblities to you, only those over which we have no control. We are asking you to take the same risk you would were you to book your travel directly with Turfantastik Tours.

RESPONSIBILITY The responsibility of Pt78 is strictly limited. As a tour/workshop operator, Pt78 may organise, promote, and sell programs consisting of services that it purchases from various suppliers. Pt78 does not own or operate any of these suppliers and as such is not responsible for any negligent or wilful act or failure or omission of any supplier. By taking part in the tour/workshop, you agree that Pt78 shall not be liable for the above failings. Pt78 cannot accept responsibility for losses or extra expenses caused by, but not limited to, delay or changes in any transportation services, weather, illness, injury, strike, quarantine or other causes. All such losses or expenses will be the sole responsibility of the participant. Pt78 reserves the right to cancel any workshop prior to commencement,

whereupon paid funds will be refunded in full, but is not liable for any other trip preparation expenses such as, but not limited to, air ticket penalties, visa fees and medical treatments. Pt78 reserves the right to substitute accommodations (if any) of similar category for those indicated and to make any changes in the itinerary or transport where deemed necessary. Where weather conditions or forces of nature restrict or prohibit workshop activities, it reserves the right to alter the trip program and substitute alternative activities. Prior to commencement of any workshop, an Acceptance of Risk Release form is a term of sale. The Acceptance of Risk release must be agreed to by each participant prior to the commencement of the workshop. No alterations to the Acceptance of Risk Release will be accepted. If a participant attends a workshop without signing an Acceptance of Risk Release, their attendance confirms their acceptance of all parts of these Terms and Conditions, and the Acceptance of Risk Release. These Terms and Conditions, and the Acceptance of Risk release, shall be governed in all respects by and interpreted in accordance with the law within New South Wales, Australia. That’s it! Any special requests, please let us know beforehand!


The Exotic Silk Road 2019


The Exotic Silk Road 2019


The Exotic Silk Road 2019



The Exotic Silk Road Photo Tour UZBEKISTAN KYTGYZSTAN KAZAKHSTAN MAY 21 - JUNE 5, 2019 For more information and bookings, contact Peter Eastway at or his assistant Kim Valenti -

Exotic Silk Road Photo Tour 2019  

Join Peter Eastway on a photo tour to the three 'Stans' of the Silk Road.

Exotic Silk Road Photo Tour 2019  

Join Peter Eastway on a photo tour to the three 'Stans' of the Silk Road.