AIPP Journal - July 2019

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Pre-Production For Album Designs Eric Ronald APP AAIPP explains that putting together an album isn’t something he does as an afterthought, rather it is an integral part of the way he covers a wedding shoot. Eric Ronald has won the AIPP Australian Album

production and presentation.

of the Year twice, in 2017 and 2018, proudly

sponsored by Momento Pro. However, it’s not

the stories I produce. Equally important are the

just a matter of cobbling together some of the

slide shows I produce for the bride and groom

best shots from a wedding, a lot more goes into

and even my blog posts are carefully positioned

it, including pre-production.

in terms of how one image flows into the next.

“Creating an album is just one way I present

“However, the most exciting form for me


is the album. An album turns my work into

“My approach is broader than just producing

something that is tangible, a physical record

an album. It’s all about presenting images as a

and a creative representation of the couple’s

series or a collection – and more precisely, as

wedding day. It also lets me go beyond the

a sequence of linked images sequenced in a

money shots and present a really considered,

considered way. It’s a frame of mind you adopt

cohesive narrative.”

even before you click the shutter. It starts in


the conceptual stages, whether we’re talking


about lighting or a visual theme that might flow

Eric made it clear that designing a wedding

through a story, and follows through to post-

album for him doesn’t start with an edit of a