AIPP Journal - April 2017

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Michael Teo - Victorian Epson PPY The 2017 AIPP Victorian Epson Professional Photographer of the Year Michael Teo says the win has given him greater confidence in himself and the conviction he is on the right path.

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Michael Teo has been an AIPP

I never imagined that I would

member since 2013, working

win the category, let alone be in

predominantly as a portrait

the running for VPPY. I am deeply

photographer across a range of

moved that my work would even

genres, from glamour and family

compare to the standard of the

to fashion and corporate head

other category winners.”


Michael is keen to use the

Awards process as a learning

“I enter the Awards to get

objective feedback on my


photography and to expand

“I feel that my creative output is

my awareness of the different

only as successful as it effectively

elements that the judges focus

communicates what I am trying

on. I find that no matter how

to express. If a viewer of my

long I spend with an image,

image, whether a client, a judge

there will often be something

or a member of the public,

about it that a judge will notice

doesn’t ‘get’ what I am trying to

or read into it that I had not seen

say, then that is a shortcoming

or considered. Overall, I think that

on my part and it motivates me

the awards process, whether it is

to become clearer with both my

having my prints judged or seeing others’ prints

message and in my expression.

get judged, has taught me a lot about what

makes an image work or not.

valuable since they are speaking from years of

experience. We don’t learn from compliments or

“I was completely overwhelmed and

“I see the judges’ critiques as highly

shocked when I won. I thought it would be a

insults, but if we take heed of good advice, we

great honour to be a finalist in my category, but

have the opportunity to grow and develop.