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David Edmonson Meets Caravaggio When you view the work of David Edmonson, a myriad of thoughts rush through your mind. Is it digital? Is it a composite? How are the expressions achieved? What does the photograph remind me of? How does he do it? All is revealed at The Nikon AIPP Event. At the tender age of 64, David has no intention of

the funds to broaden my knowledge and to

retiring and is still winning major awards, both in

develop tributes to their work.”

the USA and Australia. You may recognise David

as the AIPP’s International Photographer of the

photographs look so familiar: they are homages

Year from 2015, and he is also visiting us later this

to famous painters such as Rembrandt, Vermeer,

year as one of the keynote speakers for our 2016

and Caravaggio.

Nikon AIPP The Event.

between copying and paying tribute. The

“I was told that once you reached 55, no

And suddenly you realise why David’s

David is well aware of the difference

one would hire you as a photographer. Maybe

paintings upon which he bases his studies are

that was right years ago, but everything

so well known, there is no chance of mistaking

has changed. Age might be a problem as a

them and the effort he goes to recreate them

wedding photographer, but I’m still shooting

photographically is a discipline all of its own.

lots of commercial work, everything from

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book covers, CD covers, annual reports and


catalogues. Luke, my son, works with me on the

“Many photographers I know who have grown

commercial accounts and grows the studio’s

as artists have also studied the masters. They

wedding clients.”

would copy the work of the master and, in so

doing, come to understand why each stroke

Four or five years ago, David and Luke

looked at their business and discussed

is in its place. Copying work gives you a much

spending the $20,000 a year typically allocated

greater depth of your understanding and that’s

for wedding magazine advertising differently.

why I started making my personal tributes.

“Luke said why didn’t I take the money and

“Once you’ve achieved the ability to

do what I wanted to do as a gift to me. I had

duplicate something, the next step is to create

never studied the old masters, so I started using

within its style. “

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AIPP Journal - June 2016  

The official journal of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography

AIPP Journal - June 2016  

The official journal of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography