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ISSUE 3 January 2013

6 summer work dresses for under $100 SUPER school lunches! have kids will travel

Mums on the Go

Back to School is here again



Christmas trees are getting stuffed back into boxes. Decorations have been wrapped up and put under the house, up the top of the cupboard or under the stairs for another year and we are officially halfway through summer. And already weeks into 2013. Australia is beautiful and bully-ish in the summer. Stunning islands, beaches, lakes and bush hideaways often hide a more sinister side with fires and cyclones affecting many across this sunburnt land. So I hope you are reading this sitting back with a cold drink, in the shade near some water. And if you’re back at work, I hope you’re revelling in the longer days of sunshine and drinking in a bit of summer before and after work. This issue we have some gorgeous summertime frocks that are suitable for the work environment AND under $100. We meet the the driven Linda Anderson, the powerhouse behind Mums on the Go and a mum of three, paving her family’s future with the passion she has for her business. School is around the corner which means coming up with lunchbox ideas. Angela Counsel talks smart and healthy snacks and sangers for schoolkids. And if you’re detoxing after slightly (or more than slightly) over-indulging over the holiday period, check out the delicious smoothie on page 11. We wish all of our wonderful subscribers and supportors a safe, stress free and super-strength 2013. May your days be filled with uninterrupted toilet breaks and here’s hoping no one finds out where you hide your chocolate stash. If you’re not on our subscribe list, you can sign up right here. Remember, it’s free! Penny

Cover Image: Kathryn Johnston Editor Image: Angela Cushway WILLOW BELLE

top tips for holiday activities from working mums


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Picnics in the park are easy, cheap and

The boys love going for bushwalks. We

On rainy days or super hot days, the kids

fun. The kids help me pack the picnic

live in the Blue Mountains near Sydney

make houses for their toys out of boxes.

basket and sometimes we meet friends

so have a LOT to choose from. Their

Barbies get a new dreamhouse and their

there. The girls run around and wear

favourite thing to do is have boat races

soft toys get a schoolhouse built for

themselves out.

with sticks down little creeks they find.

them.Keeps them busy for hours!




Luxury Lounge for New Parents

by Angela Counsel

THE LUNCH BUNCH Tips for creating a healthy and fun lunch that your children will actually eat. As the summer school holidays come to an end, it is time to start preparing to send your children to school. Many mums struggle to think of different ideas for lunchboxes that will provide the energy your children need. And we don’t want to see the lunches we’ve so lovingly prepared come home again! Primary school children need to eat every 3 to 4 hours to keep their energy levels up, this means that three main meals plus two snacks will generally meet this requirement so long as the food is nutritious and full of healthy energy. Angela Counsel is a Naturopath, Educator and Speaker at The Ambaa Tree, Natural Health Centre

TIPS FOR CREATING A HEALTHY LUNCHBOX Include a variety of foods including a serve of protein, some fruit or vegetables, a small serve of grain carbohydrates Include some water, avoid sugary drinks and juices Avoid chips, lollies and other sugary treats Avoid low fat foods, these are often high in sugar plus your child needs healthy fats for good brain function Ensure the lunchbox and food is easy for your child to open, peel fruit if required Use lunchboxes with different compartments to save on waste Don’t have too many choices for your child Make your child’s lunchbox fun by using shape cutters and other decorations.

WHAT ELSE? If you find that your child doesn’t eat all of their lunch then consider whether you are sending too much food for them. Your child will go through different growth stages and there will be times when you never seem to be able to give them enough food and other times when they appear to eat very little. You should be able to gauge by their eating patterns at home whether they need more food at lunch time. What you provide your child in their lunch box will play an important role in how well they are able to perform at school. Sugary and processed foods can cause behavioural issues and problems with children being able to focus on their school work. Plus these types of foods will also lower your child’s immune system which will increase their risk of constant illness.

Note: the above suggestions are general guidelines only and do not account for any food sensitivities your child may have. Please seek the advice of your health professional if you are concerned about any particular food in your child’s diet.

Images printed with kind permission from Lunchboxes with Love. Check out their range of fabulous lunch products to make lunch more fun!

by Penny Webb

Ellie and her Power Mums train rain, hail or shine. No excuses.



Shoes are polished, uniforms ironed and stationery supplies are bought as the children of Australia prepare to return for another year of school.

The NSW Department of Education has put together some tips for parents sending their children to kindergarten:

It’s a busy time of year for thousands of teachers, hundreds of thousands of students and not to mention millions of parents. Especially those parents sending their children to school for the first time. “Many parents are starting to feel the first pangs of sadness for this major change in their children’s lives,” Denyse Whelan, Education Specialist says. Denyse runs Ready.Set.School, an education consultancy specialising in helping parents manage their children’s schooling challenges and opportunities. As an experienced K-6 school principal, including a tenure at Richmond Public School, Denyse has seen how hard this transition to ‘big school’ can be for the parents as well as the children. “It’s important to know what to expect, for both you and your child,” Denyse says. While school orientations happened last year, Denyse suggests keeping involved in the school community and observing how it operates. “Join the school community at a level you are comfortable with,” she says. “Do some watching first to see how your school community works.” While it’s a busy time for parents, Denyse encourages keeping on top of the paperwork, as it benefits the child when you are knowledgeable about what is happening and when. “Read the online newsletters. Take the time to read all of the school’s documentation. I know it can be hard when you find yourself busy but it’s worth it,” Denyse recommends.

1.BUDGET Starting school requires new costs such as buying uniforms and school shoes so it’s helpful to plan a budget to prepare for this. 2.IDENTIFICATION Write your child’s name on everything. 3.PLAYTIME Play is an important part of a child’s learning journey. Allow time for unstructured play after school each day for your child to relax and play. 4.KEEP ROUTINES Starting school is a busy time with lots of new activities. Keeping bath times, meals and reading time as regular as possible helps build structure into your child’s life. 5.EXTRACURRICULUR ACTIVITIES Don’t start anything new until Term 2. Your child will be tired in Term 1 as they adjust to their new schedule. Adding activities to the mix will affect their energy levels. We wish you all the very best with ‘big school. As for the parents, pack some extra tissues.

Left: Denyse Whelan, Education Consultant at Ready Set School. www. readysetchool.

business mum LINDA ANDERSON

LINDA ANDERSON is a mother of three gorgeous girls, wife of one fabulous husband and runs Mums on the Go, an online child-friendly business directory. WHY DID YOU START MUMS ON THE GO? After the birth of my first child , I had to take my baby everywhere I went as I didn’t have any family support. I was frustrated at how hard it was to find information on child-friendly businesses. I thought it would make the life of a mother so much easier if there was a consolidated resource to search for child-friendly businesses so I decided to create it!

TELL US ABOUT MUMS ON THE GO. Mums on the Go is all about supporting and inspiring Mums to nurture and invest in their own needs. It is so easy to neglect yourself when you have small children. The childfriendly business directory (currently covering Sydney & Melbourne) allows a Mum to search for businesses in their area that looks after a need they have but also makes it easier to have small children/babies with them. The directory covers everything from child friendly cafes, hairdressers, personal training, medical services and much more! Mums on the Go aims to create a sense of community for Mums via the blog posts and facebook page.

WHAT’S NEXT FOR MUMS ON THE GO? Expanding the child-friendly business directory to include Brisbane and then remaining major cities is next. I plan to continue writing and sourcing great blog content to support and inspire Mums throughout the year. WHAT’S NEXT FOR LINDA ANDERSON? TRAVEL! I have just been selected as the Expedia Family Travel blogger for 2013. I have always been a keen traveller but since becoming a Mum have struggled to travel, rather than just holiday. This is a wonderful opportunity to get travelling with my kids and inspire others to do the same. Very exciting! TIPS FOR WORKING MUMS We asked Linda to share her top tips for getting through the day as a working mum. 1.

Schedule time for self care

I am guilty of working in any spare time I have during the week instead of making time to exercise rest or catch up with friends. The only way to keep myself in balance is to actually schedule the time for me in.


Ask for help when you need it

Whether it be at work or at home – you are already a super woman just the way you are … asking for support does not diminish that! You don’t have to do EVERYTHING yourself. 3.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Don’t sweat the small stuff: juggling a business and 3 small kids is chaotic and I would go nuts if I stressed about the little stuff. So what if my kids ate Spag Bog 3 times this week, the ironing didn’t get done or it took me until 3pm today to wash up the breakfast dishes? Figure out what really needs to be done now and don’t give yourself a hard time about the little things that don’t get done to perfection.

Above and below: Linda and her three gorgeous girls

webinars for mums on your computer

iLEARN WITH TECHNOLOGY This month, Dr Kristy Goodwin from Every Chance to Learn will talk about the role technology is playing in our children’s learning and development. Just in time for back to school. Date: Tuesday 29 January 2013 Time: 8:00pm-9:00pm Where: At home! IN your pj’s if you like! Today’s children are leading ‘digital childhoods’ immersed in a range of technologies and gadgets from birth. So how can parents harness the potential of media and technology to benefit their childrens’ learning and development instead of it just being about games, games, games? How will iPads (TV, DVDs or video games) affect your child’s brain? Are they using iPads/iPhones: are they learning or are they just playing? Do e-Books help or hinder reading? This FREE webinar will separate fact from fiction about technology and young children, based on research (not media hype). Get advice on screen time, what are the best apps to use and strategies on how to best use technology at home. It means you can make informed choices about what, when, where and how your children uses the fingertip technology of today.

in your pyjamas

@diva eatslife’s beet it green smoothie

This January has seen the Simple Green Smoothie Challenge kick off. If you are on Instagram, you have probably seen lots of lovely pictures of luscious green smoothies. You can follow @simplegreensmoothies or check out #greensmoothiechallenge for lots of creative green smoothie ideas. The best ones are the smoothie creations from @divaeatslife on Instagram. Maya is based in Brunei in South East Asia and blogs over at Food Diva’s Kitchen. And here is one of her faulous green smoothie recipes, she has kindly given us permission to share. INGREDIENTS 1 cup of romaine lettuce 1 cup of cucumber slices 1/2 a cup of beetroot slices 1 green apple, cored and sliced 1 cup frozen pineapple cubes 1/4 cup almond butter 1-2 cups of coconut water METHOD 1. Pop all the ingredients into a blender. 2. Done!

Reprinted by kind persmission of Maya at Food Diva’s Kitchen. www.fooddivakitchen.

6 work dresses for under $100

Summertime is tricky for work wardrobes. It’s too hot for suits. Quite often the dress standards in the office can get a bit casual over the hotter months or when there isn’t as many people in the office (ie the boss!). Or perhaps you work from home and catch up with clients for meetings outside. And it’s hot. Here are 6 fabbo dresses that still say ‘I’m working’ but keep you cool at the same time. In more ways then one. The Iconic

Lolitta Eva Shirt Dress On sale for $39.95 (top left)


City Dressing Ponte Peplum in orange $59 At Target in-store and online (top right)

Birds Nest

Boom Shankar Wrap $95.00 (centre left)

Cotton On

Arizona Spliced Dress $29.95 Cotton On instore and online (centre right)


Chevron Pleat Dress On sale for $74.25 (bottom left)


Three Floor Made up Midi Dress On sale for $83.23 Add a snappy pair of sandals or heels, a belt and a gorgeous bag and you’re off!

Just around the corner in every woman’s mind - is a lovely dress, a wonderful suit, or entire costume which will make an enchanting new creature of her. ~Wilhela Cushman

winners The two winners of our Plate Sticka competition were Stacey Shailer and Meghan! Congratulations. And over the Christmas period we ran a fabulous competition with the help of the equally fabulous Instagram platform. Folllowing a busy webinar on How to Release Your Wrapping Ninja presented by Gemma from My Big Nutshell, we set up a competition for all of those who were inspired to get creative with their Christmas wrapping. Have a look at the 142 photos on Instagram linking up with the #wrappingninja hashtag and check out some of the beautiful creations that were probably better than the gift inside a lot of the time!! Congratulations to Ness from Marley and Lockyer in Tasmania. Gemma from My Big Nutshell and I just loved the design and care taken to create such stunning wrapping. Ness has won a Wrap Pack of all sorts of wrapping goodies worth $70!

competition: WIN a family pack of Myra Mel towels. MyraMel towels are gorgeous. They are lightweight, quick drying 100% cotton towels that slip easily into a beach bag, a holiday suitcase or in the boot of the car without taking up a stack of room. Stretched Interiors sell them online with prices starting at $19.95. Read our review here. This Summertime issue, we are giving you the chance to win a family pack of MyraMel towels. That’s twoadult ones and two kid’s sized towels. All you have to do is email competitions@ with your beach or pool towel pet hate by midnight February 28, 2013 to go into the draw to win. The winner will be notified by email on 1 March and published in our next issue. SUMMER READING Summertime is a great time to catch up on reading, or get your goals in order for the year ahead. Here are three books to keep you busy! 1) GRACE by Grace Coddington A memoir of 50 years in fashion as a model, stylist, fashion editor and creative director. It’s quick paced and sassy without being self-indulgent. $39.95 at Booktopia. 2) MARJORIE BLIGH HOME: HINTS ON MANAGING EVERYTHING Edited by Danielle Wood Tales and tips from the original Housewife Superstar herself, the second book that focuses on Marjorie Bligh is all about managing all that life as a women can throw at you. Available from the Penguin website for $29.99 3) CREATE YOUR INCREDIBLE YEAR & WORKBOOK: LIFE AND BUSINESS EDITION by Leonie Dawson Queensland mum and businessperson, Leonie has popped together a fabulous goal-oriented book that gets you thinking and acting on making your year better than ever.




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The Summertime issue of the Working Mums MASTERCLASS eZine 2013.

Working Mums MASTERCLASS eZine  

The Summertime issue of the Working Mums MASTERCLASS eZine 2013.